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April 30: cover Even though he has only performed live there once in his career (on the Outside Tour), Israelis still consider David Bowie one of the greatest rock stars of all time. The Israeli newspaper Yedio Achronot recently had a 100 Best Albums of All Time and standing atop the 100 was The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. The top five were:

  1. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - David Bowie
  2. Velvet Underground & Nico - Velvet Underground
  3. Nevermind - Nirvana
  4. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
  5. Pet Sounds - Beach Boys

Yedio Achronot
It's all Hebrew to me...
Translated by Cat

Information from Shai

April 28: Read the chat transcript from last night's 90 minute chat with the man himself. Find out who Bowie considers to be an up and coming artist, whether a Placebo/Bowie release will ever happen, the truth (?) on whether Bowie has been rejuvenated through the doctor's scalpel, and the answers to many more weird and wonderful questions.

Information from BowieNet

April 27: RUMOUR ALERT: How can one person be in two places at one time? When you're pre-recorded apparently. The following appeared as a small snippet in the UK's Heat magazine this week:

BBC line up a supershow at Greenwich Maritime Museum.

Some of the world's biggest artists are to perform their favourite songs from the past 70 years at a globally televised millennium concert, to be staged at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney and Tina Turner are among artists believed to have been approached for the one-hour BBC1 show, As Time Goes By.


Many of the world's biggest acts are already committed to play millennium gigs elsewhere, so they are now pre-recording songs for the Greenwich broadcast. David Bowie is apparently particularly keen to get involved, though he's playing a show in New Zealand on the actual night.

A two-hour version of the show will be repeated within two weeks of the initial broadcast.

Information from Spidey

April 27: Just a quick reminder. BowieNet has a live chat with the man himself for BowieNet members only at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific, 3 a.m. GMT, 4 a.m. CET tonight.

April 25: Falco Austrian singer Falco, who died tragically in a car crash in 1998, has a posthumous release out called Final Curtain which features a 1999 remix of his own song Helden von heute, incorporating much of the melody of Bowie's "Heroes". You can download a RealAudio clip of the '99 remix from this fan's web site.

As reported here last June, Falco (best known in the English speaking world for his hit Rock Me Amadeus) was a huge Bowie fan, and reportedly had Bowie's Black Tie White Noise in his home CD player at the time of his death. Falco used to incorporate small portions of "Heroes" in live versions of Helden von heute before his death, but the '99 remix takes the concept even further.

Teenage Wildlifer Marcel has a Bowie/Falco page and notes many allusions and snippets of Bowie in Falco's own songs.

Information from Marcel

April 24: RUMOUR ALERT: Doris writes that a (usually) reliable Austrian newspaper News Magazin published an article on the Gisborne 2000 millennium concert, and indicated that the remaining members of Queen together with George Michael would be among the "special guests" slated for the all night concert. Bowie watchers will remember that Queen and George Michael performed together at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert in 1992 (at which Bowie also performed). Perhaps a reprise of Under Pressure is in store? (Ed: Note to George Michael... public restrooms are plentiful in New Zealand)

Information from Doris

April 22: Esprit has donated a rare Japanese CD release Tin Machine - Radio Session which usually goes for £20 to Teenage Wildlife for a CD giveaway contest. The contest runs until May 15, 1999, and the drawing will be held online the next day May 16, 1999. As with the One Million visitor contest, you can enter as many times as you want (each time you enter increases your chances of winning), but you may only enter once per day. You must also be a registered Teenage Wildlifer to participate in the contest. Full details including contest rules are available on the Esprit Giveaway page.

Win a free CD!

April 21: Interested in a one-on-one chat with David Bowie. For the first time since BowieNet's debut, Bowie will be the solo guest in a scheduled members-only chat at http://www.davidbowie.com. Details are as follows:

Tuesday, April 27
10 p.m. EDT, 7 p.m. PDT, 3 a.m. GMT
BowieNet #ChatGuest channel

Information from BowieNet

April 21: This week's edition of The Onion, a satirical newspaper distributed to many large universities around the US, turns its barbs at Bowie in their letter-writing campaign section. Feigning concern with Bowie's declining album sales, the sample letter implores Bowie to complete the Outside trilogy, claiming that

"Your musical tale of the art-murder of Baby Grace was all fans could talk about for months; during that time, you could step into any small-town bar and the topic of conversation would always be the same: Who killed Baby Grace? Some suspected tyrannical futurist Ramona Stone. Others thought petty thief Leon Blank the more likely suspect. Needless to say, anticipation of Outside 2 has bordered on the obsessive, which is why you must finish the trilogy."

Bowie gets off fairly lightly compared to the other two letter-writing campaigns - in fact, we'd wager the writer of this week's section is secretly a Bowie fan (at least he/she took the time to find out the names and details of the protagonists in 1. Outside). For more hilarious reading, visit The Onion website.

Information from Megan

April 19: When he steps on stage May 8th to receive his honorary doctorate from the Berklee College of Music, Bowie won't be the only graduate to have performed his songs in front of an Internet audience. Berklee has announced that Bowie will be feted in a pre-commencement concert tribute Friday May 7 at 7:30 p.m. EDT which will be broadcast live on the Internet using RealPlayer. Students will perform songs from his and fellow honorary doctorate recipient Wayne Shorter at the Berklee Performance Center; Bowie and Shorter are both expected to be in the audience for the evening.

Information from Tim

April 17: A Montreal Teenage Wildlifer is 99% certain he spotted Bowie this week in his fair city. Eschewing the limousines usually reserved for rock gods, the reader claims he saw Bowie riding a bicycle alone on St. Louis square.

"I was shocked and stood there frozen when I saw those unmistakable eyes. His hair was shorter than in recent pictures of the Brit Awards, kind of like it's been during the Earthling period, only greyish brown. I'm 99% sure it was him. He turned his face slightly when he saw that I recognized him. He had a large black leather bag on his back. It's possible that he knows the city well [...] Remember, he's got a lot of connections here (La La La Human steps, the time he was apparently living here sometime in 89-90 when he introduced Adrian Belew's band on stage at Club Soda, when he recorded "Tonight" at Morin Heights in 84/85)."

Bowie was in Montreal for most of March filming for the upcoming cable TV series The Hunger, and it's easily possible that he was called back to finish up some final pieces. The story jibes with another Teenage Wildlifer Gwinevere who had invited Bowie to a film premiere in New York, only to find he was "out of town" this week.

Information from Dave and Gwinevere

April 16: Kiri Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, famed opera singer and native of Gisborne, New Zealand, is strongly rumoured to be the third act at the Gisborne 2000 Millennium concert. Expected to be accompanied by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in the First Light celebration at 5:30 a.m., she would join already confirmed acts David Bowie and Split Enz in a final celebration as the sun rises on the first day of the year 2000. We hope to confirm this story as soon as we can.

For more information on Dame Kiri, visit this fan's page.

Information from Trevor

April 15: Anthony Newley, the multifaceted performer who was one of Bowie's very early influences in his own career, died today in Florida after a long battle with cancer at the age of 67. Bowie is said to have styled his vocals on the extremely popular Newley, who had seven Top 10 hits in Britain in the early 60s as Bowie was growing up. Newley worked in many areas, including cabaret, musicals and even films such as Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. For more information, see Yahoo's coverage.

April 13: For new Bowie fans frustrated by the lack of availability of Bowie's back catalogue in the US, it appears that most of the online stores are going to stock the recent mid-price reissues recently released in the European market. As the "official" US availability of Bowie's studio albums has now dwindled to include just David Bowie, Earthling and Outside, the availability of new imports such as Lodger, Scary Monsters, Ziggy Stardust - Motion Picture soundtrack and the venerable Ziggy Stardust is sorely welcomed. Also included in the recent import CD additions is Bowie's 80 output of Let's Dance, Tonight, Never Let Me Down and Tin Machine.

While the price varies wildly between different stores on online items, the best I've been able to track down so far are at CD Universe, where they're hardly more expensive than the current US album releases.

April 10: Bart's The Motel cover proved too popular for his web hosting provider. In just 9 days, he went over his 1 gigabyte of data transfer per month, and his web site was shut down. For those of you still looking to download his version, simply use the following link to download the MP3 file:

The Motel (6.8MB)

Information from Bart

April 9: Philippe Auliac, whose photography is featured on this website, has his Bowie and Iggy Pop photos on the cover of this month's APTV News, a French magazine aimed at professional television broadcasters and press photo agencies.


Information from Philippe Auliac

April 8: Cover The Athens, Georgia based tribute to David Bowie, Loving The Alien which was first mentioned here last September, will be going into national distribution on the FireAnt record label in October of this year. Bowie himself is recognising the album by requesting soundfiles from the album as well as from the other recent Bowie cover releases, to be made available at BowieNet. As part of the re-release, the cover graphics and text are being completely redesigned. Look for more in October.

Information from Robert Lurie

April 8: Wondered what Bowie picked as his fifty favourite songs over the past five decades for Rolling Stone Radio? Stefano has been listening conscientously and submitted his list of all the songs that he's heard that have been played. Take a look at the list here.

Information from Stefano

April 8: A two-day Bowiefest is planned for Saturday and Sunday 21st / 22nd August 1999 in London, UK. Attractions include the screening of never before seen Ziggy Stardust footage from Aylesbury and Dunstable 1972, rare audio material, videos, live bands, Bowie disco, auction, trading stalls, special guests and lots lots more. More information is available at Little Wonderworld.

Information from Little Wonderworld

April 7: Art.com, which describes itself as "the world's most inviting destination for discovering and buying art" is running a retrospective of 20th century art over the rest of the year. Each month will feature a different decade, focusing on the impact of major historical events on society and on the artists who depicted them. For example, the first decade 1900-1910 features "Art Nouveau, Vintage Opera, and Einstein". The choice for the 70's decade (which will be in the month of October) features "Mural Art, Personal Computers and David Bowie". Other celebrities for earlier decades include Andy Warhol, Charlie Chaplin, Ansel Adams, Rudolph Valentino... and O.J. Simpson for the 90's.

You can read more in the press release at Art.com.

Information from Bonster, Little Wonderworld

April 5: Aladdin Sane Collectors looking for completion have another item to pick up. Last week, Europe got a new 12" vinyl release of the 1973 classic Aladdin Sane. Like last year's Hunky Dory vinyl release, this EMI Millennium Vinyl is 180g, and contains the original packaging complete with a thick laminated sleeve and PVC slipcase, so if you still have those turntables whirling around, this may be an item you'll want to pick up.

Information from Daniele, Ralf

April 2: Just to prove that not all Bowie fans are inveterate chat-a-holics, two fan-musicians have recently produced wonderful versions/mixes of Bowie songs. The first, well known to BowieNetters, is Derek, who is the mastermind behind the What's Really Happening remix which Bowie himself gushed over. Derek has his own website for his Love Among Puppets project.

The second talent is Bart from the Netherlands. He, like Derek, is also a one-man band, playing all instruments and singing all the vocals. He has put together a wonderful MP3 version of Bowie's The Motel, complete with his own Warszawa introduction. You really must hear it to appreciate how good it is...

Derek BartRock
What's Really Happening The Motel

In Derek's case, you can use RealAudio or get an MP3 version. BartRock has just an MP3 version. If you need to get an MP3 player, I suggest either WinAmp for Windows, or MacAmp for the Macintosh.

Information from Derek and Bart

April 1: Helen2, currently "in between abodes", was the winner of the April Fan Registry CD giveaway. A long time Teenage Wildlife user (Helen2 was registrant #3 in the Teenage Wildlife user fanbase), she chose David Sylvian's new Dead Bees On A Cake as her free CD from CDNow.

Remember, you must be a registered Teenage Wildlife member, and have your profile visible in the fan registry to be eligible for each month's drawing.

April 1: It's midday April 1 on the West Coast, which means the customary window for playing April Fools' Day jokes is over. As most of you longtime members have realised "once fooled, shame on you, twice fooled, shame on me, thrice fooled, well...", the BowieNet IPO stock offering story is Teenage Wildlife's annual April Fools' Day joke. (Ed: you can see the 1998 version along with the 1997 story which shook people up.)

Let me repeat

I would have liked to let this joke run a little longer, but intimations of legal action and federal fraud involving SEC laws have conspired to cut it short. (Ed: if you read the disclaimer fine print, it makes clear that there is no obligation on either side's part, and the offer can be withdrawn at any time. No solicitations were made for money; it was all just set up as a registration of intent to subscribe to an offer. At this point, I guess you should consider the offer withdrawn :)).

Nevertheless, there were still 100 or so of you caught in the sticky web, and it was somewhat amusing on this side to see how many of you took the error message at its word (try reading the error code backwards), and faithfully reentered the information over and over again. I think the record was about 8 times for one person before they gave up on the Microsoft SQL VBScript error, which of course, was set up deliberately to occur every time.

In any case, I have marked all the fake IPO pages (apologies to NettMedia for bastardising their design with my own pitiful efforts) with a bright flashing header to indicate their lack of veracity. And if Teenage Wildlife suddenly stops being updated, you'll know it's because I'm in federal prison serving hard time with all the other April Fools' pranksters.

Your faithful prankster... ET
P.S. Who is John Galt?

hotApril 1: In a move which reflects the current booming market for Internet-related companies, BowieNet announced today that they will be making an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of 10 million shares to the public at an expected asking price of $15/share. The new company, to be called BowieNet Inc. will begin trading on the Nasdaq market under the ticker symbol BNET when it lists sometime this summer. The $150 million of capital raised is expected to be used for expansion of BowieNet's ISP and online music community business.

The company also announced that 10%, or 1 million of the IPO shares will be made available exclusively to current BowieNet members. Each member will be able to buy up to 1,000 shares at the initial offering price, allowing them to become stockholders in the new company right from the very start. This is an unusual move for a public company as most IPOs are restricted to large institutional investors or existing broker account holders. It's usually these large investors who profit most from the large rise in prices that Internet-related stock offerings such as Amazon.com (AMZN) and eBay (EBAY) have seen, who have both risen well over 20-fold from their IPO prices.

Bowie, who will own a majority stake in the new company, is quoted as saying "BowieNet is all about a virtual online community, and we wanted to show our thanks to the members of our community by letting them share in the success they have helped generate."

The online community angle seems to play well with Wall Street, who have heartily endorsed the idea. Said Michael Murphy, editor of the Technology Stock Letter "The future of online portals can be seen by the likes of iVillage and BowieNet - smaller, more personal portals which cater to an affluent and targeted market.". iVillage.com, an online community aimed at the women's market, went public just over a week ago at an initial offering price of $24/share and shot to $80 on its first day. It ended trading yesterday at $100 1/2, for a gain of 400% in little over a week.

BowieNet has set up an information page, and initial subscription form for their stock offering at the following address:

BowieNet IPO Information and Sign Up

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