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News July 1999

July 31: Today's the last day to enter in the Esprit CD Giveaway for July, so hurry on over and find the correct answer to the question at Esprit's website, then be in to win! The contest closes at midnight Eastern Time, July 31 with the drawing online at the Talkcity #Bowie channel August 1 at 10:30 p.m. EDT.

Reminder: A bonus prize will be awarded to one of the participants present at the online drawing; so if you have nothing better to do on a Sunday night, drop by and see if you win!


July 30: BowieNet members should run, not walk, to their web browser and listen to the three 50 second clips of Thursday's Child which have just been made available on the premium section of BowieNet. Each clip represents a different mix and members are encouraged to vote for their favourite. As an added incentive, your vote will affect the final decision Virgin Records and Bowie take when deciding which mix to release as a single.

You will need RealPlayer G2 on your computer, and of course, you'll have to be a signed up BowieNet member to get to the songs, but here's the link for those of you who are:

Thursday's Child Mix Poll (BowieNet members only)

Information from BowieNet

July 30: Eidos Interactive, publisher of the Omikron: The Nomad Soul computer game for which Bowie has contributed an original soundtrack, confirmed yesterday that the Sony Playstation version of the game has been cancelled!. According to the report, the reason given was that the game was just too graphics intensive for the Sony Playstation to handle.

The good news is that the Wintel PC version is still going strong, but has been pushed back a month from its originally announced date, and will now ship November 2.

Information from V2David, Gamespot News

Tom Jones

July 29: Tom Jones, that Welsh fire-breather who has collected more ladies' underwear than J. Edgar Hoover, is hooking up with The Pretenders to cover Iggy Pop and Bowie's Lust For Life. Scheduled to appear September 27 in the UK, the album titled Reload will also see Jones collaborate with other pop luminaries such as Robbie Williams, Portishead and Natalie Imbruglia on sixteen other covers - from Elvis Presley to Talking Heads. For more information, see the Music365 story.

Information from Richard Joly

July 29: The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences recently approved a measure to create a new field for the 42nd Grammy Awards titled "Music for Film, Television and Other Visual Media". Grammies for the new field will be awarded in three categories:


PC Gamer Magazine (August 99) reports that these categories will include soundtracks developed for computer games, such as last year's The Sound of Gran Turismo. One can surmise that it will also include Bowie's upcoming compositions for Omikron: The Nomad Soul, the Eidos Interactive game due out later this year. Bowie has already garnered a lot of press for his role in composing an original score for a hotly anticipated computer game, and it would not be surprising to see him nominated in this next year's awards.

Information from B. Mathew

Sister Midnight

July 28: It's only been 22 years in the making, but Iggy Pop's March 21, 1977 concert with Bowie in his backing band has been officially released in the US. Cleopatra Records released yesterday a twelve track CD from the godfather of punk's 1977 TV Eye tour, titled Sister Midnight (Ed: also the name of the song Bowie co-wrote with Pop for The Idiot and which later morphed into Bowie's own Red Money).

While some songs from the concert had made their way onto the official live album of the tour TV Eye released in 1978, that album also included tracks recorded at other concerts after Bowie had left the tour. This time round, the tracks have been digitally remastered from that one night's master recordings.

Shipping now, you can pick it up at CDNow. (Ed: Thanks to Paul K. from Little Wonderworld for the heads-up on this news.)

Information from Little Wonderworld and CDNow

July 28: CNN will air an interview with Bowie taped in May during the recording of the What's Really Happening cybersong contest on their Showbiz Today program in the US. The show airs tomorrow, July 29 at 4 p.m. EDT/1 p.m. PDT. Thanks to BowieNet for the heads up.

Information from BowieNet

The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit - Boy George

July 28: Boy George's adulation of Bowie shows through in his upcoming solo release of The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit due in the US on August 17, which includes a cover of Bowie's Suffragette City. The collection of tracks originally intended just for hardcore Boy George fans, proved so popular at Culture Club concerts that it will now be distributed via normal retail channels such as CDNow.

Readers with good memories will recall that Boy George was a BowieNet chat guest earlier this year, and on their recent tour, Culture Club often performed a cover of Bowie's Starman. In his autobiography Take It Like A Man, Boy George relates how Bowie was an inspiration for him with the androgynous glam rock Ziggy Stardust persona in the early 70s which challenged conventional norms. In fact, a news report last year claimed that Boy George was shopping around to get a movie made based on the autobiography with a plan to include numerous Bowie songs on the soundtrack.

You can read a little more (in German) about this new album at the Eurogay website.

Information from Richard Joly

July 27: You'll have to live in Japan (or buy the import album) to get everything that Bowie intended for the October release of hours..., his first studio album in over two and a half years. In a news item on BowieNet, Bowie confirmed that the Japanese release of hours... will have a special bonus track called We All Go Through, which he describes as a piece of "faux-psychedelic chantin' drone". Astute discographers will recognize the tendency for Japanese releases to get these additional bonus tracks which the rest of the world don't; the Japanese 1. Outside also had a bonus track Get Real (Ed: some would say that Get Real was also some sort of "faux-psychedelic chanting drone")

Information from BowieNet

July 27: Visitors using version 4.0 or later of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer (and other browsers compatible with the Cascading Style Sheets specification) should have noticed a makeover of the Teenage Wildlife front page to make it cleaner and hopefully more useable for the average browser.

Popular items such as the news headlines and your free email have been moved to the top of the page for easy one-click access. Events have been shortened to just upcoming events, while a new section Did You Know? will eventually rotate throughout the day to showcase various sections of the site which you may not know existed.

On the visual side of things, we've also moved to darker colours for the borders and changed the lighting/highlighting of links. A softer, less boxy look is the aim of the rounded corner page subdivisions and new banner.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the new design, please email us. In time, we hope to move the design over to the encompass the rest of the site. (Ed: Note, users of versions 3.0 or earlier should still get the old front page automatically, so that's a strong incentive for you to upgrade :))

Gisborne Herald
Gisborne Herald

July 26: After last week's rumours of a move to Auckland for Bowie's Year 2000 concert, Gisborne officials have outright denied any such switch. Instead, in the face of low overseas ticket sales, the organizers are changing the make-up of ticket packages to sell more to local New Zealand residents. A plan to extend the Gisborne airport runway to enable larger jets to land has been shelved.

The primary reason given for low overseas sales by organizer Bill Griffith was the "lack of capacity" on the airlines around the end of the year, in spite of the public's claimed concerns that flying during the Y2K period was "too dangerous".

Information from Trevor

July 24: Danny Saber, best known for his band Black Grape and as the mastermind behind the remixes of Bowie's Little Wonder and Dead Man Walking, has formed a new band called Spontaneous Human Combustion. The trio includes Saber, Jack Dangers (also an ex-Bowie-remixer) and vocalist Cope Till. Helping out on one of the band's new songs is Reeves Gabrels who lends his guitar licks to a song called Million $ Monkey. You can hear a clip of this song, along with an MP3 version of what is likely to be the band's first single All For Nothin at their web site.

Information from Andy S.

July 23: VH-1Secret Teenage Wildlife operatives have been making enquiries as to how a poor Bowie fan might finagle his/her/its way into the VH-1 Storytellers taping which is scheduled to take place August 23 almost certainly somewhere in New York City. A call to the producer of StoryTellers met initially with a standard "we have nothing official to announce on the Bowie taping, and there are no tickets available to the public... but stay tuned for details".

Pondering the "no public tickets" comment, and researching previous StoryTellers ticket situations (as noted on the Teenage Wildlife guestbook, WPLJ had given away tickets to a John Mellencamp Storytellers taping), our intrepid operative called back to the producer. This time, the response was more promising.

"Yes, we'll most likely give some tickets to local radio stations for contests. I don't have any details right now, but check back with me in a couple of weeks, okay?"

So, what to make of all this? We'll keep our eyes and ears peeled for further information, but it seems they won't be made available "for sale" to the general public. Instead, they're more likely to be given away on radio station(s) contests in the New York city area. Of course, the sad state of radio in the Big Apple might mean that said station may not have actually played Bowie in the past decade, but if it's a free ticket, what's a minor detail like that?

More information as it comes to hand.

Information from Stealth TW operatives

July 22: Dotmusic reports that Iman recently confided in an interview with the UK's Daily Mirror that she and Bowie are "desperate to start a family". Iman, who will be turning 45 next year, claims that Bowie has already settled on names of any future siblings for Zowie (aka Duncan) and Zulekha. Iman is currently in the UK and will appear on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast Show tomorrow, Friday at 7 a.m.

Information from Andy Stewart, Paul Kinder

July 21: Consensus seems to be that the EMI/Virgin reissues of Bowie's back catalogue are unlikely to have the bonus tracks which appeared on the Rykodisc reissues of the early 90s. Instead, the emphasis will be on the high quality remastering of the original tapes to get a sound as close as possible to the original analogue albums, and the full 16-page lyric booklets and artwork that will accompany each release.

For those of you who lament the loss of the bonus tracks, Little Wonderworld reports that a number of Bowie rarities are being stockpiled for an anthology box set, similar to the Beatles' Anthology series, which collected together rare and unreleased recordings all on one set of discs. (Ed: The Beatles' box set was released by EMI, the same record label as Bowie, so they have experience in promoting this type of release.) A report in the British press quotes a source close to Bowie as saying: "It's definitely gonna happen. David is very hands-on with the whole project."

Information from Paul K. and Little Wonderworld

July 18: Don't go holding your breath for the oft-mentioned rock opera based on the 1. Outside album. Gerard Mortier, director of the Salzburg Festival, who had been negotiating with Bowie and theatre director Robert Wilson over the past couple of years to bring the production to fruition is quoted this weekend as saying the project is effectively dead. The interview in the Belgian magazine Humo reports Mortier as being very disappointed in Bowie. Apparently, after a few interesting talks on the direction for the play, Bowie failed to keep in contact with Mortier. Mortier is quoted as saying:

"Even my good friend Bianca Jagger tried to negotiate but it seemed to be impossible to get Bowie to work for me for three weeks, even for half a million dollars."

Information from Erik


July 18: A front page article in today's New Zealand Sunday Star Times cast a shadow of doubt over the venue of Gisborne for Bowie's New Year's Eve 2000 concert. According to the article, a rival New Zealand concert promoter planning a similar event in the main city of Auckland is negotiating to have Bowie play there instead.

Gisborne concert representative Bill Griffith denied any truth to the rumour, but admitted that they did have backup plans under consideration. Overseas ticket sales are said to be much lower than expected, in part because of the lack of available plane flights to and from New Zealand around the New Year (Ed: Economy class seats have been sold out for months on direct routes from the USA, although the airlines may open up more seats as time gets closer to departure.) Other problems include the scarcity of accommodation and difficulty in transportation to and from Gisborne due to its remoteness.

You can read the full story via a scan from Trevor.

Information from Trevor, Andy, Mike


Buy at Amazon.com!
Order NTSC VHS video

July 17: While the announcement last week that Labyrinth would be rereleased September 21 pleased many DVD owners, it was unclear whether it would also be released on VHS.

Well, the answer is yes, and in fact, you can even preorder the VHS video at Amazon.com, ready for delivery when it ships in September. No confirmation, but it's unlikely that the additional special features of the DVD will appear on the VHS version. (Ed: the DVD version is yet to appear in online listings). If you are a DVD owner, you might want to check out Amazon's Serious Moonlight DVD which is currently on sale for just $14.99, a 40% savings off standard retail.

Information from BabyGrace, Sarah

July 16: The official word is finally out for both the Placebo/Bowie duet and Stigmata soundtrack releases. The Without You I'm Nothing limited edition EP credited as "Placebo featuring David Bowie" has been pushed back another week to August 16. Released by HUT records, the EP will feature remixes by UNKLE, Americruiser and Brothers In Rhythm of Placebo's title track from their album of last year. Just 20,000 copies will be produced, each with a gatefold sleeve. The enhanced CD will have links to Placebo's and Bowie's websites, as well as exclusive photos from their duet at Irving Plaza earlier this year. Although Bowie had indicated in a journal entry on BowieNet that Tony Visconti was involved in the recording, the press release notes only Steve Osborne as the producer.

Also released a couple of days ago was the official Virgin Records press release for Stigmata which will feature Bowie's The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, a song which will appear on hours. Bowie talks about his interest in the subject matter of the film in the press release. The soundtrack is also notable for Mike Garson's co-writing credits on the soundtrack with Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.

Information from PR Newswire, BowieNet

July 15: Rebel Rebel may prove to be one of the most widely heard Bowie songs this summer, with appearances in movies, television ads and even CD releases. US tube-watchers and radio listeners have been treated to the trademark guitar riff via Mazda's car ads for the past couple of months.

Rebel Rebel

Filmgoers will get another taste next month with the release of Detroit Rock City, the film about teenagers trying to get into a sold out KISS concert in the 70s. Rebel Rebel has been used in all the trailers and will also be on the soundtrack album which is available for pre-order at CDNow.

If those two high profile renditions aren't enough, two cover versions are also likely to be making the rounds. Rickie Lee Jones will have her own version used in advertisements for The Teena Brandon Story, a film about the Nebraska teen who lived her life as a boy. If that isn't enough, 80's glamour metal boys Def Leppard told British magazine Q that they were heading into the studio to record some B-sides "including Bowie's Rebel Rebel" for upcoming singles.

July 14: The indomitable Bowie Online Army made short work of getting db to the top of the UK Sun's Millennium Reader's Poll for Favourite Artist of All Time. Here's the final list:

  1. David Bowie
  2. Noel Gallagher/Oasis
  3. Robbie Williams
  4. The Spice Girls
  5. Ronan Keating
  6. Five
  7. Bono
  8. John Lennon
  9. Mick Jagger
  10. Freddie Mercury
  11. Just goes to show the power of the Internet in getting fan support.

    Information from BowieNet

    July 14: A dedicated Teenage Wildlifer collected together all the Bowie MIDI files she could find and suggested that they find a section of own on the site. Behold therefore, the opening of the MIDI music section with 29 distinct Bowie tunes. You can play these directly in your browser with Quicktime, or via any of a multitude of stand-alone players.

    Information from Jillian S.

    July 13: The photo shoot for the new hours album took place about three weeks ago in London with photographer Tim Brett-Day getting the onerous task of making Bowie look his best. A web search to find out more about Mr. Brett-Day revealed only that he has shot a number of fashion shoots for models and major magazines. Here are some links to three of his photographs found on the web:

    July 13: SirenCD, a US import store, has a release date of September 20 listed for Thursday's Child. The listing consists of two entries, the prosaically named Part 1 and Part 2. These are likely UK single releases which are restricted to three tracks so that they may be considered for the UK singles charts.

    This seems to confirm that Thursay's Child from the upcoming album hours is the leading candidate for the debut single, although there's a suggestion that The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell is also being considered for that honour. (Ed: The latter will appear on the Stigmata soundtrack well before the release of Bowie's own album).

    Information from Bonster and Mike A.

    July 9: Bowie is being used to hawk the latest Mercedes in Germany with the following print ad which has recently appeared in publications such as Der Spiegel. The photograph appears to try to recreate Bowie's Berlin era appearance, but judging by the teeth, it was taken this decade. The accompanying German text is translated as:

    "One day, when you start to think that you cannot improve, you will start to play that same old song forever"

    Ad (left)Ad (right)

    Bowie joins other celebrities such as Martin Scorcese and Glenn Close in the campaign by ad agency Springer & Jacoby. One can only hope that this association with a Mercedes isn't as controversial as his last time at Victoria Station, 1976.

    Information from Georg and Lode

    July 9: According to this DotMusic news item, the Placebo/Bowie EP will not make its appearance until August 9 and will be an enhanced CD with a multimedia link to the Placebo website. It will also be limited to 20,000 copies in the UK qualifying it as a limited edition.

    We now have a web page for the release which we'll fill in as we get more details.

    Information from Martyn

    July 7: Word comes from The Movie Network that Bowie will indeed star in a full length episode of the cable television Hunger series currently airing on the Canadian station. Titled Sanctuary, it will premiere August 28 in its usual Saturday night slot. While Bowie appears briefly at the beginning to host each episode, this will be the only one where he actually stars as one of the characters.

    As reported here last November, the show is produced by the same Tony Scott who directed the original Hunger film, although the television series is not focussed on vampires. According to Bowie's journals, son Duncan helped out on the production, which was filmed in Montreal during March. The show is expected to eventually air on the US network Showtime later this year.

    Information from Rosie

    July 6: Everyone and his dog seems to be putting out polls on the "best" of the century/millennium as we near the end of the year. Amongst the most recent are:

    Q Magazine, August 1999
    Q asked its readers to vote for their Top 100 Stars of the Twentieth Century. Bowie slotted in at #6, behind Lennon, McCartney, Kurt Cobain, Dylan and Presley. Other interesting stars behind Bowie included Jimi Hendrix at #15, Mick Jagger at #22, Lou Reed at #59 and Ravi Shankar at #100.
    The Sun, UK
    BowieNet reports that The Sun newspaper in the UK is also running their own poll for Top Artists of All Time. BowieNet has a voting form.
    WFNX, July 4
    Finally, to prove that Bowie still endears himself to the US public, Boston's alternative format radio station WFNX 101.7 had a 4th of July Top 101 FNX artists of all time poll. Bowie took 18th, and was the only star who debuted in the 60s to be included in this list of "alternative" bands.

    Information from Martyn, BowieNet, Sjmeiu

    July 5: Jareth Labyrinth fans rejoice! DVDfile.com reports today that Columbia Video is set to release a special edition DVD of Labyrinth on September 21. In a press release, Jim Henson Films announced that the special edition would feature a new 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen version from a hi-definition master and Dolby 2.0 surround sound. The dual-layer disc has a 60-minute documentary on the making of the film ("Inside The Labyrinth"), and the usual theatrical trailers, cast & crew bios, production notes and English and Spanish subtitles.

    The manufacturer's stated retail price is listed as $24.95, which means you may be able to find it for less. We'll keep you informed when it becomes available for preorder at Amazon.com!

    Information from Trinia

    July 2: It was a big giveaway day for some lucky Teenage Wildlifers around the world. First, the monthly free CD from CDNow went to Rick Phillips from Texas. Rick chose The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour as his selection from CDNow.

    Then the Esprit CD giveaway of the Earthling Radio Edits promo CD went to Arne Risvåg of Norway. Over 350 Teenage Wildlifers entered the drawing a total of 2932 times with the correct answer of three tracks on the promo CD. While only a few people managed to make the online giveaway, one who did was the most conscientious and dedicated entrant, Brian Taylor from Oklahoma. Brian successfully entered the Esprit giveaway every single day of June for a grand total of 30 entries; the only such person to do so. As a bonus prize, we decided to award him a CD of his choice from CDNow. He chose 1. Outside as his selection.

    Congratulations Rick, Arne and Brian!
    Rustic Overtones
    Rustic Overtones

    July 1: As reported last month, Tony Visconti invited Bowie into the old PowerStation studio to listen in on the recording of "rasta-funk" band Rustic Overtones 's new album. News has now come via Rustic Overtones themselves that Bowie indeed contributed vocals to at least two songs. At a free concert held last week in Portland, they joked that Bowie was "unable to make it to tonight's show", and then proceeded to play one of the new songs titled Man Without A Mouth.

    According to TW correspondent Rob, Rustic Overtones has made a huge impact on the local New England scene over the past three years. Their songs are regularly getting the #1 most requested slot at local alternative radio stations. The new album featuring Bowie is due for release September 28 (Ed: just one week before hours... and just after the back catalogue reissue. Looks like September/October will see a lot of Bowie promotion in the music world.).

    Information from Rob W.

    July 1: VH-1 BowieNet has revealed that Bowie will perform a show for an upcoming VH-1 StoryTellers episode later this year. For those that haven't seen it, StoryTellers is similar to MTV's Unplugged, although the performers usually take more time between songs to tell anecdotes or personal stories about the songs themselves. A few of the shows have even made it on to official record releases. Bowie's performance is expected to air sometime in the Northern Hemisphere autumn. This means that Bowie will need an accompanying band and somewhere to perform in front of a decent crowd before then. If Bowie's erudition keeps to form, it should be an entertaining show. We'll let you know more as to where and when you can see it.

    Information from BowieNet

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