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News November 1999

November 30: The New York Metropolitan Museum is hosting a Rock Style exhibit starting December 9 which showcases the influences of rock 'n roll performers on fashion. Bowie is represented by seven of his costumes including The Clown from the Ashes to Ashes video, the The Thin White Duke costume, the Union Jack Jacket from Earthling as well as three Ziggy Stardust togs. The exhibit runs through March 19, 2000 and will then travel to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and finally to the Barbican Centre in London.

The Clown

Information from Andy Stewart, David E.

November 30: At first this appeared just to be a random occurrence, but we've now received several complaints about what seems like either a printing or packing error in imports of Thursday's Child bought in the USA. From online and offline stores, buyers have reported purchasing what is supposed to be Thursday's Child CD 2, with the "rock mix", We Shall Go To Town, 1917 and the Thursday's Child video. The CD case and even the disc itself bear this out, but when played it turns out to be UK CD 1 with We All Go Through and No One Calls.

If you've encountered this problem when buying your Thursday's Child singles, please email us with where and when you bought your misprinted UK CD 2 and we'll try and determine whether this is just a one-off or an ongoing problem.

Thursday's Child swap

Information from Toby, Justin, Alex et al.

November 29: Due to a physical relocation by our Internet provider, the server hosting Teenage Wildlife will be offline for around 6-8 hours on Monday, December 6. During that time, you can expect to get Host not reachable or similar timeout messages when you try to access the site. Do not fear! We will return, hopefully before 6 p.m. EST in time to report on the events of Tuesday (the Copenhagen concert and the webcast of the New York concert).

November 29: Just two more days left in the Esprit Promo CD giveaway of The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell. Get your entry in by midnight EST tomorrow to be in the draw for this rare US promotional item.


November 27: French Bowie fan web siteThe Stardust Page is running a competition this week (ends December 3) to win one of 10 posters (a limited numbered series) from The Nomad Soul computer game All you have to do is answer the simple question "What is David Bowie's character's name in The Nomad Soul" and mail it in. For the full details, visit the Stardust Page Concours Page.

Link: Stardust Nomad Soul Contest

Information from Marc Plouvin

November 27: If you're going to be in Milan the night before this coming Saturday's Alcatraz, Milan concert, you're invited to Velvet Goldmine's Strangers When We Meet fan gathering on Friday December 3, 21.30 h at:

Via Larga
Cafe Tabac
Via larga 8

Get off at the underground stop: DUOMO (yellow and red line) in the centre of Milan. Entrance fee is 10,000 lire which includes your first drink. Please email velvetgoldmine@libero.it to reserve your place.

Information from Velvet Goldmine

November 27: BowieNet members may put their name in the hat for up to 50 tickets from the London, Astoria concert next week by visiting the BowieNet web site and reading their member news. (Ed: Hurry though, because it closes some time today - apologies for being out of town and not getting this up sooner)

There may also be some tickets available for the London (and 5 for Milan?) concert available from BowieNet Europe at bowie.lion.cc according to our continental members.


Information from David E., Adam, Zopp G.

November 24: The Pullman Group, creator of the "securitization of future music royalties" which birthed with 1997's $55 million "Bowie Bonds" has sued its partners in the venture for $2.5 billion claiming breaches of contract and fiduciary duty. Included in the defendants is the Rascoff/Zysblatt Organization (RZO) which controls and administers most of Bowie's music rights (Ed: see the copyright notices on the 'hours...' CD for example).

The main thrust of the suit is that RZO misled The Pullman Group by failing to disclose that it was in imminent danger of losing many of its celebrity clients such as The Rolling Stones, Patti Smith and Paul Simon. The suit also alleges that Prudential Insurance and RZO then later misappropriated trade secrets and proprietary information gained during the Bowie Bonds deal by breaking their agreement with The Pullman Group and ten days later forming a new joint venture (Entertainment Finance International) which competes directly with The Pullman Group.

The lawsuit has been filed in the New York Supreme Court and asks for $2 billion total from the defendants plus $500 million in punitive damages. For the full press release, visit the Pullman Group web site.

Information from Rancell

November 23: December 1 will be a bonus day for Bowie fans when Microsoft's WindowsMedia.com makes available a free download of the Under Pressure '99 remix video. The event is timed to mark World AIDS Day, and Internet downloaders will be given an opportunity to donate money to Queen's Mercury Phoenix Trust charity, an organization set up after Freddie Mercury's death to raise funds to fight AIDS. As reported last month, the new mix includes additional recording by the remaining members of Queen. The video combines archival footage of Queen with Bowie's performance of Under Pressure at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert to simulate a duet performance (Ed: although Queen and Bowie never performed together on stage).

The song will be released in the UK as a single on December 6, and is already available on Queen: Greatest Hits III. (Ed: Note that the video is already available in RealPlayer and Windows Media format at the VirginRadio.com web site.)

Link: WindowsMedia.com (not yet active)

Information from V2David

November 23: Stretching the allotted 90 minutes into a full 2 hours, Bowie performed 10 songs as well as giving an interview and taking questions from the audience in last night's Musique Plus television show. The interview touched on The Nomad Soul, art and the Sensation show, Ziggy Stardust 2, the Mahir phenomenon, and one person asked about what Bowie thought John Lennon would be doing if he were still alive. Bowie gave a long answer, but one point he made was that he was surprised no one had attempted to recreate Lennon today.

Richard J. wrote in to say that someone has attempted to recreate John Lennon at the John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project. Here's a sample of the dialogue with the AI John Lennon.

Q: Do you like David Bowie?
JL(AI): I don't know if I like David Bowie, but I like cats and dogs
Q:Are you afraid of Americans?
JL(AI): I don`t know if afraid of americans is really the question here.. I`ve got a good mind to have a few words with David on the subject
Q: Fame, what's your name?
JL(AI): I can't tell, are you a man, or a woman?

Musique Plus

Link: Musique Plus report

Information from JenC, Richard J., fwelm, Oval

November 22: Musique Plus, the French-Canadian music television station, will feature David Bowie on their program this evening at 6 p.m. ET. If you can't get Musique Plus, you can still check in on the goings-on during the live performance via an Internet webcam trained on the stage.

This shot was taken earlier this morning, showing the stage set up (the cameras appear to be turned off until the show later tonight).


Musique Plus

Information from fwelm

November 22: All three European shows next month are "officially" sold out, and not without some disorganisation, particularly in the case of the London show.

Milan, Italy
Tickets went on sale late Friday afternoon, and were sold out by Monday morning. It appears to have been difficult for people outside Italy as most of the tickets were sold through Italy's TICKETONE network in bars, rather than being available by phone.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tickets went on sale by phone and on the Internet at 10 a.m. today and by all accounts were sold out within three minutes.
London, England
The Astoria gig was the most confusing of all with about 5 different stories going around as to who actually would be selling tickets. At one point, Virgin Radio claimed that only they would have them, but advertisements in newspapers indicated that the traditional ticket outlets would also have them. People who queued at the Astoria Box Office from early in the morning were told that only 400 tickets were available. Even people who arrived two hours early were told at 10:15 a.m. that the Astoria had sold out. Said one frustrated buyer:
"What a shitty way to sell tickets. The rumours, the misinformation, the last minute information, the phone lines not working etc... End result: no fan I know was able to get tickets.

The Outside Organisation seems to make sure that fans in the UK run screaming in circles and end up with no tickets. Already the Hannover Grand tickets a couple of years ago caused grief and confusion. The touts will sure enjoy charging ticketless fans inflated prices on the 2nd!

Count yourself lucky if you did get a ticket to these events, and if you didn't, be prepared to have a lot of cash in your pocket when you turn up on the night to try and buy a scalper's ticket.

Information from Dozens of frustrated Europeans

November 22: The Copenhagen, Denmark show at the Vega club has now been officially confirmed by the venue itself, with tickets going on sale today, Monday 22. Capacity is around 1,500 people. Try visiting the Vega web site for more details.

Information from Peter F.

November 22: Tickets for the Alcatraz, Milan concert went on sale last Friday in the late afternoon. The promoters, Milano Concerti, told callers from outside Italy to call the Virgin Megastore Box Office in Milan, at +39 0272003370 to try and get tickets.

Good luck!

Information from Velvet Goldmine

November 20: Wearing a green suit, top and matching watch, Bowie entertained around 200 lucky winners of radio show and website giveaways, along with invited luminaries sitting in the gallery (Ed: Tony Visconti, Alanis Morrissette, David J, Virgin record execs).

The seventeen song set list contained a lot of the 'hours...' tracks along with a few oldies and a few new additions just for this show. Ashes To Ashes, Cracked Actor, Stay and I'm Afraid Of Americans were the surprise additions to last night's show.

We'll have more reports and hopefully photos over the coming week.

Link: Kit Kat Klub concert page

November 19: French record stores are currently advertising a soon-to-be-available "collector's edition" of 'hours...'. The two CD set will include the original album plus an enhanced CD with an interview, the Thursday's Child video, a video about the making of the video, and a collection of press and live photographs. Store catalogues list the release date as December 7, although it may be available sooner.

Information from Leona

November 18: Ticket information for the Astoria, London concert on December 2 has been announced. Tickets will be on sale to the general public for £20 each, starting at 10 a.m. Monday morning (Nov 22). However, there's still confusion over what agencies will be selling them, and how many each will have. For certain, the Astoria box office will have tickets if you can be there in person. Their telephone number is 0171 434 0403. According to information from BowieNet, telephone credit card sales will also be available from an official "Bowie" line @ 0990 321 321, as well as 0181 242 9595.

The usual ticket agencies First Call (0171 420 1000), TicketMaster (0171 344 4444) and Stargreen (0171 734 8032) may also have a limited number of tickets (Ed: TicketMaster has reportedly told a caller that they will only have 150 tickets, and expect them all to be sold by 10:10 a.m.). Our recommendation is that you call around each of the numbers and try and determine what's the most likely bet to pick up tickets. If you can afford to take time off work, probably the most reliable way would be to line up early at the Astoria box office in person with cash in hand.

Information from Martyn, Neil, Paul K., BowieNet

November 18: Just over 225 eager fans put their names into the hat for last night's drawing of ten tickets to tomorrow's Kit Kat Klub show in New York. The lucky winners were:

Edward Treder
Vicente Sotomayor
Katrina Whitehead
Aimee Kessler-Evans
Luis Clementino
Lauren Doucette
Jan Rudin
Dan Gallo
Kevin Brubaker
Philip Johnson

All winners should read their email and reply immediately to confirm their attendance. Thank you to all those who entered, and thank you to BowieNet, Virgin and David Bowie for making these tickets available!

November 17: Bowie and band appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell show this afternoon. Bowie performed Thursday's Child, was interviewed for 6 or 7 minutes, and then performed China Girl (Ed: Rosie's favourite song, apparently). The interview touched on 'hours...' of course, along with the tie-in with The Nomad Soul computer game (showing pictures of Bowie and Iman in their computer-generated game outfits). For more pictures, click here.


Link: Rosie O'Donnell page

November 17: With just 11 hours to go in the Teenage Wildlife Kit Kat Klub ticket drawing, there are already 180 people entered for the 10 tickets available. But even if you don't win here, you can get another chance by entering the BowieWonderWorld.com Kit Kat competition which also has another 10 tickets to give away to online Bowie fans. Go visit, answer the questions, and double your chances of winning a ticket to this exclusive last-of-the-century Bowie concert in the USA.

BowieWonderWorld.com Kit Kat Klub ticket drawing
Teenage Wildlife Kit Kat Klub ticket drawing

Information from Paul K.

November 17: We have a report directly in from the Conan O'Brien taping this afternoon. Bowie performed Thursday's Child, sat down for an interview with Conan which involved Bowie "singing" the lyrics to a song which Conan claimed to have entered into the What's Really Happening lyric contest. Then, for an encore, Bowie performed the Aladdin Sane classic Cracked Actor - a "really loud" version of it. Attire for the evening consisted of a red long sleeve t-shirt and black pants.

Traffic was heavy post-show, and Bowie had to wait for about 5 minutes while being mobbed for autographs before his handler retrieved him from the throng and took him into a guarded stairwell.


Link: Conan O'Brien Page

Information from Daniel

November 17: Café Persee in Deventer, The Netherlands will play host to a Bowie Day this coming Sunday, November 21. There'll be Bowie music, a raffle with Bowie prizes, stands and Bowie cover band Rust will also make an appearance. The international David Bowie fan club The Voyeur will also be present.

Where: Café Persee
Brink 32
The Netherlands
When: Sunday, November 21 @ 16.00
Price: Fl. 5

For more information, you can telephone (0) 570-613331 or email kok.b@worldonline.nl.

Information from Ludo

hotNovember 16: Are you in New York City or guaranteed to be there this Friday, November 19? Want to attend Bowie's invitation-only concert at the Kit Kat Klub? Then run over and enter yourself in the drawing for 10 tickets graciously donated to Teenage Wildlife fans by Virgin Music, BowieNet and David Bowie himself!

There are a few conditions to enter:

  1. You must be able to pick up your ticket late Friday afternoon (5:30-6:00) in New York City or personally arrange with me to pick it up at the venue before doors open at 8 p.m. If you are not absolutely positive that you can make it to New York for Friday afternoon, please don't enter the drawing as you will deny someone else the chance to attend if you do not show.
  2. The Kit Kat Klub enforces a strict 18 years of age and over policy, so please do not enter unless you are over 18. (Sorry, but this policy is out of our hands)
  3. The drawing will be open until Wednesday evening at 10 p.m. Eastern. The ten names will be picked immediately and email sent to confirm attendance at that time. You must respond to the confirmation email by Thursday afternoon to be assured of getting your ticket. (Ed: I am leaving town on Thursday evening and will no longer have access to email after that time.)
  4. Please read the full rules before entering.

Kit Kat Klub Ticket Giveaway

November 15: The children's movie Exhuming Mr. Rice which Bowie filmed last July in Vancouver is currently touring various film festivals around the world, and should hopefully enter general release sometime later next year. Here's the list of locations and dates for the festivals if you happen to be anywhere in the vicinity:

Nov 14-20The Golden ElephantIndia
Nov 21-Dec 8Junior DublinIreland
Nov 22-Dec 12CinemagicNorthern Ireland
Feb 2-11Tehran Film FestivalTehran, Iran
Feb 9-20KinderfestBerlin
Feb 25-Mar 5FantasportoPortugal

Link: Exhuming Mr. Rice

Information from BowieNet

November 12: Radio stations from around the US and even in the UK and Ireland have been running competitions this past week for tickets to the Kit Kat Klub concert next Friday in New York City. As mentioned in the briefs section and on the concert page, stations such as Montreal's CHOM, Vancouver's CFOX, New York's WAXQ, Detroit's WRIF and Boston's WFNX have all had ticket giveaways. Stations from as far away as the UK and Australia will also be sending winners to the show. Be sure to listen in to your local station to see if they're still running a competition.

If you're in New York City, you can still enter WBAI's competition by sending a postcard with your name, address, e-mail and/or phone number to:

Delphine Blue
120 Wall Street
New York, N.Y. 10005

The drawing will be held next Thursday so you'll have to be close to New York to get your postcard in on time (and be able to go to the show the next day).

Even if you're not one of the lucky winners, the show will be recorded and later webcast as part of American Express' Blue Concert series on December 7, as well as being simulcast on that date on over 100 radio stations across the U.S.

Information from rancell

November 11: Anyone who is going to see the Conan O'Brien taping on November 16th in New York City is invited to an informal gathering at Bar 9, on 9th Ave between 53rd and 54th (only a few long blocks and a few short blocks from the NBC studios!) afterwards!

Bar 9
807 Ninth Avenue
New York, NY 10019
Daily 4:30pm- 4:30am
Tel: (212) 399-9336

Need more info? Go to Bar 9's web page.

Food and drink in plenty, entrees are 9 - 11 dollars, and there is a back room we can escape to if we get too big! Tuesday night is Swing Night. Any questions, email Caz at czola@artibus.com.

Hope to see you there!

Information from CazMaTaz

November 11: Survive, the second UK single release from 'hours...' will not be released until the new year, with a current street date of January 10, 2000. According to information from BowieNet, there will be at least three different versions in the UK; two CD packages, and one other still to be announced (Ed: a vinyl release of some sort?). Both CDs will be enhanced CDs with video tracks playable on a personal computer. Here are the track listings:

Survive edit
Survive album version
The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell Stigmata soundtrack version
Survive video
Survive live
Thursday's Child live
Something In The Air live
Survive live video

The live tracks will all be culled from the Paris Elysée Montmartre concert on October 14, the same day Bowie was awarded the Chevalier des Arts et Lettres medal by the French government.

Information from BowieNet

November 10: Lester Bowie Lester Bowie, the famed jazz trumpeter who shared a surname with David Bowie (but no relation) and gave a virtuoso performance on the Black Tie White Noise album has died at the age of 58. He gave his last concert in France at the end of October and fell ill shortly afterwards. He returned to the USA for treatment but passed away yesterday from complications of liver cancer, the same disease which claimed Mick Ronson who coincidentally played with both Bowies on the same Black Tie White Noise album. Our condolences to Lester Bowie's family.

<<- Lester Bowie profile ->>

Information from Erik V.

November 10: Last night's The Priory premiere on the UK's Channel 4 featured Bowie answering videotaped fan questions from his Vienna hotel room (Ed: recorded before the Vienna concert last month). Alan M. has scanned in a few snaps from the show and also digitized the segment in RealAudio. Check it all out on the The Priory page.


Information from Alan M., Alan D.

November 9: From the "tour that isn't really a tour" department comes confirmation from BowieNet of three additional concerts in early December across Europe. The three announced and confirmed dates are:

December 2, The Astoria, London, England
December 5, Alcatraz, Milan, Italy
December 7, Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark

No ticket prices or availability have been announced, but if fans on the ground hear anything more by contacting the venues, please email us!

Information from BowieNet

November 9: Natalie Merchant's live cover of Space Oddity from her Live In Concert album is officially on sale today in the U.S. In the November 1 Rockline radio interview, Bowie said that while he didn't usually like covers of his songs, he did like Merchant's version (Ed: of course, she was sitting next to him at the time :)). You may not like Natalie Merchant, or particularly care about her cover, but it is likely to get fairly good airplay in the U.S. with lots of stations putting it on medium rotation. So when someone walks up to you and gushes about that "great new Major Tom song from Natalie Merchant!", you'll know what the hell they're talking about and be able to put them in their place :)


November 8: A Catalan web site for Radio D.O.S. 84, a program on radio station 105.8FM out of Girona, Catalunya has three Bowie tracks from 'hours...' in Windows Media Player format available for download. Of particular interest is that the third track is a cover of Bob Dylan's Tryin' To Get to Heaven, which the site claims is an outtake from the 'hours...' sessions given to them by Virgin record executives. It may be included as a B-side on a future single (Ed: possibly the Survive single?). The track sounds like an 'hours...' era song to our ears and Teenage Wildlife has received information in the past month about a CD-R disc circulating which includes this track together with different Danny Saber remixes of Fun.

UPDATE A reader wrote in to say that this track was played on Spanish radio last month when Bowie was in Spain, which is why the download provided (taken from the radio) has the DJ speaking over the beginning and end of the track.

If you have Windows Media Player on your computer, get in quick and download the track to be one of the first to hear this new song.

Tryin' To Get to Heaven download site
Bob Dylan.com lyrics

Information from Eric, Zig Dust, Charlotte, Orlando, Jean and Rian

November 7: Eidos has released a collectors edition of the recently released The Nomad Soul to French stores such as FNAC, Virgin and Micromania. Limited to 5,500 copies, the package includes:

The price is 499 French francs, although finding it online may be an impossible task.

collector collector collector

Information from Léona

November 5: We're pleased to once again have a giveaway sponsored by Eil.com for the month of November. This time, Eil has donated a copy of the US promo for The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, which includes radio edits of both the title song and Thursday's Child, along with various call-out hooks for radio use. You can enter by visiting the Eil CD Giveaway page and answering the question (you can find the answer on the Eil website). Once again, this time you can enter once a day; every time you enter increases your chances of winning. The contest will close at the end of this month on November 30. Enjoy!

EIL Giveaway

November 5: In another celebrity-branding exercise, online bank USABancShares.com is teaming up with BowieNet to present you with:


BowieBanc Logo

The new venture promises personalized Bowie checks and MasterMoney/ATM card for your account, and in a special limited time offer will also give you twelve months of free premium access to BowieNet so long as you maintain a $250 average minimum monthly balance. You must also be at least 18 years of age and a US resident to open an account.

The BowieNet branding looks as though it will join other prominent Internet companies in similar plans: Apple, Google.com, Salon.com and RedHat are among the other companies listed on one of the signup pages. (Ed: We haven't seen an official press release on this from BowieNet yet, so we're not sure if the offer is officially open.)

Link: BowieBanc.com

Information from David E.

November 4: The December 7th American Express Blue Concert webcast which we mentioned last month has been confirmed by BowieNet as a recorded version of the private Kit Kat Klub club gig in New York in a fortnight. The concert will be filmed and recorded and then rebroadcast both over the Internet and by radio stations throughout the US. A full list of the radio stations taking part is forthcoming, but the webcast will be available anywhere in the world via QuickTime 4.0 and Windows Media Player at the Blue Concert Series web site.

Unfortunately, even if you're in New York, you won't be able to buy a ticket to the Kit Kat Klub show although you may be able to win a ticket from radio station giveaways in other cities (and last week's VH-1 contest). For example, Boston radio station WFNX is offering a chance to win the trip to New York and concert. You can enter at their website and listen online at fnxradio.com. Similarly, Montreal's Chom 97.7 FM is running a Kit Kat Klub ticket contest. Listen to win!

Information from Christine, Jess, BowieNet

November 4: Congratulations to the following four winners of saxophonist Simon Haram's Alone... CD which includes a cover of Bowie's Warszawa.

William Cullen, Ontario, Canada
Crystal Weech, Duluth, Minnesota
Eric Potasse, Ontario, Canada
Pauline Goettsch, Leiden, The Netherlands

If you missed out but would like to buy your own copy of Haram's album, you can order it online from Black Box Music.

In our monthly CD drawing, Artem Krsheminsky from Ukraine was the lucky winner and he chose 'hours...' as his prize from CDNow. Remember, if you want to be eligible for the monthly drawing, you must be entered in the fan registry and have your profile available for others to see.

Alone CD

November 4: Reeves Gabrels will release his new solo album Ulysses (della notte) tonight at midnight via his web site www.ReevesGabrels.com. The album which Gabrels has recently completed will not be available in stores, but instead will be made available online through any CDDB-enabled application such as RealJukebox, WinAmp, and MusicMatch. When you buy the album online, you'll also receive a bonus player that is the equivalent of a virtual album cover with audio playback capability. The result is the integration of the music and album art online.

This ability to deliver music quickly and on his own terms evidently pleases Gabrels:

"The Internet lets me make my music available to listeners within a week of completion. And these songs are coming out unaltered or remixed by a record labelís A&R department. What you hear is what I wanted you to get. No compromises."

For more information, read the press release from CDDB.

Link: Press Release

Information from CDDB

November 3: The DocRock show from Germany is hosting a Bowie chat night on Sunday featuring a Realvideo-concert-clip of The Nomad Soul, a lottery where you can win Bowie-related items, and an interview with the makers of The Nomad Soul.

The Chat-Night takes place on

Sunday, November 7th
8:00 pm - 12:00pm CET
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST
11:00 am - 3:00 pm PST

Information from DocRock via Reinhold

November 3: Top Of The Pops 2 devoted its entire program to David Bowie last night playing clips from the early 70s, pre-recorded tracks from 'hours...' at the Storytellers' Rehearsals, and interspersing them all with a recent interview. For more snaps and a list of all the videos which were played, click here!. (Ed: If you missed it, the show will be repeated this Saturday. See the appearances page.)


While we're on the subject of UK appearances, Bowie will be on Radio Two's Saturday Music Mix this weekend November 6 although this is probably a pre-recorded interview or performances for radio. Next Tuesday, November 9, VH-1 in the UK will have the first showing of Storytellers in Europe as part of a David Bowie Day. They'll also show some older performances such as Live At The Beat Club, so be sure to catch it! Also on Tuesday, Channel 4 is airing a new show called Right About Now which will see Bowie answering videotaped questions from fans as one of their segments.

Information from Stephen C., Alan M.

November 3: Eidos Interactive is running a special t-shirt offer for those who buy The Nomad Soul (the new Windows 95/98 computer game which features Bowie and Gabrels' music along with their and Iman's animated characters). If you order directly from their site, you'll get a long sleeve black t-shirt with the words "Who will you be after you die?" on the front and the Omikron titling down one sleeve. Very nice, although no direct Bowie reference on it.

Nomad t-shirt
Buy the game and this t-shirt @ Eidos!

In other Nomad Soul news, here's the full track listing of Bowie songs from the manual:

  1. Thursdays Child
  2. Something In The Air
  3. Survive
  4. Seven
  5. We All Go Through
  6. Pretty things Going To Hell
  7. Omikron (New Angels Of Promise)
  8. The Dreamers

If you do the set difference, you'll see that If I'm Dreaming My Life, What's Really Happening and Brilliant Adventure are the only songs composed specifically for 'hours.... There are also 27 instrumentals through the game, mostly composed by Reeves Gabrels according to the manual. A fast Pentium II with a good 3D graphics card is recommended to play the game from those who have tried it already.

Information from James W., Charlie, Neill M.

November 2: Tom Boon's excellent EnoWeb Brian Eno site has a news item about Eno putting his famous EMS Synthi-AKS "suitcase-synth" up for auction on the Internet at VEMIA (Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auctions). Eno bought the synthesizer in the early 70s and used it for many years including all three of Low, "Heroes" and Lodger. The reserve price for the instrument is £2000 and the auction runs from November 1 through the 15th. If you have a few thousand dollars lying around and want to one of the most famous instruments in the modern era, check it out at the VEMIA web site.

Also on the topic of Eno, if you have a fast connection and Windows Media Player, you can see an interview with Eno from October 13 last where he talks about his current work and answers questions from the audience at Stanford University. Take a look and see if you can tell which question was asked by yours truly :)

Information from Richard Joly

November 2: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, the Off Broadway musical about an East German transvestite would-be rock star officially opened on Halloween night at the Henry Fonda theatre in Hollywood. As we reported in September, Bowie liked the musical so much that he took on the role of co-producer in the Los Angeles production, and according to this LA Times article, his personal investment was to the tune of $150,000. Says producer Joan Stein, "David's very involved with the show, and he'll be promoting 'Hedwig' on his Web site, setting up a live Internet press conference, on-line chats and coordinating with our own Web site."

Initial reviews from the opening LA show are very strong. Steven Oxman writes in Variety Entertainment:

"It's easy enough for a show to have a provocative premise; what's startling here is that John Cameron Mitchell's script and Stephen Trask's lyrics are so wonderfully evocative that they take the sensational aspects of the character and make them meaningful. Michael Cerveris delivers a superb performance in this polished, energetic mix of monologue, rock concert, German-style cabaret and downtown performance art.

David Bowie has signed on as a producer for this open-ended L.A. run, and the match is ideal. Hedwig's unparalleled identity crisis and effortless charisma capture the essence of glam-rock in a way that the film "Velvet Goldmine" never touched, and take it into a political and global context."

If you're in the LA area, you can buy tickets online at the Henry Fonda Theatre website.

Information from RB

November 2: Last night's 1000th edition of Rockline was recorded at New York's Museum of Television and Radio with David Bowie as guest. Also in attendance for the whole interview was Tony Visconti as Bowie took questions from call-in listeners and a few tracks were played between the calls. Not a whole lot new to report, although Natalie Merchant happened to also be there and dropped in to talk about her cover of Space Oddity which will be the single from her forthcoming live album due for release next week. On the subject of covers, Bowie of course said he liked Merchant's version but didn't like Oasis' cover of "Heroes".

Visconti and Bowie joked with each other about who had the most Bowie bootlegs; Bowie once again reiterating that he thought he had almost everything he'd ever recorded since 1966 lying around somewhere and that he planned to release some of it out in an anthology project.

A couple of Teenage Wildlife readers got through with questions, including Emily B. from Maine who asked about Hedwig and the Angry Inch and surprised Bowie by knowing the Pink Floyd song See Emily Play which Bowie covered on Pin Ups. Emily sent email asking if anyone has a tape copy of the show with her asking her question... if you do, and would be happy to make a copy for her, please email me at webmaster@teenagewildlife.com.

Information from Emily

November 1: In the process of officially declining to appear at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert a couple of weeks ago, Bowie did make some comments to Norwegian media regarding his future plans. He confirmed that he would be concentrating on finishing the Ziggy Stardust theatre production which he hopes to premiere in New York next year, along with "another piece of work" (Ed: also mentioned last month.) In addition, he reaffirmed that he won't be touring for another 18 months, but that when he does, he will "tour until I drop".

Information from Arild, Helen

November 1: Bowie will be the guest on the 1000th edition of Rockline, the nationally syndicated US radio show which allows listeners to call in with questions for the guest. Tonight's show starts half an hour earlier than normal, commencing at 11 p.m. Eastern Time/ 8 p.m. Pacific Time. If you're in the USA or Canda, you can call toll-free at 1-800-344-ROCK or email a question to rockline@aol.com.

Check the station roster for a list of stations which carry the show. If there isn't one in your area or you live outside North America, many of the stations now broadcast live in RealAudio (look for the listings on the station roster with a "R" icon next to them) so you can listen in from around the world. If you miss it tonight, Rockline is usually also rebroadcast on Wednesday night in the same time slot.

Link: Rockline Station Roster

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