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August 31: Affable BBC presenter Terry Wogan admits in his just published biography Is It Me? that he felt like hitting David when Bowie was a guest on his TV show. According to this Daily Express article, Wogan found Bowie a very difficult guest when he made an appearance on Wogan's BBC1 TV chat show.

"David Bowie, well he probably wasn't at his best when I met him but I thought a solid slap would have helped the situation. I didn't hit him, of course, but it came close. For some reason best known to him he came on the show unwilling to talk."

Terry Wogan

Daily Express Wogan article

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August 31: The Voyeur, the international fanzine out of The Netherlands has just published its August 2000 issue. Included this month are reports on the New York shows, the Spitting Image puppet, BBC releases, Bowie in Holland Part 2, CD reviews and all about the "2000 tour". For more information, including how to subscribe, click through on the following cover picture.

The Voyeur

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August 31: Today's your last chance to enter the Esprit CD Giveaway contest for August. Closing at midnight ET tonight, you can put yourself in with a chance to win a radio promo copy of Buddha of Suburbia by clicking through to the Esprit Contest page and following the instructions (registered users only). The drawing will be held online at 11:30 p.m. ET Friday night, September 1, and there'll be a special bonus prize for one of the chat participants. Be there or be rectangular!


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August 29: The German arm of EMI Music appears to be the first outlet to showcase the cover art for next month's Bowie At The Beeb release. The official www.emimusic.de website features Bowie At The Beeb as their number one listing when you do a search for Bowie, and web sleuth Alan M. found over the weekend that they also have the Guy Peellaert designed cover art as shown below. It appears to be an original Ziggy-era photo retouched by Peellaert to portray Bowie recording in a studio complete with microphone and headphones.


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August 29: After his success (Ed: ?) with the remix of Seven, Beck is turning his hand to Diamond Dogs for inclusion on the soundtrack to Ewan McGregor's upcoming film Moulin Rouge. According to the Beck website (Ed: does anyone else feel like they're stuck inside a submarine when looking at Beck.com?), Beck will record the cover with producer Timbaland after his last European festival show. According to BowieNet, on the very same soundtrack, actor Ewan McGregor will repeat his Velvet Goldmine cross-over performance to singer with a medley which will include "Heroes".

The film, which also stars Nicole Kidman, is due for release in December.

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Information from Beck.com, BowieNet

August 28: UK firm Second Sight Films,which specialises in releasing otherwise unavailable films, has given Bowie fans in Europe and the UK a boost in the past couple of months with DVD reissues of Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence in July and Christiane F. today. These are Region 2 DVD releases (playable in Europe, the Middle East and Japan) which means they're not compatible with standard US DVD players which use Region 1 discs. (Ed: although if you like to experiment, there's likely a hack to let you play either region). Both are also available in PAL format videotape versions and are available from the video store in association with Amazon UK.

While Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence has been fairly easy to find, Christiane F. has been rare the past few years. This rerelease of the true story of a teenage heroin addict in Berlin complete with Bowie in concert footage should lead to newer Bowie fans getting a chance to see this classic film.

Christiane F

Christiane F. (DVD Region 2)
Christiane F. (PAL VHS)
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (DVD Region 2)
Christiane F. movie information
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence movie information

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August 27: Back during the Roseland shows in June you may recall that Terri S. received word that in lieu of baby gifts Iman would prefer that people make a donation to Save the Children (an organization which they both she and David strongly support). Now, in honor of baby Alexandria Zahra Jones entering the world, some fans are working to make a mass donation to Save the Children as a sort of "baby gift" from the fans.

If you would like to contribute, they are suggesting a $5 contribution, but $1 or $ 2 is fine - or if you can do more, that's great too! Whatever you can contribute is wonderful. US checks made out to Save the Children (or if need be you can send cash) can be sent to:

David Emerson
791 Granite St.
Braintree MA 02184 USA
Email: demerson@davidbowie.com

Celine in the UK is accepting pounds and french francs. It is best for people to email her for her address at celine@davidbowie.com.

For those that are unable to send in either US dollars or pounds or francs, they can of course contribute directly at www.savethechildren.org.

Donations are being accepted until September 12, so that the collective donations can be sent in for the baby's 1 month birthday on Sept. 15. At that point, a card with the names of all the contributors will also be put together and the organizers will try and get it off to David and Iman.

Check David Emerson's site for more details and updates.

Save The Children

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August 25: Sounds like competition for David Buckley's Strange Fascination is just around the corner. Author Nicholas Pegg has teamed up with UK publisher Reynolds & Hearn to produce The Complete David Bowie, billed as the most complete and in-depth ever account of David Bowie’s entire career.

Available in early October, the 480 page paperback promises an A-Z of songs and day-by-day dateline of Bowie's career, along with analysis of the albums, the tours and Bowie's stage and screen career. Read the full press release for more details.

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August 24: As several correspondents have noted, 101CD.com is taking preorders for next month's Bowie At The Beeb release. In their email communique, 101CD staff say if you get your order in before August 31 you'll receive the limited edition 3CD set which includes the bonus disc of 15 live tracks Bowie recorded at BBC House in June. (Ed: Note that we expect other online stores to start taking orders in the next couple of weeks, but we have no advance information as to whether they will all make the limited edition 3CD set available).

(UPDATE) CDNow has the limited edition 3CD set now also available for preorder.

In related news, other online stores have information on alternate and import releases. US store SirenCD, a very reliable source for upcoming releases, lists a special edition 4LP release and a Japanese 3CD release. The Japanese version is said to include an extra bonus track (as most Japanese domestic releases do). Meanwhile, another online store Bonus Trax claims the LP set will include 2 bonus tracks not available on the CD version. In both cases, we have heard that the bonus tracks will likely be previously unreleased Tony Visconti-era tracks (Ed: we presume this means the late 60s, early 70's Visconti era).

Final information will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks, along with a chance to win a copy of the 3CD limited edition release and hopefully something a little special as well. Stay tuned!

Preorder Bowie At The Beeb from 101CD.com
Bowie At The Beeb (TW Page)
SirenCD Future Releases

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August 24: David Pullman, the architect of the so-called Bowie Bonds, had his lawsuit against Prudential Insurance dismissed by New York Supreme Court judge Justice Beatrice Shainswit. Shainswit found that Pullman lacked standing to sue for infringement of his claim of intellectual property rights on the grounds that any ownership interests belonged to the securities firm of Gruntal & Co. because Mr. Pullman developed his concept for intellectual property securitization while a company employee. Pullman had previously included RZO, the publishing/copyright arm for much of Bowie's work, in the $2.5 billion lawsuit.

This concludes a 10 month old lawsuit which The Pullman Group filed last November.

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Information from Daniel S., New York Law Journal

August 23: People magazine in the USA, the biggest "celebrity" magazine in the country, features David and Iman on the cover in a special issue about the August baby bonanza for big stars. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Madonna are two other stars who have had high profile pregancies in the past few weeks. Inside is a short story about the pregnancy, including an apparent confirmation that Alexandria Zahra Jones was born in New York City. The issue should be on all US newstands in the next day.


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August 21: Did you ever wonder who designed the lenticular 3D album cover for 'hours...'? We recently contacted Martin Richardson of T.H.I.S. (The Holographic Image Studio), the man responsible for designing and putting together the production of this limited edition insert. You can read more about how he came to be asked to work on this project and a little about the actual production in this brief Q&A. Martin has a flash website describing his current projects at T.H.I.S. and a book titled Spacebomb with examples of holograms over the past 20 years.

Martin Richardson
Martin Richardson

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August 19: Adrian M. sent in the plans for a Bowie Tribute show in Wellington, New Zealand on September 2. To be held at the Indigo Bar and Venue, 171 Cuba Street the show will cover songs from Bowie's career in three acts:

The Glam Era
Stomping out the riffs with platforms, the boys and girls come together and get deranged with the chameleon Bowie. Ziggy and Aladdin Sane sing the Glam classics and s’more recent tunes
The Art Decade
The Thin White Duke reigns in a haze of coked-out paranoiac funk, introspective soundscapes… disturbing impressionist visions of past and future, cut up and reassembled.
The Space Age
"If there was only some kind of future…" - Bowie’s weird eye focuses forward and outward. Analogue science fiction meets digital destiny in apocalyptic dreams.

Pre-sale tickets are $10. For more details contact Adrian at adrian@indigobar.co.nz or telephone (04) 801 6797.

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August 17: The Bowie Baby Pool ended up having 14 correct entries - people who chose August 15 and a girl for the birth of Alexandria Zahra Jones. We had to pick one of the random correct entries for the 12" limited edition of Baby Universal. Fortunately for her (unfortunately for the others) that winner was Ilsa, one of our Teenage Wildlife members from the very beginning - she's member #8. Congratulations Ilsa!

In our other drawing for a free CD to make up for our July omission, Raven walked away with a free CD of her choice from CDNow. She chose The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, intending to give it to a friend who hasn't yet learned to appreciate the genius of Bowie. A great choice to start them off with, Raven!

Baby Pool

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August 16: The traditional press caught on fairly quickly to the arrival yesterday of Alexandria Zahra Jones, the first daughter together of David and Iman. Akko put together a page of scans from the UK newspapers while most of the online music news publications also carried the story. We've collected together links to some of the more obvious ones on our Baby Alexandria page. Official information has been kept very tight - some reports are that the birth was in New York, the Boston Globe said it was Los Angeles while others just said "an undisclosed hospital" in the United States. Bowie made a brief posting to BowieNet indicating that both mother and child are tired but doing well.

As reported in June, Iman has asked that in lieu of baby gifts, she and David would prefer that fans send donations to Save The Children, a charitable organization dedicated to assisting children in need.

We would like to send a card though so as we did for Bowie's 50th birthday, we've created an online version of a New Baby Congratulations card. We'll be collecting wishes and congratulations from registered Teenage Wildlifers over the next week. Eschewing that tired old concept of paper, we'll package it into a single web archive and send that on disk as a personal memento to David and Iman from all Teenage Wildlifers. Just click on the stork below to get to the card.

Sign the Baby Card

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August 15: The waiting is over. Alexandria Zahra Jones arrived this morning, the first child of David and Iman Bowie. The 3.3 kilogram baby girl made her way into the world at 5:06 a.m. with father assisting in the delivery and cutting the umbilical cord.

Congratulations to the entire Bowie family!

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August 12: British television's satirical Spitting Image show had an auction at Sotheby's last month of some of the puppets used in the series. Included was a particularly grotesque version of Mr David Bowie, complete with his pre-dental work teeth and still sporting a blond coiffure. Bidding started at $1000 but some lucky (?) buyer snapped up this fine specimen with a final bid of $5,200!

Spitting Image

Sotheby's Spitting Image puppet auction

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August 11: Ruud Altenburg's Illustrated David Bowie Discography gets an upgrade to version 11.3 this month. The old contributions section has been renamed Guest Appearances, while a new Contributions section covers songs and albums to which Bowie devoted his qualities as a musician or producer. The RealAudio section has 8 new songs from the period 1966-1969. Check it out!


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Information from Ruud

August 11: Because we unexpectedly missed the July CD drawing, we've decided to pick two winners for August. The first winner is HappyGenius who selected a copy of Ludwig Van Beethoven's Coriolanus Overture performed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. We'll be picking the second winner on August 15. Remember, all you have to do to be eligible is register at Teenage Wildlife and make your profile visible in the fan registry. You'll be in the draw for a CD of your choice to the value of $20 from CDNow (who incidentally are currently having a anniversary-wide sale, so check them out!).

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August 10: A couple of readers pointed out this Man Who Fell To Earth web site which indicates there are plans for a Broadway musical based on the Walter Tevis novel. The story about an alien who is stranded on earth is well known to Bowie fans. It was his film debut as the tortured alien Thomas Jerome Newton which caught critics' eyes in 1976. We contacted the producer of this new stage production, Dave Statman for more details. According to him, they are still in the early planning stages but expect a late 2002 Broadway debut after some out of town tryouts (possibly in London or Australia). Although no composer or lyricists have been formally commissioned, Dave tells us that the names under consideration are "very, very exciting".

Statman is the former senior director of Entertainment Development for Atlantic Records, and has as co-producer Susann Brinkley, who helped produce last year's Grammy Award nominated Hedwig and the Angry Inch. As you may remember, Bowie liked Hedwig so much that he helped with the Los Angeles production, so perhaps this will give the producers the inside track for any Bowie connection. Statman would say only that they have been in contact with Bowie, but gave no further details.

Man Who Fell To Earth

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August 9: The Teenage Wildlife contest for guessing the date of David and Iman's new arrival ended on Sunday. Here are the results of people's entries for the day of birth and the sex. Girls outnumbered boys by a margin of 62.5 to 37.5%, while the most popular date of birth was August 8 (Ed: oops, guess that's passed already!), but with most clustered around the August 13-20 range. As soon as we hear an official announcement, we'll have the news here!

date    sex

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August 8: The Ahn Trio's new album due out next week features their classical rendition of This Is Not America - a version which Billboard calls "a game take on the haunting theme to the movie The Falcon And The Snowman by David Bowie and Pat Metheny". The three sisters based in New York play violin, piano and cello on the track which will appear on the EMI release titled Ahn-Plugged. If you're looking for other classical versions of Bowie songs, you may try Phillip Glass' Low Symphony and Heroes Symphony.


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August 7: Dr Who fanatics seem to have an affection for David Bowie, judging by this article which appeared in the August 23 issue of Dr Who magazine; a magazine for fans of the long-running BBC sci-fi series. Tongue-in-cheek, but demonstrating a supreme knowledge of both Dr Who and Dr Bowie trivia, the author describes similarities between the series where doctors regenerated into new personas every few years and our own metamorphosing rock star. If you're not a Dr. Who fan, you probably won't understand a bit of it, but if, like me, you used to hide behind the sofa because you were scared of those dastardly Daleks, you'll appreciate this investigative piece.

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August 6: Iman is featured in this week's edition of US Weekly magazine, talking about her new makeup line and the imminent arrival of her baby. The special feature of the week in the online edition is a minute and a half QuickTime video showing her being photographed at almost 9 months while she talks about the baby, including David's need to "document everything, every little bit".


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August 4: Writer/director Cameron Crowe's new movie Almost Famous, a fictional account of his years as a teenage reporter for Rolling Stone, will include Bowie's version of Waiting For The Man from the 1972 Santa Monica concert. Starring Patrick Fugit as William Miller, the 15 year old teenager who reports on an up-and-coming rock band from Michigan called Stillwater, the soundtrack includes songs by artists that Crowe covered during his days a journalist or that otherwise have personal meaning for him.

As well as the Bowie track, other artists featured include Led Zeppelin, The Who, Elton John, Yes and The Beach Boys on the soundtrack which is scheduled to be available September 12 from Dreamworks Records. The movie itself will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival and have its commercial US release on September 15. Among the real-life characters portrayed are rock critic and Crowe mentor Lester Bangs, and Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner. Crowe previously wrote and directed the Oscar-nominated hit Jerry Maguire.

Almost Famous trailer (Quicktime format)
Vinyl Films (Crowe's film company)

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Information from Dreamworks, Dean

August 3: Tiny Dynamite's production which we talked about in May will officially open August 29 at the Camden People's Theatre in London. From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads is written and directed by Ade Berry and focuses on a teenage obsessive Bowie fan's relationships with his friends and family. Contributor Marcus Reeves recently interviewed both Ade and the lead actor Alex Clarke and we have those along with the official press release on the web site.

From Ibiza
Alex Clarke

From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads

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Information from Tiny Dynamite, Marcus Reeves

August 3: (RUMOUR) Eagle-eyed Stephen C. from the UK spotted an interesting snippet on Channel 4 Teletext's service over the weekend. The news pages indicated that as well as the BBC Sessions double CD set to be released in September, the BBC was thinking about releasing a DVD of Bowie's Broadcasting House performance from late June. It's already official that the BBC will be televising that performance on BBC One in conjunction with the release of the CDs, and a limited edition will include a bonus CD with the audio from the June 2000 recording.

As the film and audio clearly exist in professional quality for the BBC's purpose, a release on video or DVD doesn't sound too far fetched. It would be the first official live video of Bowie since Tin Machine's Oy Vey, Baby. Unfortunately, neither the Outside nor Earthling tours look like ever getting a concert video release.

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Information from Stephen C.

August 1: After last month's hiatus, the Esprit CD Giveaway returns this month with a Buddha of Suburbia radio promo CD released in the UK in 1993 to promote the yet-to-be-released Buddha of Suburbia soundtrack. Go visit the Esprit Giveaway page to find out how to enter. Contest closes on August 31. Although we didn't have time to do our usual online drawing and announcement in June, the winner of the Thursday's Child promo was David Poley from Pennsylvania.

As always, we wish to thank Esprit for their continued support of promos and rare items. Be sure to go visit their site for Bowie collectibles.


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August 1: Unless you've been living on another planet for the past few months, you're no doubt aware that David and Iman's baby is due sometime in August. Since the date of the actual birthday has been a topic of discussion on the Conversation Piece message boards and in online chat, and as we can never resist the chance to give away a piece of Bowie music, we proudly announce the Bowie Baby Birthday Pool. Just guess the sex (boy or girl) and date of birth of the new Bowie offspring by the end of this week and if you choose correctly, you'll be entered in the drawing to win the 12" vinyl release of Baby Universal, featuring an extended remix of the Tin Machine song, as well as live BBC versions of it and A Big Hurt.

Contest closes August 6 or the actual date of birth, whichever comes first!

Baby Birthday Pool

Bowie Baby Birthday Pool

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