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September 30: (PERSONAL ANECDOTE) This personal sighting/close encounter story came in from Dogwoodie and his non-computer owning friend Jimi. Jimi is a New York resident and Bowie fan who works at the Empire Diner in Chelsea, Manhattan. This past Monday he went in to work to find that David Bowie was seated at a table with two companions. Here's the story as told by Dogwoodie from there:

"He had already been chowing down on his entree (pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe--guess he's not a vegetarian anymore!) but Jimi was there when he ordered desert--a hot fudge sundae with vanilla ice cream. Anyway, Jimi is a huge huge fan, ever since he was a tot, so he was really beside himself. His co-worker was actually waiting on David, so he was the one who said he was going to ask the man for an autograph. "Tacky, I know," said Jimi, "But if you're getting one, get me one too!"

The co-worker sidled on up to David's table and got the autographs, indicating to David that Jimi was a great fan. David and company looked over at Jimi, who at this point was quite embarassed. So Jimi came over and introduced himself and found David to be quite personable. He told David that he had bought a ticket to the Saturday show at Roseland and David immediately apologized for his cancellation, saying he just couldn't work that night. He also said he was going to play again next year, presumably at Roseland. At this point the companions were starting to look daggers at Jimi and he took his leave. Jimi said David had on a long overcoat and baggy grey pants and still sported his longish hair. It's possible that he might have been visiting some of the local galleries that day.

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Information from Dogwoodie

September 29: Think that Bowie At The Beeb is the last Bowie-related release for a while. Think again. Collaborator Reeves Gabrels' 1999 release of Ulysses (Della Notte) is getting an official CD release via the E-Magine label this coming Tuesday, October 3. Nominated in this year's Yahoo Awards for best Internet-only album, the album features guest vocal appearances by David Bowie, Robert Smith and Frank Black on the track Jewel.


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September 28: What do you get when you cross hardcore Bowie fans with this summer's hit Survivor series? Find out by visiting the Bowie Survivor website, set up by some fans to spoof both David Bowie and the Survivor fad. Divided into three teams of eight, the Bowie personas fight amongst themselves and with each other to win the right to survive on the island, appropriately named Zahra-Zahra. You get to read the transcript and vote on the first Bowie to get thrown off in this week's episode.

Bowie Survivor

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September 27: By now residents in the USA and most of Europe should be able to find copies of Bowie At The Beeb in their local record stores after the official release Monday/Tuesday. The limited edition which combines a third CD of tracks from Bowie's June 27 BBC Broadcasting House performance is in ready supply in retail stores. Just look for the cardboard slipcase with two CD jewel boxes inside and a back cover which explicitly lists the bonus disc. Presumably when the limited edition runs out, the package will be reduced to the single 2CD jewel box which contains the two discs with the 1968-1972 recordings. Rolling Stone has a review of the album which judging by sales from CDNow and 101CD is popular amongst readers of Teenage Wildlife with over 250 copies preordered from the online stores.

Some listeners did note one major flaw in the initial pressing. The two versions of Ziggy Stardust on Disc 2, tracks 4 and 12 supposedly from two different sessions, are in fact the same version (right down to the audio spectrum when analyzed in an audio processing program). Presumably somebody at EMI/Virgin bolloxed up and duplicated the one version of Ziggy Stardust recorded in May 1972 leaving the January 1972 one still missing. Perhaps this will be fixed in a future repressing. On a minor note, EMI also made a decision to put the introductions by John Peel on Disc One at the end of the preceding track rather than at the beginning of the track itself. This means if you program your CD to play individual tracks, you get the unrelated intro by Peel at the end of each track rather than the related intro at the beginning.

We've added scans of the front and back of both the 2CD package and the bonus disc to the Bowie At The Beeb page.

Bowie At The BeebBowie at the Beeb back

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September 26: In an update to his personal journal last week, David Bowie mentioned that he had been asked by Ben Stiller to play a cameo role in Stiller's upcoming comedy Zoolander. Starring Stiller as male model Derek Zoolander, the film is based around a character invented for the 1996 VH-1 Fashion Awards Show (at which both Bowie and Stiller were featured). According to Bowie's update, he spent a day on the set in New York last week for a scene where he plays the "referee" between Zoolander and his nemesis (played by Owen Wilson), a model who has taken over his #1 position in the modelling world. Also in the cast are Milla Jovovich, Will Ferrell and Jerry Stiller.

You can read more about the plot and known details at Upcomingmovies.com. As the film is still being shot, it's likely not to appear until sometime in 2001.


IMDB Zoolander page
Zoolander Upcomingmovies.com
The original 1996 Zoolander skit

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Information from BowieNet

September 24: In a performance worth waiting for, the public got to see Bowie's special BBC concert on television in the UK tonight. The twenty two song set from June was edited down to eleven songs in a one hour package, spanning The Man Who Sold The World to Little Wonder. Alan captured the broadcast with some snaps from the television which you can see on the BBC television show.


BBC Televised Airing
BBC Broadcasting House Concert

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Information from Marcel, Alan M.

September 22: To coincide with the announcement of the winner of this week's Bowie contest, BBC Radio One's Mark & Lard show had David Bowie on for an interview this morning. Bowie joshed with the grand prize winner Rob Hughes about Hughes' home town of Altrincham, then talked to the DJs about his location (Ed: a little confused) and baby Alexandria's sleeping hours. With regard to the upcoming release of Bowie At The Beeb, Bowie noted that he had enough material for about 3 or 4 CDs but he culled it down to just the definitive version of each song. He also confirmed that the BBC had lost the original versions of some tapes (e.g. the first Visconti session) and it was only Bowie's personal copy that saved the day.

What's coming up in the future? Bowie noted that he was just finishing off the album of rearrangements of his 60's songs and at the same time writing new material for an album to be produced by Tony Visconti which will be recorded in the New Year. Finally, when asked about what he'd like to hear, Bowie suggested Grandaddy (a favourite of Mark & Lard) and their song Hewlitt's Daughter.

You can listen to the full clip thanks once again to the tremendous work of Alan M.

Bowie on BBC Radio One realaudio (RealAudio)

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Information from Alan M.

September 22: The Alexandria Jones one month old baby gift organized by David Emerson was completed this past week with the donation of checks totalling almost $2500 to Save The Children. The money will be used to help children in need around the world. You can read more about the gift on David's website. We salute David for all the work and effort he has performed in undertaking this worthy cause!

Save The Children

David Emerson's website
Save The Children

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September 21: The Fall 2000 edition of US magazine Bust (whose tagline boasts For Women With Something To Get Off Their Chest) features Iman interviewing David Bowie in a special Men We Love edition. In the interview, Bowie touches on feminism, glamour, machismo, cooking and relationships.


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Information from Richard J

September 21: Samantha Mumba, the teenage Irish pop star who already has a smash hit with her first single Gotta Tell You, is widely tipped to go #1 with her new single Body II Body due for release on October 9. As Dara first alerted us back in May, the song features samples of Ashes To Ashes and is already getting heavy airplay in the UK and Ireland. Mumba is managed by Louis Walsh, the brains behind Boyzone and West Life. Twenty years on, will the Major Tom odyssey hit the top of the charts again?

Samantha Mumba
Samantha Mumba

Official Samantha Mumba website
Preorder Body II Body at 101CD

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September 21: Roving report Chris Gaffney recently caught up with Irish supergroup Aslan after their return from a successful tour of Australia. Aslan have been great fans of David Bowie since their beginning in the early eighties. Members of the band were seen jumping and singing at David's 1997 Earthling tour warm up gig in the Factory and lead singer Christy Dignam says one of their best moments was playing live at Slane Castle during the Glass Spider tour. For their unplugged sets they usually perfom a brilliant version of Five Years and Christy informed Chris that they are currently rehearsing Rock and Roll Suicide to add to the set. Not to be missed - they're currently playing a string of sell out shows in Dublin's Vicor Street venue.


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Information from Chris G

September 20: The Atlantic Film Festival, which runs from October 20 through November 5 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, has selected Mr Rice's Secret (previously known as Exhuming Mr Rice) in their full length feature film category. This means attendees of the Festival will get to see the children's film which stars David Bowie as Mr Rice, the potion-taking 400 year old gentleman. The exact screening date is yet to be announced but the press conference takes place next week so look for an update then.

Mr Rice

Atlantic City Film Festival

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September 20: Yes, it's been a while, but we did finally get a copy of Bowiestyle, the book published in July which takes a stroll through Bowie's stylistic influences and influence over the past 35 years. You can read our review on the Bowiestyle information page.


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September 20: With the Olympics in full swing, television networks have had ample opportunity to play the usual suspects as backing or bumper music. "Heroes" has been making the rounds on Australian television sports highlights leading into advertisement breaks. Meanwhile, the beach volleyball organizers must be Bowie fans as well. During a break between games between the Brazilian and German competitors, the PA started blasting Rebel Rebel over the speaker, getting the best response of any song played during the match. But the most amusing moment came from the Aussie commentators talking about the dressage phase of the equestrian competition. Their comment? "Dressage - that's your glamour sport of the Olympics - your David Bowie".

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Information from Stevee, Joćo, Shirlee

September 18: BBC Radio One DJs Mark 'N Lard are running a competition this week for a signed print of next week's Bowie At The Beeb cover by artist Guy Peellaert and David Bowie. Of course, you'll also get a copy of the 3CD limited edition itself as will four runners up. You can listen to the full competition explanation via RealAudio, but for the audio-impaired you'll need to complete the following sentence (in 15 words or less):

David Bowie could do a lot worse than support the Shirehorses on their forthcoming UK tour because...

If you're not up to date with the DJs' antics, the Shirehorses are the inimitable duo's own parody band. You can send them in via email at mark.radcliffe@bbc.co.uk or snail mail to:

Mark 'N' Lard
Radio 1
Oxford Road
Manchester M60 1SJ

Mark N Lard

Mark 'N Lard's competition realaudio (RealAudio)
Shirehorses Tribute Site
Mark 'N Lard BBC web site

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Information from Alan M.

September 18: Japanese online music stores are listing their version of Bowie At The Beeb with one bonus track at position #2 on disc 2. According to this HMV Japan web page (Kanji only) the track will be a second version of Oh! You Pretty Things. Judging by its position in the chronological ordering, this is almost certainly a recording taken from the Bob Harris show on September 21, 1971, the same session as the succeeding Eight Line Poem track.

Thanks to Akko and Alan M. for their Japanese deciphering skills!

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Information from Alan M, Akko, spaceb0y

September 16: Recently released hit movie The Cell starring Jennifer Lopez has Bowie to thank indirectly for one of the movie's surreal scenes. Film director Tarsem Singh reports in this Norwegian newspaper article that he saw the painting Dawn by Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum while he was visiting Bowie, and used it to create a certain mood in a scene rather than rely on special effects. Bowie and Nerdrum met in August 1990 when Bowie visited Oslo. He ended up buying Nerdrum's Dawn painting for his own collection, although Nerdrum later reportedly said the only thing the two had in common was his artwork.

Nerdrum and Bowie Dawn
Nerdrum and Bowie (1990) Dawn
Verdens Gang article (Norwegian)

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Information from Hans Erik O., Halldor

September 14: Confirmation of the television broadcast of Bowie's BBC Broadcasting House special event has arrived. The one hour broadcast will take place Sunday, September 24 at 10:00 p.m. on BBC2 in the UK according to BBC2 schedules. Immediately following will be a showing of the 1975 Cracked Actor documentary by Alan Yentob (Ed: the one with the famous fly-in-my-milk scene). No information on international screenings are available - although the special is being marketed out around the world.

BBC Broadcasting House concert
BBC website

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September 13: The long-awaited Live And Well project, a 2CD set chronicling the 1997 Earthling Tour appears to have shipped to all BowieNet members. With liner notes and album artwork compiled from BowieNet member contributions, the album is a great representation of the fun and intense 1997 tour. Ruud sent in a scan of the cover art along with the full track-listings. Disc One contains the live tracks. Disc Two has three remixes of Earthling era singles as well as the never officially released Fun track. Also included on Disc Two is the Live And Well web site all on enhanced CD.


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Information from Ruud

September 12: The Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads play currently running at the Camden People's Theatre in London has been getting very positive reviews; so much so that it has sold out the rest of its production run. Time Out London reviewed the play as one of their Critic's Choice calling it "one of those rare things: a fringe play which exceeds all expectations". You can read the full review here. One of our regular contributions, GoodMorningGirl also went along to see the play and wrote a personal review. If you didn't get to see it, don't worry. According to writer Adrian Berry, the show will return next July for a second run.


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Information from GMG, Ade

September 11: The first official baby photographs of Alexandria Zahra Jones will appear in next week's Hello! magazine. With a street date of September 19, the magazine will include the first exclusive photographs of Iman and David with Alexandriah as well as an interview with the new parents. Well-read Bowie fans will remember that Hello! was also the magazine which had the exclusive coverage of Bowie's wedding to Iman 8 years ago.

Hello!Daily Record

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Information from GWTMH

September 10: As we indicated last month, Cameron Crowe's new film which opens in limited release in the USA this week includes Bowie's Santa Monica 1972 rendition of Waiting For The Man on the movie soundtrack. Schtune, who saw an advance screening of the movie last week notes that the song is played almost all the way through as part of a "brush with greatness" scene in a crowded hotel lobby when someone screams "It's him! It's Bowie!". There's a shot of men crowding around someone in a Ziggy wig and the fans all rush the elevator, most in hysterics and/or Aladdin Sane paint.

There are a couple of other Bowie references in the movie. In one, the protagonist mentions Lou Reed, saying "In his new stuff he's trying too hard to sound like Bowie." (Ed: particularly ironic considering the song on the soundtrack). In the other, Bowie graces the cover of a magazine laid across a sleeping man's chest.


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Information from schtune

September 8: Montreal Bowie fans are invited to a night out on September 22 at the Cybertek Club. DJs Amyl Nitrate and Radiowhore will be spinning a special edition of PVC called PVC15 with lots of music by Bowie and the artists he's influenced over his 30-plus year career. Dress up as Bowie and get a discount on the cover charge!

Cybertek Club, 3908 St-Laurent, Montreal
Friday September 22, 2000
10:00 pm - 3:00 am

2$ cover, 1$ cover for those in Bowie costume

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Information from fwelm

September 8: Esprit has donated a copy of the UK promo Strangers When We Meet for a giveaway this month on Teenage Wildlife. As usual, just visit the Esprit Giveaway page and follow the instructions for entering. Remember that in this contest, you can enter up to once per day; each entry counts as an extra "ticket" in the drawing. The last day to enter will be September 30, and the selection of the winner will take place online at #DavidBowie DALNet the following day October 1. Good luck!

Esprit Giveaway

Esprit Drawing page

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September 7: Outspoken and often controversial English art critic Brian Sewell let a few zingers go at David's art in a "blind" review of Bowie's painting Zenzi. In a story published in yesterday's UK Mirror newspaper, Sewell was asked for his verdict on a number of celebrity paintings without being told who had painted them. According to Sewell:

"This looks as if it has been painted by Elizabeth Taylor. Nobody else would put a picture in in a fake leopard-skin frame. It looks to me like the work of a woman - there is a woman's touch in the way the artist is trying to pull something together. But it is ghastly and just looks so messy. It simply doesn't work. The hand which drew it is clumsy."

When later told that the painting was Bowie's, Sewell laughed and said "I'm not sure David will like my views on his masculinity." Here's the piece in question, painted in 1995.

Click for larger image

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Information from Liz R.

September 7: Ruud Altenburg has a new version of the illustrated db discography. Version 11.4 adds information about the Bowie At The Beeb release, some compilations, some bootlegs and some promotional discs. Also in RealAudio are 11 rare recent tracks for your listening pleasure.


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Information from Ruud A.

September 6: As presciently indicated in the weekend's news item, the UK edition of GQ chose Bowie as their most stylish man of the year in an awards ceremony at the Royal Opera House yesterday. Beating out competition from actors Pierce Brosnan and Jude Law, Bowie walked away with the top award in the third year of the event. You can see a full list of winners at the GQ UK web site. As indicated in the promotional memo, expect to see db turn up on the cover of the upcoming GQ UK October issue.

Ananova news story
GQ (UK) Award Winners
Promotional Memo

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Information from Liz R., Geraldine

September 5: Q Magazine is holding their 11th annual Q Awards on October 31 in London. As part of the selection process, readers (and online voters) can write in their selections in the different categories at this web page. As contributor Chad noted, it's safe to say that db's no longer eligible in the Best New Act category, but since hours... was released less than one year ago you can assume that Best Video|Single|Album|Live Act|Act In The World Today are all fair game for the Bowie Online Army. As a side-benefit, you may even get free tickets to the October 31 event.

Q Awards

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Information from Chad

September 5: Gart Z. from Amsterdam, The Netherlands was the name drawn out of the virtual hat for the Buddha of Suburbia UK promo in the Esprit CD Drawing. Gart must have been busy, entering a total of 25 times in the month long contest. The bonus online award for those dedicated enough to show up at DALNet #DavidBowie chat, went to Lela from Westchester, Illinois. She chose to receive the UK CD1 version of Survive from Teenage Wildlife.


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September 3: The special performance recorded at the BBC Radio Theatre in June will be edited down to one hour (Ed: from two hours) and broadcast around 9:50 p.m. on BBC1 during the last week of September to help promote the release of Bowie At The Beeb. That's the information contained in this memo which includes lots of other good tidbits about how the EMI plans to promote the release later this month. For example:

Liner notes
"The packaging will feature track by track/session details finally laying to rest the confusion surrounding the sessions, along with sleeve notes from Radio producers Bernie Andrews and Jeff Griffin who, between them, were responsible for producing 7 of the sessions. Jeff and Bernie will also be supplying personal artifacts/memorabilia from the time for inclusion in the 20 page full colour booklet."
Cover photo
"The cover art for the album is a truly original piece of work by Guy Peellaert previously responsible for the artwork to David's seminal Diamond Dogs album. Creating a moment in history by reworking, in his super real style, a Mick Rock photograph of David, and a Sarah McCormack photograph of BBC Maida Vale Studio 3, Guy has produced a truly classic Bowie album sleeve."
GQ Man Of The Year
"David has been voted (by GQ readers) the most stylish man of the year and he will be appearing on the cover of the October issue with a street date of the 2nd week of September, David has talked extensively about his future plans in the interview and does touch upon the BBC album. We will ensure that the album is plugged in a substantial manner in the piece."

There's other information in there about the album, including magazines and media outlets where reviews and promos will be run. (Ed: this information applies primarily to the UK.). In the meantime, CDNow currently has a 30% off sale for the 3CD limited edition as an advance order making it just $18.88 if you preorder it now.


Preorder Bowie At The Beeb at CDNow
The promotional information memo

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Information from AM

September 2: Yossi Fine, who played bass on the 1. Outside album has an interview in this weekend's Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz (Ed: Hebrew only). Here are the translations of the sections where he refers to Bowie (translation by Cat):

Very few musicians are as professional as Bowie, he says. "He creates a very open atmosphere in the studio. He explains to the musicians what their parts are and starts singing the song on the spot, and it sounds exactly like it does on the album. He makes no excuses like others at his level: 'I was drinking last night, and I can't move. Come back tomorrow'. He's a true professional, and regardless of what happens to him outside, he will record the album and do it the best way he can. He is open to all ideas and involves the musicians in the production, and after every song he asks: "OK, who has any ideas now, so this doesn't sound like a cliche?" He then changes everything, and that's why his music sounds the way it does. Also, his personality is very positive. I've never seen anybody so excited by what he's doing. I've seen him on the phone to the record company: "It will be a great album, excellent, special". He constantly keeps thrilling himself, and it's very important because it's catching." At this point he [Fine]grows serious. "I think I've learned from him that you're always responsible for what you do, that I can't stand excuses".

Fine says of the recording of Outside: "It was more a lesson for life than a musical station. Bowie doesn't plan anything ahead. He just lets things flow with so much confidence. I discovered that all his albums were recorded this way, and that it's unique to him."

For more information on Yossi Fine, visit his band's website.

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Information from Cat

September 1: Advance copies of Bowie At The Beeb have been going out to music magazines and reviewers in the past few days. Included is a full description of where each and every track was recorded. These descriptions have been added to the track listings on the Bowie At The Beeb page. Contributor Dave Gibbs wrote in before the final composition of the tracks was known with commentary on the inclusions and exclusions. You can read his comments here. It will be interesting to see which bonus tracks are included on the 4LP set (due mid-October according to sources) and the Japanese release.


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Information from MSO

September 1: Italian Bowie fans can join David Emerson's mass fan donation to Save The Children thanks to Velvet Goldmine, the Italian Bowie fan club. In conjunction with the birth of Alexandria Zahra Jones, Velvet Goldmine will be collecting donations in Italian lire up until September 10 at the following address:


The money collected will be added to that collected by David E. and sent to Save The Children.

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Information from Velvet Goldmine

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