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News August 1999

August 31: Showtime Networks has managed to procure the episode of "The Hunger" which features Bowie in a full acting role. The episode, titled Sanctuary will air September 10 at 9 p.m. on Showtime in the USA, and again on September 15 at 10:15 p.m. Showtime's listing describes the half hour episode as:

"In the first story, Sanctuary, Bowie portrays an obsessed artist with a penchant for the macabre and Giovanni Ribisi as his unwitting victim."

Ed: sounds like Bowie won't have to do any acting at all for this role! :) While The Hunger series had been airing on TMN in Canada for the past couple of months, it seems Showtime preempted TMN's premiere of Sanctuary, since TMN now says Sanctuary won't show until October (it had previously been scheduled for August 28).

In other countries, viewers in the Flemish part of Belgium can consider themselves lucky as Canal+ will also air the new "The Hunger" series with every friday evening around 10 pm, with the first episode on Friday September 3. (Ed: Sanctuary is not listed in the first four episodes for Belgian viewers). Canal+ schedule describes Bowie as "one of the most charismatic artists of the last Decennia".

Information from Bonster, Erik, Showtime Networks

August 30: MuchMusic Live appearances seem to be popping up all over. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MuchMusic Video Awards, Bowie has been signed to headline the Canadian music channel's awards show on September 23 in Toronto, Canada. According to this report from Jam! Showbiz, Bowie will perform a song from the 'hours...' album which will have been released on the Internet just a couple of days before (see 'hours...' Internet release). Other performers confirmed for the show include the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Britney Spears, while various other rock 'n roll celebrities are expected to be in attendance. The show will start at 8 p.m. MuchMusic USA is running a competition to win tickets to the awards, which you can enter on their web page.

The archivists among you will remember that Bowie was presented (in absentia) with the MuchMusic Eyepopper award last year.

Jam! Music article
MuchMusic Concert Page (comments, tickets etc)
MuchMusic USA Video Awards competition

Information from Richard, Rob

August 30: After the first airing of the Thursday's Child single on Friday's UK radio, today saw the first airing of the video which we mentioned completed filming three weeks ago. Michael was rushing out to work when he saw the video on Europe's MTV at 07:35 CET. He described it as a quite simple video with Bowie standing in front of the mirror with a girl beside him during the entire song.

Thursday's Child Clip

Ed: anyone want to lay bets that MTV in the USA will never air this video :-)

Information from Michael

August 30: Liquid Audio If you've been putting off getting a cable or DSL modem, now might be the time to think about acting. Internet users will get a meed for their support of Bowie over the past 5 years, courtesy of Virgin Records America who announced today that the entire 'hours...' album will be available for download via the Internet on September 21, two weeks ahead of its official release on October 5.

While other artists have released albums on the Net, this will be the first time that the release has the full cooperation of major retailers. The press release glosses over the details, but the downloads will not be free. Instead, you'll visit one of the retailers' sites to purchase the album using Liquid Audio's SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative) compliant format. Liquid Audio is one of the leaders in the rush to provide secure music downloads (Ed: unlike the base MP3 format) via an inaudible watermark encoded into the sound file as you download it which allows future generational copies to be traced back to the original transaction. Liquid Audio allows you to preview the tracks, download them securely after you purchase them, and even allows a burn to CD option (once-only).

Over fifty retailers have been signed up to provide the downloads available from their own websites (Ed: presumably they will get some cut of the action in order to persuade them to do this). Of course, for high quality sound, these files will be large (probably 4-5MB for each track), which is why you'll probably want a very fast connection to download the entire album.

As another bonus, the downloadable version of the album will include one bonus track, which although the press release does not say, we have information that it will be a unique track being considered for a B-side, not the Japanese bonus track We All Go Through.

Links: Virgin Records Press Release
Liquid Audio website

Information from rancell

August 30: Last night's BBC2 documentary on legendary DJ John Peel to celebrate his 60th anniversary had two unexpected surprises. First, a videotaped appearance by Bowie wishing him a happy birthday and relating a story about how Peel had persuaded Bowie to concentrate on his song-writing and give up mime.

RealAudio clip
RealVideo G2 clip
Click to play

To follow, the BBC introduced seemingly yet another take of the 1972 Old Grey Whistle Test show where Bowie and band played Oh! You Pretty Things. In this version, Bowie messed up the words on the third verse, changing "The earth is a bitch" back to the second verse's "Written in pain". According to Andy B., this now makes five songs from that session that have now been publically aired. A special thanks to Alan who went above and beyond the call of duty to digitize the above clip into RealAudio and grab some frames. Finally, as Tiger Rag observed, Bowie looked a little pale and drawn, but his haircut was strangely familiar:

Separated at Birth
Separated at birth??

Link: John Peel 60th Birthday Show appearance

Information from Tiger Rag, Andy B., and Alan

August 29: Any hope Gisborne ticket-holders might have had of being able to at least use their tickets for an alternate event in Auckland on New Year's Eve have turned to dust with news that the Bastion Point concert has also officially been cancelled. According to the spokesman for Frontier Touring, Manuel Echave, "exceptional circumstances surrounding the event have meant they have decided not to proceed with the concert". According to the report, the Bastion Point concert dropped two of its acts to try and get Bowie to play there, but he turned them down.

Open Letter to David Bowie: Liz Racz, an English fan who had hoped to attend the Gisborne concert, and outlaid considerable sums of money to attend, wrote to Teenage Wildlife to request a forum for airing an open letter in the hopes that it would get a wider readership. We have agreed to publish her letter, which you can read at the following link:

<<- Open Letter to David Bowie ->>

If you were a Gisborne concert ticketholder, and would like to contribute your thoughts in a letter to be sent to the Year 2000 Festival Ticket Company and other media outlets, please write a few concise paragraphs with your name and home town and send them to webmaster@teenagewildlife.com.

News Links:
Television One News
Newsroom New Zealand
New Zealand Herald

Information from Adam, Trevor, Liz

August 27: Thursday's Child, the official first single from the 'hours...' album in the UK, got its first public airing on the Mark and Lard radio show this afternoon on BBC's Radio 1. Radcliffe and Riley proclaimed it an "excellent single" and went on to say that Bowie and his "scaled-down band" would play live on their show in the first week of October.

Thursday's Child is scheduled for release in the UK on September 20 in two separate CD singles (Ed: this is a ploy by record labels to boost UK singles into the charts, since the two different releases are lumped together as one when calculating sales), and throughout the rest of Europe the following week. Still no word on any release of the single in the USA.

Information from Darren B

Scary Monsters
Saturday Night Live, 1997

August 27: There'll be a veritable cornucopia of Bowie to select from when September 21 rolls around. Yesterday came the announcement of two Saturday Night Live 25th anniversary special CDs which collect together live performances from the musical guests who perform on the program each week. Volume 1 includes Bowie and his February 1997 performance of Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). The CD will be released on the Dreamworks label, and be sold as a "brand" with the possibility of future releases if the initial two discs prove popular.

Saturday Night Live is one of the longest running shows on US television featuring musical performers, and has often presented avant-garde artists who provided much talked about performances (Ed: the Bowie/Klaus Nomi/Joey Arias performance in 1979 comes to mind.). The release will coincide with heavy promotion by NBC and VH-1. NBC will air a two and a half retrospective on September 26th, while VH-1 will air Saturday Night Live's Greatest Hits: The 25th Anniversary, a series of five, one-hour specials starting September 20th.

Links: Rollingstone.com

Information from Richard, Bonster, A Lad Inane, Brian J.

August 27: Hang onto yourself! Ultrastar, the Internet company co-founded by Bowie, Bob Goodale and Ron Roy to develop BowieNet is taking on a more sporting role. After recently taking over the official web site for the Baltimore Orioles baseball team, the Ultrastar team has expanded to the Big Apple with a multi-year contract to develop and host the official New York Yankees web site. Like BowieNet, the service will offer dial-up access and premium content access at $14.95 and $6.95 respectively (Ed: cheaper than BowieNet on the dial-up but more expensive on the premium). The deal covers all Web-related responsibilities, including production and content, advertising, sponsorship, and merchandising. Said Bowie:

"We hope to deal with one of the most profound unanswered questions in all of sports. Paul O'Neill can play drums, Bernie Williams can play guitar, but who's on bass?"

(Ed: for non-US or non-baseball fans, O'Neill and Williams are two current Yankees team members who have been appearing in New York advertisements playing in a "band". )

Comedy Link: Abbot & Costello coach the Yankees

Information from BowieNet

August 27: An Associated Press news item early this morning confirms that Sheryl Crow and Eric Clapton will perform a free concert in Central Park's East Meadow on September 14, but the status of Bowie joining the concert is still unclear. Currently, the concert is billed as "Sheryl Crow and friends, including Eric Clapton.". New York parks superintendent spokesman Robert Lawson did not know who the additional "friends" would be.

Even if Bowie does turn out to be an additional friend, tickets will still be a lottery (literally). Concert sponsor American Express will distribute 25,000 tickets in New York in the week preceding the concert, but those interested in attending will have to play a free lottery-like instant game, with winners receiving two tickets each.

Information from Lisa

August 26: The most recent issue of ICE Magazine has a short mention of 'hours...' including the official track listing, which will be as follows:

  1. Thursday's Child
  2. Something In The Air
  3. Survive
  4. If I'm Dreaming My Life
  5. Seven
  6. What's Really Happening
  7. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
  8. New Angels Of Promise
  9. Brilliant Adventure
  10. The Dreamers
  11. Bonus track (Japan only)

  12. We All Go Through

SonicNet also published a news story based on a pre-release copy of the album which is currently making the rounds of music publications (Ed: although reviews are supposed to be embargoed until October 1).

Information from Rob

Sheryl Crow and Friends
All they want to do is have some fun

August 26: Perhaps the Ziggy t-shirt that Sheryl Crow has been wearing in the past month on her world tour (Ed: see the Briefs Archive) was more than just a fashion statement. Bonster and her Lazy & Web-Impaired Newsletter caught a MTV Radio network item reporting that Crow will headline a free concert in New York's Central Park along with:

"some of her musician friends - among them David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks and Lilith colleagues Sarah McLachlan, Chrissie Hynde and the Dixie Chicks"

MTV Radio reports that the show will be aired live on Fox TV September 14. A quick look at the Interscope Records web site reveals that they have announced the Fox show will occur September 24, titled "Sheryl Crow and Friends". Crow is confirmed to appear on the David Letterman show September 7, which might make the earlier date more likely as it would be the immediate following week.

The MTV Radio report also indicates that Crow has been added to the NetAid ticket, so the free concert could serve as a warmup for both she and Bowie. As those who attended the VH-1 Storytellers taping will attest, Bowie and band already seem ready to be on and ready to go.

As of tonight, the news item can't be found on any of the usual online web sources, but if there's confirmation one way or the other, we'll update this story as soon as possible.

Information from Edie via Bonster

August 25: Space Oddity The digitally remastered Bowie catalogue from EMI will have a slightly different release schedule outside of the UK. Whereas the albums are due to be released in two batches in the UK, the first on September 6 and the second on September 20, the release charts in the US show all of the albums being released at once on September 21.

All of the new albums are being released as enhanced CDs, and as described earlier, have been digitally transferred and remastered from the original analogue masters to try and retain as faithful a sound to the original as possible. Packaging for each CD includes booklets with the original album artwork, photos and full lyrics to all songs. As an example, the Space Oddity cover returns to the original Philips release rather than the Rykodisc reissue (Ed: however, they didn't go so far as to return the title to its original David Bowie and/or Man of Words, Man Of Music title).

The albums are all available for preorder from online stores now. CDNow has all sixteen and the first Tin Machine album at a price of $12.99 each (RRP is $16.97). Unfortunately there don't seem to be any special deals on buying the entire set at once for the collectors out there.

<<- Advance Order the rereleases ->>

Information from ralf

August 25: Speaking of Bowie-related items, the Sean Mayes book we mentioned back in May has been out for a month or so now, but has just received an official press release. We Can Be Heroes: Life on Tour with David Bowie features:

You can read the official press release here. Like Strange Fascination, this book is published in the UK and is only available as an import elsewhere. Fortunately, Internet commerce comes to the rescue, as Amazon.co.uk has it available for £6.39.

Buy it
Buy at Amazon.co.uk

Information from Independent Music Press

August 25: Strange Fascination David Buckley's upcoming Bowie biography, Strange Fascination, will be available via a special "fan" discount from Virgin Publishing and BowieWonderworld.com.

'Strange Fascination: David Bowie: The Definitive Biography' by David Buckley is published by Virgin on September 23rd 1999 with a retail price of £20.00. If you would like to receive a copy of Strange Fascination at the special discount price of £16.00 including postage and packing then please visit www.bowiewonderworld.com for full details.

In conjunction with this special offer there will also be a Wonderworld competition with your chance to win one of 20 FREE COPIES of the book. Competition details announced very shortly.

Information from Paul K.

August 25: The chairman of ICA, England's Institute of Contemporary Arts, is reported to be proposing to remove Bowie and 17 other celebrities from its list of patrons because he no longer considers them to reflect the 'cutting edge' nature of ICA. The report which appeared in London's Evening Standard yesterday (see cutting below) claims Mr Ivan Massow penned a letter proposing the removal to "keep the institute free of the baggage of 'safe' representation and affiliation". Other famous musicians who would be cut from ICA's masthead include Madonna, David Byrne, Pete Townshend and Bryan Eno.

Readers from last year will remember that ICA staged last year's Ziggy Retirement Concert reenactment.

Click to enlarge

Information from Viv

August 23: VH-1Thanks to some intrepid attendees at tonight's VH-1 Storytellers' taping, we have the full set list hot off the wires. Without further ado, Bowie and band performed:

  1. Life On Mars
  2. Thursday's Child
  3. Can't Help Thinking About Me
  4. Seven
  5. China Girl
  6. Rebel Rebel (truncated)
  7. Survive
  8. Word On A Wing
  9. Drive In Saturday
  10. Encore

  11. Thursday's Child (repeat)
  12. I Can't Read
  13. Always Crashing In The Same Car
  14. If I'm Dreaming My Life
  15. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell

The final four songs of the encore may not be included in the actual television showing, according to attendees. Also, at the beginning of the encore, they re-recorded some of Mike Garson's keyboards for China Girl and Word On A Wing before repeating Thursday's Child.

For those wondering about the most important fact of the night, Bowie was wearing a big, grey, hooded sweatshirt with black boot-legged leggings and black platformed Reebok-style sneakers. He looked trim as ever, and was very energetic, with shoulder-length layered hair.

Information from moondustboy, Mikey, Aimee, Rancell

August 23: Those of you who pre-ordered the Stigmata soundtrack featuring The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, Bowie's first original composition release in over two years, should find it turning up in your mailbox tomorrow. Initial shipments went out Friday afternoon. As we first mentioned back in May, the soundtrack from the film which will hit theatres in early September also includes tracks from Chumbawamba, Massive Attack, Bjork, but will mainly feature tracks scored by Billy Corgan and longtime Bowie keyboardist Mike Garson.

In at least one pre-release review of the new album, The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell is described as "a robotic piece of machine rock". For this release, the US gets it at least a week ahead of the rest of the world; August 30 is the release date in the UK.


Information from Martyn, Bonster

August 23: (UPDATED) Londoners, get those dialling fingers ready again. BowieNet confirmed this morning that Bowie would appear at the Wembley Stadium, London venue of the NetAid concert on October 9. Tickets to the event go on sale tomorrow, August 24 at 9 a.m. with a limit of 6 per person. Other artists listed to perform at Wembley according to today's Evening Standard are Bush, Corrs, Eurythmics, George Michael and Robbie Williams.

The Wembley National Stadium web page already has information on ticket prices, seating, and the phone number to call tomorrow morning.

General Admission: £35
Upper Bays: £45
Gallery: £55/65
Ticket Agencies:
0870 738 2000 (Wembley)
0870 843 2000 (TicketMaster)
0870 906 3743 (First Call)
0870 121 0120 (Way Ahead)
0171 734 8932 (Stargreen)

As with the Earthling Tour, we've added a NetAid concert page where you can meet up with other concert-goers, determine the best place to get tickets, buy/sell/trade tickets and generally stay up to date with what's happening for this event. For those of us who can't make it to the concert, you'll be pleased to know that as well as being on television, the event will be netcast by Cisco Systems and Akamai Technology.

Information from Celine, Martyn, Viv

August 22: Belgian psychologists have released a report indicating that users who spend more than four hours per day on the Internet should be classified as mentally ill and in need of medical help, according to this Daily Record article published today (Yahoo link). In an interesting paragraph, the article notes that:

"Stars like David Bowie and Keanu Reeves have already admitted to surfing binges. Bowie gets up at 5am every day so he can cram in four hours online."

The report claims that constant web surfing creates high brain levels of the drug dopamine, an adrenalin-like chemical linked to gambling fever. Those most at risk are housewives and older people who often have a lot of unallocated time during the day. One case involved a Florida mother who lost her children in a court custody battle because she couldn't keep off the computer.

In a related story, a report in today's Washington Post claims up to 6 percent of Internet users suffer from some form of net addiction.

Information from JC

August 21: As rumoured last week, Bowie has indeed been added to the lineup for the worldwide NetAid benefit concert according to this SonicNet story "David Bowie, Texas Added to NetAid Lineup" posted early this morning. Scheduled to take place on October 9 simultaneously in London, New York (Ed: well, strictly speaking New Jersey) and Geneva, the event is being organized by many veterans of 1985's LiveAid event, an event at which Bowie also performed.

The concerts are intended to raise awareness of global poverty (Ed: by a strange coincidence, Gisborne is located at the north end of Poverty Bay) and to benefit African and Kosovar refugees, according to organizer Jeff Pollack, who confirmed Bowie's appearance yesterday. He joins a lineup of other stars, including Bono, Pete Townshend, Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, George Michael, Counting Crows, Jewel, Bush, Celine Dion, the Eurythmics, Robbie Williams and the Corrs.

The press release does not yet say which venue Bowie will be playing, but we'll keep you posted.

Information from SonicNet via Coldfyr

August 20: More opportunity for the Bowie collector to outlay extra dosh for two copies of 'hours...'. Reliable informers and import shops are already listing a limited edition of 'hours...' from Virgin which will boast a lenticular cover. Lenticular images are those you might have seen on promotional items which reveal different images depending on which angle you look at it. They work by having a plastic cover with vertical grooves which act as lenses, revealing and alternately hiding (like a diffraction grating) different images. This can be used to generate 3D effects, moving pictures and other types of stereoscopic effects without requiring special glasses or viewers.

A lenticular imaging example

Information from Bonster, Ralf et al.

August 19: (RUMOUR ALERT) Our Teenage Wildlife operatives have been out muck-raking again to find when VH-1 plans to air the Storytellers episode which is being taped next Monday. Their efforts have been successful with reports from inside VH-1 that they are currently scheduling the final product for viewer consumption on:

October 18 @ 10 p.m. ET

Mark the date in your calendars, and we'll update as we get closer to the time (Ed: As they always say, schedules are subject to change).

Information from Special Operative

August 18: In their press release mania of yesterday, Virgin Records also got straight to work in promoting the new 'hours...' album. In a slightly delayed replication of BowieNet's "building hours" promotion, any internaut is now able to listen to track snippets from the album set to be released October 5. You do have to give up an email address to Virgin Records to get to the promotions page, but there you'll find the cover being revealed a square at a time, and clips from the first two tracks, Thursday's Child and Something In The Air, in RealAudio format.

Link: Building 'hours...' promotion.

Thanks to Bonster and her Lazy & Web-Impaired Newsletter for the pointer.

Information from Bonster

August 17: As reported here a couple of months ago, Bowie has indeed signed a worldwide recording deal with Virgin Music Publishing for all of his future releases, starting with 'hours...'. In the press release today, Virgin VP Nancy Berry confirmed that "eighty of its [Virgin's] Managing Directors and senior executives" listed to a prerelease version of the new album in London, followed by a "special dinner" at the Halkin Hotel with Bowie making a surprise appearance.

You can read the official press release here.

Information from Russ, Tony

August 17: News media in New Zealand reported last night that Bowie will not make any concert appearance in New Zealand for New Year's. Bowie has reportedly turned down an offer to play at an alternative concert in Auckland with Split Enz and Portishead after the collapse of the Gisborne 2000 concert. A spokesman for the Auckland promoters, Manolo Echave, says Bowie's New York agents have not given a reason for the decision. (Ed: Echave had indicated last week that existing Gisborne ticket-holders would have been given preferential entry and preferred seating at the new concert.)

This now leaves only the slim hope for ticket-holders (Ed: including yours truly) that they will be able to recover some money from the company now in liquidation, The Year 2000 Festival Company and Odyssey's End. Those with non-refundable plane tickets from foreign countries will have to argue with their travel agents and airlines to see if they can get some compensation. For more information on how to submit a claim, please see the Gisborne 2000 page.

Information from Rachel, Trevor

August 17: Another month, another Esprit contest! This time round, it's a Hallo Spaceboy promo CD with the Pet Shop Boys version released to promote Bowie's lifetime achievement award at The Brit Awards in 1996. As before, just visit the Esprit Giveaway page, find the answer to the question on Esprit's site, and enter the contest. You may enter as many times as you want, but only once per day (the more times you enter, the greater your chance of winning).

The contest will end September 17 at midnight, and an online drawing will take place September 18 on the Talkcity #Bowie chat, this time during the European late evening to make it easier for everyone to attend.


August 16: Today marks the release in the UK and Europe of Without You I'm Nothing, the duet by Placebo and Bowie of Placebo's song from their same-titled album. Recorded in New York in late March, just before Bowie also guest-starred on stage at Placebo's Irving Plaza concert, the four-track enhanced CD includes the single mix produced by Steve Osborne, engineered by Adrian Bushby and with additional engineering by Tony Visconti. The three other tracks include mixes by Unkle, Americruiser, and by Brothers In Rhythm. The enhanced portion of the CD includes an audio only version of the single, web links to BowieNet and Placebo's website, and photos taken at the Irving Plaza concert.

Without You I'm Nothing

Paul Kinder's Little Wonderworld is running a free competition to win one of the new singles.


If you've never found a four leaf clover in your life, you can also order the CD online from the UK.

Information from Matt, Martyn, Paul K.

August 15: cover David Buckley's long-awaited biography of Bowie, Strange Fascination, is set for a release date of September 23. Published by Virgin Publishing, and billed as "the definitive biography", the book chronicles Bowie's career through the past five decades, concentrating on his studio craft, his concert performances and his cultural impact. (Ed: Buckley is best known for his prior book Complete Guide To The Music Of David Bowie.)

Buckley interviewed many Bowie luminaries for the book, including Tony Visconti, Ken Scott, Carlos Alomar, Reeves Gabrels, Nile Rodgers, Bryan Ferry and Gary Numan. Other contributions come from Adrian Belew, Gus Dudgeon, Mark Plati, Tim Palmer and Hugh Padgham. It also includes many previously unpublished black-and-white and colour photographs and weighs in at a total of over 500 pages.

Available in hardback, the book will retail for £20 when it goes on sale next month in the UK. You can preorder it now at Amazon UK at 20% off their already reduced price.

Buy it
Preorder at Amazon.co.uk

Information from David Buckley, Virgin Publishing, Stefano

August 13: (RUMOUR ALERT) A flurry of rumours have flowed in over the past week regarding possible one-off concerts, mini-tours, and even a full fledged tour to promote the 'hours...' album. Although Bowie said in his first BowieNet chat and a couple of times since then that "I plan no live work until after 2000", these rumours suggest that plans may have changed. Here's the three distinct rumours we've received in the past week or so:

Net Aid
An article appeared in today's UK Sun (and on British teletext) linking Bowie with a benefit event called Net Aid promoted by Harvey Goldsmith. Three simultaneous events with major rock artists are planned in New York, London and Zurich on October 9, with tickets to the London event going on sale August 24 for £35. The Goldsmith event has been talked about as far back as late last year (DotMusic), but this is the first time we've heard Bowie's name associated with it.
Japanese tour next year
Udo Artist Inc., one of the largest concert promoters in Japan, has an item on their web page saying that Bowie plans a tour "next year" with a visit to Japan. (Ed: It's all Japanese to us too, but we've been assured that it does actually say that by our correspondents). According to our sources, Udo Artist are not the sort of company to put up idle speculation, so there is a strong belief that there may be something behind this rumour. We're told to expect more confirmation in the next month.
Full-on 'hours...' tour
The final, and hottest rumour if true, is second-hand information from music industry representatives that Bowie has signed up for an extensive "major venue" tour to promote the 'hours...' album. This rumour is still hearsay at the moment, but we thought we'd throw it out there given that we received the above two rumours as well.

Could any of these be true? Well, Bowie will have assembled a band for the VH-1 Storytellers taping, and perhaps the rehearsals have reinvigorated his enthusiasm for live concerts. Combined with a push by the record companies for a tour to help promote both the new album and the rerelease of the back catalogue... well, we'll see.

Information from Bianca, Yasuko et al.

August 13: Calendar A frequent request over the years here at Teenage Wildlife (particularly in the USA) has been how to buy Bowie-related items which are hard to find in local stores. While we can't compete with the online music stores, we have decided to test the waters with a Year 2000 Bowie calendar. With twelve months of full size pictures to bring in the new millennium, this makes a great addition to any office, kitchen or bedroom.

To make ordering easier for both US and overseas customers, we now have a secure online credit card order system where you can buy directly online using most major credit cards. Check it all out at the

Teenage Wildlife Store

August 13: This just in from VH-1. The New York radio stations which will be holding ticket giveaways to the VH-1 Storytellers taping will be:

Other stations may be added in the next week, so stay tuned.

Information from RB

August 12: We're very fortunate to have some more details on the video for Thursday's Child which Bowie recently finished shooting in New York. Filmed at Broadway Stages studio in Queens, the scene is supposedly set in Bowie's washroom at his home. The mirror on the bathroom wall reveals Bowie's hallucinations as his wife (played by an actress, not Iman) deals with her contact lenses. Bowie wears a brown Dolce & Gabana shirt and white pants with his hair somewhat long but still above shoulder level. The other characters in the video include his wife, a girl from his imagination (pictured here) and a male model playing a younger David as he reminisces back in time.

Thursday's Child Clip
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Alicia and David
David with the model playing the young girl from his imagination

August 11: Is Bowie already planning the comeback of Ziggy in the next millennium? Judging by this recent find on eBay, the answer could be yes. The unreleased poster created by Bowie in collaboration with graphic artist Rex Ray is now selling at the online auction site with a bid price of $250 (the auction expires tomorrow, so be sure to hurry over and see). According to the description, this poster is one out of 2002 prints individually signed by both Bowie and Ray but will not be commercially available for some time.

ziggy 2002

Thanks to Mask and Bonster's newsletter for the find!

Information from Mask, Bonster

August 11: Ever complained about not hearing enough Bowie on your local radio? Listeners in Eugene, Oregon should no longer have that worry with the announcement of a weekly one hour show on KWVA 88.1FM called Station To Station. The new specialty show will run from 7-8 p.m. on Tuesday evenings, highlighting Bowie's less-commercial efforts such as non-single tracks, demos, bootlegs and remixes. Also included will be news, rumours and information on related Bowie material.

Information from KWVA 88.1FM

August 11: The VH-1 Storytellers ticket lottery for paid-up BowieNet members is now open. You have until tomorrow, Thursday 6 p.m. Eastern Time to get your entry in (one per person) for the drawing of 50 tickets to the taping which will take place in New York, August 23. There are various conditions, the most important being that you must be in New York on August 21 to pick up your ticket in person; you can't just fly in on the Monday. For more information, visit BowieNet.

Information from BowieNet

August 11: In a BowieNet journal entry, Bowie confirmed that he has just finished shooting the video for Thursday's Child, which would seem to confirm it as the first single from the 'hours...' album. (Ed: It currently shows up on EMI Germany's listings as a release date of September 27).

The video will be directed by Walter Stern, who has worked previously on videos for Madonna, The Prodigy, Moby, The Verve and most recently Massive Attack. Bowie describes the video as a "strange and slow moving piece that wanders between a present and a past in a bewildering fashion".

Information from BowieNet

August 10: With yesterday's confirmation of a pullout by featured performers Bowie and Split Enz, the Gisborne Millennium Festival appears set to collapse completely, sending the promoters into liquidation along with $2 million of NZ investors' money and possibly most of the early ticket purchasers' funds. (Ed: According to reports, those purchasers who bought their tickets directly through Ticketek are likely to get their money refunded, but those who bought full package tours with tickets through the Year 2000 Festival Company are unlikely to be as lucky).

Year 2000 Festival Company chairman Bruce Bell revealed that they had applied for a $1 million grant last year from the New Zealand government's Millennium Office but had been denied with the reason that "they thought we were going to be successful". In an ironic twist, reports indicate that the New Zealand government is on the verge of shelling out that $1 million to retain a dawn concert in Gisborne with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.

While Bowie's management has been mum, Split Enz's manager Ian Magan appeared on New Zealand radio today to talk more about the situation. He noted that technical sound and lighting crews involved with the Gisborne concert hadn't been getting any money for a long period and many had been dropping out over the last four weeks. Non-refundable milestone payments totalling $500,000 had been made to Bowie and Split Enz. It appears Split Enz management was not involved with yesterday's Mitch Schneider Organization press release announcing their withdrawal from the concert. Magan characterized the announcement as "coming out of left field... it hasn't had anything to do with the New Zealanders."

Hope was still held out for a move of the concert to Auckland. He indicated that negotiations were "currently under way" with the Frontier Touring company by Bowie's and Split Enz' management and he expected an announcement within a couple of days. Frontier Touring spokesman, Manolo Eschave, still claims they had been offered Bowie and Split Enz by the Year 2000 Festival Company six weeks ago (although this was denied by the Gisborne promoters), but would now approach the performers directly with an offer for their own similar sized event on the waterfront of New Zealand's largest city.

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August 9: One giveth as the other taketh away. Just as the news came rolling in of Bowie's Gisborne withdrawal, BowieNet representatives informally announced the details of the ticket giveaway to the VH-1 Storytellers taping. Fifty tickets will be randomly given to premium BowieNet members that can make it to New York on August 23. Here are some more of the stipulations:

More details will be on the Entry Form on BowieNet tomorrow, August 10th. The names of the winners will be posted by the end of this week.

Thanks to RaMOANa and her Width of a Circle page for scooping this news.

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August 9: Well, it didn't take long for the other shoe to drop. In a press release issued this afternoon, representatives for Bowie and Split Enz announced their intention to withdraw from further preparations for the Gisborne 2000 First Light Festival. Citing the promoters' continuing failure to make necessary commitments to key production personnel and equipment, the executive producer and management personnel, together with representatives of Bowie and Split Enz indicated they lacked conviction in the Year 2000 Festival Entertainment Company's ability to meet its obligations.

For the full story, read the official press release. (Ed: There'll be more news to come no doubt. For those of you with tickets already, we'll be trying to find out details on what will happen with regards to refunds, etc.)

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August 9: Rumours over the last month indicating that Bowie's New Year's concert in Gisborne is in jeopardy will be either confirmed or denied by the end of the week, according to a press release from the Festival 2000 company. According to the statement:

The Festival Company has encountered difficulties in raising sufficient monies to carry out the Gisborne 2000 event and is urgently seeking funding for this purpose


The Festival Company will be making an announcement by the end of next week as to whether it can meet all its commitments to proceed with the Event and a further announcement will follow at that time.

Other press reports from New Zealand have suggested the contracts with Bowie and Split Enz will be handed off to a separate New Year's event in the city of Auckland, where accommodation and support facilities are more plentiful for a concert of this size. We'll know more by the end of this week.

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August 6: As predicted earlier this week, some tickets to the VH-1 Storytellers taping on August 23 will be made available to paying BowieNet members, according to a news item posted yesterday. No details are currently available, but presumably it will be via some sort of online lottery.

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August 5: A reader in Japan sent word that the first single from the 'hours...' album in that country is expected to be The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell. This is in contrast to the rest of the world where Thursday's Child is expected to be released in late September.

Meanwhile, the grapevine in the US seems to indicate that The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell will also be the first single in North America. This may have something to do with the fact that the song will be fresh in the memory of moviegoers in the US with its appearance on the Stigmata soundtrack. The movie itself will open in theatres early in September with a lot of promotion in the music press given the original score by Billy Corgan. In addition, the grapevine also suggests that The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell is more of a "rocker" song than most of the rest of the material on 'hours...' and will make a better choice for the US single market which has been decidedly fickle (Ed: some would say non-existent) in recent history.

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August 4: After releasing a clip of Thursday's Child last week, BowieNet has embarked on a slow tease buildup to the release of the 'hours...' album for paying members. One new 45 second clip will be unveiled each week until the release in early October; the second track up today is Something In The Air. The photograph which will form the front cover of the CD is also being revealed in patches each week (currently just three of the twenty-five squares have been unclothed).

For more details, visit BowieNet.

Information from BowieNet

August 4: RUMOUR ALERT: A report on New Zealand's TV3 News last night raised more questions about the viability of the Gisborne 2000 concert, at which Bowie is scheduled to be the first performer on New Year's Day 2000. According to the item, only 1,000 tickets have been sold for the 35,000 seat venue (Ed: probably mostly to Bowie Internet fans from what I can tell). The report also claimed that Bowie was only contractually bound to the Gisborne venue under certain conditions (probably ticket sales), and that Bowie's management may also be considering offers to move to the larger city of Auckland. Gisborne 2000 officials were unavailable for comment according to the report, but were expected to address these concerns again in the near future.

Stay tuned.

Information from Rachel, Margot

August 3: The Stigmata soundtrack featuring The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, Bowie's first new composition in over two years, is finally available for preorder with a release date of August 24. The song, which will also appear on the 'hours...' album, will be joined by compositions from Billy Corgan and Mike Garson who cowrote much of the soundtrack, along with Bjork, Massive Attack and Natalie Imbruglia.


August 2: Don't get your hopes up for attending the VH-1 Storytellers taping that is scheduled for August 23 (and due to show later in the year on US television). The official response from representatives of VH-1 went as follows:

"All audience members are invited guests of the artist, the record label, and VH1. There are usually contests on local radio stations for limited tickets. I do not know which local radio stations may run contests yet, but in this case it would probably be rock stations like WNEW and KROCK. Sometimes fan club members are also given tix, but that is handled through the artist's management and record label. Hope this info is helpful."

That leaves open the possibility of giveaways via New York radio stations. (Ed: Tickets given away to "fan club members", if any, would probably be funneled to BowieNet paying members. There is some precedent for this, since for the Tin Machine LAX taping in 1991, Isolar contacted the organizer of a fan newsletter and requested 150 or so fans for the taping.). Of course, there's always the tried and sometimes true method of finding the venue ahead of time, standing outside and pleading enough to get let in when the invited industry and record label types don't bother to show up. :)

Thanks to Bonster and her Lazy and Web Impaired newsletter for the update.

Information from Aimee via Bonster and Belle

August 1: Simon Powell from England was the lucky winner in tonight's drawing for the 18 track promo from Esprit.com. Congratulations Simon! (Ed: Over 2200 entries made it into the draw, and Simon entered eleven times during the 24 day run.). In the online drawing for participants at the chat, William Berry was the winner and received a free CD of his choice from CDNow for his troubles. His selection? Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' Murder Ballads.

Finally, in the monthly CD drawing for all registered users at the fan registry, Viv Morrison made her way to the top of the 2124 strong list and chose the newly released Sister Midnight live concert by Iggy Pop and David Bowie as her prize.

Congratulations to all winners!

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