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News August 1998

new August 30: Information posted on the BowieNet site confirms that the unreleased track to be included on the BowieNet CD-ROM will be the previously rumoured Fun, a track which Bowie recorded earlier this year. (Ed: At the time news of the track first hit, it was reported to be based on the drum 'n bass version of Fame from the Earthling tour).

Interesting new tidbits in the newly posted information

Remember that the countdown to the BowieNet launch starts at 9 p.m. ET on Monday with a special three hour webcast featuring Bowie-selected music (including two tracks from Bauhaus Chicago concert) and a webcast of Bowie's 50th Birthday Concert at Madison Square Garden. The show will be put on by Rolling Stone at their Virtual Venue.

Finally, the BowieNet CDs are slated to start shipping September 1 to all those who have pre-ordered the full Internet service.

Information from Ultrastar, BowieNet

new August 27: Start your stopwatches. The countdown to the launch of BowieNet on September 1 will climax with a three hour webcast on August 31 starting at 9 p.m. EDT in the U.S. featuring

"performances from - Ani DiFranco, The Specials, The Jayhawks, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacehog plus surprise performance by special guest and then never before seen on the Internet highlights from David Bowie's 50th Birthday Show from Madison Square Garden featuring David and band with Billy Corgan and Lou Reed."

For more information, visit the BowieNet prelaunch site.

And just as a reminder to those who want to sign up now. In the U.S. you can call


Information from Ultrastar

updated August 25: Today, August 25, is the official release date for cover Best Of David Bowie 1974-1979 in the US, together with the rerelease of Best of 1969-1974 (previously titled Essential David Bowie when it was released in the US last year). The 1974-1979 release includes a multimedia teaser playable on a computer for the BowieNet Internet service (but not the 1969-1974 version apparently).

Both are available at CDNow, which is also running a prize giveaway in conjunction with the MTV Music Awards where you can win a $7000 home theater.

CDNow Sweepstake

updated August 21: In an update to the item on BowieNet CD-ROM tracks, word is that the two tracks from the 50th Birthday Bash will actually be video tracks, while the new encrypted track will be audio only (Ed: no video shot for that presumably :)). In an interesting twist, the tracks are reported to only be playable when connected to the BowieNet ISP (Ed: be interesting to see technically whether this is just a pointer on the disc to RealAudio/Video versions at BowieNet, or whether it's some combination of CD + BowieNet).

Information from Bonster

new August 20: More information on the DVD release of The Man Who Fell To Earth which is listed in some places as being available next week, and in others as not until October 6. According to Doug, it will be the full uncut version in letterbox format and is being produced by Fox Lorber (see Laserviews DVD-News).

In addition, the August issue of Image Preview for Laserdiscs and DVD has a half page ad for Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture on DVD. There is no release date, but the publication usually lists titles about a month to two months in advance of their release.

Finally, the full 75 minute version of Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart is also about to be released on DVD. One of the DVD disc's extra features is that it includes the Warholesque screen tests done especially for the documentary. You can access the one for Bowie (along with a short biography) and watch him stare into the camera for ten seconds, then crack up.

DVDs at Amazon.com
The Man Who Fell To Earth
Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart

Information from Doug, Mike, Mikey

new August 19: The Los Angeles Times, according to this Wall Of Sound news article, reports that Bowie's Los Angeles condo which was put on the market back in September of last year has been sold to rap star Heavy D at the bargain price of $850,000 (down from the $920,000 Bowie originally paid seven years ago).

Information from Josh, Robin

new August 19: Just two weeks away from the official launch date of BowieNet on September 1 and information about the unreleased tracks on the CD-ROM sent to subscribers has come to light. The two bonus tracks will be Under Pressure (with Gail-Ann Dorsey) and Space Oddity, both live versions from Bowie's 50th Birthday Bash at Madison Square Garden, 1997.

In addition, a third new track is available in encrypted form on the CD, and subscribers must log on to BowieNet to obtain the decryption key to be able to hear the song. According to Bonnie, who runs the Lazy and Web-Impaired Newsletter and obtained the information, this will be a completely new track, not a remix of an existing song. (Ed: Reports earlier in the year had Bowie recording a new track called Fun, which was based on the drum 'n bass version of Fame, so this may be what is included).

Information from Bonster

updated exclusive August 18: The winners selected on Saturday night have all responded with their confirmation and choices, so without further ado, here they are!

Grand Prize: Nathaniel Fregoso, from California.
Nathaniel elected to take the $250 in CDNow vouchers as his grand prize
First Prize: Robin Shannon, from Canada.
Robin elected to take the autographed CD-ROM with a year's worth of BowieNet service
Runner-up Prizes: Case Sinclair, of Australia
Natalie Willemsen, from Arizona, U.S.A.
Cora Deacon, from Florida, U.S.A.
Mats Malm, from Sweden
Gary McDonnell from New York, U.S.A.
Congratulations to the winners from all over the world, and once again, thanks to all those who participated!

exclusive August 16: The winners of the Teenage Wildlife One Million Visitor Giveaway were selected online at midnight, August 15 on the Talkcity #Bowie chat channel. Over 35 people turned up (a record for the channel), but with over 900 different entrants, only one of the winners was online at the time of the drawing.

All of the winners have been notified via email, and as soon as they reply to confirm their existence, their names and prizes will be published here.

Thank you to all of you who participated!

new August 15: Virgin Records web page has interesting news on a programme scheduled to air on Much Music (USA) in September called Bowie Vision. It will feature 4-6 hours of exclusive Bowie programming (Ed: programming us to do what? :-))

The news item also confirm a premiere date for the VH-1 Legends Bowie episode of September 20 in the USA.

Information from Robin

updated August 14: The One Million Visitor Giveaway ends tonight at midnight in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone (at that time, no more entries will be accepted). The drawing for the prizes will be held online 24 hours later at

Saturday, August 15
Talkcity #Bowie Chat

If you can't make it at that time, don't despair, as all winners will be notified by email and asked to select their prize.


exclusive August 12: For those of you who have been living on another planet, Teenage Wildlife has been running a One Million Visitor Giveaway which will officially come to a close on August 14th (just two more days).

To sweeten the original prizes and show his appreciation to the Internet fans, David Bowie has graciously agreed to donate a year's subscription to his new Internet Service BowieNet, which will come on a BowieNet CD-ROM autographed by Bowie himself (Ed: should be a collector's item!).

This will be added to the original prize list, so that there will now be a Grand Prize and a First Prize. If the Grand Prize winner chooses the autographed BowieNet CD-ROM, then the First Prize winner will get the choice of the original three grand prizes, i.e. $250 of BowieArt, $250 of CDNow or a year's worth of (non-autographed) BowieNet access. If the Grand Prize winner chooses the art or CDNow (e.g. if they don't live in a BowieNet accessible country), then the First Prize will automatically become the autographed BowieNet CD-ROM.

Remember, only two days left!


new August 11: Billboard News reports today that a new compilation album to celebrate the 100th anniversary of composer George Gershwin will include a cover by Bowie of a Gershwin work. The album, to be titled Red Hot + Rhapsody will also include other artists such as Natalie Merchant and Sinead O'Connor. Proceeds will go towards benefiting AIDS research and charities.

Information from Laura

new August 11: The director of the Salzburg Festival, Gerard Mortier, is quoted in the Austrian press today as saying that the work with David Bowie and Robert Wilson for the planned rock opera adaptation of the Outside album concept is "stagnating". Mortier said he wouldn't be willing to have the Festival finance Bowie's proposed stage design, and as a consequence progress on the development of the play has reached somewhat of an impasse.

Information from Doris

new August 10: Gail Ann Dorsey will be at the Electric Factory (Philadelphia) along with Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls, Ann Wilson of Heart, Lourdes Perez, Lisa Germano, Kate Schellenback of Luscious Jackson, Jean Smith of Mecca Normal, Jane Siberry, Josephine Wiggs (Breeders), Thalia Zedek of Come, and Shonen Knife September 2nd at 8 p.m. The show is titled "Suffragette Sessions Tour."

Rugrats, the movie is set for release Thanksgiving Day (that's the last Thursday in November). The soundtrack is expected to include a Bowie/Reeves Gabrels co-written track which will be produced by Tony Visconti. If the soundtrack release date is similar to other movies, expect to see it in the stores in early to mid-November.

Linda McCartney's portfolio of rock star photographs is currently being shown in Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery. While of course, it mostly concentrates on Paul McCartney, the collection also includes photos of David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix.

Information from Josie, A_Girl, Patty

new August 8: Valeria translated an interview from the Italian press with Il Mio West director Giovanni Veronesi which sheds more information on the characters in the upcoming western movie. Among the new information is the name of Bowie's character, Jack Sikora, and an insight into the character:

"The bad character, Jack Sikora, played by David Bowie is an unusual 'bad boy' too; he is a psychopath, a sick person with a trouble: he uses violence to survive and he wants a photographer (who is a woman) always with him to take pictures of him when he is going to 'explode'.

Read the full interview on the Il Mio West page.

In other news, Amazon.com now lists Christopher Sandford's biography Bowie: Loving The Alien as an upcoming release for next month in a paperback version.

Information from Valeria, Carlos

updated August 7: Confirmation of Tony Visconti working again with Bowie appeared yesterday via an unlikely source. TSR Wireless, the 7th largest US paging carrier announced its new advertising campaign Electronics-O-Rama would be produced by Beth Ravin and Tony Visconti. In relating the credentials of Visconti, the release noted:

"Tony Visconti has been a record producer since 1967. He has produced projects for numerous artists including David Bowie, Moody Blues, U2, T-Rex, Sea Horses and Thin Lizzy, and has done orchestral arrangements for Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Sparks and many others. Tony is currently producing projects with Luscious Jackson and David Bowie, as well as doing orchestral arrangements for the upcoming Jean Claude Van Damme movie "Knockoff".

Information from Mikey

new August 6: Bowie issued the following press release today via his UK based public relations firm The Outside Organization.



David Bowie has not had any involvement with the artist Herman Nitsch. Bowie was not involved in any capacity in Nitsch's exhibition, and has never had any dealings with Nitsch.

For further information, please contact Alan Edwards or Jonathan Wingate at

The Outside Organisation Tel:0171 436 3633, Fax:0171 436 3632

(Ed: The UK Telegraph still has the original article by Michael Leidig from Sunday 19 July at their online site. UK readers may want to contact the Telegraph and ask if they'll be printing a correction.)

Information from Outside Organization

new August 4: Andrew Stewart reports in his bowie_news@hotmail.com newsletter that according to his record company sources, the upcoming Bowie/Gabrels recording for the Rugrats movie soundtrack will include Tony Visconti in some capacity (producer?). This will be the first time Visconti has produced a track with Bowie since the Baal soundtrack in 1982. Visconti produced many of Bowie's albums in the 1970s, but the two reportedly fell out-of-sorts in the 80s. A rumour last year (and reported here April 9, 1997 ) had Bowie contacting Visconti to effect a reconciliation.

Information from Andrew

new August 3: Little Wonderworld has an interesting report (and pictures!) of an upcoming Nintendo 64 game called Fighting Force 64. One of the characters bears a striking facial (but not body :)) resemblance to db himself. Adding grist to the mill is that Bowie and Iman were seen visiting the developers of the Fighting Force game, Eidos International in the UK last month. You can visit the Hawk Manson character's page for a slideshow.

The latest Raygun has a piece by Bowie written in cut-up style on the French designer Philippe Starck. There's also a piece on Bowie by Trent Reznor. Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine and Allure all had tiny pieces on Bowie in the past couple of weeks. Allure's back page tidbit asked Bowie his about his most painful beauty experience which Bowie related as his "Yakuza tattoo" on the back of his calf. Finally yesterday's UK Sunday Times had an article on the Ziggy revival which had no new Bowie quotes to report, but did interview Mike Harvey of The Ziggy Stardust Companion.

Information from Paul, Richard, Gwin

updated August 3: More interesting updates on the Nitsch 6-day Orgy Mystery Theatre. The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation has this interview with Nitsch himself. While castigating Brigitte Bardot who made anti-Nitsch comments a few days ago, Nitsch disavowed any knowledge of Bowie's attendance at the event due to start today:

"But Bardot knows more about my famous guests than I: David Bowie and Yoko Ono are not expected to be at the 6-day-event" Nitsch said.

In addition, Yoko Ono has apparently confirmed with readers of the OnoWeb that she had never heard of this event until the Internet readers brought it to her attention.

Perhaps the original UK Telegraph report is just a "load of bull".

Information from Richard

August 2: The second annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival is planning an Evening of David Bowie Music for September 16 from 9 p.m. to midnight. Dance to, listen to and discuss the music of David Bowie at Jake & Olivers, 22 South 3rd street, Philadelphia. For more information, contact Joshua at GasHeart@aol.com.

Information from Joshua

new August 1: Bowie's first major motion picture role as Thomas Jerome Newton in The Man Who Fell To Earth is being made available again in the USA with the upcoming NTSC VHS release of a wide-screen edition expected August 25. In addition, Amazon.com is listing a DVD version expected October 6, although no details on whether it will include different angles or extra footage as is customary on DVD discs. Both are available for pre-order now.

In other news which may have slipped under the eyes of those who don't read Dara's chartwatch, European dance band DarioG's album SunMachine, noteworthy for its sampling of Bowie's Memory Of A Free Festival on the title track, has been available in the US since mid July. You can pick up a copy online at CDNow. (An excellent deal while CDNow's anniversary sale is still running, and comes highly recommended by Bonnie).

Information from Laura, Bonnie

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