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News February 2001

February 28: Some more reports and pictures have rolled in from Monday night's performance at the Tibet House Gala Benefit. Contributors Terry and Paul have sent in reviews, David Emerson a pre-show photo, Deb some clippings from the New York Post, and there's a live in-concert picture from professional photographer Brad Rickerby. RollingStone.com gave the headline Bowie Heroic at Tibet Show in their review. Read it all along with other attendee comments on the Tibet House Gala Benefit concert page.

Tibet House Gala Benefit

Tibet House Benefit Concert

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February 27: Short but sweet. Bowie performed just two songs in his one-off appearance at the Tibet House Gala Benefit concert last night, but in typical fashion he seemed to get the biggest crowd response of the night. Accompanied by Philip Glass on piano, Moby on guitar, Tony Visconti on bass, and Sterling Campbell on drums, he performed a resounding rendition of "Heroes" and followed it up with Silly Boy Blue, which as far as we're aware was the first live performance of the appropriately Tibetan-themed song in over 30 years. You can read more about the concert, including comments from attendees (feel free to add your own if you went) at the Tibet House Gala Benefit concert page.

Tibet House Gala Benefit

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February 25: Bowie was beaten out by Lenny Kravitz in last week's 43rd annual Grammy Awards for the category of Best Male Rock Vocal. Bowie had been nominated for his performance on Thursday's Child from the 'hours...'' album, but it was Kravitz with his rendition of Again from his Greatest Hits album who took the prize. Bowie apparently did not make an appearance at either the preshow or event itself, according to those who forced themselves to sit through the whole television evening.

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February 25: The cover of Fame by God Lives Underwater will finally get its official release next week on the 15 Minutes soundtrack, due to coincide with the release of the movie in the US on March 9. As we first mentioned last September, the song was used heavily in the promotional trailer of the Robert deNiro film, so expect to hear it mentioned in the popular press as well. A video was shot for the song, but we don't know whether this will be officially released.

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February 20: Bidding closes today at Sotheby's Art Against Addiction auction, an event which Bowie helped spearhead to raise money for the UK charity Action On Addiction. Among the artists who have donated work are Christo, Martin Maloney, Ian Davenport, Lisa Milroy, Mary Fedden. The auction is expected to raise almost £500,000.

Sotheby's Art Against Addiction
BBC News
The Auction Page

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February 20: Gloria Moncada, from California. After the first two picks did not respond (Ed: read your Teenage Wildlife email guys, even if you think it's spam!), Gloria answered the call and decided to pick up a copy of The Beatles - One as her prize.

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February 12: Friday's Daily Mail (in the UK) reports that Bowie has rescued actress Kate Winslet's next film project from an ignominious death after a producer pulled out. The full story makes reference to both Bowie and Winslet's hair, but then goes on to say:

"David Bowie has rescued Kate Winslets dream film project. The superstar rocker stepped in when the actresses planned film of Therese Raquin - a tale of murder, betrayal and sex - almost collapsed after a producer withdrew. Bowie met with Kate and her husband Jim Threapleton and thrashed out a plan to work on the script, with the hope that shooting can begin later in the year.
Kate had intended to make the film last summer, but it was postponed when she became pregnant with baby daughter Mia.
'I have this passion for the Therese Raquin story,' she told me. 'It has everything and its my intention to make it. It's the first project Jim and I have helped to produce and I would really like it to work.'
Intermedia films will bankroll the picture, while Bowie and the team at his film company will work with Kate and Jim on script changes, casting and the hiring of the production crew.

Ed: Could this be Bowie tuning up for the still-rumoured Ziggy 2002 film?

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February 11: Yes, this is just over a month late, but Bowie fan Paul Adams sent in this great flyer and mini-poster for a Bowie birthday event he was part of at Medium, a hip local bar in Macedonia. Reports Paul:

"We had a great birthday celebration here in Macedonia in 'Medium' a hip local bar...the bar was full, and as the local 'Bowiephile' I played the role of 'DJ' ("I am what I say"). Attached are the flyer and the mini poster for coctails we made for the night (special thanks to big Suze!). Wish you'd been here in person, hopefully you were in spirit !
love on ya!"

Birthday flyer   The Gin Genie

Just goes to show that Bowie has creative fans throughout the globe. If you are planning a special Bowie event in your area of the world and want to get the word out, be sure to email us a note and we'll let our readership know!

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February 7: (RUMOUR) Is there a chance that Bowie may once again work with legendary guitarist Robert Fripp (the guitarist on "Heroes" and much of the Scary Monsters album)? Yes, according to Robert Fripp's wife, Toyah Willcox who writes in her online diary entry of December 14 that:

"It looks like I will be spending a bit of time in New York over next year as I have film interests going on and Robert is in talks to possibly do some work with David Bowie, who lives there. I must say I wont be complaining about it, I love the place, it is inspiring and mad. My intention is to hop between England and NY on a regular basis."

This ties in with an entry in Robert Fripp's diary from a couple of months ago (no longer available on the Web) that Fripp had run into Bowie while he was in New York on the final stages of the King Crimson 2000 tour.

Visconti, Fripp, Bowie? Can Eno be far behind? :-)

Toyah Willcox diary

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February 5: BBC Radio 2 is currently collecting votes for their Top 100 Voices Of The Century, compiled from both listener votes and the votes of a panel of singers and music experts. The Top 100 will be highlighted on BBC Radio 2 over Easter weekend. Note that this selection is for popular music singers only, not classical or great speechmakers. Visit the Radio 2 Top 100 Voices Of The Century web page for more details.

Top 100 Voices Of The Century

BBC Radio 2 Top 100 Voices Of The Century

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February 4: Yes, I know you've all been waiting for it. After a brief hiatus in January, the monthly Esprit CD giveaway is back again, but for February, it's going to be a 7" vinyl of Tin Machine's Maggie's Farm live in Paris from 1989. Visit the Esprit Contest page to enter. The more times you enter (up to once per day), the greater your chance of winning. Contest closes February 28 at midnight, ET, with the drawing the follow evening on March 1.


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