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News December 1998

December 30: Ziggy lives! As promised when they celebrated Ziggy's 25th anniversary earlier this year at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, the Ziggy and the Spiders from Mars lookalike band is set to perform four shows on the European continent.


Thursday 14th.January '99 DEN ATELIER, Luxembourg
Friday 15th. January '99 ELYSEE MONTMARTRE.Paris, France
e-mail: k.rin@elyseemontmartre.com
tel: +0033 1 44 9245455
**Tickets / F.N.A.C.
Saturday 16th.January '99 VK THEATRE, Brussels, Belgium
tel: +0032 2. 4142907
fax: +0032 2. 4105752
**Tickets / F.N.A.C.
Sunday 17th.January '99 MELKWEG, Amsterdam, Holland
e-mail: jacqueline@melkweg.nl
tel: +0031 20.6241777
fax: +0031.20 6201209
**Tickets / venue & usual outlets

Endorsed by Mick Ronson's family, by Bowie, and using as many of the original backroom crew and cast of characters as possible. For the full press release, visit this web site, courtesy of Aladdinsane at http://welcome.to/aladdinsane.

Information from Aladdinsane

December 30: The contest winner of the BowieNet song contest (lyrics for What's Really Happening) will be announced January 15th, BowieNet reports today. Also in the upcoming weeks, Bowie and wife Iman will be guests at a BowieNet chat on January 8th which also happens to be Bowie's birthday (turning 52).

Information from BowieNet

December 29: A front page article in New Zealand's Sunday Star Times reports David Bowie has been asked to appear at a special millennium concert on December 31, 1999 in Gisborne, New Zealand. Gisborne is the first city in the world to greet the new millennium, being the eastern-most city in New Zealand. The newspaper report claims that an official announcement will be forthcoming in the next few days (by December 31).

The same article also reports that New Zealand's rock group Split Enz will reform for the one-off concert, and that media personality Larry King has confirmed that he will host the celebrations live from Gisborne as the next millennium is ushered in. More on this breaking news as it develops... (Ed: Note that Bowie has said in a recent interview that he is not planning anything special for New Year's Eve, 1999. However, this rumour of Bowie giving a concert in New Zealand for the new millennium has also been around for well over a year. Side-note: The editor's great-great-grandparents emigrated from England in the 1870s and made their first settlement in Gisborne, New Zealand.)

Information from Aaron

December 25: Bowie's biggest concert tour (in numerical terms) will be coming to Digital Video Disc format next year. The Serious Moonlight tour to promote the Let's Dance album from 1983 is currently available in the US only as an import laserdisc from Japan. Next year's release by Pioneer will have a suggested list price of just $24.98, and is due for release on March 2, 1999.

David Bowie: Serious Moonlight
1983 Not rated
Concert/Pop/Rock Release Date: 3/2/99 SRP: 24.98 UPC #0-13023-01549-4
David Bowie: Serious Moonlight was taped during the 1983 tour which shattered box office records in every city and includes such hits as 'Let's Dance', 'China Girl', 'Heroes', 'Rebel Rebel', 'Young Americans', 'Space Oddity', 'Golden Years' and others.

Information from Bob

December 24: Due to the overwhelming lack of complaints when this trial balloon was floated, the Teenage Wildlife CD giveaway will now change to be once per month (instead of every two months), but will be restricted to those who have their profiles visible in the fan registry (rather than anyone who has ever entered a survey). The next winner will be selected in early January, so make sure you're entered!

December 18: Il Mio West Today is opening day for the Italian produced western Il Mio West, starring Bowie as a gun-toting pistolero. The film opens in over 400 theatres and is widely expected to be the big xmas blockbuster in that country (mainly because it stars Italy's favourite actor Leonardo Pieraccioni).

Information from Valeria

December 16: Today marks the launch of BowieNet UK. Now members in the UK can get their own @davidbowie.co.uk email address, full access to BowieNet and am ISP for £10 (+ VAT) per month. (Ed: can you claim back the VAT as a business expenditure??). BowieNet's ISP partner in the UK is Global Internet who hold the honour of being named "best ISP on the planet" by the UK's Internet Magazine. In all other aspects, the service remains the same as the US version, for which you can read Teenage Wildlife's review.

For more information, contact BowieNet in the UK at sales@davidbowie.co.uk or call (0870) 909 8400. (Ed: Note the home www.davidbowie.com page has had a change in design as well)

Information from BowieNet

December 14: As suspected, BowieNet is likely to be the progenitor of a whole line of music-related ISPs, all under the Ultrastar name. In a press release today announcing the exclusive partnership of Ultrastar and CDNow, Ron Roy, partner at Ultrastar is quoted as saying "We plan to make online music distribution a prominent feature on all future UltraStar ISPs." A CDNow VP also notes "we look forward to working with many more of UltraStar's artist-influenced ISPs in the future." (Ed: note Teenage Wildlife also partners with CDNow)

Information from Bonster, PRNewswire

December 14: VH1's popup video #57 will be a xmas special including (amongst others) Bowie and Bing Crosby's Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy. Pop-up video is a (usually) humorous take on the performers and/or the video itself. Look for it this Wednesday, 11:30 p.m. on VH-1 in the USA.

Information from RockOnTV

December 14: To celebrate the official launch of the BowieNet as an ISP in the United Kingdom, Bowie luminaries Tony Visconti and Mick Rock will be the next participants in an online chat this Thursday, December 17. Details are as follows:

BowieNet Chat
Thursday, December 17
8:30 GMT / 3:30 EST / 12:30 PST

Remember, you can only particpate in these chats if you are a paid-up member of BowieNet.

Information from BowieNet

December 12: Biff Rose cover Biff Rose, the singer/songwriter of Fill Your Heart which Bowie covered on Hunky Dory has reissued the album for which the song was originally written. The Thorn In Mrs Rose's Side, which also includes Buzz The Fuzz, a song which Bowie occasionally covered (although never officially released) in the 60s, is available for sale directly from:

Rainy Day Records
515 Fleming Street
Key West, Florida 33040
Phone 305-292-4793 

For more information (and MP3 versions of the songs as they were originally sung!), visit the Biff Rose web site.

Information from Steve Espinola

December 11:
Glam: Bowie, Bolan
Buy at Amazon.com
Glam: Bowie, Bolan and the Glitter Rock Revolution by Barney Hoskyns is finally shipping. Read all about the glam rock years and get the inside scoop on the androgynous pioneers, led of course by Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust persona. As Bowie himself says, the section on himself has at least half of it right...

If you'd rather look for music, CDNow is running a $5 off any purchase over $9.95 offer through December 17 - just in time for xmas delivery.

December 11: The Brazilian Fan Club Outside are planning their first annual meeting for January 1999. It will take place in Rio de Janeiro between the 15th and the 17th of January. Plans include a city tour, parties and a studio session where the fans will get together as a tribute band and play Bowie tunes till dawn. Anyone who would like to get the full schedule and more detailed information should send mail to: bowie@dglnet.com.br, Andherson Miliatti.

Rio 99

Information from Pedro and Andherson

December 10: For those of you who are BowieNotters, or those who just missed the event, you can now read the Gail Ann Dorsey live chat transcript from today. Find out which three musicians Gail would really listen to if she could only pick three (hint: none of them are Bowie :)).

Information from BowieNet

December 8: Two more participants have been added to the BowieNet celebrity chat roster. This coming Thursday, December 10 at 7 p.m. EST, Gail-Ann Dorsey, bass guitar player on the Outside and Earthling tours will answer fan questions. Continuing the trend of beautiful women, Bowie's wife Iman will be in chat on January 8, which is, of course also Bowie's birthday.

Information from BowieNet

December 8: According to this NY Daily News gossip column, Bowie's new penthouse apartment in SoHo is not exactly enamouring him of the current residents.

"You look out of the window and all you see are these big, ugly condos," says one neighbour.

...it's a Neighborhood Threat

Information from Russ

December 8: EMI Germany has released a minidisc version of Changes Bowie, showing that there's still some markets trying at least a minor push for the xmas buying season.

Information from Ralf

exclusiveDecember 7: Jon & Max & Rock & Roll, a duo of Athens musicians consisting of Jon Lester and Max Howard have made their rendition of "Heroes" available as their free MP3 single of the month on the RTE Online web site. Originally intended for Blackrider Record's Loving The Alien collection of covers, this track didn't make it onto the final release, so Jon decided to make it freely available for all to hear. You'll need an MP3 player such as MacAmp or WinAmp after you download it (it's around 6MB in size).

In addition, another Athens group, Radio Tahiti recorded a version of Scary Monsters on the same weekend, and Jon expects this to be presented at a later date.

Information from Jon

December 7: An advertisement in this month's Tower Record's Pulse magazine lists an upcoming album from the Cleopatra label titled Goth Oddity - A Tribute to David Bowie (CLP 0428). Described as:

A gothic tribute to the genres' grandfather, the enigmatic chameleon DAVID BOWIE. Features covers of classic hits like "China Girl", "Suffragette City", and "Heroes" by definitive goth artists THE MISSION UK, GENE LOVES JEZEBEL, ALIEN SEX FIEND and many others.

Cleopatra's web page hasn't been updated in a month and a half, so this information hasn't been confirmed (instead, they currently list a Madonna tribute album due for 1999). However, it will be interesting if true to compare covers by these more famous goth bands with those which appeared on The Dark Side Of David Bowie - the tribute album which came out of Germany earlier this year.

Information from Mike via Bonster

December 7: Australian video program RAGE, which often features guest "VJ"'s such as Frank Black and Garbage is behind a new double CD compilation which includes Bowie's Ashes To Ashes as an example of a ground-breaking video. The CD can be ordered at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's web site. (Ed: The track listing is actually pretty good - IMNSHO)

Information from Adam Dean

December 7: Tour Guide Making up for the lack of an official tourbook for the Outside Tour from 1995/96, a dedicated fan in the UK has put together his own "ultimate guide" to the tour to promote the launch of the 1. Outside album. Alex Alexander of Portsmouth, England has put together a limited edition of 125 issues with almost 200 pages crammed with details of all the shows, plus all TV performances. Every page is filled with rare photos, ticket stubs, flyers, backstage passes, set lists and reviews from every show on tour. As a bonus, each guide also contains a free A4 colour sticker from the tour.

The guide is available now from:

Alex Alexander
143 Ferry Road, 
Eastney, Portsmouth PO4 9UD
United Kingdom

Price: £25 including postage and packaging Europe; £30 including P&P for the rest of the world
Make cheques/money orders/postal orders payable to A. Alexander.

Information from Paul Kinder

December 6: As mentioned previously, the recently released Box Set from Mott The Hoople which features a series of unreleased tracks, including the original studio recording of All The Young Dudes with Bowie on guide vocals.

Another import album just on the scene in the US (and probably widely available in Europe) called All The Way From Stockholm to Philadelphia released on the Angel Air label (SJPCD029) culls live tracks from two Mott The Hoople performances in Stockholm and suprise, Philadelphia. The Philadelphia appearance at the Tower Theater, from November 29, 1972 features Bowie introducing the band, and then joining with them on the encores, All The Young Dudes and Honky Tonk Women. The sound quality is good except that the intro and first song appear to come from an audience source, but the other songs are of A+ quality. This is a legitimate release, not a bootleg.

Information from Thomas, Andy

December 5: Israeli Glam Party I'm afraid I must have missed Hebrew class in school because I can't decipher the exact details of this event, but there will be a Bowie party for Israeli fans this next Saturday, December 13. You can click on the picture at right to get the Hebrew details (around the edges). For more information call Moti in Haifa at (04) 8521737.

Information from Yakir

December 5: Jamey Baumgardt of Seattle, WA is the lucky winner of Teenage Wildlife's CD giveaway for December 1998. Jamey decided to choose John Lennon's Wonsaponatime because, as he says, "I would request a Bowie disc, but I have all of them already!! :)" (Ed: Isn't it time for those EMI reissues to start appearing??).

Teenage Wildlife is also contemplating a change in the rules for the CD drawing. In particular, the drawing would change to once a month instead of once every two months, and be restricted to those Wildlifers who have registered themselves and made their profiles visible in the fan registry. The reasons for this potential change are:

  1. We would prefer that the winner be someone who is a regular visitor to Teenage Wildlife.
  2. In August, we tried to give away a free CD, but of the 6 people who were contacted, not one of them replied to their email, indicating that they probably hadn't kept their email addresses at Teenage Wildlife up-to-date.
  3. Since there are over 5,400 survey entries, but currently only just over 500 fans with visible profiles in the registry, it would increase your chances of winning by an order of magnitude :)

Send any concerns/questions/comments you might have about this potential change to comments@teenagewildlife.com.

December 4: Heroes CD single cover There's now a web page for the CD charity single covering "Heroes" to benefit local community groups in Manchester, England. You can find it at the Heroes Project Page which includes full information on how to order the single (due to a change in plan, the single is now available only online, and not at HMV Records).

The cover of the CD single is shown at right (Ed: those dolphins aren't swimming, they're flying! :))

Information from Paul

December 2: BowieNet news has pointed out a couple of items of interest in today's news. Tony Visconti, producer of what many regard as Bowie's greatest albums has released his Inventory CD, a 13 track album recorded around the time of Bowie's "Heroes" in 1977 with many sonic similarities to the Bowie/Eno work. Over 70 minutes of music including two songs with Mick Ronson on guitar (Skinny Rose and Clorissa). The album is available for sale only at Visconti's site.

The December "Special Glam" issue of the French Rock & Folk Magazine includes an extensive interview with Bowie. Available in French-speaking countries, and possibly eclectic US stores. (Ed: if anyone would like to send in a translation of this [or the original] I would appreciate it).

Finally, for those of you outside the US who were stymied by Newbury Comic's refusal to ship outside the US, CDNow now stocks the WBCN Naked Too acoustic album which includes Bowie's acoustic rendition of Dead Man Walking recorded in 1997 at Fort Apache Studios.

Information from BowieNet

December 1: The merchandising arm of BowieNet officially opens today at its new web address of:


Selection is fairly limited at the moment, including just four t-shirts, and four poster/lithographs, although if you look in the Hot Deals category, you can get yourself a Hanson laminated pass and keychain - just what every Bowie fan needs.

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