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May 31: The official release date for Seven seems to have been pushed back a week but it will be a collector's dream with five official and one promo release currently listed on retailer's upcoming release sheets. Information sent out to European retailers yesterday lists three UK CDs, two international CDs and a promo CD for release on July 3, one week later than previously reported. Without further ado, here's the information as we received it from our European correspondents.

  1. Seven (Marius de Vries mix)
  2. Seven (Beck mix)
  3. Seven (Original demo)
UK CD2 (Poster Pack)
  1. Seven (album version)
  2. I'm Afraid Of Americans (Nine Inch Nails version)
  3. I'm Afraid of Americans (video)
UK CD3 (incl. 4 exclusive postcards)
  1. Seven (live version from Kit Kat Klub)
  2. Something In The Air (live version from Kit Kat Klub)
  3. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (live version from Kit Kat Klub)
International multi-track (slimline)
  1. Seven (Marius de Vries Mix)
  2. Seven (Beck Mix)
  3. Seven (Live from Kit Kat Klub in New York)
  4. Seven (Original demo)
  5. Seven (Album version)
  6. I'm Afraid Of Americans (enhanced CD video)
International 2-track (pouchette)
  1. Seven (Marius de Vries Mix)
  2. Seven (Beck Mix)
DPro Promotional version
  1. Seven (Marius de Vries Mix)
  2. Seven (Beck Mix)
  3. Seven (Original demo)
  4. Seven (Album version)

Of particular interest is the appearance again of Marius de Vries in one of the remixes, a release of the original demo version, the live tracks from the Kit Kat Klub and a release of the acclaimed, but seldom seen outside the US I'm Afraid Of Americans video.

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Information from bassman via Zig Dust, Andrea

May 30: If you were in US theatres over the weekend, you may have caught previews for an upcoming film 15 Minutes starring Robert De Niro. Directed by John Herzfeld, the story revolves around a cop chasing murderer plot and gets its title from Andy Warhol's 1968 claim that "In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes". The entire movie trailer is backed by Bowie's Fame to accompany the theme. No word yet on whether the song will make it to the presumed CD soundtrack, but with such a heavy prominence in both the title and trailer, we wouldn't be surprised to see it come October when the film is due to be released.

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May 30: Two limited engagement photo exhibitions at London's National Portrait Gallery are currently showing and/or selling photographs of David Bowie. The first, Elizabeth Taylor: A Photographic Celebration includes Terry O'Neill's 1975 picture of Liz and db sharing a cigarette (see below). The second, Photographs by Snowdon, while it doesn't include Bowie in the main exhibit, certainly recognizes his power to sell with the Gallery Shop offering postcards, notelets, a 2001 diary, address book and calender all featuring the 1978 photo of Bowie standing on a plinth in a garden. The Elizabeth Taylor exhibit is free and closes July 16. The Snowdon exhibit is £4, but if you only care about the Bowie memorabilia, then just skip straight to the Gallery Shop because the photo is not on display in the exhibit. While you're there, you can pick up a postcard of one of Mick Rock's Ziggy era photos (db sitting on a chair holding the Hunky Dory cover photo).

Finally, on a Bowie cohort note, the Hayward Gallery in London is holding an exhibition called Sonic Boom: The Art of Sound. Included is an installation by famed Bowie collaborator Brian Eno titled Civic Recovery Centre Proposal (The Quiet Club). It's an installation that combines 12 musical and 10 visual light sculpture generative elements - a great thing to see and hear if you appreciate Eno's innovative work. Admission to this is £6 and ends 18 June.

db and liz

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Information from Akko, Liz R.

May 28: Music retailers have received advance notice of the release June 26 of the Beck-remixed Seven single. The full track listing will be released this coming week, but for the moment there are two CD versions on the catalogues, VSCDX1776 and VSCDXX1776. The initial announcement to retailers also mentions a vinyl version may appear subsequently.

Seven - the single
Beck to remix Seven

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Information from Andrea

May 26: The winners in the drawing for extra tickets to the sold out Roseland Ballroom shows is complete. With a total demand of around 190 tickets for each night and only 25 to give out the odds were slim, so the following recipients should consider themselves fortunate in getting a chance to see Bowie live at one of his handful of appearances in 2000. Number in parentheses after each name is the number of tickets assigned

Friday, June 16
schaefes@cattell.psych.upenn.edu (2)
rachelelewis@hotmail.com (2)
kellya@night-sky.net (2)
mbegin@prodigy.net (2)
FaeRogue@teenagewildlife.com (2)
phinestone@aol.com (2)
mikegypt@compuserve.com (2)
danielfranco@mediaone.net (2)
mhursh@verio.net (2)
dlaw@roanoke.infi.net (2)
mtoth@neo.lrun.com (2)
gdschreiber@hotmail.com (1)
brobewlay@teenagewildlife.com (2)
Saturday, June 17
k8efrog@aol.com (2)
Bowieistheonetruegod@teenagewildlife.com (1)
siw@stones.com (2)
ydnam@aol.com (2)
hsheing@delanet.com (2)
niteflite@teenagewildlife.com (2)
richard_newlove@mrn.co.uk (2)
flyingv@idt.net (2)
twentcentboy@hotmail.com (1)
lynne.barberian@fmr.com (2)
manco69@hotmail.com (2)
dan.gallo@gs.com (2)
probertson@mediaone.net (1)
loraparas@yahoo.com (2)

Recipients on the above list should check their email and reply as soon as possible to confirm that they indeed want the tickets. Any tickets not claimed by Monday, May 29 will be forfeited and reassigned.

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May 25: Personalized pillows? OK, this is more coincidence than news, but in their latest catalogue British retailing giant Marks and Spencer feature a scatter cushion monogrammed with the initials DB in a cursive script and a crown atop the letters (Ed: I, I will be king). A steal at just £20.

db pillow
Click to enlarge

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Information from Liz R.

May 24: For the collectors out there, Castle Music is putting out another reissue of Bowie's early singles on June 19th. Like last year's CD version, it will include the six 1966 songs under the title I Dig Everything, but the format this time round is a 10" vinyl EP (Ed: catalogue number ESM10765).

But wait, there's more! Also on June 19th, Castle will be reissuing three CD releases from Bowie cohorts. First, there's Junior's Eyes (ESM10765)- the album from the band of the same which counted among its members John Cambridge and Tim Renwick, two Bowie backing band members in the late 60's. Second for Ziggy-era fans, Castle will be releasing for the first time on CD the 1976 Spiders From Mars (ESMCD894) album featuring Trevor Bolder, Woody Woodmansey and Mike Garson in a less than memorable post-Ziggy performance which is saved mostly by Garson's trademark piano. Finally, to complete the troika, Woody Woodmansey's U-Boat album from 1977 will also be issued on CD for the first time.

Castle Music web site

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Information from Andrea G., Steve, Castle Music

May 23: We've now finalized the details for the allocation of tickets to the sold out June 16th and June 17th shows at New York's Roseland Ballroom. As we previously mentioned, Ultrastar.com and BowieNet set aside tickets at cost exclusively for Teenage Wildlife members. There will be 25 tickets for each night. Due to the extremely high demand for these tickets (Ed: we could sell them several times over based on initial inquiries), we have decided the only fair way to allocate them is via a randomized drawing. Here are the details:

Please read the full instructions and rules carefully on the Roseland Ticket Drawing Page before submitting your request.

Once again, we'd like to thank Ultrastar and BowieNet for their assistance in obtaining these extra tickets.

<<Enter the Roseland Ticket Draw!>>

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May 22: If you're planning to attend all three Bowie shows at the Roseland Ballroom next month and wondering what to do on the spare night of the 18th, fan Ben Barnett is planning a Bowie FilmFest at the Echelon Cinema in Voorhees, New Jersey starting midnight, Sunday, June 18th. So far, Ben has lined up The Man Who Fell To Earth and Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence as definites, Labyrinth is looking likely and Just A Gigolo is a slim outside chance. In Ben's own words:

"This is an open invitation to any fans, serving as much as a fan get-together as a chance to watch some movies. I am paying for these (rather expensive) films myself, and so am asking for $10 per attendee to help defray costs. This is *NOT* required. If someone cannot afford it, they are still invited. This is simply a measure to help prevent my going broke from this venture. In fact, if somehow enough people show up & pay that I end up with more money than the films cost me, I will find a way to either return money to whoever paid, or contribute the overage to an agreed upon charity. This is NOT an attempt for me to make a profit."

This is a chance for you to see those Bowie films you've loved in a theatre-sized screen and sound environment. For more information, comments, directions etc, email Ben at barn0433@rowan.edu. We'll remind people of the event closer to the date.

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Information from Ben/schtune

May 21: Both nights of Bowie's Roseland Ballroom appearances (Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17) sold out by early Friday afternoon. However, Ultrastar and BowieNet have graciously set aside extra tickets for each night exclusively for Teenage Wildlife readers who didn't get the tickets they wanted on Friday. We're still working on the exact details of how these will be distributed. We may have a couple of free ticket giveaways with the rest being available at our cost to ticket-less fans. To help us finalize numbers, we invite you to send us an email at webmaster@teenagewildlife.com to let us know how many tickets you would be interested in buying for each night. (Ed: This is completely non-binding at this time.) Send us email indicating your interest and we'll announce full details this coming week so you can arrange travel and accommodation as soon as possible.

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May 19: As predicted, a second night was added for the June shows at the Roseland Ballroom in New York after the first night sold out in under 20 minutes. The second show on June 17th appeared on the TicketMaster.com web site around 9:25 a.m. with the same $40 per ticket price. Although an untrained pack of monkeys could probably design a more user-friendly and reliable web site than TicketMaster.com, we hope that those who wanted to go managed to get in via the phone (seemed to be the most reliable way) and buy tickets. If you didn't get tickets, you may want to check out the June 16th and June 17th concert pages where you can check to see if anyone has tickets for sale or swap, read comments from other concertgoers, register to go to the concert etc. If any New York natives have suggestions about a group meeting place for Teenage Wildlifers, please email us!

June 16 Roseland
June 17 Roseland


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May 18: Reminder! Tickets go on sale tomorrow May 19 @ 9 a.m. Eastern Time (6 a.m. PT, 2 p.m. GMT) for the June 16 Roseland Ballroom show. Tickets will be available via phone (New York Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone), on the Internet (TicketMaster.com), at the Roseland Ballroom Box Office (Ed: NOT at Irving Plaza as it usually is), and at all NY TicketMaster locations). Note: We highly recommend trying at least two different options to increase your chances. In particular, if you're not in New York, you should try both online at TicketMaster.com and by phone. To improve the speed of ordering online, we suggest pre-registering your credit card number and info with TicketMaster.com (US Residents Only) by going to the My Account section. There is a limit of 6 tickets per customer.


TicketMaster.com Online
TicketMaster Bowie Concert Page (link to online sale)
New York TicketMaster retail outlets
New York TicketMaster phone numbers
Roseland Ballroom Concert page
TW Roseland Concert Page

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May 17: Following the trend of Trent Reznor's I'm Afraid Of Americans remix, MTV.com reported yesterday that the Beck remix of Seven will also be released in the US on June 23. This would be the first US single release from the 'hours...' album, and it will be interesting to see if the US music industry's current love affair with Beck will transfer over into a hit single for Bowie. A UK release is also still expected the day after Bowie's Glastonbury Festival appearance on June 25.

MTV.com news report

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Information from iSpAcEBoY

May 15: The Roseland Ballroom web site and LiveTonight.com confirmed today the widely rumoured open-to-all David Bowie concert set for Friday, June 16. Tickets will be $40 each (general admission only) and go on sale this Friday, May 19 at 9 a.m.. At that time, the tickets will be available from the Roseland Ballroom box office, Ticketmaster outlets (Ed: as of this writing, the Ticketmaster web site had no listing) in the New York region, TicketMaster Online and charge-by-phone. We'll put a full list of web sites and phone numbers to buy tickets on our Roseland Ballroom concert page over the next couple of days.

Although the venues refuse to confirm or deny, the very strong rumour is that there is also a show scheduled for Saturday, June 17th. Experience from the Earthling Tour is that the venue waits until tickets are sold out for the first night before they confirm and release tickets for the second night. In many cases in 1997, this scenario played itself out across the USA with the second night's tickets becoming available within a few minutes of the initial on-sale time as the first night sold out. While we don't have any inside information to confirm that this will happen again, we suggest you consider recent history when you call in to buy the June 16th ticket :-)

TW Roseland Ballroom concert page
Roseland Ballroom Official Page
LiveTonight.com concert litsing

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Information from David E., Bonster

May 13: Pete Townshend is auctioning off memorabilia for Oxfam to raise money for those in urgent need in Mozambique and Ethiopia who are suffering from floods and droughts respectively. One of the items is a 1957 Fender Stratocaster which once belonged to Eri Clapton. The Stratocaster was auctioned off to Mick Jagger and David Bowie and given to British PM Tony Blair. Blair then returned the guitar so that it could be auctioned again, giving the instrument a long and distinguished pedigree. You can see the current bid (£75,250!) and make your own by following this link.

The stratocaster

Pete Townshends Oxfam charity auction

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Information from Mike Conley

May 12: In conversation with a regular the other night about message boards, we learned that we didn't publicise well enough a feature we introduced into Teenage Wildlife's Conversation Piece to eliminate the problem children who occasionally turn up to wreak havoc. That feature is the bozo list, a list of posters who you've decided you'd rather never read again. If you add a poster to your bozo list, then any thread started by them and all their posts are silently hidden from view - as though the person never existed. You can do the same with all anonymous posts if you prefer not to read anything from people who don't sign their name.

To add a person to your bozo list, simply click on their name next to one of their posts, and you'll see an Add To Your Bozo Filter link at the bottom of their profile. To remove someone from your bozo list, you go to the Basic Profile section of Edit Profile and can add or delete user nicknames in a free entry text field. This is also where you have the option to show or hide all anonymous posts. We hope the addition of this feature makes your Conversation Piece browsing a more pleasant experience.

In other site maintenance news, we are moving to a faster and less heavily used server sometime next week to alleviate some of the heavy load and timeout problems people may have been seeing over the past two weeks. This may involve a small portion of downtime as the changeover is made, but the end result should be a faster and more consistent Teenage Wildlife experience!

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May 10: Michael Mendelsohn, a frequent contributor to Teenage Wildlife has a set of Bowie buttons he designed for Macintosh users at his Mendelini.com website. Mikey was the designer of the previous incarnation of the Teenage Wildlife banner and has been an invaluable source of design ideas over the years, so we encourage you to go take a look at his website. You can download the button icons themselves by following this link.

The Bowie Buttons
A selection of Bowie buttons

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Information from MM

May 9: (UPDATED 5:30 p.m. ET) The official press release for Bowie's June 19th David Bowie Live performance confirms that the show will be "exclusively for BowieNet members" with no tickets to be offered to the general public. There are two ways to get tickets to the show.

  1. Sign up for 3 years of prepaid service and receive two free tickets to the show. (3 years prepaid is $214.20 for the premium service and $538.20 for the ISP service)
  2. If you are already a member, you can either extend your membership for three years as in the prior option, or you can apply to buy two tickets for $40.00 each. (Existing BowieNet Members only)

In addition, all attendees of this June 19th concert will receive a free gift, drawings, door prizes and other special merchandise. As for the set list, Bowie is quoted as saying:

"Because of the imminent arrival of a new family member, I'm keeping my performances down to only a handful throughout this entire year. The Roseland shows will be something special I think, as they will feature several songs that I haven't sung in years and a couple that I've NEVER done live."

No official word on the general public concerts yet (even though the above quote from Bowie indicates there will be more than just this June 19th show). What do you think? Will this make you sign up for BowieNet to get a ticket? Discuss it in Conversation Piece.

See David Bowie LIVE
Bowie @ Roseland (BowieNet only)

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Information from BowieNet, rancell

May 9: The much anticipated Version 2 of BowieNet has launched, complete with a new look and user interface (expanding Flash 4 tabbed menus abound). Among the new features:

Karma and the points system are the most novel additions. Various user contributed items (such as message board posts and fan sites) have a "karma" rating - calculated by members who can add or delete karma from each item based on whether they think it's good or bad. One option we might see is items with high karma being promulgated to the top of listings. The points system is a prize-based contest where you are awarded points for various types of contributions to the BowieNet web site (e.g. news items, starting discussions, chatting, posting etc). At the end of each quarter, the points are tallied and prizes given out to the highest point-scoring members.

For more information, visit the BowieNet v2 website!

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May 8: Written by Adrian Berry, From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads is an upcoming play produced by Tiny Dynamite about the trials and tribulations of an obsessed Bowie fan (Ed: I imagine there's a lot of case studies out there :-)). Set to run August 29 through September 16 at the Camden People's Theatre in London's West End, the story centres around a young man, Martin. In the author's own words:

"Martin who is in a hospital (of sorts) for assorted problems shares a room with two other girls. It becomes apparent that some time ago he had lost his father through suicide, and his father was a huge Bowie fan, so much so that he risked his family, health, money and eventually life for David. Unable to deal with the loss, his son Martin takes on the mantle of 'number one Bowie fan' in order to deal with the loss. He determinedly tries to seek approval from all those around him and is generally fanatical to the point of obsession.

He has a disfunctional relationship with his sister (Angie) and his alcoholic and selfish mother. He has one friend, but all others mock him. His only solace is his imagined communication with Bowie and a fantasy world where the hospital becomes a fantasy land in which he is Bowie and the room transforms into a Bowie gig, with Martin as David. This is where the play really comes into its own, with dream-like scenes using Little Wonder, Starman, Lady Grinning Soul and finally (obviously) Rock 'n' Roll Suicide."

We plan to have more information and details closer to the opening date in late August! In the meantime, for more information you can email Adrian directly.

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Information from Adrian Berry

May 6: Alex sent in some photos from Thursday's Mick Rock book signing, so if you've ever wondered what he looks like on the other side of the camera, here you go!

Mick RockMick Rock
Mick RockMick Rock

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Information from Alex A.

May 5: Two Teenage Wildlifers who attended Mick Rock's book signing party for Raw Power last evening sent in reports about some of his comments about future projects. Of chief interest to Bowie fans is reiteration by Rock that he has plans to bring out a limited edition book of photographs from the Ziggy Stardust era in conjunction with Bowie's planned Ziggy 2002 renaissance. Genesis Publications, publishers of similar books for bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, will be responsible for producing the book (Ed: most of Genesis Publication's books are in the £200-300 range.). Rock said he has over 2000+ photos of Bowie to choose from so it's obviously going to take him a bit of time to go through and select the ones he wants to use. (Ed: We first reported about the Ziggy book back in 1997). Apparently the first 2,500 copies will be co-signed by himself and Bowie. There's also "a possibility" of a DVD as part of the project which could some previously unseen footage of Bowie performing John I'm Only Dancing live at the Rainbow Theatre in 1972. Also in the works is a more general "glam rock" book project.

With respect to Raw Power, and the famous Bowie/Iggy/Lou Reed photo, Rock noted that at the time, nobody really knew who Iggy was and he was the only photographer really interested in shooting him. Little did anyone know at the time what a famous troika the three would eventually become. He also speculated that without Bowie lending his hand and name to the mixing of the Raw Power album, it probably would have never been released.

Mick Rock was introduced by a journalist from Classic Rock magazine who had just completed an interview, so it's safe to say we'll be hearing more officially about these upcoming projects in the near future!

Raw Power cover

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Information from Liz R., Markus R.

May 4: Look out for the new book BowieStyle next month! This 160 page chronicle of Bowie's impact on twentieth century fashion and culture features close to 500 images with around 200 of them guaranteed never-before published. From on stage with the King Bees in the Sixties to backstage with Morrissey in the Nineties, the book has rare pictures from all facets of Bowie's career. Also included are interviews with Mick Rock, Ken Pitt, Tony Visconti, Natasha Kornilof and Bob Solly. For more information, read the full press release.


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Information from Steve P.

May 3: Rollingstone.com got into the concert prediction game with an article on their website yesterday and in their email newsletter today stating that Bowie would play "three shows at New York's Roseland Ballroom on June 16, 17 and 19". This concurs with the dates and venues rumoured for the better part of a month. Reports from BowieNet chat indicate that we should expect an official announcement about ticket availability in the next week.

On the flip side, Mitch Schneider Organization put out a press release yesterday which confirmed Bowie's appearance at the Glastonbury Festival on June 25, but simply said " In preparation for the Glastonbury show, it's rumored that Bowie will play a few surprise gigs in the New York area in June". How surprising can they be if the concerts are officially announced and tickets on sale?

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Information from rancell, Es Bee, Dean G.

May 3: Just a reminder that the Mick Rock photographic record of Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Raw Power, is now on sale in the UK. You can pick up a copy at a special introductory rate from the publisher's website at www.creationbooks.com. The book is a must for any Iggy fan with many previously unpublished photos. For Bowie fans, there's the famous "Bowie/Iggy/Lou Reed" shoulder-to-shoulder photo along with a couple of other photos of Bowie and Iggy taken in July 1972 at the Dorchester Hotel. (Ed: there's also a more casual shot of Iggy with Angie Bowie)

Bowie at the Dorchester
Bowie at the Dorchester, July 72

A concurrent exhibition of the Iggy photos opens today at The Scala in Kings Cross, London and runs until the end of June. Mick Rock will be signing books tomorrow, May 4 at 6 p.m. at Helter Skelter, 4 Denmark Street, London WC2, so if you're in the area, think about dropping by to see the photographer responsible for some of the most famous rock album covers ever!

Creation Books (Publisher)
Mick Rock official site

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Information from Creation Books

May 2: We selected the monthly winners in the Esprit giveaway and Teenage Wildlife's fan registry drawing yesterday. The name drawn out of the virtual hat for the 6-track Outside US promo sampler in the Esprit CD Drawing was Hans Morgenstern. Hans is from Florida and entered a total of 28 times in the month long contest! In the online bonus drawing to those dedicated enough to show up at DALNet #DavidBowie chat, the winner was WLoveDB from Brazil, who chose to receive the The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell single from Teenage Wildlife.

In our monthly fan registry drawing for a free CD from CDNow, Yuki had her name selected from the over 3500 members who have chosen to display their profile in the fan registry and thus be eligible. Yuki chose the David Bowie Interview picture disc from CDNow.

Congratulations to all winners!

This month we're running another Esprit giveaway - this time for the UK promo of Survive. Click here or on the cover scan below to enter!


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May 1: In a journal article posted today on BowieNet, Bowie confirmed plans for a release of his BBC session recordings. After winnowing out the "less than ear-pleasing pieces" and duplicate versions, db expects there'll be enough for a dual-CD set of his favourite performances. And yes, we should expect it sometime in the autumn. Meanwhile, on the topic of reworking songs from the sixties, these are an "entirely different affair" according to the man himself. Look for Bowie's band to perform new versions of Silly Boy Blue, London Boys and other pre-BBC era tunes during this summer's limited concert schedule!

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Information from BowieNet

May 1: Tonight is a relative term, but at 11 p.m. Eastern Time (8 p.m. PDT, 1 a.m. GMT), we'll be holding the drawing for Esprit's Outside Promo sampler at our new chat location, DALNet's #DavidBowie channel. If you've entered, or even if you haven't, it pays to show up for tonight's chat for a chance at an extra bonus prize. In past months, we've given away copies of the Thursday's Child, Pretty Things Are Going To Hell and Survive singles to chat attendees and this month we expect to offer a similar boon.

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