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March 31: The Voyeur's Bowie fan club meeting last week in The Netherlands once again attracted a lot of Bowie fans from all over Europe keen to buy and trade coveted Bowie music items and memorabilia. The section of rare Bowie material drew lots of attention, while Dutch painter Vera Schoon exhibited her Bowie paintings, drawing many compliments and sales.

For entertainment, DJ Hans spun Bowie tracks while the cinema setup showed rare Bowie videos, including a previously unknown 1974 private film. For more pictures, visit at The Voyeur website. There'll you also find a new section called Bad Traders which lists some known unreliable or untrustworthy Bowie "traders". If your name is on here, you should probably do something about it!

Fan Meeting

Fan Meeting

Link: The Voyeur website

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Information from The Voyeur

March 30: There's just two days left for you to get your entry into the March Esprit giveaway. This month, we're giving away the ChangesBowie 4-track sampler CD which was distributed to promote the release of Rykodisc's ChangesBowie. The contest closes at midnight, March 31, and we'll hold the drawing online in the #TalkCity Chat channel the next day at 6 p.m. EDT, 2300 GMT, midnight in Europe. Drawing participants in the online chat will be eligible for an extra prize which we keep secret until the time of the drawing. So be there!.

Esprit giveaway

Link: Esprit March giveaway

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March 29: Christiane F., the real-life heroin heroine from the eponymous 1981 movie in which Bowie played himself has always been a source of mystery to most of the outside world. In this old (printed in 1984) but fascinating interview conducted by German magazine Stern, we get to see into the sad life of the junkie who can't get clean. Thanks to WLoveDB for the translation and scans!

Christiane F.

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March 28: The hardback "diary edition" of Sean Mayes' 1978 tour diary We Can Be Heroes is now available in a limited edition of just a few hundred direct from the publisher Independent Music Press. The contents are the same as the paperback version released last year but the hardback edition is designed to resemble a real diary with a plain blue cover, gold corner trims and a simple gold "1978" on the front. The book is available only from the publisher at:

Independent Music Press
P.O. Box 14691
London, SE1 2ZA
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7357 8007, Fax: 020 7357 8608
Email: kayeroach.imp@virgin.net

Price is £12.99 + postage and packaging (an additional £1.00 in the UK, £3.00 in Europe, £6.50 to North America and £7.50 to the rest of the world), payable via UK cheque, postal order or international money order to IMP Ltd. We suggest you contact Kaye at her email address about payment in British pounds if you do not live in the UK. Tell them Teenage Wildlife sent you!

We Can Be Heroes

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March 27: Earl Slick, the hard-rocking lead guitarist who first played with Bowie on the Diamond Dogs tour over 25 years ago has been officially confirmed as a member of Bowie's band for the upcoming concerts. Rumours had been floating around over the past two or three weeks that Slick would rejoin the band (Ed: presumably replacing Page Hamilton on lead guitar), and BowieNet announced this afternoon that indeed Slick had flown into New York last Thursday for an initial rehearsal with Bowie in preparation for Glastonbury, Yahoo! Music Awards and the still-nebulous mid-June New York warmups.

Reportedly the first time that Slick has seen Bowie in almost eight years, the reunion brings together the guitarist who appears on Bowie's David Live, Young Americans and Station To Station albums (Ed: go ahead and listen now to the title track Station To Station for some trademark Slick-licks), and then reuniting again in 1983 for the Serious Moonlight tour.

Inside sources say Slick has been hard at work practising for the tour over the past couple of weeks playing a lot of old material as well as some of the newer tracks. Slick told friends "Playing with Bowie is like coming home". There's no word on whether the association will continue beyond this tour, say for Bowie's next album, nor where this leaves Reeves Gabrels, Bowie's lead guitarist for the better part of 12 years prior to 1999.

If you want to find out more about Earl Slick, he has his own SlickMusic.com website, specialising in "vintage rock 'n' roll".

Earl Slick and Bowie
Earl Slick and db in 1983

What do you think? Is Earl Slick the right man for the job, or should Bowie have re-enlisted Reeves Gabrels or even looked for a totally new guitarist for his upcoming tour? Discuss it in Conversation Piece!.

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March 27: Last year, we mentioned the KWVA weekly program Station To Station which plays every Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. Well, a new season premieres tomorrow March 28 on KWVA 88.1FM. Host Eric Pfeiffer promises more obscure Bowie tracks and notes that the program is now available to listen to in RealAudio anywhere in the world via the Internet. Also, if anyone wants to call the show, the phone number in the USA is (541) 346-0645. Eric takes requests, answers Bowie questions and takes comments, thoughts and ideas.

Listen to KWVA

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March 26: generation@, a project to research and examine the impact of the Internet on society has secured Bowie's old Berlin apartment for a troop of 20-somethings according to this Berliner Kurier news article (Ed: you may want to use Babelfish to translate if you're not a native German speaker). The six strong group spend their days in the luxury seven room 200 square meter apartment where Bowie lived while writing and recording during his Berlin/Eno era in 1978-79. One group member says "Bowie's spirit inspires us; only his music is missing". More information about the project including how to contact the participants can be found at the Connexion 2000 web site.

Berlin Kurier news article (in German)
Connexion 2000 project (in German)
Babelfish @ Altavista (translation tool)

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March 26: Toyfare, one of the most popular toy collector magazines around recently held an online poll at their website for the "action figure" music star readers would most like to see. Although Bowie was up against some stiff competition including Christine Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey and Limp Bizkit, ToyFare readers gave a Bowie toy an overwhelming win with 26% of the vote compared to the nearest competitor Limp Bizkit with 18%. We're not sure about the comments in the ToyFare article however... "Bowie, despite being, like totally OLD or something, managed to trounce all of the other kiddies in this poll...".

Demand for toy collectibles of rock stars has boomed in recent years, with a recent wave of releases including stars such as Ozzy Osbourne, The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Janis Joplin and Rob Zombie. With Bowie's varied costumes over the year, it seems like this would be a lucrative market (Ed: "Dress him up in those Ziggy stack-heel red boots! Then switch to the yellow suit for Let's Dance"). Fellow fan Starluck even put together a mockup of what a Bowie toy package for 1972-73 might look like.

ToyFare pollToyFare poll

What do you think? Would you buy a Bowie action figure? Discuss it at Conversation Piece.

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Information from Hans M., Starluck

March 24: (HOT) An official press release marks the first 100% confirmed Bowie concert of the year - a live performance at the third annual Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards to be held at New York's Studio 54 on July 24. Bowie has been selected as this year's Online Pioneer and will be the headline act for the night (Ed: usually there are four or five performers, so it will likely just be a couple of a few songs rather than a full concert). The entire event will be webcast live at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on the same night. Usually these types of events are very difficult for the average fan to get into - we'll let you know if there's any possibility of mere mortals being allowed in.

Note that this is not the same as the June warmup performances in New York we mentioned last week, although we still expect these to be announced in the near future.

The Awards Website also has space for you to enter your own submissions for online awards, such as Best Overall Music Site, Best Label Site, Best Reference Site and Best Fan Site (Ed: hint? :-)).

Yahoo! Internet Music Awards Press Release
Yahoo! Music Online Voting Submissions

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Information from David E., BowieNet, Yahoo! Internet Life

March 23: Mmmmm-bop? No, no need to go out and commit ritual torture of Hanson dolls quite yet, but newspaper USA Today jumped at the chance to juxtapose Bowie and one of the Hansons in this article today about the inception of HansonNet. The story about the formation of the boy-trio's own celebrity Internet service provider a la BowieNet makes page 3D of today's Life section in USA Today. According to the story, the service will be created and maintained by "David Bowie's Internet company" (Ed: we presume they mean Ultrastar, although they do not mention it by name). Launch of the site is next week.

Hanson and Bowie

Link: USA Today Online

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March 19: Just a reminder that the annual meeting of the international David Bowie fanclub will take place Sunday, March 26 in The Netherlands. Here are the exact details:

Date: March 26, 2000
Time: 13.00-18.00
Place: Cultureel Centrum Azotod ( same place as last year!)
Meerendijk 126, De Meern (near Utrecht)
Tel. 030-6663403
Costs: Members Fl.7,50 (1 guest for same price)
Non-members Fl. 12,50
Getting there:
By car: take the A12, exit De Meern
By bus: from Utrecht Central Station, take bus 127, 128 or 180
More Info: http://huizen.daxis.nl/wopereis/TheVoyeur.htm

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March 19: VH-1 has announced a compilation CD with the "best of" various Storytellers' shows that will include Bowie's performance of China Girl from his Storytellers show last year. Due on April 25, the VH-1 Storytellers CD will total 14 tracks in all, with additional tracks from other artists such as The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, Eurythmics and Counting Crows.

VH1 Storytellers (TW)
Allstar Music Article

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March 18: The New York Times Sunday magazine "Bowie interviews Bowie" special edition is available online here (Ed: although you'll have to register with the NY Times web site if you haven't already). The interview is primarily concerned with Bowie's style and fashion through the years, punctuated with some puns on "mods" and "postmodernists". Look for the accompanying slide-show photos which go with the article, and be sure to read the Footnotes section which contains more tidbits, e.g. who cuts his hair.

Frank Ockenfels III
Photo by Frank Ockenfels III

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March 18: GWTMH delved into her box of Bowie gems and came up with the following clippings from early on in Bowie's career. There's the Luv Icecream ad, the Bowie plays Stylophone ad, an item from 1969 expounding on Bowie's next single after the success of Space Oddity and an advertisement from March 1970 for David Bowie and The Hype at the Happy Star Hotel. Go visit the Early On and 1970-71 picture pages to see more.

Luv AdStylophone
The Hype

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March 17: The trend towards "access anywhere" banking continues. BowieBanc, the first private label bank in the USA, today launched an enhanced version of the service with complete "unplugged" wireless access through the parent company USABancShares.com. Wireless users can manage their money through BowieBanc 24/7, with full account access, bill payment, and other financial services. The new wireless platform was designed for use on the Palm VII PDA and cellular phones in the Sprint PCS product line. Access modules for the wireless products will be available from the BowieBanc site starting Monday.

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March 15: (RUMOUR ALERT) Straight from the horse's (Ed: or is it goat's?) mouth comes confirmation that Bowie plans to perform two, possibly three "warm-up" concerts in New York City in mid June. Although final details are not to be settled until next week and possibly not officially announced until later, the probable New York show dates are said to be June 16, 17 and the 19. Expect a smallish venue but larger than the Kit Kat Klub; the Roseland where Bowie played in 1996 on his Ballroom Tour is more likely.

The concerts will serve as a tuneup in front of a live audience before Bowie takes his show to the UK where he'll be the headline act on the final day of the Glastonbury Festival, June 25. Keep your eyes glued here for an official confirmation as soon as it's available..

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March 14: After the great success of last year's event with around 1200 attendees, the LovingTheAlien.com Italian webzine is sponsoring the 4th BowieBash this coming Saturday, March 18, 10 p.m. at the Rock Café, Mussolente. Special guest will be BlueVertigo, a band hugely influenced by Bowie, who will perform live in the first concert of their European tour to promote their latest album, "Zero".

As part of the tribute to Bowie, attendees will be able to view many rare Bowie pictures, photos and records in a special "art zone"; in the virtual reality zone, cameras will be set up to let you surf the net and visit the Bowie related sites. And of course, the music on the dance floor will be primarily Bowie as well as collaborators such as Lou Reed and Iggy Pop.

For more information, see the web site lovingthealien.com or email majortom@nsoft.it. The telephone number within Italy for more information is (0347) 4478697.

Bowie Bash

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Information from LovingTheAlien.com

March 14: The Brazilian Bowie fan club Outside's annual meeting held during Carnival week was a smash hit! Held in Sao Joao, revelers were treated to extensive Bowie collections, outdoor trips, and Bowie jam sessions. Read the report from the Brazilian brigade.

Link: Brazilian Bowie Carnival

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March 13: The New York Observer's Real Estate section had an extensive article (link no longer available) over the weekend on the luxury Manhattan condominium building in which Bowie bought two apartments last year. Each of the eight luxury lofts features 26 foot high ceilings, 10 foot high windows and a wood-burning fireplace, although clearly some of the residents have more money than they know what to do with. Owner of one $1.8 million penthouse, Eric Nederlander, told the newspaper, "I'm not thrilled with the layout. I may rip everything out".

Citing an unnamed source, the newspaper claimed that Bowie and Iman's adjoining apartments were still being decorated, but that the intended effect was "an old English look, with hunter green and suede and leather and dark wood paneling". The question on everybody's lips though is "What will he do if the elevator's broke?"

Thanks to Bonster and her Lazy & Web-Impaired newsletter for the article reference.

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Information from Bonster

March 12: The UK's Mail on Sunday newspaper published their Year 2000 list of the top 300 millionaires in Britain. In what often turns out to be a pattern of guess work rather than detective work, the Mail listed Bowie at joint 230th with a net worth of £120 million. In the category of musicians, Bowie was fourth behind Paul McCartney (£500m), Mick Jagger (£150m) and Sir Elton John (£130m). In 1997, a British financial magazine calculated Bowie's net worth to be much more, in the vicinity of £600 million pounds and ahead of Paul McCartney. Needless to say, probably nobody other than Bowie and his bank manager knows exactly how much he's worth :-)

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March 11: Considered by many to be Bowie's best acting performance, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence has been listed as out of print for months at some of the larger online video stores. So when John B. told us he'd found a VHS copy with a new box-cover, we looked around to see what we could find. This 1999 release by Artisan Entertainment is not available at the company's own web site and Amazon.com still lists it as unavailable. We called Artisan and they confirmed that availability was spotty, but that Reel.com has it in stock.

Click for Reel.com

When asked about the possibility of a DVD version, the Artisan rep said that no decision had been made and if it were given the go-ahead, it would not be available until next year. It sure would be handy to have some of those extra tracks and explanation as John B. notes that this VHS version has no subtitles while the closed captioning helpfully states "Speaking Japanese" when the Japanese characters are speaking.

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Information from John B, Artisan Entertainment

March 9: The Bowie interviews Bowie piece where db at age 53 carries on a mock interview/conversation with himself at age 24 will be featured in the Sunday, March 19 edition of the Sunday New York Times Magazine. The special edition "Fashions of the Times" section will be easily recognizeable - a photograph by Frank Ockenfels of Bowie will grace the cover. Photos hand-picked by Bowie to represent all of his guises over the years will be dotted through the article. The supplement will be available throughout the USA in the national and local editions of the Sunday New York Times.

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Information from Dean G.

March 9: Alex Alexander and Pete Foulstone, the brains behind Outside, The Ultimate Guide have put together a similar limited edition 64 page collector's edition for 1999's 'hours...' promotional tour. 'hours...', The Definitive Guide includes over 100 photos, tickets, set lists and more for all Bowie's radio, television and concert performances in promotion of the 'hours...' album. A colour photograph is included in the first 50 copies.

Hours Guide
Click for larger view

Numbered copies are available for £15 ($25) in Europe, £20 ($30) outside of Europe from Alex at:

Alex Alexander
143 Ferry Road
P04 9UD
United Kingdom

You can also contain Alex via email at alex-a@teenagewildlife.com if you have further questions.

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Information from Alex and Peter

March 8: Golden Years - the David Bowie story is an original three part radio documentary exclusively on BBC Radio 2 airing this Saturday, March 11 at 7 p.m. GMT. From the BBC Radio 2 web site:

Presented by Mark Goodier, this first program follows Bowie's early career, from Space Oddity to Ziggy Stardust and Spiders from Mars. He talks about the impact he made on the pop scene in the early 70s, his relationship with Tony Visconti, the early recordings at the legendary Haddon Hall, his introduction to Andy Warhol and the New York Underground scene, and how his relationship with his mentally ill brother affected the writing on Space Oddity.

Key figures in his history reflect on the recordings they made with him, and their relationships with him. The programme features interviews with legendary producer Gus Dudgeon, Rick Wakeman, Boy George and Tony Visconti.

If you're not in the UK, you may still be able to listen in to the show via RealAudio depending on the BBC's whims.

Link: BBC Radio 2 web site

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Information from GMG, Alan M. and BBC Radio 2

March 7: This month's Esprit CD giveaway features a Selections from ChangesBowie four track sampler which was distributed as a promotional item at the time of the release of ChangesBowie. Just visit the Esprit contest page and follow the instructions to enter. Remember, you can enter once per day, and each entry increases your chance of winning! Please visit sponsor Esprit's David Bowie page; it's they who provide the CD each month and without their support this giveaway would not be possible.


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March 6: Prolific French director Claude Chabrol is set to start filming his 52nd film Merci pour le chocolat this week in Bowie's old house in Lausanne, Switzerland. According to this Swiss news story, the love story between the owner of a chocolate factory and a pianist will have some scenes filmed in Le Château du Signal, the mansion which Bowie put on the market for sale late in 1998. The newspaper reports that the house has been empty for three years.

Lausanne Mansion

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Information from Sophie B.

March 6: There are only two weeks left for the New York Met Rock Style exhibit, featuring our very own David Bowie's costumes through the years. If you aren't going to be able to make it the real life exhibit, you can get the next best thing with memorabilia including a book, postcards, caps etc etc etc. See it all at CDNow.

Rock StyleRock Style exhibit

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March 5: This weekend we selected the monthly winners in the Esprit giveaway and Teenage Wildlife's fan registry drawing. The name drawn out of the hat for The Hearts Filthy Lesson in the Esprit CD Drawing was that of Alisha H from Utah who entered a total of 19 times! In the accompanying online award to those dedicated enough to show up at TalkCity #Bowie chat, the winner was Marc-David Jacobs of California, who chose to receive the Survive UK CD 2 single as his special bonus prize from Teenage Wildlife.

In our monthly fan registry drawing for a free CD from CDNow, longtime member and frequent contributor Dara O'Kearney had his name selected from the over 3000 members who have chosen to display their profile and thus be eligible for the contest.

Congratulations to all winners!


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March 3: Well, seems like the Welsh can beat the English in something at least. Tom Jones made off with the Best UK Male act at tonight's Brit Music Awards, beating out Bowie, Sting, Van Morrison and Ian Brown. The almost 60-year old singer, famous for his throaty baritone and shameless masculine sex-appeal won the award on the back of his #1 UK album Reload - a collection of covers ranging from Elvis Presley to Talking Heads. There is a somewhat tenuous Bowie connection in the story. One of the covers on Reload was a collaboration with The Pretenders on the Bowie/Pop classic Lust For Life. (Ed: One wonders just how many royalty dollars this particular song has rolled in since Trainspotting was released)

Tom Jones

March 3: Last week we mentioned upcoming gigs for UK based tribute band Jean Genie. Turns out there's another UK Bowie-tribute band which has a regular circuit in the northeast. Young Americans, based out of Wakefield, plays all the Bowie classics clad in tight trousers, sequins and lightning bolts. They have four scheduled gigs over the next few months.

A website is due soon which will include MP3 versions of tracks for their next album. In the meantime, you can email YAmericans@aol.com to get in contact with Simon, the lead vocalist. And if you happen to attend a gig, be sure to talk to #1 groupie Faye 'Fate' Upton, who's always up the front in a Bay City Rollers tartan scarf.

Information from Faye Upton

exclusiveMarch 2: Brendan Gallagher is the guitarist who was picked by producer Marius de Vries to work his magic on the remix for the Survive single. Gallagher is the founder of Australian band Karma County, and happened upon a chance introduction to Marius while the Englishman was in Sydney, Australia. Read all about the meeting and the subsequent studio work from Brendan's viewpoint in our How I Met Maz feature!


Information from Brendan Gallagher

March 1: According to this report in from Erik in Belgium, MTV Europe once again played a game of tease with viewers by promising to show an hour of footage from the December 1999 Astoria, London show. When 7 p.m. however, there was no Astoria footage to be seen - just a "bytesize" special of Bowie clips and parts of an interview. This is the second time in three weeks that MTV has pulled this stunt. Just three weeks ago, MTV Italy cancelled their Astoria footage at the very last minute. Today, as the television failed to produce the December concert, the Teletext schedule was still proudly displaying the "7 p.m. David Live at the Astoria" listing. One wonders if there is some ulterior motive behind these last minute changes. Got the scoop? An insider at MTV Europe? Send us email.

Well if the film footage never sees the light of day, at least we can make do with this great photograph taken by Philip Auliac at the Astoria concert.

Astoria concert

Information from Erik

March 1: The monthly feature for March at Mike Harvey's Ziggy Stardust Companion is an exclusive interview with ex-wife Angie Bowie about her memories of the Ziggy Stardust era. Lots of interesting information along with some nice photos which Mike has collected.

Link: Angela Bowie interview

Information from Mike Harvey

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