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March 27: Although it's been available in the UK for a couple of months now, today is the official US release date for Maximum Bowie - an authorized spoken biography on CD of our favourite musician. Written by Ben Graham, read by Nancy McLean and with incidental music by Amanda Thompson, the package includes a mini-poster from the 1996 era to go with the picture CD. As is common with a lot of biographies, it focuses mostly on his 1970s and early 80s work, with only one of the twelve tracks devoted to anything post the mid-80s.

Maximum Bowie

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March 26: The third annual Bowie party for Italian fans will take place this coming Friday, March 30 in the northern Italy town of Bassano del Grappa. Starting at the stroke of midnight, the Shindy Club will play host to the David Bowie Glam Party featuring 80% Bowie songs and 20% Bowie-related artists (e.g. Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, NIN etc). Sponsored by Loving The Alien and Bassano 2000, the event includes contest where those who answer 5 questions correctly about Bowie's life and career will win two tickets to see Placebo at their nearby Pordenone concert on April 3. On the night of the party, 10 vouchers for copies of Bowie's next album Toy (Ed: whenever that might show up) will be handed out.

For more information, visit the Bassano 2000 website to enter the contest.

Glam Party 2001

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March 19: USABancShares.com, the pioneer online banking service behind BowieBanc.com, has reached an agreement with the US Federal Reserve Bank to "restore and maintain the financial soundness" of the bank, after running afoul of Fed banking regulations regarding its flagging finances. The company, best known for its pioneering work as a private-label Internet bank, complete with savings accounts, bank cards and checks with the singer's image, and a "complete look/feel experience designed around David Bowie's music, art, and lifestyle.''

BowieBanc Card

Bowie Bank Rapped by U.S. Federal Reserve (Reuters)

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March 19: Although we're all still waiting for the release of Toy, it seems Bowie has been keeping himself busy in the studio recording the vocals for a cover of Nat King Cole's hit Nature Boy with dance/trance group Massive Attack which will find its way onto the soundtrack for the film Moulin Rouge (Ed: the same film for which Beck has recorded a cover of Diamond Dogs). The official quote from Bowie about the song:

"It's slinky and really mysterious. 3D [Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack] has put together a riveting piece of work."

Massive Attack News

3D and Daddy G of Massive Attack
3D and Daddy G of Massive Attack

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March 8: Lots of prizes to go around to this month's winners of our monthly drawings. In the fan registry drawing, Jacopo del Campo from Italy was the lucky winner of his choice of CD from CDNow. He chose Never Let Me Down to fill out his Bowie collection. Remember that all registered fans who have created a visible profile are eligible in each month's drawing. In the Esprit CD drawing, Lars Ecklund from Wisconsin picked up the 7" vinyl version of Tin Machine's cover of Maggie's Farm by entering 22 times over the course of the month, while A_Girl won a CD from the Teenage Wildlife archives - the 3 track live single CD of Seven released last year. Congratulations to all the winners!

In this month's Esprit CD drawing, Esprit has donated a copy of the 1997 single version of I Can't Read which was made for the Ice Storm soundtrack. It has both short and long versions of the song, backed by This Is Not America. As usual, to enter, just visit the Esprit CD Contest page for March, and find the price of this particular prize in Esprit's catalogue. You may enter up to once per day. Each entry increases your chance of winning!


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