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News September 1999

September 30: Y107FM, Los Angeles' modern rock station, will be airing a three hour Bowie special this coming Sunday, October 3 at 9 p.m. Pacific Time. This is immediately following the Modern Rock Live interview with Bowie to promote the 'hours...' album. Chris Carter, the D.J. for Y107FM's Sunday evening show, says he will be playing cuts from all Bowie albums, B-sides, rarities, and even the live/acoustic tracks from Hollywood, circa 1971 that Carter found while researching his Rodney Bingenheimer documentary.

As a special treat, Chris tells us that he has been promised by Max Tolkoff, the host of Modern Rock Live, that Bowie will call into the Y107FM show sometime in the first half hour following the conclusion of Modern Rock Live. Chris is a big Bowie fan and was the first radio host in the world to play tracks from 'hours...' on his Y107FM show almost three weeks ago. You can check out a recent playlist of his at his web site.

Best of all, even if you don't have a radio station which carries Modern Rock Live in your vicinity, you can listen in to Chris' show on Y107FM which broadcasts live over the Internet using Windows Media Player. So, strap yourself into that favourite chair of yours, fill the fridge full of an appropriate beverage, and get ready to listen to an evening full of Bowie this Sunday.

Link: Y107FM Radio

Information from Chris C.

September 30: Channel 10 in Australia is running a Bowie competition in conjunction with the release of 'hours...', with first prize being a trip for two to New York to "be part of an extremely small audience at a special David Bowie performance". The blurb continues:

For your chance to win dial the competition line at 1902 555 300, answer some easy questions, be available early November and Bon Voyage.

Looks like a New York club date is now confirmed, or there's going to be a couple of very jetlagged and disappointed Australians in NYC come November.

Link: Channel Ten Bowie Competition Info

Information from Dave G.

September 30: Virgin Megastore may have failed to come through, but the Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery and Walter Magnuson will be hosting a gathering to listen to the 'hours...' album the night of its US release October 5. In addition to hearing the album, they'll also be screening the Thursday's Child video and lots of other Bowie-related bits and pieces. (Ed: if you recall, the Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery hosted a "Bowie" show earlier this year.). The event details are as follows:

Where: Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, 453 West 17th Street, NYC.
When: October 5, 7-9 p.m.
Contact: Tel: (212) 414-4560
Email: r_goldsworthy@hotmail.com

Information from Walter Magnuson via BowieWonderworld.com

September 30: Forget about setting those alarm clocks for Tuesday morning in New York City. After telling callers just two days previously that Bowie would show up at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square to give a special performance for the first 2-300 buyers, Virgin suddenly changed its tune yesterday. Two callers were told that the "Bowie appearance is now cancelled". We apologise on behalf of Virgin's indecisiveness.

Information from pFurs, Daniel

September 29: Just confirmed. As rumoured a few days ago, another small club show in Dublin, Ireland is now confirmed for October 10. Tickets go on sale October 4. Only 650 tickets will be available, so this looks like it will be another tough one to get tickets for.

Where: Dublin HQ, Dublin, Ireland
When: October 10

Link: Dublin HQ concert page

Information from BowieNet

September 29: Japanese Bowie fans were first to get their hands on the official release of 'hours...' when it arrived in stores there today. As we mentioned last month, certain versions of 'hours...' will include a lenticular cover which provides a "3D viewing effect" with no special viewing apparatus. The Japanese edition includes this cover, with the "two Bowies" appearing to reside in 3D space as you move the CD case around. While The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell was expected to also be released there today as a single, it appears that it has now been postponed to probably mid October.

Thanks to our Japanese contributor Yasuko, we have scans of the front and back of the Japanese release, hot off the press!

Japanese front Japanese back

Information from Yasuko

September 29: Howard Stern, the bad-boy of US radio, mentioned briefly on his show this morning that tomorrow's guests would include "David Bowie, who's coming in here to play us Rebel Rebel". Past readers will remember that Bowie played at Stern's 1998 Birthday Party, but has never been a guest on the show itself. While Stern's scheduled guests are often subject to flux, if you can get the station in your area tomorrow, it might pay to listen in tomorrow morning, Thursday, September 30.

Information from Barb, Pat

September 28: It's causing the predictable political shenannigans over use of public money for controversial art, but the Brooklyn Museum of Art's Sensation exhibition is interesting to Bowie fans for at least two reasons. First, Bowie will be the audio tour narrator (Ed: strange visions of hundreds of people walking around with Bowie whispering in their air). Secondly, while the exhibit opens to the public on October 2, there's a celebrity gala opening expected to take place either Wednesday or Thursday, and there's a very good chance Bowie will be in attendance.

Information from Aki

September 27: The Virgin Megastore in Times Square, New York City told a caller today that people will be able to purchase 'hours...' beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, October 5 - the official release date of 'hours...' in the USA. The first 200-300 people will receive a VIP pass to see Bowie's "performance" which is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. that same afternoon. According to the representative on the phone, there will be no signing, just the performance. For more information, the store's phone number is (212) 921-1020. (Ed: If you call and hear any additional info, please email me and I'll update this breaking news)

Information from David E.

September 27: Word has reached us via a very reliable source that a Paris concert has been confirmed for October 14 at the Elysée Montmartre. The venue holds just 1000 people, and only 700 tickets will be made available to the public according to our source (the rest will be assigned to VIPs). The Elysée Montmartre is where Mick Ronson (with Ian Hunter) performed the last time he was in Paris before his death.

Link: Elysé Montmartre, Paris, France

September 27: It was a brief appearance by Bowie on the Saturday Night Live 25th Anniversary Special last night. Nattily attired in a plaid jacket, he and Jerry Seinfeld introduced musical guests Eurthymics and cracked jokes about each other performing the same old material (Changes in Bowie's case), while Seinfeld made reference to Chris Rock's introduction at the MTV Awards and joked "But you're English". Bowie did get a short clip of his famous TVC-15 performance in the 1975-1979 musical retrospective.


Link: Saturday Night Live 25th Special snaps

September 27: If you were unfortunate enough to buy tickets or tour packages through Odyssey's End or The Year 2000 Festival company to the failed Gisborne 2000 concert, the liquidators are now in the process of settling the proceeds of the company. You can register yourself as an unsecured creditor by sending your name, a letter indicating you wish to be listed as an unsecured creditor of The Year 2000 Festival Company to:

Pierce Tubbs, Chartered Accountants
PO Box 2283
New Zealand

Email: pierce-tubbs@xtra.co.nz
Fax: (03) 366 5525

You can read more on the Gisborne 2000 liquidation page. (Ed: With company assets of $60K and debts of $1 million, don't hold out much hope.) Philip Perry sent in a Major Dave cartoon from the New Zealand Listener.

Information from Rachel S. and Philip Perry

September 26: Aided by a strong video and a timely Top Of The Pops appearance, the Thursday's Child single casually slotted in at #16 on the official UK charts, and #15 on the Sky charts. This makes it Bowie's 56th Top 40 UK hit, and his 11th in the 1990s! Read all about Thursday's Child's performance in the charts in Dara's chartwatch.

Information from Dara and Neill M.

September 26: RUMOUR ALERT The Lazy & Web-Impaired Newsletter reports in the latest issue that Bowie has been making comments regarding probable concerts in Dublin and Paris in addition to the Vienna concert that was confirmed late last week. There's still a faint possibility of a New York club gig according to the newsletter.

The Paris rumour may tie in with our report earlier in the month about a concert at the Olympia Club although later information indicated that both of the dates mentioned in that report were already booked for other artists. For the Dublin concert, we've heard a date of October 10 bandied about. This is the day after NetAid in London, but for now there is no official confirmation on either of these rumoured club dates.

Stay tuned!

Information from Bonster

September 26: Although VH-1 managed to air 5 hours of Saturday Night Live retrospectives this past week without so much as mentioning Bowie's past musical appearances once, NBC will be more forthcoming in their two and a half hour Saturday Night Live: 25th Anniversary Special airing tonight, September 26 at 9 p.m.. BowieNet has confirmed that there will be a "surprise appearance", but we have inside word from a reader with a friend on the crew who says Bowie will be sitting "in the front row next to Jerry Seinfeld".

As we mentioned earlier in the month, Bowie will be the musical guest and Jerry Seinfeld the host on the official season premiere of Saturday Night Live airing this coming Saturday, October 2.

When: Sunday, September 26, 9 p.m.
Where: NBC
What: Saturday Night Live: 25th Anniversary Special

Information from Jim C., ULFDUB, BowieNet

September 25: Planning to attend the NetAid concert at Wembley on October 9? Going to be in London for the whole weekend? Read on for the following party announcement from Electric Blue and Spaceface!

A Veritable BowieFest on a Stick

Treking all the way to London for NETAID? Want to make it a weekend long party? The BowieFest starts here!! We are proud to announce the BowieNet UK Bash on Friday 8th October.

The Place: Edward's pub, Hammersmith (Upstairs function room))
The Time: 8 for 8:30pm

Set in a private room with own bar just a stone's throw from the Hammersmith Odeon (now Apollo), of farewell Ziggy concert fame, it is the ideal location for a Bowie party and to meet BowieNetters from across the world! What a way to set the tone the night before setting off to see the man himself at NetAid!!

Details: We are expecting a great crowd for the party, we can accomodate up to 200 people. There will be a minimal charge of £3 per person to cover costs of room hire and the DJ, any surplus funds will be donated to the NetAid charity. Bring your Bowie CD's with you to add to the Bowie atmosphere! Plus special BNet goodies to be had in a grand giveaway!

We will be operating a strict door policy for the event, so please mail us using the link below, and tell us that you are coming - giving your real name and net/chat name and the number in your party. To be sure of getting in mail us straight away at


Travel: Edward's is on the corner of King Street and Beadon Road in Hammersmith.
By Tube: District Line to Hammersmith turn right out of the station and it's across the road. Picadilly Line to Hammersmith: pub is opposite the station.

This BNet event has been brought to you by : Electric Blue (Steph) and Spaceface (Karen)

Information from Electric Blue

September 25: The long drought for USA Bowie fans will end on Tuesday when the EMI reissued back catalogue hits stores. Overseas, the reissues are getting heavy promotion. UK buyers at HMV can enter to win one of five autographed paintings by Bowie as first prize, or the entire 17 album catalogue as second prize. Meanwhile, French web site Liberation.com has an extensive Flash promotion online, including clips from each album. Definitely worth taking the time to browse!


Liberation.com Bowie presentation
Bowie @ CDNow

Information from Alan M. and Jim Taylor

September 25: Got a slow computer and connection? Living outside North America or Australia? Been envious of those who can download the whole 'hours...' album in LiquidAudio or MS Media Player? Well, you can lighten that shade of green via the 'hours...' listening webring, a collection of ten sites which are offering one track each in its entirety via RealAudio format.

You can start off at the Eden web site and then cycle through each track by going to the next web site in the ring.

Link: 'hours...' RealAudio webring

Information from Jason H, Zig Dust, BowieNet

September 25: Bowie and band were featured on the BBC's Top Of The Pops last night, singing the just-released single in the UK and Europe, Thursday's Child. As we mentioned earlier, this performance seems to have been taped in the USA, and judging by the backdrop, clothing and band (Reeves Gabrels reporting for duty for example), it was almost certainly filmed at rehearsals for the VH-1 Storytellers' taping last month. Alan M. went above and beyond the call of duty and grabbed some snaps from the television as well as producing a RealVideo clip of the performance.

Link: Top Of The Pops pictures and more

Bowie @ TOTP 1999

Information from Alan M.

September 24: Sporting a grey and maroon-trimmed shirt with black trousers, Bowie took to the stage with his new band to perform at last night's MuchMusic Awards show. With Page Hamilton on lead guitar (Ed: first time Bowie's been Reeves-less since 1990??), they ripped into The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, and then beat a hasty retreat to escape the autograph-seeking fans.

MuchMusic Awards 99
from Toronto Sun

In other news, the Conan O'Brien show which will be taped November 16 in New York City apparently still has some tickets available (as of yesterday) for that particular show. You can try calling (212) 664-3056 to get up to 4 tickets per person if you plan to be in the area on that date. For the Saturday Night Live show next weekend, NBC makes standby tickets available if you turn up at the NBC building from 9 a.m. on the day of the taping. Call the above number for more details.

Information from Wembley, sQ, Eric, BowieNet

September 23: The Netherlands' largest retail record store chain Free Record Shop is removing all David Bowie CDs from sale in protest at the digital download option for 'hours...' two weeks before its regular music store release. According to Mr DaSilva, spokesman for the chain, they consider this as "false competition", and are particularly incensed by the digital-only availability of the bonus track No One Calls which will not be available on their regular hard copy. Free Record Shop is attempting to get other Dutch music retailers to join them in the boycott. (Ed: another example of retailers trying to fight rather than embrace the Internet??)

Link: ANP News Story

Information from Evina, Pepijn

September 22: Although Bowie himself issued a statement that there would be only radio and television performances, it appears that at least the lucky residents of Vienna, Austria will get a chance to see Bowie and band in a live club gig October 17 at the Libro Music Hall. Three different readers wrote in to report the announcement on radio station ORF this afternoon of the small gig. Tickets go on sale this coming Monday, September 27 from all Libro stores at a price of 490 schillings. The venue has a capacity of around 3,000 people, although tickets will reportedly be limited to 1,800. Concert starts at 8 p.m.

Information from Bernd, Martin and Rian

September 22: UK viewers get ready to see Bowie on the BBC's Top Of The Pops, this Friday, September 24 at 7:30 p.m. Bowie will be performing his current single Thursday's Child. (Ed: A BBC spokesman told a fan that this performance was recorded in the USA three or so weeks ago).

Where?: BBC Top Of The Pops
When?: Friday, September 24, 7:30 p.m.
What?: Thursday's Child

Information from Charles

September 21: MSN.com has come to the rescue and put up a comprehensive page for the 'hours...' album Internet download, including links to vendors, lyrics, and even the video for Thursday's Child (Ed: which may be the best chance for many of us to see it. (UPDATE) The second UK CD single has the entire Thursday's Child video on the CD in high quality Quicktime format.). Of course, you'll have to risk installing Windows Media Player to play them all, but it's all available on their web page.

Link: David Bowie Preview (WindowsMedia.com)

Information from Rosie

September 21: Today is the last day to take advantage of CDNow's sale where you can get up to 30% off albums. Of particular interest to Bowie fans is that you can preorder 'hours...' for just $12.49, along with all of the EMI remastered albums which will be released next week. (Ed: just as a consumer note, if you select an advance release your entire order will ship the Friday before the official release date.)

CDNow in conjunction with GAP is also running one of those "musicians of the millennium" type competitions, and you can vote for Bowie at this web page.


September 21: If you have to be the first on the block to hear 'hours...', you can get started right now by downloading it in Liquid Audio format from HMV.com. They're charging full price of $17.98 for the 50 minutes and 25 seconds of music (including the bonus track which is now said to be No One Calls). We've already received reports that the Liquid Audio servers are getting bogged down with the heavy requests, understandable on the first day of events like these.

If you want to go straight to the download without reading HMV's blurb (Ed: Before there was Madonna, there was the one and only David Bowie??), here's the direct link. Be warned that unless you have a fast cable modem or DSL connection, you'll need the patience of Job to download the entire album.

Information from Peter

Win this book!

September 20: Dara O'Kearney, long time Teenage Wildlife contributor and respected online Bowie historian, has written an exclusive review of Strange Fascination, the just-released David Bowie biography by David Buckley. Weighing in at over 400 pages of extensively researched material on Bowie, Dara says of the book:

"If you read only one Bowie book ever, this should be it"

In conjunction with the release and Dara's review, Virgin Publishing has graciously donated ten copies of the book to be given away to Teenage Wildlifers who can answer a simple question about the author, David Buckley. (Ed: Hint, the answer can be found in the Strange Fascination section of the site). The competition will run through October 4, and we'll draw the winners the next day, just in time for the official hardcopy release of 'hours...'.

Dara O'Kearney's Strange Fascination review
Strange Fascination Competition

Information from Dara O'Kearney, Virgin Publishing

September 20: Thursday's Child, the first single from the 'hours...' album officially hit stores in the UK today, along with the second set of EMI remasters. UKers visit your local store to pick up a copy, or if you're in the rest of the world, you could try 101cd.com.


September 20: Mark and Lard, who first played the Thursday's Child single in late August, confirmed today an appearance date for Bowie on their afternoon BBC Radio 1 show. According to the duo, Bowie will perform three live songs with a cut down band on their 2-5 p.m. show October 27. They may "even allow a few people in to see it"... so UK listeners keep those ears at the ready.

Information from Graeme B., Neill M.

September 20: Add another item to your VCR's program schedule. Music365 reports that Bowie will be a guest on BBC2's Later with Jools Holland show which airs Saturday, October 30. Other guests listed for the show are Cheikh Lo and Jimmy Scott. Later with Jools Holland is a live music show which is now in its eighth year of production.

Information from Richard

September 19: Although it seems last year's "spaghetti" western Il Mio West didn't make it to a general release outside of Italy, you can now view it in the privacy of your own home. The Giovanni Veronesi film, starring Bowie as gunman Jack Sikora, didn't make it big at the box office in Italy, but you can buy it online at the Italian language CDStore.sm. (Ed: Caution! PAL video format will not play on most North American VCRs)


Information from Stefano

September 19: Long time Bowie fan Steve K. of Philadelphia, PA was the lucky winner drawn in this afternoon's Esprit CD giveaway. He'll get a free copy of the Hallo Spaceboy promo single featuring the Pet Shop Boys. Among the attendees at the online drawing, Zig Dust was picked as the bonus prize winner. He'll receive a copy of the Thursday's Child UK single.

Congratulations Steve and Zig!

Esprit CD giveaway

September 17: Chalk up another strongly rumoured television appearance to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet which reported yesterday that Bowie would be a guest on the November 4 airing of Sen Kvall Med Luuk (translates as "Late Night with Luuk"). Other guests will include Tom Jones (Ed: now there's an interesting duet thought :)) and Mary J Blige on the show hosted by Sweden's answer to David Letterman, Kristian Luuk.

Link: Aftonbladet (in Swedish)

Information from Daniel, Zig Dust, Tapio

September 17: With the first single Thursday's Child ready for sale early next week in the UK, Teenage Wildlife has received scans of the singles' covers. The UK gets two separate CDs because of the "chart laws" there which say that only CDs with three or fewer songs can be considered a single. There'll also be an international version released the following week throughout Europe. For more information, see the Thursday's Child single page.

cover 1
Preorder UK Single 1

cover 2
Preorder UK Single 2

September 16: Bowie's oft-cited claim to want to produce a stage version of Ziggy Stardust may get a boost and valuable learning experience with today's announcement that he will be co-producing the Los Angeles premiere of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The widely acclaimed off-Broadway stage show about an East German transsexual rock performer will be getting his assistance along with co-producers Susan Dietz and Joan Stein when it starts at Hollywood's Henry Fonda Theatre on October 22 with the official opening date October 31.

Now in its second year in New York, the show was included on Time Magazine's 1998 list of The Best of Theatre, won the 1998 Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Musical, and received mostly rave reviews from the New York media. Michael Cerveris who plays the lead role will move to Los Angeles for the new production, while Ally Sheedy will take over in the continuing show in New York.

With most critics and reviews drawing obvious parallels to Bowie's own adrogynous Ziggy Stardust character of the 70s, Bowie's interest in the show is hardly surprising. The press release leads with his quote: "Hedwig" is the most wholly rounded piece of rock theatre that we've seen in years.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - the CD

Information from rancell

September 16: As noted earlier this month, erstwhile Bowie conspirator and guitarist Reeves Gabrels is taking some time off over the next few months to finish his own album and wrap up some of his own projects. In an email to BowieWonderworld.com, Reeves indicated that the parting was temporary:

Page Hamilton
Page Hamilton
"It is all amicable and we plan on reuniting for the next studio project. Plus, as far as I know (and I would have known) there is no tour ... just a bunch of press dates. A tour might have made me stay."

Taking over Reeves' well-worn spot stage-right will be Page Hamilton, formerly of "alternative metal" band Helmet. Hamilton will appear at Bowie's scheduled promotional appearances over the next couple of months, including the worldwide NetAid appearance at Wembley next month. According to Hamilton's management firm:

"He's met with Bowie and auditioned for him. They didn't have a prior relationship. Bowie didn't know him but knew his work. Page is slowly learning all the songs."

Let's hope he's a fast learner.

Information from Coldfyr, BowieWonderworld.com, BowieNet

September 16: Although no European appearances other than NetAid at Wembley are "100% confirmed", a contributor sent in confirmation from a source at the BBC that Bowie will appear on Top Of The Pops in early October, most likely October 8. Top of the Pops is generally prerecorded about two weeks before the air date, but this time, our sources indicate that this performance was recorded about two weeks ago in the United States, which means fans who were hoping to get in on the taping are out of luck.

In other European television news, Italy's major newspaper La Repubblica has a major article today about a Bowie appearance on a new television show hosted by Italian singer Adriano Celentano. The most likely date for this Saturday night show is October 16. More information is at Italian fanclub Velvet Goldmine's website.

Information from Ads, Stefano

September 14: BowieNet has updated their list of officially confirmed appearances this afternoon to include the Saturday Night Live show, October 2 on NBC. In addition, they've confirmed one talk show appearance with David Letterman for October 4 on CBS. Sandwiched in between will be an appearance on the syndicated Modern Rock Live radio show October 3, which airs on various "alternative rock" stations around the USA. (Ed: to find a station near you, check this list.)

Keep checking the appearances page for the times and dates as more media events are confirmed.

Information from Hallu, BowieNet, Barbara, rancell, Dauphne

September 14: RUMOUR ALERT It's looking extremely likely that Bowie will be the musical guest on the opening show of Saturday Night Live's 25th season which airs October 2. BowieNet has already confirmed that Bowie is 100% confirmed for "An American TV Show" on that date, and we're hardly going out on a limb by saying that the only show which would feature Bowie on a Saturday in the US would be Saturday Night Live.

To confirm, we've also received reliable information from a second source that an official announcement is expected from NBC this week confirming Bowie as musical guest and Jerry Seinfeld as the guest host. Saturday Night Live is making a big deal out of their 25th anniversary season, so for Bowie to be the guest musical performer on their opening show would be a major coup. (Ed: As mentioned last month, there will be a brace of CDs of past show performances including Bowie's Scary Monsters from 1997). We'll confirm as soon as NBC issues an official press release.

Information from rancell

September 14: A lucky reader with access to the promotional version of 'hours...' was kind enough to send in scans of the back cover and CD promo itself. The spine of the promo confirms that like "Heroes", the enclosing single quotes are an integral part of the album title.

UPDATE Erick Haight sent in this reader review of an advance promo CD of 'hours...'


(Ed: We have word that the consumer release of the album may omit the graphic art from the front cover and consist of just the raw Tim Brett-Day photograph currently on the front cover of the promo.)

Information from Sean D. via Weird and Gilly

September 14: There'll be good reason to buy the singles as well as the 'hours...' album if you intend to have a comprehensive collection of Bowie's music. The tracklistings for the Thursday's Child single and the now confirmed Pretty Things Are Going To Hell Japanese single indicate there'll be three new songs as B-sides. They are:

In addition, the Japanese album bonus track We All Go Through will appear on one of the UK CDs. There'll also be a rock mix of the Thursday's Child song itself on one of the UK CDs and the international version of the single. There's still no word on any official US-specific single release at this time.

Thursday's Child (Two UK and one international version)
The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell (Japanese version)

September 13: Austrian news media carried this story a few days ago about negotiations between Bowie management and video producers Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher (DoRo) to create a video for the early 80's Queen collaboration Under Pressure. The song which was a huge hit across the world, and later performed by Bowie at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert as well as on recent tours, is mentioned in the article for inclusion on a Greatest Hits 3 compilation (Ed: possibly the on-again, off-again "Best of 1980-1990").

Link: Kurier Article (English translation [an amusing read in itself])

Information from Reinhold

September 11: Expect a barrage of interviews and articles in the usual suspects over the next couple of months as the promotion for 'hours...' starts to roll. The current issues of Q and Uncut are first out with extensive interviews and photos. The interview/article in Uncut is particularly extensive, covering all of Bowie's career in between the actual questions and responses. Time Out New York also has a shorter piece in their most current issue.

Time Out New York

Information from Jeaj, Martyn, Simon, Sankar

September 11: The Ziggy Stardust Companion, the best website for anything and everything related to Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona and album has published a comprehensive review of the EMI/Virgin 1999 reissue of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. One surprise in the reissue is the omission of the famous reminder on the back cover


Just an oversight? Or perhaps recognition that turning that amplifier up to 10 isn't quite as cool in these days of wide-spread hearing loss among baby-boomers.

EMI 99 back

EMI/Virgin 1999 reissue review - Ziggy Stardust Companion
Hearing loss touches ever younger generations - Seattle Times

Information from Mike Harvey

Choke on Bowie
Bowie training for the WWF

September 10: Two reports came floating in over the ether today on the making of the The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell video, which completed shooting on Tuesday, September 7 according to this Jam! Music report.

As reported last week, the video is directed by Dom and Nic who also directed the 1997 I'm Afraid Of Americans video. Filmed at the Kit Kat Club, the initial reports make the video sound like a continuation of the theme of revisiting Bowie's past, although this time in a more sinister way. Four lifesize dummies of past Bowie personas (Man Who Sold The World, Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke, and The Clown from Ashes To Ashes), constructed at a cost of £7,000 each, are all out on a mission to "kill Bowie" according to a report in today's Sun newspaper.

Bowie with his dummies
Bowie and his dummies

Live actors also assist in the production, which was filmed by MTV for a documentary on the making of the video. (Ed: which lends more evidence to Pretty Things Are Going To Hell being pushed in the USA). One such actor was Canadian Chad Richardson, who had to audition as a Ziggy Stardust era Bowie complete with moves and mannerisms.

The video is expected to be released to US and Canadian television in a few weeks, according to Jam! Music.

Link: Jam! Music Report

Information from Neill, Richard, Jam! Music

September 10: The German language musical variety program Wetten Dass is listing Bowie as one of their guest performers for their October 16 show which will air live from Dornbirn, Austria. Wetten Dass is one of the biggest Saturday evening shows on the continent and can be seen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as almost anywhere in Europe if you have a satellite dish. Other guests on the show include Tom Jones, Joe Cocker, and Isabel Allende.

Bowie also appeared on Wetten Dass on his last promotional tour for Earthling two years ago. Those with good memories will remember that Dara O'Kearney wrote this review.

Link: ZDF Schedule

Information from Ralf, Reinhold

September 10: In conjunction with today's official release of the MGM film Stigmata, Mike Garson who co-composed the score with Billy Corgan is sponsoring a contest on his website at mikegarson.com. Titled Stigmata - Strive For Five the contest offers people who correctly answer five questions about Mike a chance to win one of five Stigmata soundtracks, autographed by Mike himself.

The contest starts Monday, September 13 and continues through Friday, September 17. For additional details or to submit your entry, visit http://mikegarson.com/news/ starting on Monday.

Information from Now! Music

September 10: Looking as skinny as ever, Bowie showed up at last night's MTV Video Awards to introduce Lauryn Hill for her live performance. Before the actual show itself, he and Iman had a brief interview with Kurt Loder during which he promised he would be working hard at "writing some serious material" for the rest of the year. In the only real award of interest to most Bowie fans, BowieNet succumbed to the Red Hot Chili Peppers for best artist web site.

Click on picture or here to play
Requires QuickTime 4

Opinions on Bowie's appearance were mixed. One journalist who probably won't be getting a xmas card from Bowie this year was Associated Press' David Rauder who wrote:

"A wrinkled, shaggy-haired David Bowie, looking slightly lost as he sauntered onstage to introduce a performance by Hill, was a visual reminder of how time passes quickly in MTV's world of pop music.
'Yo,' he said softly in a British accent.
MTV Awards 99
Associated Press Report

Information from Daniel, Stardustgrrl, Bonster

September 9: Bowie in SanctuaryIt looks like pay-per-view subscribers to Sky Digital's "u-direct" channels have actually received the first public airing of Bowie's acting in The Hunger: Sanctuary. Paul wrote to say that the episode aired September 6 on u-direct, and that a five minute preview of the show was "like watching a gory version of The Hearts Filthy Lesson video". (Ed: The LA Weekly TV review opined that Bowie's "I'm-still-a-good-looking-rock-star vibe and relaxed delivery are, apart of course from the customary gratuitous nudity, the best thing about the show")

Viewers in the US will get to see the episode this Friday night, in which Bowie plays an artist obsessed with the macabre. Showtime's web page has three large images from the episode which was filmed in March. Canadian viewers will get to see it in late October on The Movie Network.

u>direct Sky Digital schedule
Showtime Networks Hunger details
LA Weekly review

Information from Paul B.

September 9: The following statement from Bowie published yesterday on BowieNet lays to rest any plans of a tour in the New Year.

"Because of the Gisborne Festival fold-up, plans for a small Winter tour have been abandoned. Our friend, Chris Haskett, was ear-marked only for the cancelled tour. There will be no promo-tour, there never was one planned. I have undertaken to do only a handful of radio and TV appearances. Page Hamilton, ex-Helmet founder member, will stand in on lead guitar for Reeves Gabrels on these shows. Reeves will finish off two projects that have impending deadlines in October."

Information from BowieNet

September 9: This week's French music magazine Les Inrockuptibles has a bundled CD which includes the previously unreleased track Survive from the 'hours...' album. The compilation CD is called Une rentrée 99 and also includes tracks from Iggy Pop's new album, Everything But The Girl, Ben Harper and some French acts. It's priced at 15FF on French newstands everywhere.

Information from Emmanuel

September 9: It seems that MTV wanted Bowie for more than just his fashionable Mephistopheles garb. In a direct missive from the man himself, he confirmed that he would be at the MTV Awards show, not to perform, but to introduce Lauryn Hill sometime in the first hour.

BowieNet, www.davidbowie.com, is also one of the nominees for Best Artist Web Site, so presumably he'll be there to pick that up if it goes his way. The awards ceremony starts at 8 p.m. Eastern Time from the New York Metropolitan Opera House.

Information from BowieNet and Patti

September 8: hours... is now showing up on the online music stores for pre-order in the US, with a shipping date of October 5. Europe will get the album a day before, while Japan is expected to beat everyone with their special version compete with bonus track We All Go Through on September 29.

CDNow is currently running a special until September 22 which brings the price of 'hours...' down to $12.49, over 30% off the standard retail price. The EMI remastered catalogue has also dropped to $12.49 each, while BowieNet reports that the release date in the US of the EMI versions has been pushed back another week to September 28.

Order at CDNow

Information from CDNow, BowieNet

September 8: R.Z.O., the producer of Bowie's live performances has issued a response to Liz Racz's open letter regarding the withdrawal from and cancellation of the Gisborne 2000 Millennium concert. (Ed: From what has appeared in New Zealand papers, it is true that Bowie's management had delayed requesting a milestone payment of $200,000 before the collapse. On the other hand, it appears that while ticket monies are held in escrow at the regular New Zealand ticket agencies, this does not apply to overseas visitors who bought their tickets and travel from the Gisborne organizers themselves.)

Link: Response from R.Z.O.

Information from R.Z.O., BowieNet

September 8: As mentioned in last month's news briefs, Bowie was photographed in full Mephistopheles' garb during a recent shoot to promote the MTV Video Awards which air tomorrow at New York's Lincoln Center Opera House. Although all the other stars who have been photographed in opera togs for the promotion are also listed as performers or presenters at the awards, Bowie's name is not on any of the pre-show listings. (Ed: Perhaps the MTV ad people just thought he looked good in a pair of breeches.)

Entertainment Weekly, Sep 10, 1999

Information from Deborah, FaeRogue

September 8: Although even the venerable New York Times reported this morning that Bowie would be one of the performers at Central Park's Blue Concert Series, a followup item by MTV News later in the day nixed those reports. Citing a spokesperson for the event, MTV reported that Bowie was forced to withdraw from plans to attend the gig because of scheduling conflicts.

Link: MTV News

September 7: RUMOUR ALERT A rumour is now making the rounds that Bowie will promote his new album in France by performing a live show at The Olympia club in Paris on either October 10th, or October 12th. As mentioned in the previous story, he is also expected to make a live appearance on television shows: in France, it will be on the Canal station.

Information from Philippe

September 7: Billboard News has a feature article on Bowie's promotional efforts and release schedules for the 'hours...' album. In addition to the headline-grabbing downloadable album which will appear September 21, Virgin is also gearing up with a more traditional promotional campaign, replete with videos, personal appearances, and talk show performances. These include:

Thursday's Child in the US
While Thursday's Child has already been released to radio and television stations in Europe, it will take until September 28 to be released in the USA (Sept 14 in Canada?). The track will mostly go to pop and traditional rock radio stations.
Video for Pretty Things
On the same date as the Thursday's Child release, The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell will be released to US alternative rock and campus radio stations. A video for the song is in the works and will be directed by Dom and Nic, the same directors who did Bowie's I'm Afraid Of Americans video.
Live Appearances
Just as with the Earthling album, Bowie will be making the talk show circuits in the US, with appearances rumoured for The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Late Show with David Letterman, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The story also claims that Bowie will perform a live acoustic set at the Virgin Megastore in New York on October 5 (complete with CD signing etc). MTV's Total Request Live program is expected to air this acoustic performance.
European television
Immediately after the New York appearance, Bowie will head to Europe for thre weeks, starting with the NetAid event, followed by appearances on most major television shows, including the UK's Top Of The Pops
Other appearances
As we already know, Bowie will perform at the MuchMusic awards show later this month, and the VH-1 Storyteller's episode will also air October 18 in conjunction with Bowie being named VH-1's artist of the month. Plus, there's the Sheryl Crow and Friends event happening next week.

Looks like it should be a very busy couple of months for Bowie and fans alike. As always, we'll try to keep you informed of all of Bowie's appearances as we get closer to the date.

Information from Billboard News via rancell, Elizabeth, Richard J.

September 7: Both the New York Times and WNEW-FM radio have items today confirming Bowie's appearance at the Sheryl Crow and Friends free concert to be held in Central Park on September 14 starting at 8 p.m.

NY Times
NY Times clipping: Sep 7

The New York Times article lists the "friends" as Bowie, Eric Clapton, Chrissie Hynde, Sarah McLachlan and Stevie Nicks. WNEW-FM is also promoting the event with radio ads touting Sheryl Crow and Bowie as the two top acts. The show will be broadcast live on the Internet September 14, on multiple radio stations around the USA, as well as in delayed coverage on Fox TV that same night from 9-10 p.m.

The entire event is being billed as American Express Brings You Central Park In Blue. The reason for the strange name? Amex plans to introduce a new "blue" credit card tomorrow. Along with the strange name goes an unusual ticket giveaway. Beginning Thursday, September 9, 25,000 tickets will be distributed in Manhattan by Amex employees via an "instant-win" type lottery system. You will get a game piece to swipe through a special device. If you have the right game piece, you'll get two general admission tickets. If you don't get tickets, you won't be allowed into the East Meadow to see the show. You can read more on the Blue Concert ticket info page listed below.

Amex Blue Concert Series
Teenage Wildlife concert page
Blue Concert Ticket Details

Information from rancell, Deborah

September 7: The Unofficial David Bowie Discography has garnered a prerelease copy of 'hours...' and has the following cover picture and two reviews, one in Japanese and the other in English. Read the reviews by visiting the pre-release site.


Information from Adam, Alicia, David

September 7: Shane Staten from Durham, North Carolina was the lucky winner of the monthly CD drawing from all users who have registered their profiles at the Teenage Wildlife registry. Congratulations Shane! He chose as his prize the CD Excelsis Vol. 2 - Winter's Song.

Remember that we are also still running the Esprit Hallo Spaceboy promo giveaway for the next 10 days, so be sure to get in and enter.

September 4: In a story from Miss Truth Allstar News at CDNOW, Bowie praises Ex-Rollins band guitarist Chris Haskett, calling him "a wonder with a feather duster". Reeves and Chris have been playing together quite a bit, and several times this year they did some small club shows together. Earlier, Bowie had mentioned adding Chris to the band for the abortive Gisborne concert. Now, it appears he will be temporarily replacing Reeves for the upcoming"hours..." world tour.

The article does not mention what Reeves will be doing in the meantime. However, according to other sources he wants to take some time off to 1) put final touches on the Omikron soundtrack 2)finish his solo CD, which is due in October 3) finish an album of "electronic dance industrial music".

Information from Bonster and CDNOW

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