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News November 1998

November 30: Robert Rodriguez' upcoming horror film The Faculty which is due in US cinemas December 25 will feature a cover of Changes by Atlanta based folksinger Shawn Mullins. The soundtrack which should be available in stores December 22 (or for advance order at CDNow) is making a bigger splash on the news wires for its inclusion of a cover of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall Part 1", apparently the first time that Pink Floyd has allowed any of their songs to be officially covered. The one-off group covering the classic track is comprised of Alice in Chains' singer Layne Staley, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, former Jane's Addiction drummer Steven Perkins and ex-Porno for Pyros bassist Martyn LeNoble. Also included are a couple of Alice Cooper covers with Soul Asylum performing "School's Out" and Creed revamping "I'm 18".

Information from Bonster the wealthy scoop-meister

November 29: Check out http://www.worldsstore.com/superstore/EN/catalog/1015 for a preview of what will be davidbowiestore.com. T-shirts, lithographs, concert posters are the current offerings. It seems that this is only part of a wider store offering called WorldsStore.com, since if you click on the hot deals, you also have the dubious opportunity of being able to buy a Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt or an Elton John tour package. Interestingly, the prices for the two t-shirts which CDNow also has are a little more expensive at davidbowiestore.com than at CDNow - however, davidbowiestore.com has an Aladdin Sane and Ziggy shirt which aren't available elsewhere.

Information from Bonster

November 28: Jareth Get those Tina Turner wigs and socks for tights-stuffing at the ready! The second annual Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball is taking place this December 3 under a full moon at the historic Abbey in downtown San Diego. Tickets are $25 each or $42 for a couple and doors open at 9 p.m. Costumes and/or masks are mandatory.

For more information, visit the Labyrinth of Jareth 1998 web site.

Information from Rebecca

November 26: Manchester based charity Community Leisure Projects is set to release a unique cover version of David Bowie's "Heroes" on December 1. Performed by The Heroes who are also the beneficiaries of the charity's efforts, the proceeds will go towards assisting over 1,600 local children and young people with special needs.

The CD will be made available in all HMV Record Stores in the North West of England on the Raw Fish label (cat # RSR CDS1). It will also be available for UK£4.00/US$7.00 (P&P included) directly from

Community Leisure Projects (CLP)
Suite 14B, 3rd Floor
St. James' Building
Oxford Street
Manchester, M1 6EJ

Tel: 0161 236 1878
Fax: 0161 228 0085

For further email enquiries, contact paul.kinder@bowiewonderworld.com.

Information from Paul Kinder

November 25: The rerelease of James' 1991 UK hit Sit Down to coincide with their greatest hits album includes a live recording cover of China Girl, originally recorded for a BBC tribute to Iggy Pop. The single has gone to #7 on the UK charts this week. Previously mentioned Glamma Kid's remake of Fashion has not been so successful, reaching #49 this week. Of interest is that although the song consists of Glamma Kid reggae-rapping over the top of Bowie's original, the song credit is given solely to Bowie.

Also, for some interesting stories from this month's Uncut, read Dara's Uncut Watch.

Information from Dara

November 24: Massachusetts based company Parable issued a press release yesterday to announce that Ultrastar/BowieNet had signed on as a ThingWorld customer. The prosaically named technology includes ThingCollector, ThingScreenSaver and ThingSearch to

"provide a set of customized content and distribution options that allow maximum and immediate exposure for recording labels, artists and and music marketers who are offering content directly to consumers online. In addition, Parable's offerings will allow these music entities to leverage huge reservoirs of untapped content and other intellectual property assets, such as photos and clip art, converting those assets into diverse revenue streams online" (Ed: my emphasis).

Said Ron Roy of Ultrastar:

"With Parable's expiration technology, we get the ability to make fun Things time sensitive and alert DavidBowie.com members and fans continuously to the availability of very fresh entertaining content. Because they help build repeat Web traffic, Parable's Things are a natural fit with our online requirements and with those of the recording artists we market.

Among the offerings expected for davidbowie.com is a "Thing" photo-realistic Bowie screensaver.

(Editorial comment: Things work via a browser plug-in (currently available only for Pentiums running Windows 95/98) which renders the "multimedia content" in a way similar to Flash/Shockwave interactive animations. One major difference is that "Things" provides much tighter copyright control, e.g. allowing the animation to be locked up and protected so that it will only work from a particular URL, or providing billing and tracking on use of the image.)

Information from Bons, Parable

November 23: A collection spanning 25 years of rare Bowie material including press kits, posters, promotional items and tourbooks is set to be auctioned off starting December 1. Items are organised into lots which may be viewed at the auction web site.

Information from Dave

November 22: Loving The Alien : Athens Georgia Salutes David Bowie is a new tribute CD from local bands in, surprise, Athens, Georgia. Featuring a collection of songs from various Bowie periods, the electic styles vary from almost straight imitation to complete reworkings. Dara O'Kearney has written a review of the CD. Currently, the only way to order the CD is by sending a check for $12 (US) to

Blackrider Records
PO Box 2905
Athens GA 30612-0905
You can also visit Blackrider Records web site.

Information from Blackrider Records

November 21: Just in time for gift-buying season, the next phase of BowieNet's commercial plan is falling into place with the announcement of the December 1 opening of davidbowiestore.com. In an email sent to Bowie fansites, Worlds Inc, the company setting up the store (as well as the 3D chat room) announced that:

"Worlds Inc. working with PolyGram Merchandising, is building a site with a directory that links all David Bowie sites together, a chat room exclusively for David Bowie fans and an on-line store where fans can purchase David Bowie merchandise. The grand opening of this site is December 1st; you'll be able to check it out by going to davidbowiestore.com or davidbowiechat.com"

Neither site is currently accessible, but get out those wallets and get ready on December 1 to add to Bowie's retirement fund.

Bowie Dollars

Information from Worlds, Inc.

November 20: After being confirmed around the net and by Bowie himself that he was likely going to be involved in this next year's production of the television series The Hunger, a rumour comes from media sources on the ground in Montreal that Bowie's presence is expected shortly to record narration for the episode(s). Given that the series is filmed and produced in Montreal, the rumour gains a little more credence.

Information from Mikey

November 19: Promo collectors out there? Ruud Altenburg who compiles the interactive discography found on Teenage Wildlife is looking to add a new section for Bowie promotional LPs and CDs.
Ruud's Discography Sherlock plugin
Mac OS 8.5 Sherlock plugin
Search the discography from your desktop
Examples include promo-only LPs (such as the Japanese Rock And Roll Now or the UK "Lifetimes" LPs) and CDs (such the UK "ChangesBowie" sampler or the US High Tech Soul Sampler). The information will be presented in a new section in the Interactive db Discography called Promos. Please send tracklistings, catalogue numbers and cover scans to Ruud Altenburg.

In other news, there is now a Mac OS 8.5 Sherlock plugin for searching Ruud's discography. Download the plugin and drop it on your Mac OS 8.5 System folder to be able to search the discography from the comfort of your desktop!

Information from Ruud

November 17: Amazon.com has expanded its selling base into the video world, now stocking a number of Bowie movies in their collection. Amongst the offerings (which are all NTSC format) are:

These make great gifts for your local Bowie fan. For a full description and more information, visit the video store.


November 17: The soundtrack to the Sony Playstation car racing game Gran Turismo is being released in the US today on the EMD/Right Stuff label. Called Sound of Gran Turismo, it includes Bowie's Scary Monsters along with a number of other newer alternative artists such as Blur, Placebo, Garbage and The Dandy Warhols. One source reports that this version differs from both the original album and single version, but I have been unable to confirm this first-hand as of yet.

November 16: The Hunger According to this E! Online report, Bowie is being sought for MC duties on next year's series of Showtime's The Hunger. The cable television thriller, based on the 1983 movie of the same name is produced by the very same Tony Scott who directed the original movie. Bowie is expected to host at least one episode, but may end up emceeing them all, according to Tony Scott: "I've actually persuaded him to do it".

An unnamed Bowie spokesperson said Bowie's involvement was "likely" but "not a done deal yet". (Ed: it just won't be the same with those new teeth though...).

Information from Trinia

November 15: WBCN Naked Too Following in the footsteps of Atlanta radio station 99X, Boston's WBCN is releasing an album of live performances called WBCN: Naked Too. Included is Bowie's rendition of Dead Man Walking recorded at Fort Apache Studios on the same day as his rendition at Atlanta on April 8, 1997. Other live performances on the CD include Barenaked Ladies, Scott Weiland, and a bonus track of Iggy Pop performing The Passenger.

For now, the only way for non-Bostonians to get a hold of this CD seems to be online via Newbury Comics for a price of $9.99.

Information from Carl

November 15: Another rumour circulating on the Internet reports that Bowie may be part of an all-star lineup for a concert version of the Beatles' Sgt Pepper to be held in May of 1999. Reported on November 14 at this Beatles News site, the story quotes the London Beatles Fan Club as saying promoters are working to get such famous artists as Elton John, Oasis, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Surviving Beatles Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison are all believed to be on board. But as the story concludes, don't make any travel plans yet (besides which, the venue is currently unannounced.)

Information from Adam

November 13: According to replies to questions posed on the BowieNet live chat with Bowie and Reeves Gabrels this afternoon, BowieNet local access should be coming to the UK by the end of this year and the rest of Europe by early next. Among other tidbits mentioned in the chat:

Squeakie has a transcript of the entire chat for those who missed it.

Information from David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels

new November 12: For the first time in a few months, a major new section has been added to the Teenage Wildlife site. The Fan Registry collects all registered users at Teenage Wildlife (at last count, over 5 thousand of them) into an online searchable database. Fans can enter information about themselves such as where they live, their birthday, email, favourite albums, songs and even add a picture to make up a fan profile.

The system has been carefully designed to protect people's anonymity. By default, everybody's profile is invisible and won't show up in any searches (however, you can still update it and keep things such as your email address current). When you do decide to make your profile visible to other people, you can maintain anonymity by keeping your real name and your email address hidden, and just going by a nickname. In this way, you can let yourself be known as a registered Teenage Wildlife fan while still maintaining your privacy.

There are some other nice features such as a fan profile of the day and fan birthdays which are updated daily. You may even get a surprise birthday wish if you let others know when that special day is! Best of all, you can easily include a picture from your computer to go with your profile so others know what you look like (useful for those blind-meetings at concert venues).

The system has been moderately tested, but not under heavy load with the full weight of Teenage Wildlifers beating on it. So consider it to be still in beta-test at the moment. If you have any major problems, or suggestions for improvements, please feel free to email me at webmaster@teenagewildlife.com with reports. Enjoy!

November 11: In a not too unsurprising development after having been promoted on the Bowie sites, Starman won the vote for musican/songwriter Dar William's People's Choice 98 award (see earlier story). The final numbers gave Bowie's compositions 41% compared to the next best which were Elvis Costello and The Smiths at 15%. The song will be recorded shortly and then made available over the Internet via LiquidAudio. We'll have the announcement here as soon as it goes up.

Information from Razor 'N Tie

November 11: Guitarist extraordinaire Reeves Gabrels will join Bowie for the second official live BowieNet chat this coming Friday:

Who?: David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels
When?: Friday, November 13
Time?: 3 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time
Where?: BowieNet Chat
How?: You need to be a signed-up BowieNet member

Note the change in time designed to accommodate those on the eastern side of the Atlantic.

Information from BowieNet

November 10: A new Bowie tribute band, called Stardust is set for a schedule of dates in and around Chicago. If you're in the local area you may want to check them out!

Nov 19, 8:30 pmBig Horse, Chicago(773)384-0043
Nov 27, 7 pmMorseland, Chicago(773)743-5955
Nov 28, 8:30 pmThe Legacy, Chicago(773)588-9405
Dec 4, 7:30 pmHog Head McDunna, Chicago(773)929-0944
Dec 10, 7 pmOtto's, Dekalb(815)758-2715
Dec 17, 7 pmEmpty Bottle, Chicago(773)276-3600
Dec 18, 7 pmUS Beer Co., Chicago(773)871-7799

Information from Stardust

November 10: I Love New York The Museum Ludwig opened it's I Love New York art exhibition last week in Cologne, Germany. Among the exhibits which are all from New York-based or associated artists is a work by Bowie and Laurie Anderson titled Line. This is a set of 10 drawings from each produced while on the telephone with each other - a sort of telepathy project.

One Teenage Wildlife reader attended the opening after being told by the staff that all artists would be present.  However it was not to be, and Bowie did not make an appearance. Another Teenage Wildlifer described the artwork as "not exactly my idea of interesting art (style of I'm Afraid Of Americans cover)".

The exhibition runs until January 31, 1999 and includes other famous artists, such as Tony Oursler - the artist who designed the video-projected face dummies which Bowie used throughout the Earthling tour, at the 50th birthday show and in the Little Wonder video.

Information from Gilly, Markus

November 9: Potential Bowie collaborators in the What's Really Happening song contest were a little disheartened this weekend to find what seems to be a case of ballot-box stuffing. Although voting is not officially slated to start until today, voters have been able to rate up to 5 submissions at a time for the past few days. As of Sunday night, the top 25 list was exhibiting obvious signs of an automated-voting program at work.

1 Hannah Aki 114725
2 Paula 114594
3 Rob 114310
4 Paula 106468
5 Damien 104681
6 Archanon 10037

Notice the jump from position 5 to position 6 (over 90,000 votes difference), while most of the rest of the entries on the table below position 10 are in the mid hundreds. The voting is supposed to present a random set of five lyrics submission each time you vote, so such a disparity is obvious signs of tampering.

According to discussions on BowieNet's chat channel, one participant took it upon himself to write a program which automatically selected a particular set of five songs and left the program running overnight, racking up the mountainous scores for the top five entries. (Ed: Laszlo Varga, a Teenage Wildlife reader tested this assertion by voting for a set of five songs, then pressing the Back button, and voting again without a problem. By selecting a particular set of songs in this way, an automatic-voting program could vote for the same songs as often as once a second).

According to a reply Laszlo received from BowieNet, they are taking this very seriously as the contest rules state "Once you have voted on a particular set of lyrics - you will not be allowed to re-enter a vote on those individual lyrics". According to the email, the voting system will be fixed to prevent auto-voting and the existing vote totals will be cleaned up, with "people who don't follow the rules - don't make it to the finals".

Information from Laszlo

November 7: Entertainment Weekly's feature on BowieNet has turned up online, and provides a couple of interesting quotes for the peanut gallery.

Q: Computer system of choice
A: "Macintosh! I mean, come on!" (Ed: but of course :))

Q: Time he spends online
A: The man who fell to Earth estimates that he puts about two hours a day into tending his ISP garden - writing an online journal, answering messages, posting digital photographs, and hosting the occasional chat session.

Q: On chat sessions
A: Much more frequently, he says, he drops in anonymously. "I have a hatful of names," he laughs, "and no one knows when I'm there. I'm the polite one."

Q: On BowieNet's signup success
A: BowieNet has signed up "multiple thousands" of users since launching Sept. 1, according to one of Bowie's partners, and is well ahead of expectations.

Information from Entertainment Weekly

November 5: Singer/musician Dar Williams is holding a People's Choice '98 campaign where Internet users can select one of eight songs which they would like to see her go into the studio and cover. Among the songs is Bowie's Starman. Once recorded and mixed, the song will be encoded in Liquid Audio and released only on the Internet. To see the list of possible song choice and make your vote, click here.

Information from Razor & Tie

November 2: Ever wondered what songs Bowie would play if he were the DJ of your local radio station? Well, with the debut of Rolling Stone Radio you'll be able to experience Bowie's disc-spinning expertise via the new online radio station announced today.

Rolling Stone Radio will utilise RealNetwork's software to provide streaming radio programming with various genre-specific stations (e.g. country, new-wave, rock). Users will see the name of the artist and track (Ed: finally, something that always bugs me about ordinary radio), and be able to click on the artist's name to get more information or, of course, buy CDs.

So what's the Bowie connection? In what looks likely to be called the BowieNet Radio Station, Bowie will act as program director and DJ for an upcoming station to be added to the Rolling Stone Radio network according to this press release issued earlier today.

"As DJ for the BowieNet station on Rolling Stone Radio, my first playlist will include favorite songs from the last five decades," said Bowie. "I'm hoping music fans all over the world tune in and join me.

In other BowieNet news, the song-writing contest What's Really Happening is now set up and ready for submissions.

Information from Russ

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