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News February 2000

February 29: UK based Bowie tribute band Jean Genie have added a number of dates to their current UK tour. Lead by John Mainwaring and featuring a greatest hits set with several costume changes, the band will be playing at the following venues:

For more information, see their agent's website.

Information from Spaceface

February 29: The 2000 Brit Awards are just three days away, but you still have time to vote for Bowie in the Best British Male online poll. Currently, Tom Jones is ahead of db, so Bowie Online Army... you know what to do!

Vote at the Brits!

Information from Rowena via Bonster

February 27: The famous (infamous?) 1975 BBC documentary Cracked Actor directed by Alan Yentob, which followed Bowie on his Diamond Dogs tour will be screened this coming Saturday, March 4 at midnight at Cinema Classics in New York City. The small hip cafe/theatre on the lower-east side of Manhattan will see a host of Bowie fans descend to view this rarely-seen documentary along with some highlights from that period. Tickets can be reserved by emailing cinemaclassics@excite.com. The price is $5 and seating is limited. Full details:

Saturday, March 4, midnight
Cinema Classics
332 East 11st Street
New York City

Information from Antonio

February 25: International David Bowie fanclub The Voyeur is holding its annual meeting on March 26 at Club Azotod in the town of De Meern (near Utrecht), The Netherlands. The event will run from 13.00-18.00 hours. More information is available at the Voyeur fanclub web site

Information from Ludo

February 25: MTV Europe is advertising a Bowie Special day for March 1, promising an airing of the Astoria, London show from last year. Keep fingers crossed that it does indeed air as the same show was advertised and then unceremoniously cancelled at the last minute by MTV Italy three weeks ago. The full lineup is as follows:

MTV Europe, March 1, 2000
Midday: All Time Top 10 David Bowie videos
7 pm: David Live at the Astoria new
8 pm: David Bowie Hours special: David talks about his new album
8:30 pm:  Rockumentary on Bowie
9 pm: Storytellers with David Bowie
10 pm: Live from 10 Spot

Live from the 10 Spot and the Astoria show will also be featured on MTV Germany four days later on March 5. See the appearances page for all the details.

Apologies for the gap in news coverage as we took a break for the past week.

Information from Eric, vaxon, Tom, Erik

February 16: While discussing the whereabouts of Oasis at summer festival concerts this morning, BBC Radio 1 came out and stated almost categorically that Bowie would be the headline act at the Glastonbury Festival on June 25. In the news story, Oasis were reckoned to be headlining a new two day festival in Glasgow and so won't be at Glastonbury, so:

"...people will have to make do with Bowie headlining instead..."

Bowie has stated himself that there'll be only a handful of concerts this year (no tour), and they'll be restricted to locations very near either London or New York so that he doesn't have to be away from Iman in the late stages of her pregnancy. Official confirmation from the Glastonbury organizers is not expected until May but we think the odds must be very short at the bookies on a Bowie appearance now.

(UPDATE) Music365 has an "exclusive" report out today confirming that Bowie will headline the Sunday night, June 25 at Glastonbury. Click to read.


Information from Graeme B, Neill M

February 14: Inspired by yesterday's announcement of Iman's pregnancy, we've added the Lifetime documentary aired last year to the video store. The one hour show examines Iman's life from her Somalian schooldays through her supermodelling years to her marriage to Bowie. Portions of a conversation with Bowie are included as are interviews with Iman and some of her close friends. If you want to get a better idea of the mother in the Bowie family, this is a good start!

@ Amazon.com

February 13: Congratulations David and Iman! Reuters News has a story this morning from Bowie's publicists confirming that the couple are expecting a child in August. In an official statement, Bowie said:

"It's been a long and patient wait for our baby but both Iman and I wanted the circumstances to be absolutely right and didn't want to find ourselves working flat out during the first couple of years of the baby's life. This is a wonderful time in both of our lives."

Bowie will perform "a couple of shows this summer" but plans for touring in the next couple of years have been put on hold, the statement said. The new baby will join Bowie's son Duncan and Iman's daughter Zulekha in the Bowie household.

(UPDATE) Akko has collected together all the UK press about the pregnancy on this newspaper cuttings page.

Information from Akko

February 12: (RUMOUR)While a Glastonbury Festival Bowie appearance in the UK seems almost a foregone conclusion these days, there are also some rumblings across the ditch on the continent. Austrian newspaper NEWS had an article last month on this upcoming summer's concerts, claiming that "there is a strong possibility of David Bowie performing" at one of the many open air events. While still at the rumour stage, the article reports that negotiations between local promoters and Bowie management have already begun, and scouts are looking for an appropriate venue. Bowie's own words in an online chat two weeks ago were that "it's looking more and more likely [..] that we will be doing some concerts around June". Keep those fingers crossed and we'll keep our ears to the ground for confirmations!

Information from Christian F.

February 11: We have another gift from Esprit to give away to a Teenage Wildlifer in this month's drawing. The prize this time is the 1995 single release of The Hearts Filthy Lesson from the Outside album. Go visit the Esprit giveaway page to enter. Remember you can enter once per day until the contest closes on February 29th!

Esprit giveaway

February 10: Spin Online confirmed on Tuesday the inclusion of Mark Plati's Something In the Air remix on the American Psycho soundtrack album. It's an electic collection of songs and artists - The Cure, New Order, John Cale, Dope, Bowie and even Huey Lewis are all represented. Here's the tentative track listing for the soundtrack which is due either in late March or early April.

  1. Introductory monologue with Score - Bateman and John Cale
  2. You Spin Me Round Dope
  3. Watching Me Fall The Cure (remixed by Underdog of Massive Attack)
  4. Something in the Air (American Psycho Remix) David Bowie
  5. Trouble Daniel Ash with Adrian Utley of Portishead
  6. Who Feels It Knows It (Remix) Tom Tom Club
  7. American Psycho Coldcut
  8. Monologue with score Bateman and John Cale
  9. True Faith New Order
  10. Pump Up the Volume MARRA
  11. I Wanna Know (What You're Thinking) Information Society
  12. Paid in Full (Coldcut Remix) Eric B and Rakim
  13. Hip 2 Be Square Huey Lewis
  14. Closing monologue with Score Bateman and John Cale

Thanks to Bonster and the Newsletter for the Lazy & Web-Impaired for the Spin article pointer.

American Psycho
Spin article
IMDB American Psycho page

Information from Bonster

February 10: On February 10, 1972, 28 years ago to the day, The Toby Jug Pub in Tolworth, England saw the birth of a rock legend. Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars made their first concert appearance on this date at the London pub. Mike Harvey's Ziggy Stardust Companion has a special feature by contributor Stephen King. King was one of the attendees at the seminal event, and he contributed his memories of the event to celebrate Ziggy's 28th birthday. Go read the full article at the Ziggy Stardust Companion.

Information from Mike H.

February 9: German newspaper Die Welt reported yesterday that Bowie is expected to be in Berlin to present the Nick Kendall directed film Mr. Rice's Secret at next week's Berlinale International Film Festival. (Ed: apparently it's been renamed from the previous title Exhuming Mr. Rice, presumably to appeal more to a children's audience). While the newspaper report does not specify a date, the film is scheduled for the following showings:

Mr Rice
Owen and Mr. Rice

Die Welt article (in German)
Berlinale Adobe PDF flyer
TW Exhuming Mr Rice page

Information from Reinhold

February 8: With just 8 hours until air time, MTV Italy contacted Italian fanclub Velvet Goldmine members and informed them that due to an "unspecified unavailability of the show", the planned showing of the Astoria, London concert footage later tonight has been cancelled. Looks like we may have to wait a little longer (forever?) for this footage to air publically.

Information from VelvetGoldmine

February 7: After 18 months of searching for a replacement to the venerable message board software (Ed: the software for that never progressed beyond its 1996 release, 2.0A2), we have settled upon a solution using an actively developed product called WWWThreads. We know that while the old message board had a cadre of devoted users who enjoyed the nearly constant spamming and arguments fueled by anonymous posters, it's also a fact that a much larger number of people were turned off and never bothered to post again. The new message board will hopefully improve the general quality of discussion (Ed: that includes arguments) and bring back a large number of Teenage Wildlifers. To emphasize the new approach, we are giving the message board a new name, Teenage Wildlife Conversation Piece. Here's a very brief list of features of the new software:

Registered Users
Integrated with the Fan Registry, Conversation Piece keeps track of registered users who "login". This provides many additional benefits; tracking of replies to your posts, editing of your own posts, a private message system between users, visual notification of new posts since your last visit, subscription to daily archives of all posts, personal profiles, signatures and more. It also provides a more important benefit in that forums can be restricted to posts only by registered users. This provides better tracking and should engender more responsibility from posters. There is still the ability to post anonymously, but this feature will not be made available in all forums.
Customizable display modes
Some users like the old "threaded" approach where all posts are displayed with just their titles and names of posters. Others used to like the older David Bowie Message Board where you saw a "flat" line of posts. Conversation Piece allows the user to display posts in either format, and registered users can save these preferences for return visits. You can even change the language used to display the message board, so if you prefer German menus to English menus, you can do that too!
Moderators and Administrators
Forums can be moderated on a case-by-case basis. It's even possible to set up private forums and groups of registered users so that only certain members can read or post to a particular forum. While there are no current plans to make use of these features, if you can think of a good reason to have such a system, please email us.

There are lots of other great features which you can explore when you start using the new message boards, e.g. the Who's Online and Search functions.

No doubt the new software will take a little getting used to. You should definitely start by making sure you know your nickname and password. (Click here if you have forgotten it). If you registered with Teenage Wildlife a long time ago, but never bothered to update your fan registry entry, you should do that now to reserve your nickname - used to log in and post on Conversation Piece.

There could also be some potential teething problems since the software has been modified from its source distribution to include the Teenage Wildlife fan registry nicknames and passwords. If you run into crashes, slow performance, or just can't work out how to log in, please email us with your problems and we'll fix them and update the instructions so others won't encounter the same situation.

For now though, try giving Conversation Piece a test-run!

February 6: It's that time of month again. Yes, time for the monthly winners in the Esprit giveaway and Teenage Wildlife's fan registry drawing. First things first, the Esprit winner of the Little Wonder US promo CD was picked from over 1900 entries yesterday and Craig de Mello from the UK was the lucky winner. In the accompanying online award to those dedicated enough to show up for the drawing and provide random numbers, the winner was Bowieholic of New York, who chose to receive the Thursday's Child single as her special bonus prize.

In our monthly fan registry drawing for a free CD from CDNow, Strider who lives in the UK was selected from the 3000 members who have chosen to display their profile and thus be eligible for the contest. Strider picked as her prize Rage Against The Machine's The Battle of Los Angeles.

Congratulations to all winners!


February 5: Intrepid contributor GWTMH braved the menacing security guards at the New York Metropolitan Museum to hastily take a few snapshots of the Rock Style exhibition currently on display there. As we mentioned back in November, the exhibit includes several Bowie costumes as shown in June's pictures. The show runs through March 19 and then moves to the Cleveland Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame before taking a jaunt over the ocean to London's Barbican Centre.

Rock Style
Click for more pictures

Information from GWTMH

February 4: MTV Italy announced yesterday that the upcoming February 8 Night with the Duke special will include one hour of footage from last year's Astoria, London concert!! Concert attendees were aware that the entire show was being filmed by multiple cameras around the concert hall but no word came out about when or if this footage would ever be shown. This then, would be the first public broadcast of the Astoria show.

Information from Paoola

February 3: Although it's hard to tell whether this is just pure "promotion" on the part of the UK Glastonbury Festival, the rumours, hearsay and lies section of their web site does have a report claiming that festival organizer Michael Eavis confirmed Bowie as headline act for the final night of the event, Sunday, June 25. This would tie in with Bowie's comment in yesterday's Eden chat that he may be playing a "very few" concerts in Europe around the middle of the year. The Glastonbury site does note that the reports on that page are not from official sources and that the final list of performers will not be announced until May. (Ed: Ahhh, I love the smell of concert rumours in the morning)


Information from Glenn

February 2: This afternoon's live webchat with Bowie on Eden turned up a few interesting quotes from Bowie with regard to upcoming work:

  1. 60's Project: As he's mentioned a few times on his BowieNet service, the success of Can't Help Thinking About Me during the 'hours...' mini-tour has inspired him to try "rerecording lots of the dodgy songs that I wrote in the 60's".
  2. 2. Contamination is apparently not forgotten. The long-anticipated followup to 1. Outside is apparently still in his plans "trying to piece together 2. contamination"
  3. Mid-2K concerts: From the man's own mouth comes possible concerts during the northern hemisphere summer. "It's looking more and more likely Gilly that we will be doing some concerts around June. As usual with me these days, very very few, they will be both sides of the pond, I think I hear the word festival for Britain." (Ed: the rumored Glastonbury show?? - more on possible European dates in a later news update.)
  4. Reznor remix: Also confirmed during the chat was the rumour from last year that Trent Reznor would be doing a remix for Bowie, most likely something from the 'hours...' album. "Trent is doing a mix for me a little later this year"

For the full story, read Diana Poulsen's transcript.

Information from Diana Poulsen

February 2: The Brazilian Fan Club Outside are planning their second annual meeting for March 2000. It will take place in Sao Joao da Boa Vista between the 4th and the 7th of March. Plans include a city tour, parties and a studio session where the fans will get together as a tribute band and play Bowie tunes till dawn. Contact Andherson Miliatti at bowie@dglnet.com.br for more information.

Bowie Carnaval

Information from Andherson

February 1: With over a month gone in 2000, we still have about 30 Year 2000 Bowie calendars sitting in stock here and looking for a good home. To help clear them out we're dropping the price to $4.95, almost half of their original price. If you'd still like the remaining 11 months of Bowie on your wall, take a look at the pictures and then make your secure order online!


February 1: Online UK music site Eden is hosting a live webchat with Bowie tomorrow, Wednesday February 2, at 6:30 p.m. GMT (1:30 p.m. EST in the USA). You can submit questions ahead of time and also enter a contest to win one of two signed lenticular 'hours...' posters by signing up for their email newsletter.

Link: Eden Bowie Webchat

Information from Richard Joly

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