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News June 1999

June 30: The Esprit CD giveaway contest ends today, June 30 at midnight Eastern Time. It's your last chance to be in to win the rare Earthling Radio Edits Promo donated by Esprit. So far, almost 350 people have entered; remember, you can enter multiple times, so if you've only entered once, enter again to double your chances of winning! The drawing will be held online July 1, at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on the TalkCity #Bowie chat.


June 29: The Swiss residence which Bowie has owned since 1982 is not proving to be an easy sell for the Thin White Duke. The property was put on the market last year for 4.5 million Swiss Francs ($US3 million), reportedly because Iman preferred city life to the anonymous country life of the 19th century chateau. Situated on over an acre of land, the two storey, four bedroom property lies just outside the limits of Lausanne in the French speaking region of Switzerland.

Now word comes from an article published in Sunday's edition of the Swiss newspaper Le Matin Dimanche that the house, sometimes called "le chateau du Signal" is still on the market. However, the price has dropped over half a million francs to around $US2.6 million. With a couple of telephone calls, the journalist confirmed that the house is still registered in Bowie's name, albeit under his official legal name "David Jones".

Many thanks to Stefano for scanning and finding this article!

Information from Stefano N

June 27: In a wide-ranging interview printed in yesterday's edition of The New Zealand Herald, Bowie let on some more about his songs for Omikron: The Nomad Soul and plans for the Gisborne 2000 Millennium Concert. One of the quotes touches on the variety of music in the Omikron tracks:

"I approached it as though I was doing a movie, so we wrote a soundtrack for it. There's ambient music, fight scene music, music for the strip clubs and all that - and being a French-designed game, there are plenty of strip clubs. You have to get the game to get the music."

On the viability of sticking to his no old songs pledge at the millennium concert in front of a general audience, Bowie says:

"Well, I'll probably go back on my word and sing some old songs, but that's my prerogative. If somebody's got to change horses midstream I'm the man for the job, although they probably won't be the expected older songs, that's something I can tell you. I wouldn't want to leave a crowd of that size totally without some really familiar stuff."

Finally, on the topic of followups to 1. Outside, Bowie notes:

I can't even get started doing the next stuff on it. All together we have 25, maybe 26, hours of recorded music from that period. I keep moving on too fast. Nobody would take Outside when we first recorded it. It was held back for a year until we could find somebody to distribute it in America and by that time my enthusiasm was pretty thin on the ground. By the time it did come out I'd already started writing for Earthling [his 97 album]. My attention span is incredibly short."

Go here to read the full article.

Information from Trevor

June 27: The long-awaited (particularly in the US) release of Bowie's back catalogue has been confirmed! Timed to be in the stores just before Bowie's new album release hours..., the set of 17 titles has been digitally transferred from the original analogue masters at 24 bit resolution and remastered at Abbey Road Studios in England. The packaging for each CD includes booklets up to 16 pages, the original album artwork, a selection of photos and full lyrics. The back inlays have been designed so that when you stack the albums next to each other in order, the artwork will form a continuous montage across all 17 spines (Ed: they'll look nice on your shelf, guv). Here's the release dates as announced by BowieNet.

September 6 September 20

In the US, the albums will be distributed on the Virgin Records label, while EMI will handle the rest of the world. No details yet on bonus tracks, although the announcement does note that each CD will have a "cool multimedia presentation about BowieNet" on each CD.

Bowie's back catalogue has been essentially non-existent in the US since last July when Rykodisc's license expired. As expected, the timing coincides with Bowie's new album due October 5, so we can probably expect to see Bowie doing the promotional rounds, and by gosh, having all of his back catalogue to sell at the same time as well. (Ed: Interesting to note that the official live albums and the still out-of-print albums in the 90s didn't make the cut.)

Information from BowieNet

June 26: Bowie/Placebo European fans have just one month to wait for the release of the first official Placebo/Bowie release. Due July 26 on Virgin Records, the EP will feature a duet of Placebo's Without You I'm Nothing recorded late March in New York. (Ed: Fans will remember that Bowie performed the song live with Placebo a night later at Placebo's Irving Plaza, NY concert).

Although this hasn't been confirmed, it is rumoured that a studio version of Twentieth Century Boy together with possibly the live versions from the concert will make it onto the multi-track EP. Bowie did state in his BowieNet journal that Tony Visconti helped out at the studio session, so this will be the first chance fans get to hear Visconti working on a Bowie recording in over 18 years.

The recording has already leaked out to radio stations in Europe. One fan posted to USENET's alt.music.placebo that he heard a pre-release airing of it on Belgian radio two nights ago. No word yet on whether there will be an official release outside Europe, but we're working to try and find the answer to that.

Information from Little Wonderworld and Andy S.

June 24: This story appeared today in the San Jose Mercury News about a new trend giving preferential ticket treatment to Internet users. Although the story is only free for the next 6 days, it's an interesting read for those of you who remember a similar debate which occurred on Bowie's last Earthling tour. The gist of the story is that bands such as Blondie, The Cranberries and Motley Crue now cooperate with radio stations and their own web sites to announce that tickets are going on sale online up to a month before they become available to the general public. One person interviewed said that by the time the tickets for a recent Blondie show in San Francisco were available via the normal retail outlets, every single seat in the lower section close to the band were sold out to Internet users.

As readers from the last tour will remember, being online was often the best way to find out when tickets would go on sale. If this trend continues, it may become a necessity to check the web to get the best tickets to your next Bowie concert.

June 23: The BowieNews newsletter by Andy Stewart released today has more information on the album hours.... According to the newsletter, one of the Omikron tracks called Something In The Air and a non-Omikron track called If I'm Dreaming My Life (Ed: this may be an alternate name for The Dreamers) are expected to appeal most to the Bowie traditionalists. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, a track destined for the Stigmata soundtrack in August is also expected to appear (possibly in a different mix) on the hours... album. The current choice for first single release is reportedly Thursday's Child.

You can see a list of all the information known to date on the hours... album page.

Information from BowieNews newsletter

June 23: Everything The soundtrack to next month's release Drop Dead Gorgeous, New Line Cinema's comedy about a small town beauty pageant, will include a cover of Bowie's Young Americans. Due out in stores July 13, the Virginia-based band Everything takes on the task of covering Bowie's 1975 soul classic.

Other tracks of note on the Sire Records release include a Joan Jett interpretation of Love Is All Around (the theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show), New Zealand band The Feelers Pressure Man, as well as a number of other new bands recently signed to Sire Records.

Information from Russ, Bonster

June 22: Boz French music site Inrockuptibles has their own story on Bowie's new album (see the entry for June 21). Among the details they report are that the album will have twelve songs, eight of which have already been written for Omikron: The Nomad Soul along with cybersong What's Really Happening and three new compositions. The article notes that the songs on the album were recorded prior to any Tony Visconti collaboration, and that the Visconti produced album will now probably be put off until next year at the earliest. (Ed: This ties in with an earlier reliable rumour I received in my mailbox that Bowie and Visconti are yet to even start recording anything in the studio.)

One other small tidbit from the article. For those who can't wait until October, there should be a small Bowie fix during this northern hemisphere summer with the release of Placebo's next single. According to the news item, the Placebo-Bowie duet recorded March 29 (Ed: see this news item) was in fact Placebo's Without You I'm Nothing from their album of the same name. BowieWonderworld reported that this release has been delayed for some time because it went back into the studio for remixing. (Ed: One imagines that the single could be backed with their duet of 20th Century Boy).

Information from Richard, Franck, BowieWonderworld

June 22: It looks like the long-standing situation with Bowie's record labels being split between Virgin in the US, and BMG/Arista/RCA in Europe may be close to consolidation. In this DotMusic report, Bowie is reported to have been in London last week to meet with Virgin Records bigwigs in order to sign a deal which would see the company take over worldwide rights to Bowie's new releases. Inside the report, an unnamed source describes the new music as "early Bowie mixed with the best ideas from Tin Machine" along with "..more distinctive vocals... he's not going for the younger listener the way he did with his last drum 'n bass material."

Information from Dara

June 21: MTV News reports this morning that Bowie has indeed completed work on his new album as reported here last weekend. They go further though, and claim that the album will be titled hours..., with new tracks The Dreamers, Thursday's Child and Survive. Also included will be What's Really Happening, product of the cybersong contest.

Other musicians on the album include seemingly indefatigable stalwart Reeves Gabrels, bassist, keyboardist and producer Mark Plati, as well as drummer Mike Levesque of the Dave Navarro band. The report claims an October 5 release date in the US which fits the usual Tuesday release schedule.

More information as it comes to hand.

Information from The Artful Lodger, MTV News

June 20: Johno sent in this fun piece (originally courtesy of Gilly) that indicates the Bowie name is used for more than just music, art and acting. As the packaging says:

"Enjoy a unique chewing tobacco experience that sets itself apart from the ordinary. Bowie is a robust tobacco blend with a true country flavor. Break away from the pack and let Bowie be your ticket to a new experience in tobacco satisfaction."


Information from Johno and Gilly

June 18: Rustic Overtones, a new seven piece band based out of Portland, Maine has had a helping hand from Bowie courtesy of Tony Visconti on their upcoming album. Visconti is producing the album due for release September 28, and according to this excerpt on BowieNet, he invited Bowie into the old Power Station studio in Manhattan (where Scary Monsters was recorded) to listen to rough cuts of the new tracks. Bowie liked the sound so much he decided to add a touch of his own. What exactly Bowie will end up doing (e.g. playing saxophone, singing, etc) is not specified, but Visconti promises the band is "going to be big".

Information from BowieNet

June 17: Rollingstone.com and ZDTV have partnered up so that people who don't have access to ZDTV (most of us from what it would seem) can still see the interviews broadcast last night and over the next two nights. Just visit RollingStone.com's website to see a video of the What's Really Happening cybercast, or go directly to ZDTV Internet Tonight site to find the link to each night's segment.


Information from RollingStone.com

June 16: Just a reminder to those in the UK with access to SkyTV Premier. Tonight at 10 p.m. is the first television broadcast of Andrew Goth's 1998 film Everybody Loves Sunshine, with Bowie playing gangster henchman "Bernie" to costar drum 'n bass pioneer Goldie.


In the US, the first segment of ZDTV's Internet Tonight three part series on Bowie's "Technical World" is scheduled to air at 5 p.m. EST for those of you with access to the cable and satellite TV station. Tonight's episode concentrates on the What's Really Happening recording from last month. The series continues with the final two parts on Thursday and Friday night.

In other Bowie appearance news, KROQ turned out to live up to their name with their broadcast rumour of a Bowie appearance two nights ago at the House of Blues. Bowie did not make an appearance, nor did REM, although Sean Lennon's girlfriend apparently was there (so KROQ is batting about 1/2 out of 3)

Information from Greg, Russ, Screendoll

June 16: It would be interesting to count just how many compilation albums, mini-LPs, one-off singles and sundry other releases have been graced with Bowie's nascent compositions from the mid 60's. One thing's for sure; nothing seems to stop record companies from trying to cash in on them. In this case, it's yet another release of the six early Pye singles by Castle Music, titled I Dig Everything; The 1966 Pye Singles, which are the same 6 tracks that can be found on 1966 and are also included on the Early On album. New liner notes accompany this release, along with a nifty colorized black and white photo which has db looking more cat-like than ever.

Castle has another Bowie-inspired release as well, churning out Lulu's mid 70's single of The Man Who Sold The World backed by Watch That Man


Information from Martyn and BowieWonderworld

June 14: After a few false starts, Teenage Wildlife now has free lifetime email addresses. You can sign up for your choice of name, and your new email address will be yourname@teenagewildlife.com. Click here to learn more and sign up!

Free Email

Note: Be sure to read the terms and conditions and agree to them when signing up for your new account. Your email address is independent of TeenageWildlife.com's registry and login system. Demographics information gathered during the signup process will be kept private and never given out to any third party without your consent.

June 12: Television New Zealand's Holmes Show (Ed: a nightly half hour current affairs show) conducted an interview with Bowie on Friday evening about his upcoming appearance at Gisborne 2000. Amongst the items Bowie mentioned (some jokingly no doubt):

You can read the full transcript here. Many thanks to Rachel S. who typed it all in.

Information from Rachel

June 12: (RUMOUR ALERT) KROQ Radio in Los Angeles has reported since Thursday that they expect Bowie to make an appearance at the House of Blues in Hollywood this coming Monday, June 14. The event, a Declare Liberty concert hosted by ex Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros frontman Perry Farrell bills itself as the "coalition to end world hunger". Details available on the House Of Blues web site simply state "an alternative rock genre w/Perry Farrell and more" although KROQ is also reporting that R.E.M. and Sean Lennon may attend.

Bowie at HOB
Bowie at House of Blues
May 1999

We were unable to confirm or deny an appearance by Bowie, as House of Blues staff were very evasive about the full list of performers. However, the stated goal of the event falls under Bowie's well known support of charities, and he was also at the very same House of Blues venue last month for the Omikron: The Nomad Soul press conference. Perhaps House of Blues management took the opportunity to persuade Bowie to make an unannounced guest appearance at this event.

If we hear a positive one way or the other before Monday, we'll let you know here. Otherwise, if you're in the LA area, you may want to make an appearance yourself at the Sunset Strip venue just in case KROQ knows what they're talking about. (update House of Blues now explicitly denies that Bowie will play there on Monday).

Information from Screendoll et al.

June 11: ZDTV, the television arm of Ziff-Davis Publishing, will air an three-part series titled David Bowie's Technical World next week on US cable television. Broadcast on consecutive nights starting Wednesday June 16 at 7 p.m., the segments feature exclusive footage shot during the most recent Cyber Song contest, an interview with BowieNet principals Bob Goodale and Ron Roy, and finally an interview with Bowie himself on what future he sees for the music world and the Internet.

The segments will be part of ZDTV's Internet Tonight show.

Information from BowieNet, ZDTV

June 9: Kiss If you never thought you'd see AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Van Halen and of course KISS on the same album as Bowie, prepare yourself for Detroit Rock City. This movie set for release August 13 is based on a story of four teenagers in the late '70s trying to scam their way into a sold-out KISS concert. Co-produced by KISS member Gene Simmons, the movie stars all of the existing KISS members as themselves, and popular actor Ed Furlong (Terminator 2, Pecker). So where does Bowie get involved? That perennial favourite Rebel Rebel (Ed: now also playing in heavy rotation on a Mazda ad in the US) will be included on the soundtrack, juxtaposed between Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak and AC/DC's Problem Child.

Here's the full lineup as reported on KISSonline.com:

  1. KISS - Nothing Can Keep Me From You
  2. KISS - Detroit Rock City (new version)
  3. KISS - Shout It Out Loud
  4. KISS - Dr. Love
  5. Marilyn Manson - Highway To Hell
  6. The Donnas - Strutter
  7. Everclear - Boys Are Back In Town
  8. Pantera or Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever
  9. Cheap Trick - Surrender
  10. Black Sabbath - Iron Man
  11. Van Halen - Running With The Devil
  12. Runaways - School Daze
  13. Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone
  14. Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
  15. David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
  16. AC/DC - Problem Child

Information from Ziggrl

June 8: MTV News reports that those erstwhile sock wearers, the Red Hot Chili Peppers sought out Bowie to produce their latest release Californication.

"So we basically called about five other people, you know, from David Bowie to [Nine Inch Nails producer] Flood," Anthony Kiedis began. "And they all just pretty much said, 'That's very nice of you to ask, but I think not.'"

"You called David Bowie?" Kurt Loder asked.

"Yeah, yeah," Kiedis replied.

"He's not even that busy," said Loder.

"According to the letter he wrote me, he's very busy," Kiedis insisted.

Loder said, "He's doing that video game thing--"

"He's got art stuff and online [stuff]," Chad Smith added.

"He's checking his e-mail twenty-four hours a day," Kiedis suggested.

See it all in the RealVideo file.

Information from David P.

June 8: Italian fanclub Velvet Goldmine is celebrating the 27th anniversary tomorrow of the release of The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars with an online chat tonight!. Topics will include the mark which the album has left in rock history especially after last year's glam revival punctuated by Todd Haynes' movie Velvet Goldmine. Chat details are as follows:

Bowie in glam rags

Information from Stefano

June 7: As reported in March, Bowie introduces each episode of Tony Scott's The Hunger from a prison cell. Bebe reports from Canada that Bowie was on screen for about a minute at the beginning of the premiere screened on Saturday. We'll let you know when the series screens more widely.

Information from Bebe

June 6: A new set of Bowie-designed postcards is available at BowieArt.com. The 1975 set is called the Tarot Series, and sells for $13.00 for all five.

June 2: As reported yesterday, Canada's pay-TV station The Movie Network is now advertising promo spots for the upcoming premiere of the Hunger series. A call to TMN's program department confirmed that this was indeed the second series with Bowie as the host for each half-hour episode. According to TMN, there are a total of 22 episodes in this series. The first four will premiere this month and are:

Hunger: The Suction Method
June 5, 10:45 p.m. TMN1
Hunger: The Perfect Couple
June 12, 10:30 p.m. TMN1
Hunger: I'm Very Dangerous Tonight
June 19, 10:30 p.m. TMN1
Hunger: Week Woman
June 26, 11:15 p.m. TMN1

What about viewers outside Canada? Showtime Networks owns the series, but their representative could give no definite date as to when the new series would be shown in the US. The programmers at TMN thought late August would be most likely, since US television is well known for saving premieres and new shows until after the long hot summer.

Information from The Movie Network, Showtime Networks

June 1: Esprit/eil.com, sellers of hard-to-find vinyl and CD collectibles has donated another Bowie CD to give away to a lucky Teenage Wildlifer. This time, it's The Radio Edits, a CD that was distributed to promote the singles off Earthling. As in the previous Esprit giveaway, you can enter as many times as you want to increase your chances of winning, but you may only enter once per day. The contest runs until the end of June, and the selection of the winner will take place live online on July 1.

Click to Enter!

June 1: The winner of the monthly CD giveaway for June is Koop Mast of The Netherlands. Koop selected Live From 6A, the CD of musical performances from Conan O'Brien's talk show. Bowie performed a live acoustic version of Dead Man Walking for the show in April 1997 when he was a guest on the show.


June 1: Hungry for some new Bowie appearances? The first episode of Tony Scott's new series The Hunger will air June 5 at 10:45 p.m. EDT on Canadian pay-tv station The Movie Network. Commercials started playing over the weekend for the new series which has Bowie as the host for each episode, which focuses on more general human hungers and desires rather than the movie of the same name about modern day vampires.

No word yet on when or if this series will appear outside Canada.

Information from Bebe

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