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News January 1999

January 31: Over 1000 Italian Bowie-fanatics crowded into Rock Cafe last night to celebrate the 3rd Italian Bowie Bash, organised by LovingTheAlien.com and fanzine Velvet Goldmine. Attendees were treated to a night of Bowie cover bands, an Internet viewing terminal, and DJs spinning Bowie tunes until 5 in the morning. One of the biggest Bowie bashes ever was treated to a special message from Bowie himself:

"To all my Italian friends - thank you so much for having this wonderful gathering - your 3rd annual Bowie Bash. I hope all the attendees who are members of BowieNet are having as much fun as myself and the BowieNet gang and that 1999 will be a personal best year for all of us. There will be a lot of surprises as the year progresses - both on the Internet and outside the technology walls, keep an eye out! Have a great day and your support is truly appreciated.........DB."

Information from Stefano, Daniele and the whole Italian crew!

January 23: Another report comes in from someone who tried to attend last Sunday's Amsterdam Ziggy Rock'N'Roll Suicide recreation. Says Peter,

"I also had tickets for the Ziggy show at the Amsterdam Melkweg. The Melkweg received a fax at 14.00 Sunday afternoon from Bowie's lawyers that David gave no permission for the show to take place. The band had to pay a lot of money if the show was held so the Melkweg cancelled the show."

Information from Peter

January 21: Following up the rumour from last week, Bigmouth has this news story apparently confirming the presence of Bowie and Placebo at the February 16 Brit Music Awards to be held at the London Docklands Arena. They will duet on T-Rex's glam classic 20th Century Boy. Other musical performers on the night will include The Manic Street Preachers and Robbie Williams. The official Brit Music Awards web site is at www.brits.co.uk.

Information from Helen2

January 21: As we all wait for an original Bowie album to make an appearance, we can at least take solace that other bands see fit to release Bowie songs. The latest collection of covers is titled Goth Oddity. Put out by Cleopatra Records, it features a collection of well known goth bands such as Gene Loves Jezebel, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death and more. Unlike last year's The Dark Side of David Bowie, this album of covers is more readily available at most popular online stores, including CDNow.

Information from James

January 20: What's Really Happening has a new co-author! Alex Grant is the grand prize winner of the Bowie lyric-writing contest for the following lyrics (Ed: am I allowed to print these or are they copyrighted already? :P):

Grown inside a plastic box 
Micro thoughts and safety locks 
Hearts become outdated clocks 
Ticking in your mind 

Now it's time to close our eyes 
Now it's time to say goodbye 
Now it's time to face the lie 
That we'd never cry 

All the clouds are made of glass 
And they're slowly sinking 
Falling like the shattered past 
Were we built to last? 

Alex will receive a VIP weekend in New York to sit in on the recording of What's Really Happening, a $15,000 music publishing contract, and other gifts from BowieNet, CDNow and Rolling Stone. Amongst the four runner ups was longtime Teenage Wildlife member imadj (Ed: who coincidentally shares the same birthday as Bowie, January 8). Runners-up receive a signed print of Bowie Art along with gifts and free subscriptions from CDNow and Rolling Stone.

The entire rehearsal and recording event will be webcast live. For more information, see BowieNet's Contest Page.

Information from BowieNet

January 20: ICA Ziggy They came, they waited, they went away disappointed. At least four Teenage Wildlifers who wanted to attend the last ICA Ziggy Retirement Show reenactment in Amsterdam on Sunday came away disappointed when they found the show had been cancelled at the last minute. Attendees, some who had travelled hundreds of miles to be at the event, were told by the organizers that the show had problems arising between "the artist, producers and Bowie management." Another attendee reports that he was told "Bowie himself was not pleased with the show being made into a tour (Ed: 4 shows hardly constitutes a tour) and that legal matters were the main reason for the cancellation."

Bowie's management company in England had no official comment on the matter.

Information from WiLLem, Villi, Mirlou, Gilly, Marcel and the Outside Organisation

January 19: David Bowie may be sanguine about his community of fan sites with pictures and lyrics, but it appears his music publishers may not be. The New York Times (Ed: article may be available only to US residents for a limited time) reports that music publishers have successfully shut down and confiscated computers belonging to The International Lyrics Server, a world wide web site which served as a database for over 100,000 song lyrics. The Swiss-based site, founded in February 1997, stands accused of criminal copyright violations by lawyers for the Harry Fox Agency, the licensing arm of the National Music Publishers' Association, and responsible for the rights of 19,000 music publishers (Ed: including most, if not all of Bowie's compositions according to sources).

Swiss police raided the founder Pascal de Vries' apartment last Thursday morning, confiscating two computers, forcing de Vries' associate to release passwords to the systems, and taking invoices for the site's ISP, Cyberlink Internet Services, which also faces the prospect of prosecution under existing Swiss law.

Information from Rob

January 19: When it comes to real estate deals, it seems the Joneses just can't quite settle down in one place. According to a column in last week's NY Observer, Bowie has put his Broadway loft back on the market for $1.85 million, after having paid $1.5 million for it last year. Instead, Bowie is expanding his domicile into two penthouse apartments totalling 5300 square feet under development on Lafayette Street.

The luxury condos are being built atop six stories of artist-in-residence lofts, and are expected to be finished in April, complete with custom-made French tile, polished nickel vanities and Brazilian hardwood floors. The price for this little corner of New York City? Just $4 million.

Said longtime resident of the building, Diana Villani, "I'm never going to see them. I mean, how much time is David Bowie going to spend in this building?"

Information from Russ

January 18: In response to an email in which the question was asked "Can you confirm or deny Bowie to be a featured performer", Teenage Wildlife received the following response from Steve Reeve, official representative of the Gisborne 2000 festival (see this earlier story):

"We realise you would like to substantiate this rumour! We can tell you that we are not (just now) in a position to either confirm or deny the rumour. What we CAN tell you is that we have a major international media release scheduled for early February which will answer your enquiry. Sorry we cannot be any more direct right at this moment."

As usual, we'll keep you informed of any updates.

January 17: Padvoa's local University Centre is planning a Bowie film exhibition over the next two months, examining Bowie's film and acting career. The program is:

February 17: Furyo (aka Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence)
February 23: Rarities and Video Clips (with Mixo & Lorenzo Scoles)
March 3: The Man Who Fell To Earth
March 10: Just A Gigolo
March 17: Labyrinth
March 31: The Hunger

Location: Auditorium Liceo Modigliani, Padova, Italy
Organization: University Centre
Cost: Free with CUC card

Information from Paola

January 15: Wait just a few more days. The expected announcement today of the final winner in the What's Really Happening lyrics-writing contest has been delayed "for a few more days" according to BowieNet. The top five entries have been selected but db "wants to live with the lyrics for a few more days" before picking the grand prize winner.

All those who made the final, keep your fingers crossed!

Information from BowieNet

hotJanuary 15: A rumour appearing in this morning's "The Sun" newspaper has David Bowie and Placebo teaming up for a duet on T-Rex's classic 20th Century Boy for the upcoming Brit Awards 1999 (the UK's annual popular music awards). Some credence to this story comes from BowieNet itself which on December 10 published a strong rumour that "Bowie and 'wunderband' Placebo may be performing together in the near future".

Bowie and Placebo are no strangers. Placebo were the opening band at the Bowie's 50th Birthday Bash, and Bowie has called Placebo's release Without You I'm Nothing one of the best albums of last year. Placebo will also have all the chords down already, having performed 20th Century Boy in the movie and for last year's Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.

The Brit Awards take place on February 16 at London's Docklands Arena.

Information from Neill

January 13: As noted last year, photographer and music video director Floria Sigismondi has a new photography book out which features stills from some of her most famous videos. Included (and on the cover) are shots from the Little Wonder and Dead Man Walking videos. It's not cheap, but the pictures are wonderful. If you're offended by Marilyn Manson, you may not want to buy this book as it also includes many shots from The Beautiful People video. Floria also has her own web site.

Floria Sigismondi
Buy @ Amazon.com

January 12: According to Iman's testimony in last week's BowieNet chat, David's favourite dish is ossobuco. So if db suddenly turns up at your door looking forlorn and hungry, here's a recipe contributed by Valeria to warm the cockles of his heart (and stomach).

Ossobuco Recipe

Information from Valeria

January 11: The "Bowie" art exhibit at the Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, 453 W. 17th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY was due to close January 9th, but due to popular demand will stay open until January 23rd. A couple of NY TWers have visited the show recently and found that the owner, Rupert, is a big Bowie fan himself. Apparently Bowie stopped by himself at the show and bought three of the pieces (although they'll remain on show through the 23rd).

You can read about the works produced in homage to Bowie in Gwin's review of the show.

Information from Antonio, Gwin

January 11: Singer/songwriter Dar Williams has recorded her cover of Starman as promised following the People's Choice Vote. The song is available for a limited time from the Razor 'N Tie website. Note that you must have LiquidAudio installed on your computer to hear the song.

Information from Razor 'N Tie

January 11: After completing both the Low Symphony and the Heroes Symphony, a recent interview with composer Philip Glass indicates that he and Bowie still plan on a similar reworking of Lodger.

Q: Are there plans to work up Lodger, the third part of the Bowie trilogy?
A: Yes, David told me a year ago that he was taking a year off and that he wanted to work on it when he came back. And that's coming up.

Information from Richard

January 10: LovingTheAlien.com and fanzine Velvet Goldmine are hosting their 3rd Bowie Bash for Italian fans

When?: January 30, 1999 at 10:30 p.m.
Where?: ROCK CAFE', Via T.Eger 45, Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza)
Who?: DJ D. and DJ. Kighine along with local rock bands
  • Scary Monsters: cover Bowie, Reed and Iggy Pop songs
  • RadioFiera: from Treviso with their new CD Allarme
  • Carlo Casale: former leader of Frigidaire Tango, an 80's new-wave group
What: lots of Bowie memorabilia, paintings, rarities, plus an Internet connection to view Bowie-related websites
Special Guest: Evan Torrie!

(Ed: Thank you to all the Teenage Wildlifers who voted for TW in LovingTheAlien.com's web contest from last year, and garnered me the special guest at this event!)


For more information, contact majortom@nsoft.it, stnard@tin.it or telephone 0424.227412.

Information from Daniele, Stefano

January 8: It's that time of year again! January 8, 1999 marks David Bowie's 52nd birthday. As usual, all Teenage Wildlifers send their best wishes to David on this one day of the year and hope for another year of surprises and enjoyment from the "rock god" :-)


Happy Birthday!

As a reminder, those of you who are paid-up BowieNet members can join the BowieNet chat with David and Iman this afternoon at 3 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. GMT.

January 4: Kirill Vertiaev, of Moscow, Russia, was the lucky winner in the revised Teenage Wildlife Free CD drawing for the first month of the new year. Kirill chose David Bowie Songbook, a collection of Bowie covers by famous artists as his free CD from CDNow.

As a reminder, the lottery is now monthly (instead of bi-monthly), and is selected from only those people who have made an entry in the fan registry and made their profile visible. Both of these changes enhance your probability of winning!!

January 4: Seems somebody spilled the beans a little early on the planned Gisborne, NZ millennium festival to be held December 31, 1999. A newspaper report in the Gisborne newspaper quotes an official spokesperson from Odyssey's End, the organizers of the festival, as saying an official announcement of attendees and performers will come by the end of January. Mentioned in the newspaper report are David Bowie, Split Enz, Larry King, Kiri Te Kanawa and more. A television report on New Zealand's national news program interviewed a few Gisbornites to ask them if they thought they would pay $200 to attend the festival, and about half of them said "Yes, if David Bowie is there".

For more on the 2000 festival, you can visit the Gisborne 2000 Millennium website.

Information from Trev, KAB

updatedJanuary 3: An operating system upgrade on the server hosting Teenage Wildlife has caused the existing database system storing logins and passwords to start behaving erratically (e.g. new users registering were unable to confirm their email address). As a result, the entire database and every program which uses registered names has had to be ported to a new database management system.

You may find some glitches as kinks and bugs are ironed out. In particular, the forum has not been upgraded to work with the new system and will likely be replaced by the Ultimate Bulletin Board system in the near future. Voting and the fan registry should work, but if you find any glitches, please email me.

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