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December 31:


It's 12:45 a.m. on January 1, 2000 in New Zealand as I write this news item. Obviously the computer is working fine (it's a Macintosh though, so no surprises there). Power is A-OK throughout the land, telephones and all utilities working.

It was mild, but unseasonably windy and drizzly evening. If things had worked out differently, I'd be sitting wet and bedraggled in a Gisborne stadium right now listening to Bowie blast out some new millennium music. Now it's on to the first sunrise of the new century in under 5 hours...

December 30: Yesterday's Channel 4 production of The Big Breakfast featured Bowie in a variety of comical situations; from boom mic operator to kitchen-hand, to video reviewer, to bedtime questions, to baseball player. Visit the Big Breakfast page to see more pictures and read brief descriptions of the scenes courtesy of Alan M. and Marcel.

Big Breakfast

Link: Big Breakfast

Information from Alan M., Marcel

December 29: Is David Bowie the original "mullet-head"? This Reuters' article seems to think so, with the following quote.

"Whatever the derivation, to real devotees there is really only one mullet king: rocker David Bowie. Ziggy Stardust's spiky hair on top, with ears exposed and a long wispy mane behind, is the classic modern-day mullet."

As Barney Hoskyns, author of Glam: Bowie, Bolan and the Glitter Revolution says:

"Perhaps he would not like to be associated with something so passe but he had mullets in three separate eras"


For the uninitiated, a "mullet" is the hairstyle short on the sides, wispy and long at the back most often seen on "USA heartland males" (Ed: euphemistically put). Classic mullet-wearers? Musicians: Billy Ray Cyrus, baseball players, Randy Johnson, football players, Glen Hoddle. Read the following sites for more hilarity

Reuters' story
North American Mullet Page

Information from Pyrimyd

December 28: Just three more days to be in to win the Ziggy Stardust Rykodisc promo press kit prize donated by Esprit in the Esprit giveaway. The kit features both CD and vinyl versions of the Ryko rerelease of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, as well as the press release and promo photo.


December 27: The 1998 British gangster film Everybody Loves Sunshine directed by Andrew Goth and starring Goldie and David Bowie will be officially released on home video and DVD January 25, 2000. The release by Sterling Entertainment has also seen a change in name to B.U.S.T.E.D.; a movie a few years back already has the title Busted, so to avoid confusion, the full stops were added. However, it seems that most places will just call it Busted. It's available on both VHS and DVD, DVD is currently the only reasonable choice because the VHS version is still in that "VHS-rental" phase which means it costs almost $70.00 while the DVD version is just $15. Check them and the new box cover out at Amazon.com.

DVD version
VHS version

Information from Oskar, James and Bonster

December 24: The January 2000 issue of French music magazine Rock 'N Folk has a "best of 1999" segment, in which Bowie features heavily with the following awards.

Artist of the year
3rd album of the year with hours
5th single of the year with Thursday's Child
3rd sex symbol of the year
Best album cover of the year
2nd best video of the year for Thursday's Child

cover cover

Information from Eric Castaing

December 23: After taking almost four years to hit 1 million visitors, Teenage Wildlife registered it's second million in just over 16 months with yesterday's ticking over of the front page counter to 2 million. Readership has been very strong over the past three months since the release of 'hours...' and we'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who's contributed to Teenage Wildlife over the past eighteen months. Without you, this site would not exist.

December 23: Will Bowie play just one live concert next year at the Glastonbury 2000 music festival in the UK? He's apparently been asked and is "seriously considering" the offer according to UK press and this Music365.com report. Bowie's last appearance at the Glastonbury event was almost 30 years ago when the lineup included Bowie, Marc Bolan, Joan Baez and Hawkwind. While nothing has been confirmed, Bowie has confirmed that it is a possibility in his personal journal on BowieNet. Glastonbury is usually held in late June.

Link: Music365.com

Information from Dara

December 22: Ultrastar Internet Services LLC, the company co-founded by Bowie in 1998 and responsible for BowieNet as well as the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees "boutique ISPs" is selling a minority stake to SFX Entertainment, one of the USA's largest live entertainment promoters. The press release issued yesterday indicates SFX will acquire a substantial minority interest in Ultrastar with the option to further increase their holdings in the future. The agreement is expected to increase Ultrastar's reach to more music and sports groups while SFX Entertainment will gain the Internet expertise gained from BowieNet, YankeesXtreme and OriolesWorld. As Bowie says in the press release:

"SFX's philosophy of bring the best in entertainment and sports directly to fans mirrors our philosophy of doing the same in cyberspace"

Although the exact terms of the deal are not disclosed, SFX is a publically traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (SFX) with a market capitalization of over $2 billion, so it is now possible to indirectly buy your own stake in Ultrastar.

Information from rancell, religitania

December 21: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which opened its Los Angeles run last month with Bowie as co-producer has been a disappointment at the LA box office according to this Advocate report (and Yahoo! News). Although the show received great reviews from the LA critics, coproducer Joan Stein blames the theatre-going public saying "the city didn't rise to the occasion" after slow ticket sales forced the production to end its LA run prematurely and leave the producers (including Bowie) looking at a $600,000 loss.

Information from Richard J.

December 20: Several reports in the London press have reported Bowie as saying "it's time to come home" to live in London after 25 years of living away from his native land. The weekend's Sunday Times and tabloid The Sun both report that db has said he and Iman would like to return to live permanently in London sometime in 2001. (Ed: One question that remains to be answered is how such a move would affect Bowie's tax-filing status :))

Information from Ian G.

December 19: In anticipation of its official single release next month, the video for Survive has gone into moderate rotation throughout Europe. The video, which features Bowie flying around his kitchen started airing on both MTV Europe and VH-1 last Thursday. Click on the links below for more snaps from the video.


Link: Survive Video

Information from Jacopo (The Nomad Soul), Paaola, Lady Didymus

December 16: As regular readers will know, Eil.com has donated a number of Bowie items to Teenage Wildlife to give away over the past few months. This time, they've really outdone themselves with a US promo-only press kit for Rykodisc's reissue of Ziggy Stardust (complete with all bonus tracks that you can no longer get with the EMI reissues). The kit includes:

Normally Esprit would sell this item for £50. As usual, the giveaway requires you to visit the Eil.com website to find the price. The contest will coincide with Y2K celebrations; entries must be in by midnight E.T., December 31. The drawing will be online at #Bowie chat on TalkCity on January 2, 2000. We'll also be giving away a bonus prize to a randomly selected participant in that night's chat. So, what are you waiting for? Go off and enter the giveaway!.


Link: Enter the Esprit Y2K Giveaway

Information from Esprit

December 14: We've collected together a few (and will be adding more) gift ideas for your local Bowie fan or yourself for the holiday season 1999-2000. Simply visit our Teenage Wildlife Gift Ideas page to see suggestions categorized by price!


Link: The Gift Shop

December 14: Steve Wright, afternoon host on BBC Radio 2 has confirmed that David Bowie will be his special guest on Christmas Eve, December 24. There'll be an interview, and possibly also a performance... We'll keep you posted with more details.

Information from Alan M.

December 14: Ever wondered what your Gisborne 2000 ticket might be worth? How about entrance to a sold-out London concert? That's what Italian fan Enzo Tanferna found when he nervously asked Bowie at the Virgin Megastore signing if he could use his cancelled Gisborne ticket to get into that evening's Astoria concert. "Is this your ticket?" Bowie asked. "Yes, that's my ticket," Enzo replied. "Sort this gentleman out - definitely," Bowie told his security guard.

Bowie examines Enzo's Gisborne ticket

Read the full story in the close encounters fan section.

Information from Enzo

December 14: Last year's cover album from Athens, Georgia Loving The Alien has been rereleased by Fire Ant Records with more promotion and a wider distribution. In particular, it boasts new artwork and liner notes, and is now available from online stores such as CDNow. If you're wondering about whether it's worth buying this cover album, try reading Dara O'Kearney's review.

Loving The Alien

Information from Robert Lurie

December 13: Mark and Lard may have played the first public airing (UPDATE Virgin Radio has reportedly been playing it for the past week) on their radio show this morning of the alternate mix of Survive. The new mix will head the first CD single due to be released next month in the UK, while the second CD will be live versions from the Paris concert in October. (Ed: The two DJs commented they preferred the original version to the new mix.)

Information from Graeme Boyle, Fraser Bailey

December 12: The 1999 "Rah" remix of Under Pressure has vaulted directly into the UK charts at #14, two ahead of where Thursday's Child debuted in September. Co-credited as Queen and David Bowie it gives Bowie his 39th Top 20 and 57th Top 40 hit in the UK. For Queen, it's their 33rd Top 20 hit. The limited edition enhanced CD includes three different mixes, as well as the "faked" video which combines footage of live Queen and Bowie concerts to make it seem as the two actually did perform the song together on stage (Ed: they never did).

Under Pressure

Link: Under Pressure '99 Remix single

Information from Andy S.

December 12: Last month we mentioned the French release December 7 of a collector's edition of 'hours...'. Released last week, the 2-CD set includes the standard original album, but adds a second enhanced CD with the following tracks.

  1. We All Go Through
  2. Video: Making of 'hours...'
  3. Photos: by F.W. Ockenfels III


Philippe Auliac has sent in some screen snapshots from the "Making.." video. If you can understand French reasonably well, you should also be able to order it directly online from FNAC.

French Limited Edition details
Video snapshots
Order online from FNAC

Information from Leona, Philippe Auliac

December 11: Got a hankering to let the rest of the world know how well you sing Ziggy Stardust? Ever imagined yourself playing lead guitar on Rebel Rebel. Well, here's a chance to showcase your talents in the DeeBee Cover Project. The project's goal is to collect together covers of Bowie songs by Bowie fans and then make them available for streaming from the BowieNet web site. Go read the rules and sign up. Contest closes February 29, 2000.

Information from Ramsey H.

December 10: A while ago, we mentioned Emm Gryner's website for photos and logs of the tour. Holly Palmer, the other member of the backing vocals duo now has a preview of her new website www.HollyPalmerSINGER.com up and running. It also includes pictures from the current tour (mostly taken by Mark Plati) and an audio tour diary. Go take a look!

Holly Palmer

Information from Steve Ito

December 10: It's less than a month until Bowie's 53rd birthday on January 8, 2000. To celebrate the event, Japanese fans in conjunction with Toshiba EMI are organizing a Millennium 2000 David Bowie Birthday Party. The event will take place on Bowie's birthday, January 8, 2000, and is supported by the Serious Moonlight Club, Japan's Bowie fan club. Here's the full details for those who would like to attend:

When?January 8, 2000. 20:00-05:00
Where?Rolling Stone Bar
3-2-7 Shinjuku
Advance Tickets3,000 Yen
Includes admission fee + 2 drinks + mementos
On sale from December 1 at PIA Ticket agency
Day Tickets2,500 yen
Available at the venue on the day
Includes admission fee + 1 drink
(may be capacity limited)
  1. Exhibition of goods, posters, photos and costumes
  2. Bowie music by request all night!
  3. Bowie merchandise giveaway
  4. New information on Bowie
RecordingThe party will be recorded on video and the videotape is scheduled to be sent to Mr. Bowie
More enquiries Millennium 2000 DAVID BOWIE BIRTHDAY PARTY
Executive Committee Office
TEL 03-3944-7494 (+81 3-3944-7494) Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00
(Ed: You may want to have your Japanese language kit installed before reading this page.)

Information from Tomoko Sato and Millennium 2000 Bowie Birthday Party Committee

December 8: Philippe Auliac, the French journalist and director who has been a frequent contributor to Teenage Wildlife over the past couple of years has sent in a bevy of photos from Bowie's appearances in London and Milan this past week. The pictures, particularly from Milan, are wonderful! Philippe wanted to personally make the photos available as "a xmas gift for all David Bowie fans in the world".

Go to the appropriate links below to see all of the snaps.

Bowie in Milan

Information from Philippe Auliac

December 8: Yes, it was officially the last show of the "tour" yesterday evening in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Bowie put on a show for what Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet called "possibly the greatest music event on Danish soil ever". For the lucky ticketholders (and those who paid $150/ticket to scalpers right before the start of the show), the night marked Bowie's final performance of 1999. As a special bonus, the band with backup singers Emm Gryner and Holly Palmer put together a little number called Shrink My Sweater, poking fun at one of the crew members (Jimmy?) who had incurred the wrath of Bowie after the cleaners had shrunk his purple sweater from the Astoria show.

Bowie returned to his hotel around midnight, and took time to sign autographs for the fans still waiting around. The band left for Gothenburg, Sweden this morning to record the pre-filmed segments for the (infamous?) BingoLotto show this weekend. Last night's set list is up on the Vega concert page.

To db and the band: thanks for the tour!

Link: Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark

Information from Anders B., Arild E., Torben M, Peter

December 7: For the vast majority of fans who will not get to see Bowie live in concert this year, tonight is the one chance you'll get to at least hear the 1999 live version. The American Express Blue Concert series is webcasting last month's Kit Kat Klub show from New York at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT/0300 GMT/1600 NZDT in both Quicktime 4.0 and Windows Media Player format. Be sure you have all the plugins and helpers necessary by visiting their plug-ins page.

If you don't have a decent Internet connection to get video, you can still listen on the radio in the US on the SFX Network; a list of participating stations can be found here. Enjoy the show!

Blue Concert

Link: Amex Blue Concerts

December 6: (RUMOUR) Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails reportedly told a fan after their Tillburg, Holland concert that Bowie had asked him to remix some songs from 'hours...'. Reznor said that he'd like to stay away from the obvious candidate The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell and instead choose some of the less likely songs for an industrial remix. When would this be likely to happen? Well, probably not until after they finish their Fragile tour (just chosen as 1999's album of the year by Spin magazine) in early February.

Information from Maarten K.

December 5: From another man who never sleeps, Alan M. sent in snaps from last night's airing of the Jools Holland show on BBC2 in the UK.

Jools Holland

Link: Jools Holland show page

Information from Alan M.

December 5: From the man who must never sleep (Ed: the pictures were sent at 5 a.m. Italian time the morning after the concert), Daniele P. sent in four pictures from last night's Milano concert, which he simply describes as "amazing". UPDATE We now also have a setlist courtesy of Velvet Goldmine - the Italian Bowie fanzine!

Bowie @ Milan

Link: Alcatraz, Milan, Italy

Information from Daniele P.

December 3: Check out this funny fan-run contest, appropriately titled the It's NOT RaMOANa contest. Simply (?) match up the names of the people RaMOANa is "impersonating" in four separate photos by December 15 to be in the draw for a Bowie 2000 calendar!


Information from RaMOANa

December 2: Wearing a pink shirt and white vest (Ed: and a feather boa during Drive In Saturday), a relaxed Bowie entertained the sold out Astoria theatre with an eighteen song set list, adding Word On A Wing to the set performed in New York last month. Go to the Astoria, London page for ongoing comments from the crowd as they return and a set list that is still settling down from Bowie-induced highs.

Astoria, London
Full Astoria comments!

Information from Viv, Kj00ih

December 2: Three separate CDs were awarded yesterday to Teenage Wildlife registered users in the December Esprit and fan registry giveaways. The first prize courtesy of Esprit was the Pretty Things Are Going To Hell promo CD. From 300 entries, the winner was Dave Laferriere from British Columbia, Canada who had entered 11 times. In the bonus prize for those attendees of the online drawing on TalkCity, orbette from Colorado picked up a free copy of 'hours...' from CDNow.

Finally, in the monthly CD drawing for all fan registry listings, Andre Roy from Quebec, Canada was selected from over 2,800 entries. He chose Labyrinth as his prize.

Congratulations to all the winners!

December 1: MTV and TV Guide in the USA have teamed up with another "end of millennium" type poll for the Top 100 Music Videos ever. The videos will air next week in a countdown at 8 p.m. EST each night. Although it appears that the running list has already been chosen by TV Guide and MTV executives, you can still make your voice heard at the TV Guide online poll. Bowie is currently way behind in the voting with just 9 out of 3302 votes, so you know what that means. It's time for the Bowie Online Army to get into gear!

MTV Logo

Link: TV Guide online poll

Information from IspaCebOy, Omega

December 1: It's the start of the month when people get out their wallets and try to find that perfect gift. If you're currently on the hunt for something for your Bowie-loving friends, or if you just want to treat yourself there's a couple of current deals you might want to check out. First, we've lowered the price on the Bowie 2000 Calendar to $8.75 + shipping. Get twelve months of Bowie in living colour by clicking on the calendar cover below.

Click to buy

If you're looking for sound rather than vision, then CDNow has all CDs on sale until Xmas. In addition, until December 14, any order of three or more CDs will get free shipping within the USA. If you live outside the USA, you'll have to act more quickly, but until December 3 there's a great deal of $5 shipping anywhere in the world on any size order of CDs. If you've been putting off buying the entire EMI remastered catalogue, or if you just want to surprise your grandmother with that old (roasting?) chestnut Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy, now's a great time to act.


December 1: The taping for this weekend's Jools Holland show with Bowie as the guest took place last night in BBC studios. Bowie was interviewed, and performed five songs with his band.

  1. Ashes To Ashes
  2. Something In The Air
  3. Survive
  4. Cracked Actor
  5. I'm Afraid Of Americans

The cut of I'm Afraid of Americans was filmed but apparently won't be shown this weekend because of time constraints. Bowie also interjected 40 seconds of Changes before launching into I'm Afraid of Americans.

Bowie's glad rags for the evening? A green velvet jacket, white V-necked T shirt, the big black boots and blue tinted glasses.

Watch the broadcast version this Saturday, December 4 on BBC2!

Information from Viv, Spidey

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