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News May 1998

hot new May 28: At least three emails have arrived in the past couple of weeks which have strongly denied any plans of a Bowie summer concert. There's also been no news forthcoming from official sources. Given that time is rapidly progressing, it looks like the rumour of a July concert will not pan out.

If anyone has any news to the contrary, feel free to drop an email.

hot new May 27: In this MTV report, the paragraph at the bottom references a piece which appeared in the LA Times over the weekend. The LA Times report put in print a rumour that has been circling for a couple of months; that Bowie has already recorded a new song, called Fun, which will appear together with two remixes by Danny Saber and Dillinja on the live Earthling tour album (which is now supposedly due in September/October).

Information from Bonster

new May 25:

Information from Dave, Mikey, Richard, Gwin, Dara

updated May 24: Robert, who lives near the property, sent in the ad from the Real Estate section for Bowie's Hauts de Lausanne, along with a clip from a piece in the local newspaper after the sale was announced:
Real Estate Ad Newspaper article

Information from Robert

new May 22: According to a piece in today's Cybersleaze, Boy George is trying to drum up interest in a film version of his autobiography Take It Like A Man, for which George plans to include a number of Bowie songs on the soundtrack to reflect the influence Bowie had on him while growing up. The former pop icon turned club DJ is quoted as saying "The only thing I passed at school was A-level Bowie.".

Information from Kathleen

new May 19: Some more bits from around the Bowie world:

Information from Paul, Victor, MT, Philippe

new May 16: The Miami Newtimes, Miami's leading arts and entertainment newspaper, declared Bowie's two concerts in Ft. Lauderdale (October 7 and the legendary October 8) as the best concert experience in the past twelve months.

Information from Fernando

hot new updated May 15: News sources indicate that Bowie has put his 14 room Swiss mansion on the market, asking just over $3 million for the 19th century construction which he has owned for the last 15 years.

Supposedly the sale is being made because wife Iman prefers the bustle of city life to the relaxed climes of the Swiss countryside; reportedly the couple have not spent a significant period of time there since 1992.

Information from Richard and Philippe

new May 13: Rumours going around the Nine Inch Nails web sites and mailing lists report that both Bowie and Mike Garson have been involved in the recording of the next NIN album, which is supposedly composed of primarily instrumental tracks. Less reliable rumours quote a June release date for this album.

Information from Herve

updated May 11: The mainstream press picked up on the story from over the weekend.

Information from Helen and Robin

hot new May 9: At a press conference held in Italy last night, Bowie was confirmed as the co-star in an upcoming Italian film called "Il Mio West" (My West), to be directed by Sandro Veronesi and starring Harvey Keitel and Leonardo Pieraccioni.

Keitel will play the main character (a legendary gunman) with a pacifist son (Pieraccioni), while Bowie will assume the role of a "bad cowboy". Shooting on the film begins May 19th in Garfagnana, Tuscany, while Bowie's parts are expected to be shot in September in both Tuscany and Canada.

Information from Daniele and Matteo

updated May 9: Muzic.com has this intriguing report on Bowie's mini adornment (see below). (Ed: Intriguing because the report could only have been sourced from here; the original news did include the names of the other two celebrities, which I omitted for space reasons).

Information from Toby

hot new May 8: A press release touting Bowie's relevance to modern musicians (mentioning The Wallflowers, Marilyn Manson and Smashing Pumpkins) has this tidbit hidden in the last paragraph:

"So where is BOWIE going next? A live album is on tap for the fall, with a new studio album set for spring 1999."

updated May 5: cover As previously mentioned, Atlanta radio station 99X's release of radio appearances includes Bowie's Dead Man Walking, but it also features the accompanying cover art contributed by Bowie. 99X's also has a clip of Bowie's performance (in RealAudio format). (Note: this CD is ONLY available through Atlanta area Blockbuster stores).

new May 5: Click on the following link for a strange report:

Musi-Cal upcoming concerts

Looks like a misprint to me, but perhaps someone in London knows more and can call the organizers.

Information from Laura

new May 4: Two bits of news from over the weekend:

Information from Greg, religitania

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