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June 30: The 2000 Stonybrook Film Festival will present Mr Rice's Secret on July 23 at the Staller Center, SUNY Stonybrook. The Nicholas Kendall film which features Bowie in the lead role of Mr Rice will play at 5 p.m. as part of this year's festival which runs from July 19 through July 29. A festival pass is $30 from the Box Office.


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June 30: Norwegian based band Oberon will release a single on Incidental Records next month featuring a rendition of Bowie's Big Brother. The B-side will be a new Oberon track The Ecstasy of Youth and Death. You can hear previews of the track and get more information at the Oberon web site.


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June 29: Several shutterbugs who attended Bowie's New York concerts have collected together their snaps from the big event and made them available on the web for all to see Bowie's tonsorial trim. Among those we know:

Velvet Goldmine Gennaro from Italy took these pictures at the June 19th members-only show. Lots of excellent closeups (click on the News & Updates link)
LaLaLinda's Adventure in Roseland - pictures from all three nights including the cancelled show on Saturday as well as snaps from the mad shenannigans which go on at after and pre-show parties for Bowie fans!
Thursday's Child - photos from the first Friday night show
David Emerson - photos from fan gatherings and the Monday night show
Concert Pages - don't forget our Friday and Saturday night concert pages which have pictures from Doris P. and JohnO, together with personal reviews and links to official press mutterings.

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Information from Velvet Goldmine, LaLaLinda, ThursdaysChild, David E

June 28: The lucky few who attended last night's special performance at the BBC Radio Theatre in London report that Bowie gave a brilliant performance in spite of being struck down with a touch of bronchitis on top of his struggles with laryngitis. Attendees were told that the performance was being filmed for a television broadcast to be shown in the northern hemisphere autumn, possibly September. That incidentally is also the date of the confirmed-by-Bowie BBC Sessions album release which will contain the best of his performances at the BBC in the early seventies, so one may expect that the BBC plans to coordinate both this special and the album release for maximum promotion power. Tony P. sent in this report and a setlist of last night's performance:

"Bowie informed the audience that, on top of the laryngitis contracted in New York, a defective air filtering system on the coach on which he travelled to Glastonbury had caused bronchitis. His speaking voice confirmed this as he sounded noticeably hoarse whenever he spoke. His singing appeared not to suffer in the slightest though, and the performance was one of the best I've seen (of around 11 shows in all, going back to June 1973). Apart from at the start of the encore, when two numbers had to be aborted due to a severe throat tickle, which needed a couple of minutes to get over. Bowie encouraged the band to play an instrumental whilst he took a drink and some time out to recover. What started as a blues jam segued into Jean Genie instrumental.

Bowie was in relaxed mode, joking and chatting between numbers. We got the whole story of the current bout of illnesses. (Quite normal, incidentally, for a recently-quit former heavy smoker). Bowie told the story of his unsuccessful suicide attempt in Berlin when he drove his Mercedes (a present from Coco and Iggy) round and round a hotel garage and then let go of the wheel. At that moment, the car ran out of petrol. The anecdote ended on a cheery note, with Bowie remarking that "things started to pick up a bit after that!"

A great, intimate performance! "
BBC Special Performance

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Information from Tony P.

June 27: Lots of press over Bowie's headline appearance at Glastonbury over the weekend. A sampling of quotes:

"His bill-topping performance in front of a crowd of 100,000 was a masterclass in superstardom."...
"Other big name acts watched open-mouthed. By the time he did an encore it had turned into a walkover. If he'd sung the telephone directory the crowd would have screamed for more."
The Mirror
"Resplendent in the first truly decent haircut of his life [...] Bowie took the sunburnt 20,000-plus audience through an object lesson in How To Be A Rock Star."
"As he leaves to mass screaming, there's no indication of whether David will ever show us his enormous old oeuvre again. But we enjoyed it. He looked delirious. Same time next year?"
The Times
"The crowd is silent, awed, as he performs a sensational Life on Mars. "...
"David Bowie's ageless charm has justified Michael Eavis' claims of a best Glastonbury at the final hour. Hoorahh!"
"As he emerged from backstage to undoubtedly one of the biggest audiences of his musical career, dressed in a frock-like coat, under a mop of blonde curls, Bowie quickly recaptured the 'fame' and the respect of his legendary past."...
"A classic set that went down like a very expensive vintage wine."
"Leaving the others aside for a second, it should be noted that David Bowie worked at a level beyond and above anyone else at this festival."...
"The Thin White Duke, it seemed, was lording it up and almost 80,000 loyal subjects lapped it up."

For links to the full reviews as well as comments from the fans who attended (and of course, Alan M's superlative pictures!), click here or the picture below.


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June 26: Bowie fans go to extreme measures when it comes to getting close to the man on stage. Georgi sent in a scan of yesterday's printed set list but had this story to tell about how she purloined it.

"Had great time at Glasto but I'm afraid my fandom had a bad consequence. My two front teeth were knocked almost completely out by being pushed against the bar at the front line. I was at the very front!!! Woohoo! Anyway, ended up getting dragged to the med. centre behind stage and pleaded with the security guards to put me back at the centre front where I'd been since 9am. They eventually agreed and after a fantastic show one gave me the set list. I've attached it here."

Glastonbury setlist

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Information from Georgi

June 26: The indefatigable Alan M. captured the BBC's television broadcast of Glastonbury and sent over 25 screenshots of Bowie giving it his all at last night's festival. Check out the full selection of shots on the Glastonbury Festival page or click on the picture below.

Glastonbury 2000

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Information from Alan M.

June 24: In spite of news items like this one yesterday from PlayLouder.com, Bowie is still scheduled to headline the final night of Glastonbury tomorrow starting around 10:30 p.m. local time on the Pyramid Stage. If you're not attending (or you've already been arrested) and hope to catch a glimpse of Bowie in what could be his last public show of 2000, your best bet is in the UK on BBC Two television and/or BBC Radio 1. BBC Two has live coverage starting 9 p.m. while Radio 1 promises to "close with headliners Embrace and David Bowie live on stage" starting at 10 p.m. Here's a link to the BBC's schedule:

BBC Glastonbury Festival - Sunday

If you live elsewhere, you may luck out with BBC Radio 1's RealPlayer broadcast or the PlayLouder.com Quicktime webcast (Ed: although the PlayLouder site still hasn't confirmed whether Bowie will be one of the acts shown from the multiple stages around Glastonbury). We suggest you try the different options and see which works best for you starting 9-10 p.m. GMT tomorrow!

BBC Radio 1
BBC Broadcast Schedule
Quicktime Webcast
Glastonbury Festival web page (TW)
Glastonbury Festival Official Page

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(UPDATED) June 23: Attendees at the taping of tonight's TFI Friday show saw Bowie perform four songs although only the first two made it to air. The four were:

  1. Wild Is The Wind
  2. Starman
  3. Absolute Beginners
  4. Cracked Actor

TFI Friday often saves up these extra songs and plays them in specials at later times during the year. Alan M. sent in some screen grabs which you can find on the TFI Friday, June 23 2000 page.

TFI Friday

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Information from JC, Alan M, Liz, Viv and Damian

June 22: DB is listed on the official TFI Friday as a "to be confirmed" musical guest for tomorrow's 6 p.m. Channel 4 show, although viewers in the UK report that Bowie has been promoted in the television ads over the past couple of days just as the Eden.co.uk website leaked a couple of weeks ago. The show is taped at 3 p.m. and broadcast on Channel 4 at 6 p.m. and again just after midnight. Here's a scan of tomorrow's ticket to the event from one of the European travellers.


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Information from Marcel, Viv, Stephen, Damian

June 22: As announced on BowieNet yesterday, Bowie will be performing at a special BBC event on Tuesday evening, June 27. Details are slim, but three or so months ago there were rumblings of tapings for some television appearances while Bowie was in London for the Glastonbury Festival this weekend. There are a limited number of tickets available to London Bowienet members. See BowieNet for details.

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Information from BowieNet

June 21: For those of you who bought your Saturday night tickets directly from TicketMaster by phone, you'll be pleased to know that refunds of the face value plus convenience charge should appear automatically on your credit card account within the next 48 hours. If you bought them at a TicketMaster outlet, you'll need to take your tickets (and preferably the receipt if you still have it) to the outlet to get a refund.

For the fifteen people who bought the set-aside tickets directly from Teenage Wildlife, we currently have a call in to BowieNet to arrange how these tickets will be refunded and we'll be contacting you by email in the next couple of days when details are finalized.

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Information from TicketMaster

June 19: After the shock cancellation of Saturday's show due to voice problems, it was a relief to attendees of tonight's show that Bowie seemed to be back to almost full form. Although his range was cut short a little on songs such as Life On Mars attendees were once again treated to a swathe of songs from throughout his career. Tonight's specials in the encore included the almost 35 year-old I Dig Everything and The London Boys. You can read the full setlist here.

ErikoWilde who flew all the way in from Japan just for these concerts was invited up on stage at the special request of David. Congratulations Eri!

Now it's on to the UK!

Monday, June 19th Concert Page

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June 18: As most of you will have heard or read, Bowie's Saturday night show at the Roseland Ballroom was cancelled because Bowie was suffering from acute laryngitis (Ed: i.e. almost unable to talk) brought on by the previous night's concert performance where he strained his voice. It was apparently the first time in Bowie's career that he had to cancel a show because he physically couldn't sing. Certainly a great disappointment to some fans who came in to town just for the Saturday night show, but ticket refunds will be made according to signs posted at the event. Tonight's BowieNet members-only concert is still scheduled to go on, although it's unclear whether Bowie will perform a full set since it's probably more important that he be on top form for the Glastonbury Festival next Sunday.

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June 16: Bowie, looking more Hunky Doryish with each passing day is just completing Encore 2 of his first night's concert at the Roseland Ballroom in New York. Here's the setlist for the impatient.

  1. Wild Is The Wind
  2. Life On Mars
  3. Golden Years
  4. Changes
  5. Stay
  6. China Girl
  7. Survive
  8. Absolute Beginners
  9. Ashes To Ashes
  10. Rebel Rebel
  11. Fame
  12. This Is Not America
  13. All The Young Dudes
  14. Starman
  15. The Man Who Sold The World
  16. Under Pressure
  17. Station To Station
  18. Encore 1

  19. Seven
  20. Thursday's Child
  21. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
  22. Hallo Spaceboy
  23. Encore 2

  24. Ziggy Stardust
  25. "Heroes"
  26. Let's Dance (revamped intro)
  27. I'm Afraid Of Americans

More info and details after a night's sleep!

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June 16: The two tickets to tonight's (Friday) Roseland show have been sold! . Check the Friday and Saturday show pages for any last minute tickets.

See you all at the show tonight!

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June 16: Earl Slick wants you! Well, your questions at least. Bowie's lead guitarist for this week's gigs plans a series of questions and answers on his SlickMusic web site. If you have a burning question for Bowie's right hand man, send it by email to faye@slickmusic.com. Questions don't have to relate just to Earl's current or prior stints with Bowie - any part of his career is fair game. A selection of the best questions and Earl's answers will appear on his web site after Earl gets to England next week for the Glastonbury gig.

Earl Slick


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Information from Slick Music

June 15: Space Oddity, a California-based Bowie cover band, has their website up at SpaceOddityLive.com with pictures, bios, reviews and of course a list of upcoming dates around the USA. Led by frontman David Brighton (Ed: yet another db initial!), the band recreates the classics from Ziggy through the 80s complete with full costume and makeup effects. See the picture below for an example of Brighton in Serious Moonlight mode.

Space Oddity Live (David Brighton)

Space Oddity web site

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Information from Space Oddity

June 14: (RUMOUR) A post on a Cure message forum from someone claiming to be a lighting tech at Roseland drops a broad hint that the follicly gifted Robert Smith will make a surprise appearance at the BowieNet members concert this coming Monday. In the message (Ed: anonymous of course!), the poster claims that it's uncertain whether Smith will perform or just appear on stage to say "hi" but that "he will most certainly be there".

The Cure are currently on a US tour which has them free on the night of the 19th and playing in New York at Jones Beach on the 20th so the schedule certainly makes it possible. If Smith does show up, it won't be the first time he's been on stage with Bowie. At the 50th Birthday Concert in 1997, Robert Smith joined Bowie on stage to perform The Last Thing You Should Do and Quicksand.

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Information from Cure message boards

June 14: BowieNet announced the official band lineup for this coming weekend's shows in New York (Ed: and we presume for the remaining shows this summer). It's the same as the 1999 hours... tour band with the exception of a switch of Earl Slick for Page Hamilton. Here's the crew!

David Bowie: guitar and vocals
Earl Slick: lead guitar
Mark Plati: guitar and bass
Gail Ann Dorsey: bass, guitar, clarinet and vocals
Sterling Campbell: drums
Mike Garson: piano and keyboards
Holly Palmer: percussion and vocals
Emm Gryner: keyboard, clarinet and vocals

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June 13: The nominees in the 2000 Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards were announced yesterday as detailed in this MTV News report. As mentioned back in March, Bowie will be the headline act at the July 24 awards show in recognition of his selection as the 2000 Online Pioneer. The other awards which promise to recognise "the best the web has to offer" will be judged by a panel of industry insiders including Chuck D, Isaac Hayes and Nile Rogers.

In the official artist site category, BowieNet is nominated along with those of Beck, Bjork, Kiss and the Chili Peppers for top honours. In the fan site category, Foo Fighters (There's Nothing Left To Lose), Nine Inch Nails (Painful Convictions), Phish (Phish.net), Rage Against The Machine (RATM.net), and some ragtail David Bowie fan site called Teenage Wildlife make up the party of five. Reeves Gabrels gets a nod for Best Internet-Only Album with his Ulysses [Della Notte] released last year only in MP3 format.

The awards ceremony will be cybercast live from New York's Studio 54 on July 24.

Best Artist Site Nominees
Best Fan Site Nominees

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Information from spaceface, MTV.com

June 13: We picked 10 winners last night in the Strange Fascination paperback edition giveaway from over 260 entries. The winners were (listed by Teenage Wildlife nicknames):


All winners have received a confirmation email which they should reply to as soon as possible and we'll have Virgin Books send out a copy to you. If you didn't win a copy, you can always check out Dara's updated review and buy a copy online.

Strange Fascination

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June 11: The three concerts next week in New York won't be the only Bowie-related events in the city that never sleeps. As well as the Bowie cyberfan get-together at Faces and Names on Friday night, there are two other Bowie fan events planned for the 3 day weekend.

Cinema Classics Post-Concert Reception
Cinema Classics, located at 332 E. 11th St will be hosting a post-concert reception each night for June 16, 17 and 19. The cafe will be open exclusively to concert-attendees with the screening-room playing rarely-seen Bowie television appearances. For directions and to reserve a spot, please email cinemaclassics@excite.com to let them know if you plan on attending as space is limited.
Picnic In The Park
On Sunday, June 18 you can enjoy a lazy afternoon in Central Park meeting with your fellow Bowie fans. A bring your own food and drink event, the picnic will take place in at Sheeps Meadow, Central Park (Ed: Sheep... hmmmm?) starting around 1 p.m. For more information, visit the Picnic In The Park web page.

In addition, with just 5 days to go until the first concert, we'd like to remind you that people who still need tickets should take a look at the Teenage Wildlife concert pages. We usually find that in the last few days, people dropping out or unable to make it end up trying to sell their tickets, so if you're a buyer or a seller it pays to check out the ticket pages.

cinemaclassics@excite.com - Friday, Saturday, Monday
Picnic In The Park - Sunday
Bowie cyberfan get-together - Friday
Friday, June 16 Roseland
Friday, June 17 Roseland
Friday, June 19 Roseland

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Information from Cinema Classics, KMSV

June 10: The official press release published on BowieNet fixes the Seven single release date in the UK as July 17. As mentioned previously, it includes remixes by Beck and Marius De Vries as well as Bowie's original demo version. Look for it in UK and European stores in just over a month!

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Information from BowieNet

June 9: Just a week to go until Bowie's first concert of the year at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City next Friday, June 16. With the help of some fellow Teenage Wildlifers, we've scouted out a location for an after-concert get-together to talk, meet your fellow cyber-Bowie fans and of course, rehydrate after the concert :-) That place is the Faces and Names Bar/Lounge at 161 W. 54th St, just 3 blocks from the Roseland Ballroom. We've talked to the owner of the bar and he can set aside an area for the "cyber-Bowie fan meet" around 11-11:30 p.m. on Friday night if we give him advance notice of approximately how many people will attend. To that end, we'd like people to read and sign up for the post-concert gathering if you're interested. Everyone in the online Bowie world is welcome to attend!

When: Friday, June 16th around 11-11:30 p.m.
(after the concert ends!)
The bar closes at 4 a.m. so there's plenty of time to get acquainted
Who: All cyber-Bowie fans and their cohorts
Where: Faces and Names
161 W. 54th Street
New York, NY
Questions? Email me at webmaster@teenagewildlife.com

Faces and Names

Ed: If you missed out on concert tickets, you should check the Teenage Wildlife concert pages (June 16th, 17th and 19th). Several fans are now showing up spares and are looking to sell!

Post-concert gathering at Faces and Names (Friday, June 16)

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June 8: Ruud Altenburg's Illustrated David Bowie Discography grows a new branch in the latest version 11.0. Sound, in the form of a rare 9'20" remix of Cat People is now available and Ruud plans to add more rare audio outtakes in the near future. Go visit the new version 11.0 and see what you think. As always, Ruud welcomes additions and updates to his work by email at ruud@eti.uva.nl.

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Information from Ruud A.

June 7: About 10 days ago, fan Terri Stiffler wrote in to suggest that the upcoming New York concerts would be a good venue for fans who wanted to donate gifts for Iman and David's imminent addition to the family. After some detective work and phone calls by Terri to the Roseland Ballroom, the head of promotions at Roseland called back yesterday with the following message:

"After checking with David Bowie's management, we were informed that Iman is requesting that in lieu of bringing baby presents for her and David, if people would instead make donations to Save The Children, which is one of the many charitable organizations that she feels very strongly about that she is directly working with."

There are many options to donate money or assist in other ways at the Save The Children website. Alternatively, you can make purchases via the Greater Good list of online stores with a guaranteed 5% of your cost being donated directly to Save The Children. Ed: Thanks to Terri for her idea and follow up on this cause.

Save The Children

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Information from Terri S

June 6: The revised and updated paperback edition of David Buckley's Bowie biography Strange Fascination is officially due for release in the UK in just a couple of days. Dara O'Kearney who reviewed the original hardback edition has been hard at work the past week reading over the new edition and has updated his review for the impending release. The revisions cover the past 18 months including hours... and an interview with Reeves Gabrels which sheds more light on the reasons for Reeves' departure from the Bowie scene.

To celebrate the release Virgin Books has donated 10 copies of the new paperback to give away to Teenage Wildlife readers. Just answer a single question (the answer can be found in Dara's updated review) on the Strange Fascination paperback giveaway page before Sunday, June 11 to put yourself in the draw. Ed: We'd like to thank Virgin Books for their assistance in making this giveaway possible.

Strange Fascination Paperback

Virgin Books

Strange Fascination paperback giveaway
Virgin Books
Dara O'Kearney's Strange Fascination review (updated)

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Information from Dara O'Kearney, Virgin Books

June 6: Ziggy taught the band to play with the UK release of Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Mike Harvey has a cornucopia of new material added to his Ziggy Stardust Companion site to celebrate Ziggy's 28th.

Ziggy 28

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Information from Mike H.

June 5: This month's eil.com giveaway is the 3-track Thursday's Child US promo CD, containing a radio edit and two callout hooks. The contest closes at midnight at the end of the month, June 30. As always, you can enter up to once per day. Each entry counts as an extra ticket in the "lottery" in the drawing!

Esprit giveaway

 - Bowie Rarities!

Link: Esprit CD Giveaway Contest Page

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June 5: Virgin Music Group's Eden website has a brief news item from this past week reporting that Bowie will be dropping by Chris Evans' TFI Friday Channel 4 TV show on June 23, a couple of days before his Glastonbury Festival appearance. Readers will recall that Bowie appeared on TFI Friday last October in a rambling interview interlaced with live band performances. Official television listings are not yet available to confirm the appearance, but since the Eden website is part of Bowie's own record label, one might assume they have inside information (Ed: and it also confirms rumours we've heard about a Bowie appearance on talk shows while he's in the UK for the Glastonbury shows).

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Information from JohnC

June 3: The June 23-25 Glastonbury Festival will be streamed live and exclusively in QuickTime format according to the latest issue of QuickTime News. Bowie is scheduled to appear at Glastonbury as the headline act on the Pyramid Stage for the final night. No details have been announced as to times and stages, but hopefully this will be one chance for Bowie fans all around the world to see the man in concert this year.

Get QuickTime

Glastonbury Festival (TW)
Glastonbury Festival (Official)

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Information from Mark S.

June 2: Yesterday we selected the monthly winners in the Esprit giveaway and Teenage Wildlife's fan registry drawing. The name drawn out of the virtual hat for the Survive UK promo in the Esprit CD Drawing was Mike Rush. Mike entered a total of 13 times in the month long contest! The bonus online award for those dedicated enough to show up at DALNet #DavidBowie chat, went to Naomi from Amherst, NH. She also chose to receive the UK CD2 version of Survive from Teenage Wildlife.

In our monthly fan registry drawing for a free CD from CDNow, LadyJareth had her name selected from the over 3700 members who have chosen to display their profile in the fan registry and thus be eligible for each month's drawing.

Congratulations to all winners!


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