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April 29: (RUMOUR) Seems that almost every year there's a new report about Bowie's 1967-72 BBC sessions recordings getting an official release. So far, we've had only the semi-official limited release BBC Sessions Sampler from 1996. However, a report in the current Mojo and a column by Daily Mirror columnist Matthew Wright suggest that Bowie himself has warmed to the idea and is now sifting through the BBC recordings in plans for an autumn release. Here's the quote from page 110 of this month's Mojo:

"Bowie at the Beeb - David Bowie has finally been persuaded to release material originally recorded for the BBC between 1967 and '72. EMI are remaining tight-lipped, but while there is certainly enough material for a double-disc collection, it's likely that after weeding out inferior material and multiple versions, it'll end up being a single CD. Expect it in the autumn"

This may tie in with Bowie's own suggestions a few months ago that he was thinking of "reworking" some of his 60's material for a release after being inspired by the success of Can't Help Thinking About Me on the 'hours...' promo-tour last year.

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Information from Dave Roberts, Darren B.

April 27: Definitely the most popular book ever at Teenage Wildlife based on click throughs and sales, Strange Fascination, the Bowie biography by David Buckley, will be released in an updated and revised paperback edition on June 8. Now weighing in at over 600 pages, Buckley has added a new chapter along with various other updates to existing sections of the hardback edition which itself has already sold over 11,000 copies. We also hear rumblings that the paperback may be published directly in the US early in 2001. In the meantime, the book is available for preorder in the UK, with a RRP of £10.99.

new paperback cover

Paperback Press Release
Preorder at Amazon.co.uk
TW Strange Fascination Review

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April 26: (UPDATE 4/28): Danish readers report that after calls to TV2, the station has confirmed that it is not an airing of the Copenhagen concert. Instead, it's a rebroadcast of the Canadian Musique Plus show from November of last year.

We've already had two "false teases" of last year's 'hours...' concerts appearing on European television. But this time, for real (we hope!). Danish television station TV2 has a show on this Saturday night titled David Bowie - Live. Here's the Danish TV2 listing. If you're better at eating one rather than reading Danish, ChriZ has translated this as:

Last year, in December, David Bowie gave a concert in Copenhagen. This is an opportunity for the fans who didn't make it to enjoy one of the greatest personalities of rock on scene during his Hours-tour. With his engaging and talented band, David Bowie delivers songs such as "Ashes to Ashes", "Seven", "Thursday's Child", "Something in the Air" and "I'm Afraid of Americans".

It's only one hour long, so obviously not the full concert, but perhaps finally this will be the official broadcast we've all been waiting for.

Vega, Copenhagen concert page
Danish TV2 listing

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April 26: A followup story on the Rustic Overtones album titled This is Rock 'N Roll to which Bowie lent vocals after getting a call from producer Tony Visconti. As well as Man Without A Mouth, Bowie sings on another song called Sector Z. With lyrics about an "alien landing on earth" (Ed: Bowie being typecast? Never!) he takes a more prominent lead role than Man Without A Mouth. The chorus is:

Is your volume up?
Is your power on?
Moving through the solar system at the speed of sound.
Which way does your antenna go?
On the radio
This is rock n' roll

The last line gets extra play as the title of the album which has been delayed due to management changes at Arista but still expected sometime this summer.

Rustic Overtones official site
Man Without A Mouth RealAudio

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April 24: (RUMOUR) An article on NME Online last week gave a tentative release date for the Beck-remixed Seven of June 26. That would put it the morning after Bowie's headline appearance at Glastonbury Festival - (Ed: somehow we doubt this is mere coincidence). Note that the Bowie camp hasn't officially confirmed this release of what would be the third single from 'hours...', so for the moment the entire single still remains in the ":rumour": category.


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April 23: Just in from BowieNet - confirmation of a June show which the news blurb terms a "Fans Only Live Show". No further information on venue or date is given, but as we reported last week, we expect Bowie to play two shows in New York before he travels to England to play the Glastonbury Festival. In an interesting twist, the remainder of the same news story states the following:

"We will be making some special new offers in conjunction with the re-launch of BowieNet v2. This very special offer will be for BowieNet members only, for an extra special fans only show!! Very Cool"

It's unclear on first reading whether this means that only BowieNet members will be able to attend, or whether it means the show will be open to all fans but there'll be some special bonus for BowieNetters. What do you think? Discuss it in Conversation Piece.


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April 22: El Vez, the self-proclaimed "Mexican Elvis" has another cover album out cheekily titled A Lad From Spain. The album, which includes covers of Lady Stardust and Rock 'N Roll Suicide is fronted with a mockup of El Vez's face on the Aladdin Sane album cover. You can see a list of his entire discography and order albums online here. (Ed: When I last attended an El Vez show on his Holy Rollers tour, he also performed a bullet-train speed cover of Lust for Life with the title appropriately changed to Lust for Christ. Definitely a show worth seeing if you haven't seen him!)

El Vez

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April 19: Iman appeared on Fox News Live yesterday to talk about a set of easter eggs designed by supermodels to be auctioned on eBay with the proceeds going to charity. She mentioned her pregnancy and Bowie, saying that he "is incredibly excited. He's been walking around with a big silly grin on his face; people are going to think he's back on drugs". She also noted that the super-couple are keeping it a traditional pregnancy - they don't want to know whether it's a boy or a girl until the day of the birth.

In her interview on Rosie O'Donnell on Monday, Iman talked about her special secret for achieving conception after a year without success. The answer? Bring in another supermodel to help! No, it's not what you think. According to Iman, traditional African beliefs are that if a woman is having a difficult time conceiving she should hold another woman's baby. "Christie [Brinkley] and I were on a set shooting Vogue last year around September and she let me hold her baby all day long. And boom. I got pregnant a few days later." (Ed: that's what the news report says although obviously it must have been a few months later, or else it's a mighty long gestation period.)

Reuters report
Original pregnancy announcement

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April 19: Pittsburgh Bowie fans get ready for a Tribute to David Bowie at the Oakland Beehive Theatre on Saturday, April 29. Presented by The Emperor Fabulous and Night Sky Productions, a house band made up of musicans from local Pittsburgh bands will feature 20 different local singers covering 30-40 songs from every period of Bowie's career. Highlights planned for the night include rarities like Velvet Goldmine, My Death, Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Danced, Magic Dance along with staples such as the entire Ziggy Stardust album, Space Oddity, China Girl and "Heroes". Visit the Tribute Show web page for more information!

Link: Pittsburgh Tribute to David Bowie

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April 18: For the vinyl fetishists out there, it appears Virgin US has scratched your itch with a promo 12" vinyl version of 'hours...'. The picture disc (as shown below) includes all tracks on the standard album and has only recently been showing up in collectors' stores. Catalogue code is DBPR72438 48157 2 0 and is imprinted with "Made in the United States of America for promotional use only."


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April 17: Remember last year we told you about Rustic Overtones, the New England "ska-funk" band who were being produced by Tony Visconti. Visconti convinced Bowie to come into the New York studio to lend his pipes to one of the band's songs Man Without A Mouth. Well, the months have dragged on and on, and Arista still hasn't released their album (Ed: this apparently is a source of great consternation amongst Rustic Overtones fans). However, a promo EP titled Volume Up distributed in February and at some of their live shows features a few tracks from the recording sessions. Included is Man Without A Mouth complete with Bowie sharing lead vocals.

While last week the official Rustic Overtones website had a link to some MP3 clips from this promo EP including the song with Bowie, this week it appears to be broken. However, an intrepid fan has digitized and RealAudio encoded all of the tracks from the promo EP, so you can hop on over to his page and download the full RealAudio version. Happy Listening!

Rustic Overtones
Rustic Overtones

Link: Volume Up EP RealAudio

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hotApril 15: An update from the official Earl Slick website confirms what has been widely rumoured for the past couple of months; Bowie will perform two shows in New York in mid June shortly before heading to London for the Glastonbury Festival. (Ed: As we reported last month, we have heard the dates of the 16th and 17th mentioned as most likely and probably at a place like the Roseland where Bowie played in 1996.) The report mentions that rehearsals will start in earnest in early June with thirty songs currently on the set list including Station To Station.

But wait, there's more! While in the UK, Bowie and band will make some television appearances and have the BBC tape a concert (Ed: Glastonbury? Or a separate event?) before returning to New York to "record David's new album". Since this report appears on SlickMusic, the logical assumption is that Earl Slick will also play lead guitar on the new album, leaving one to ponder the question "What's up with Reeves?".

Slick Music.com
Slick Music's Bowie Tour news page

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April 15: After last week's arrest for shoplifting a £10.99 Teletubby from a store in Wales, early eighties rock star Steve Strange cashed in on his notoriety with an interview in today's Daily Mail. The "new romantic" who is perhaps best known to Bowie fans as one of the extras in the Ashes To Ashes video claims in the interview that Bowie's interest may have been more than just professional.

There were male partners, too. His first love was a model, Ian Buchanan, who later moved to America. And one of his conquests, he says was David Bowie, back in 1980. "David asked me would I style and appear in the Ashes to Ashes video. And, on the way back, we'd both been drinking and he gave me a kiss, and it sort of changed into a French kiss and I melted. He was my all time idol. I'd just been asked to work for him to pick extras for his videos and to design the clothes and then I get a kiss and it's more than a kiss and...well, I'm not going further than that."

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Information from GWTMH, The Daily Mail

April 14: The official Glastonbury Festival 2000 website has finally confirmed David Bowie as the headline act for the final night of the 3 day festival on June 25. Other confirmed bands for the 40m x 40m Pyramid Stage are Chemical Brothers on Friday and Travis on Saturday, while Moby and Nine Inch Nails will also be on the ticket. We guess this means you can now book your tickets and flights if you're planning to attend.

Link: Glastonbury Festivals 2000

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April 14: Belgian director Julien Vrebos revealed on the Belgian TV program De Laatste Show last week that he has been in contact with Bowie with regard to a starring role in his next movie. Vrebos jumped to fame in 1998 with his directorial debut of Le Bal Masqué, a film about the true story of 34 murders during a supermarket robbing spree. The 51-year old director revealed that Bowie has read the script of his next movie and indicated that he may be interested in acting in it if he has time. We'll keep you posted!

Le Bal Masque
Vrebos' Le Bal Masque

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April 12: Two reports in this morning indicate that there will be a third single from 'hours...', at least in the UK. The UK Daily Star and other media reported yesterday that Bowie has asked Beck to remix Seven for a single release to roughly coincide with Bowie's June Glastonbury Festival headliner. This will be the second time in as many albums that Bowie has hooked up with a "hot" artist to remix a single; let's hope it turns out as successfully as did the I'm Afraid Of Americans Trent Reznor remix.

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April 11: With the huge explosion in online buying and selling of collectibles, it's only inevitable that there should turn out to be some bad cookies amongst an otherwise trustworthy population. On March 28 The Voyeur website started a Bad Traders list to keep track of people who failed to send money or deliver the specified goods in an online transaction. They generated a fair amount of controversy when they published the full name and address of this "bad trader" with some readers complaining about a violation of privacy. In response, The Voyeur now publishes just the person's name and the city they're located in. We encourage you to go and visit the The Voyeur website and read their new policy on deciding when and what to list for these bad apples.

How do you feel about the question of privacy when it comes to known "bad traders"? Should the general Bowie collector be warned of people who try to mislead and cheat others out of their money, and if so, what's the best way to go about it? Have you ever been bilked in an online transaction? Have you ever bilked someone yourself? Discuss it all in Conversation Piece in the Collector's Corner board.

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April 9: Due to TalkCity's decision to close their network to non-proprietary IRC clients, we are moving our chat channel to DALNet. DALNet hosts over 50,000 chatters on a variety of topics and supports many more features than TalkCity - including AutoOp, persistent topics, bots, registered nicks and more. We'll be meeting in the new room #DavidBowie. We have a new Java interface client which allows you to chat direct from your web browser, but we still recommend using one of the better irc clients such as mIRC, ircle, pirch or bitchX if you want to experience the full power of IRC Chat.

For all the details, visit the Teenage Wildlife Chat Page!

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April 7: A new book due next month from Creation Books called Raw Power: Iggy & The Stooges features 150 photographs by Mick Rock, many of them previously unpublished. Of interest to Bowie fans is a 24-page colour section, taken during Iggy & the Stooges trip to the UK to record seminal album Raw Power - produced by Bowie. Highlights include some classic shots of a young David Bowie hanging out with Iggy and Lou Reed. There will also be an accompanying exhibition of select photos at The Scala, Kings Cross, London, which will run from 3 May - 1 July.

The recommended retail price of the book will be £17.95 (May 1) in the UK and $24.95 (June 1) in the USA. You can preorder it direct at a reduced price from Amazon.co.uk. We hope to get a review copy in the near future and we'll let you know more about the particular Bowie photographs.

Raw Power

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April 5: The American Psycho soundtrack featuring Mark Plati's remix of Something In The Air has been recalled from all US stores at the very last minute (Ed: the decision was made at the end of last week). According to Koch Records, copyright problems with one song forced a recall of all discs already in the channel. People who had ordered discs through CDNow for example found their orders were cancelled on Monday. A call to Koch confirmed that they are feverishly working on a repressing and getting discs out to stores again with approximate reavailability two weeks from today (Ed: the film opens in theatres Friday week). In the meantime, people who have found copies on eBay or elsewhere should hold onto it - they have a collector's item.

American Psycho

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April 4: Gail Ann Dorsey, bassist for Bowie for the past 5 years, has contributed a track to next week's release of the Dusty Springfield tribute album Forever Dusty. Losing You is Gail Ann's contribution; she'll join other bands such as The Indigo Girls, Sara Lee, Jennifer Kimball and other female artists on the album of Springfield covers. Dusty Springfield was the great British female vocalist who passed away last year from breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds of album sales will be allocated to breast cancer organizations.

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April 3: Once again, Esprit.com has donated a hard-to-find CD to give away in our monthly contest. This month's item is a 6 track Outside sampler US promo CD, which includes the tracks Hearts Filthy Lesson (Edit), Outside, Hallo Spaceboy, I Have Not Been To Oxford Town, We Prick You and I'm Deranged. Contest closes at midnight at the end of the month, April 30. As always, you can enter up to once per day; each entry counts as an extra ticket in the "lottery" in the drawing!

Esprit giveaway

Link: Esprit CD Giveaway Contest Page

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April 3: Marcel De Groot, a frequent contributor to Teenage Wildlife, is putting together a 2 hour radio show for Dutch radio station Radio Tonka, 104.7FM which broadcasts out of The Hague. Scheduled for 8-10 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, Marcel promises to play some very special Bowie tunes and talk about Bowie's career and current work. Unfortunately, the show won't be webcast live, but Marcel promises to try and create a RealAudio version hosted on his own homepage. Ed: We think it's great that Bowie fans are putting the initiative into getting Bowie more radio airplay. If you have a story to tell about how you convinced your local radio station to play more Bowie or even hosted your own show, please email us at webmaster@teenagewildlife.com.

Radio Tonka special

Link: Marcel's Home Page

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April 2: Yesterday we selected the monthly winners in the Esprit giveaway and Teenage Wildlife's fan registry drawing. The name drawn out of the virtual hat for the 4-track promo Selections from ChangesBowie in the Esprit CD Drawing was Greg Gilmour. Greg is from Canada and entered a total of 23 times in the month long contest! For the bonus online award to those dedicated enough to show up at TalkCity #Bowie chat, the winner was Marina I. from Bulgaria (Ed: her first time in Bowie chat!), who chose to receive the The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell single from Teenage Wildlife.

In our monthly fan registry drawing for a free CD from CDNow, Jeff C. had his name selected from the over 3000 members who have chosen to display their profile in the fan registry and thus be eligible.

Congratulations to all winners!


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April 1: Some of our earliest Teenage Wildlife readers will remember that we reported on Bowie and his band's brief visit to Washington before their Manassas, VA concert during the 1995 Outside tour. Little did we know that what seemed like an innocent trip may turn out to be part of an ongoing White House scandal!

The Judicial Watch Organization which is representing the plaintiffs in the $90 million "Filegate" lawsuit, made public a set of photos concealed and hidden by the White House until the court ordered them released this week. The center of attention in the photos is ex-White House personnel security director Craig Livingstone, the man who allegedly wrongfully obtained and then rifled through the FBI files of plaintiffs in the Filegate lawsuit. While the majority of the photos show Livingstone together with Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and attorney-general Janet Reno, the photo below, obtained exclusively by Judicial Watch, shows Livingstone in the White House with Bowie, Reeves Gabrels,, Zach Alford and longtime Bowie personal assistant Coco Schwab.

Bowie and band with the accused Craig Livingstone

Why would the White House conceal and hide this photo? Rumours are circulating that presidential aides thought the appearance of Bowie in the White House politically sensitive and potentially damaging given the accusations of soft-money fundraising. "We all know how rich Bowie is," said one aide, "and with Al Gore already under fire for his Buddhist Temple fund-raising and Bowie's past Buddhist connections, we didn't want to give the vast right wing conspiracy any potential material to use against us in the upcoming election."

According to the aide, Bowie and band met only briefly with President Clinton before they were bundled hastily out of the White House after security discovered what they thought might be wire-tap listening devices in Reeves Gabrels' possession. It turned out the so-called wiretaps were just a pair of small vibrators from Reeves' personal collection of unusual guitar-playing toys.

"We apologised to Bowie, but the president didn't have time to see them again. In fact, President Clinton didn't seem to be feeling well. His face was very flushed and he spent the rest of the afternoon in his adjacent study," reports the aide.

We'll bring you more on this breaking story when we hear more! For more information, visit the Judicial Watch website and read some of the court documents in the Filegate case.

Please check today's date :-) The strange thing about this story is that the photo above is absolutely genuine as far as we can tell. It is indeed Bowie and his band with the fired and under investigation Craig Livingstone - the man responsible for illegally obtaining FBI files while he was in the White House.

The concealed photo obtained by Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch official press release
Time Magazine's Filegate report
Manassas, VA concert page

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Information from Terry W., Judicial Watch Organization

April 1: Mike Harvey has put together a gallery of over 60 magazine, book and newspaper Ziggy Stardust covers with links to the articles involved on his terrifically comprehensive Ziggy Stardust Companion. Check out his new competition as well as the Ziggy Stardust network, as well as an exclusive scoop news story on the Ziggy 2002 movie.

Link: Ziggy Stardust Companion

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