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News May 1999

May 28: Sean Mayes, the musician best known for playing keyboards on the 1978 "Heroes" tour and subsequent Stage album, has a new book due out in July titled David Bowie - We Can Be Heroes.

According to the blurb, it's

160 pages written by Sean Mayes, who played and toured with Bowie from the early '70s up to 1978. Features never before seen live and behind-the-scenes photos.

The book is an import title in the US, but is expected to sell for $17.95 when it is released in July. You can currently preorder it at The Artist Shop (go to the very last item on the page).

Information from Richard, Gary

May 27: Even if you can't make it to Gisborne for Bowie's Millennium Concert, plans are afoot to webcast the celebrations in New Zealand to an estimated 2 million worldwide Internet viewers. Although still under construction at the moment, the 2000 Live site will feature eleven live cameras, four fixed and seven roaming around Gisborne to capture all the millennium events. An initial test of the system is planned for this evening at the Gisborne First Light media launch in London.

2000 live

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May 26: The Zoetrope: All Story magazine which boasts a cover designed by Bowie, and is replete with Bowie art is somewhat difficult to find in parts of the US and elsewhere in the world. A few people have asked where they can get a copy. Fortunately, Amazon.com has come to the rescue and has the issue in stock:

Buy @ Amazon.com

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May 26: This week's special collector's issue of Entertainment Weekly (May 28) focuses on the "100 Greatest Moments in Rock" and has multiple Bowie references. Amongst the most prominent

coverBest Artist

May 25: As reported earlier, the soundtrack to the film Stigmata will feature a new Bowie song, The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell. However, there'll be more of a Bowie connection as longtime collaborator and keyboardist Mike Garson has scored much of the movie soundtrack in conjunction with Billy Corgan, and at least one of their co-penned songs is expected to also be included on the actual soundtrack release. The collaboration between Corgan and Garson no doubt came about as a result of their work together last year on the Smashing Pumpkins Tour.

You can read more about Mike Garson at Now! Music Network.

Information from Now! Music

May 24: After a brief presentation where lyrics writer Alex Grant was presented with his recording contract and $15,000 from Bug Music, Bowie got behind the microphone to record the full vocals for What's Really Happening. Interspersed by cigarette and food breaks (pizza, not ossobuco), the session took over 3 hours during which times web viewers could get Sound+Vision via a RealPlayer presentation, and zoom in for higher quality pictures using a Lucent 3D camera.

For a full page of pictures captured off the web, see the event page.

May 24: A reminder that tonight is the live broadcast of Bowie's recording of What's Really Happening. You'll be able to listen and see Bowie in the studio as he records the song cowritten with cybersong contest winner Alex Grant. Event details:

May 22: Well, she may not be fat, but she is an opera singer, and as reported here just over a month ago, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa has today been confirmed as the third act at the Gisborne 2000 Millennium concert. The world renowned opera star, and Gisborne New Zealand native will be accompanied by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in the First Light celebration, held at sunrise January 1, 2000. For more information, read the story below which appeared in today's Gisborne Herald and visit the concert page.

Kiri confirmed

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May 19: The rehearsal and recording of What's Really Happening will be broadcast live and free on the Internet next Monday from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. EDT. You can read all the details in the official press release from Tunes.com, but in summary, you'll be able to use Lucent's 3D camera technology to pan around the recording studio, and listen in via RealPlayer G2 to the actual sound/music. Co-lyricist Alex Grant will be flown in from Ohio for the event. It's all being sponsored by RollingStone.com, Tunes.com and BowieNet and will be available to everyone, not just BowieNet subscribers. Mark the date and time on your calendar.

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May 18: (RUMOUR ALERT) This report from SonicNet was buried in the Eidos article below, so we've pulled it out and made it more obvious. At the Eidos presentation, Bowie and Gabrels quipped that they'd written over 100 songs in the last year. SonicNet had this article as a followup which quotes a "source close to the singer"

[the source] described the material for the as-yet-untitled project as reminiscent of Bowie's 1971 album Hunky Dory, calling it "lush," "beautiful" and "song-driven."

The article further claims that the first single will be The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, a remixed version of the track which is already confirmed to appear on the soundtrack for the film Stigmata.

Together with the songs for the upcoming Omikron: The Nomad Soul computer game, and the Placebo/Bowie collaboration due soon, this year looks like it will shape up to be a lot more exciting than last year in terms of Bowie's musical production.

Information from SonicNet

May 18: ELS Flyer Everybody Loves Sunshine will finally get its chance in the sun when it premieres June 16 on UK's Sky TV. The Andrew Goth directed gang film casts Bowie as "Bernie", one of the henchmen with sexual overtones towards "Terry", the leader of the gang played by Goldie. Filmed in Liverpool and the Isle of Man last year, the film has played in a few film festivals, but didn't make the cut for a full cinema or video release - instead going straight to television. Sky TV is currently running a trailer promoting the event as "an exclusive production you won't see anywhere else".

For more information on the film, visit the Everybody Loves Sunshine overview page.

Information from Gordon, Roy and Little Wonderworld

May 16: LdyofDarkness walked away with this morning's Esprit CD giveaway, winning the Tin Machine Radio Session CD donated by Esprit. LdyofDarkness took full advantage of the ability to enter once per day to rack up an impressive 23 entries, making her 23 times more likely to win than the 191 people who entered only once. (Ed: for those who wondered, the correct answer to the question was 4 tracks on the out-of-print CD)

Congratulations to LdyofDarkness, and thanks to all those who entered and to Esprit for donating the CD. We'll be having another Esprit giveaway contest in the near future!

May 14: You have until Saturday midnight to enter the Esprit CD giveaway to win a rare Tin Machine Radio Session CD. The drawing will be held online at Sunday noon EDT (1700 UTC). Be in to win!

May 14: Eidos Press Bowie was present at Wednesday night's press conference by Eidos Interactive to announce the launch of Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Both Bowie and collaborator Reeves Gabrels cracked various jokes, and then gave a preview of the new game with accompanying song New Angels of Promise. Bowie pointed out that he wanted "to give a warmth and heart" to the soundtrack for the game, rather than the "cold emotional drive" seen in most current games. BowieNet has put up a link to the full press conference including the new song clip in RealPlayer format on the free portion of their web site. (Ed: you can also get more of a look at what you all really care about, namely Bowie's hairstyle).

Bowie and Reeves Bowie would not commit to releasing the songs on an album of his own, or playing them live in concert, but he did note that he and Gabrels had written 100 songs last year (as he mentioned in his chat last month), although Gabrels chimed in with "yeah, but 50 of them are crap". During the interview, Bowie also plugged the recording of What's Really Happening which will take place May 24 in the studio, complete with Lucent 3D camera to "look up people's nostrils". SonicNet has a little more information "from an insider" on the 100 songs which are likened to those on Hunky Dory. (Ed: SonicNet news is probably a temporary link)

Finally, in a surprise announcement, Bowie revealed the real reason he's playing a millennium concert in Gisborne, New Zealand. Click here to find out! (RealPlayer 5.0 or better required).

Information from BowieNet, Bonster, SonicNet

May 13: Boz Seems all those visits to Eidos Interactive last year weren't just because Bowie wanted the latest games to play on his computer. As Andy Stewart had scooped in a previous newsletter, Eidos Interactive confirmed today that Bowie will be contributing the soundtrack to a new adventure/action CD-ROM game available later this year called Omikron: The Nomad Soul. Not only will Bowie and Reeves Gabrels contribute eight original songs for the game, they'll also be part of the game itself. Bowie will play the character of Boz, a character in the new game whose concept is described in the press release as:

"The player's soul is one day projected into this universe, in a body he does not know and for a reason he cannot fathom. From that point on, the player will have to talk, investigate, fight drive, shoot, ride and explore his way to the conclusion of the game: deliverance from this strange dimension." (Ed: Sounds like a typical day in my life actually).

Bowie allowed his countenance to be rendered in the three dimensional computer game world and contributed his voice to the character. A band playing in various corners of the fantasy world includes 3D depictions of Bowie, Reeves Gabrels and Gail-Ann Dorsey. And if you've ever wanted to be a supermodel, you'll get the next best thing as even Iman is included in the game - lending her visage and body for the character of Iman 1631, a "virtually reincarnatable" bodyguard.

As of this writing, Eidos had not updated their web site with the Bowie announcement, but their Omikron Page is located here, and their main page here. Other interesting links on the story are:

(Ed: I've had reports of people having problems clicking on external links, but seemingly only with Internet Explorer 4.0 on Windows systems. If you're having problems such as Document Not Found after clicking on the above links, please email me with your operating system and browser configuration).

Information from BowieNet, Laszlo, Bonster, Andy, Bill, Violet, Doug and others.

May 12: The honourable mention winner for his remix of Bowie's What's Really Happening, Love Among Puppets has a new track out on the Web titled Come Back Starman. It draws heavily on the Ziggy-era track and you can see and hear it all at the Love Among Puppets website.

Information from Derek

May 12: At least one new Bowie track will be released before the end of the year, according to this Allstar News report. Bowie will reportedly contribute an original (but currently unnamed) track to the soundtrack for the Rupert Wainwright film Stigmata, starring Patricia Arquette and Gabriel Byrne which is due for release in late August. The soundtrack will be on Virgin Records, and is set for an August 27 release. One of Bowie's cohorts from the 50th Birthday Concert, Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan will contribute over half of the original soundtrack, together with one off tracks from Bjork, Massive Attack and Chumbawamba.

Information from Allstar

May 10: Devil Dr Dr. Bowie regaled Berklee graduates at Saturday's commencement speech with amusing episodes from his life story, ranging from his lavatory options in the early Ziggy Stardust days to his long friendship with John Lennon. The devilish pose pictured came in reference to an earlier student presentation on "rockers, jazzers and samplers". The "samplers" got the devil pose, which Bowie playfully reenacted several times during his speech.

A few hardcore Bowie fans were in attendance (including one who flew in from England just for the graduation), and managed to get autographs and pictures. We hope to have some more material up in the next week or so. For the moment, Berklee has put up a RealVideo presentation of Bowie's commencement address, the Friday night concert, and links to other reports in the Boston press on their Commencement 99 web page. In addition, you can see a short news story from a television station in RealVideo format.

Information from David, Steve, Janet

May 8:

Bowie at Berklee

Bowie at Berklee

Graduating Berklee students celebrated Bowie's honorary doctorate last night with a collection of twelve Bowie songs performed in a variety of styles. Along with fellow honoree Wayne Shorter, Bowie was present in the audience, and was introduced to the audience but he did not walk or perform on stage. Songs performed were:

May 7: Just a quick reminder of Berklee College of Music's Commencement Concert, set to kick off at 7:30 p.m. EDT tonight May 7, in honour of this year's two honorary doctorates, Wayne Shorter and David Bowie. The two hour concert at the Berklee Performance Center will showcase the students performing selections of songs from the two honorees' careers.

Both Bowie and Shorter are expected to be in the audience according to the Berklee web page, and past attendees of these concerts relate that often the honorees will join the students on stage for one or two numbers. Then tomorrow, Bowie will become Dr. David Bowie and give the commencement speech to this year's graduating class at Boston's Hynes Convention Center.

Tonight's concert will be webcast via RealPlayer G2 starting at 7:30 p.m EDT.

May 5: Zoetrope: All Story, a magazine founded by Francis Ford Coppola has enlisted the help of Bowie for their latest summer issue (Vol. 3, #2), due in all good bookstores from May 1. The magazine concentrates on short stories, and features a "guest designer" for each issue. In this issue, Bowie adds artwork to each story and has a self portrait on the cover (see picture).

Information from BowieNet

May 3: RollingStone.com is holding a silent auction on 10 compilation CDs produced by Brian Eno for War Child, the organization that seeks to ease the crush of war for the children victimized during and following conflict all over the world. Eno, David Bowie, U2, Luciano Pavarotti and many others actively support War Child's efforts.

This compilation CD features music from Tricky, Portishead, Cornershop, Massive Attack v. the Mad Professor, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Bomb the Bass, Laika, Lisa Germano, Little Axe, Acacia, 'O' Rang, Roger Eno, Tindersticks, Hector Zazou with the Voice Varttina, the SunKings and Scott Walker.

Along with the CD, you'll get unique, spray-painted cover art by Brian Eno; an original piece of artwork by Damien Hurst; and a piece of wallpaper designed by David Bowie. The aim is to fund at least one truckload ($5,500) of War Child "Kid Packs" for refugees in the current Serbian/Albanian conflict.

War Child
Click to see the auction

Information from Ari Bendersky

May 1: Win a free CD It's the beginning of a new month, and you know what that means. Yes, time to roll out the random number generator and pick a lucky winner from the over 1300 users who have chosen to display their profile in the Teenage Wildlife Fan Registry. This month's recipient of a free CD from CDNow is Matthew Tranbarger from Indiana. Matthew chose Vangelis' El Greco as his CD prize. Congratulations Matthew!

And remember, if you want to be eligible for each month's giveaway, you'll need to make certain you're registered and that your profile has been made visible in the registry.

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