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News March 1998

updated March 31:

Information from William et al.

updated March 27: Some people have inquired about the actual screening of the Bowie interview on Charlie Rose. The show tends to be very fluid, and it's often the case that guests get rescheduled at the last moment, and/or their interview gets filmed, but doesn't screen until a later date. However, I received the following email from a representative at the Charlie Rose show:

To: "Evan Torrie" 
Subject: Re: David Bowie on Charlie Rose
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 11:44:32 -0500

David Bowie is scheduled to be taped on the 31st.


Carla Quinn

In addition, there is a short piece on the back page of today's Wall Street Journal where Bowie discusses his publishing company, laments the state of US art, and lists the pieces of art that he owns.

Information from Russ

new exclusive March 26: ACSI Productions, a French multimedia company, is developing a two CD-ROM set featuring rare video and audio material from Bowie's stint as Ziggy Stardust. The CDs which are both Mac and PC-compatible feature the following:

More news as this comes closer to release...

new March 23: Australian Internet provider OzEmail may use Bowie's www.davidbowie.com site as evidence in its defense against a suit brought by the Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA). APRA is trying to force Internet providers in Australia to levy a $1 fee for every user "to cover the use and distribution of music on the Internet". OzEmail plans to show that it is the content providers (i.e. www.davidbowie.com) who should enforce any licensing restrictions, and will use the example of the Internet-only release of Telling Lies last year. You can read more about the case in this scan sent by Kerry (Click here... warning: large JPG).

(Ed: the comments by the APRA counsel indicate just how technology-illiterate these lawyers really are...)

Information from Harry

hot March 21: According to a Rolling Stone Online news item, Bowie is slated to appear on PBS' The Charlie Rose Show on March 31 primarily to promote the launch of his book publishing company, 21 in the United States (Ed: this agrees with the earlier news on Teenage Wildlife that Bowie will be having a book launch party on March 30).

According to the news item, 21 will be releasing the aforementioned Blimey!, as well as a new biography by William Boyd of Nat Tate, the New York Abstract Expressionist painter who killed himself in 1960 by jumping from the Staten Island Ferry. In addition the report says that Bowie plans to write a couple of books himself; one a collection of his interviews from Modern Painters and Ray Gun, and another that is still under wraps.

Information from Bonster

new March 20: According to various music magazines and media, The Wallflowers will perform a cover of "Heroes" for the upcoming soundtrack to Godzilla (to be released in mid-late April).

Information from Pinhead and Bonster

new March 20: The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York will honor David Bowie in their annual gala to be held May 3. Every year the gala holds a silent auction of works donated by artists (i.e. Bowie this year). Tickets to the event are usually several hundred dollars.

new March 18: According to Rolling Stone, a tribute album to jazz musician Charles Mingus is currently scheduled for release this Christmas. The tribute will aim at younger listeners by taking loops and samples from existing Mingus' tunes, and reshaping them into new works. First on the list is a Bowie remix of Mingus' Hog Callin' Blues.

Information from Cat

updated March 17: Bernie Thanks to JM who rushed off to purchase the salacious Sun (and carry it home in a brown paper bag) just to obtain this photo of Bowie in his new film role as Bernie (in Everybody Loves the Sunshine).

Somehow this reminds me more of Revenge of the Nerds than The Godfather...

Information from JeanMarie

hot new March 17: A very reliable source has confirmed rumours that have been circling since early in the year; those being that Bowie is scheduled to release three new albums this year.

This should be one of Bowie's most productive years ever!

Information from Mike A.

updated March 16: British tabloid The Sun today ran a large picture of Bowie from The Isle of Man where he is shooting the upcoming gangster film starring Goldie (see earlier news). Bowie appears in spectacles and looks surprisingly menacing in the part of the villain Bernie. Goldie will play the part of crime-boss Terry. The film has been somewhat controversial, since it reportedly involves some element of bisexual attraction between the two gang characters.

An insider reports: "Their fans are in for a shock. They have never seen them like this. Most people think of David being very arty - well, they'll change their minds when they see this character"

Information from Dara

new March 14: VH1 is reporting the results of its survey of the The 100 Greatest Artists of Rock And Roll, by running a television special over five days starting March 31. What makes the survey unique is that rather than polling viewers, the television station polled only other artists, sending ballots to anyone who had ever been featured on VH-1, either through a video, live performance or news item.

In a preview of the results, VH1 acknowledged that there were some surprises.

"Consistent favorites Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones predictably have made the top 10. The survey also yields results that may be surprising to some people. David Bowie is ranked higher than Presley..."
According to the schedules, the countdown of the top 100 artists will feature twenty each hour. Numbers 20 downto 1 (which should feature Bowie) will air April 3, 10 p.m., and be repeated April 5, 5 p.m..

Information from Bonster

hot new March 12: Rumours from those who should know indicate that Bowie will hold a book launch party in New York on the 30th of March. There isn't 100% confirmation, but it is almost certainly the US launch of Blimey!, the first book to come out of 21, the art publishing house venture of which Bowie is co-founder.

Note that Amazon.com has this book available for order, but notes that it hasn't yet been released by the publisher.

hot new exclusive March 11: Still looking for that Japanese Speed of Life single? Want to sell off some of your collection? Interested in trading tapes with others?

Now you can post your own free advertisement at the new Teenage Wildlife Classifieds section! Advertisers can place their ad in either a Buy, Sell or Trade/Exchange section. Ads are automatically deleted after 31 days. Read the Help instructions to learn more about how to post and reply to an ad.

Disclaimer: Teenage Wildlife makes no claims about the reliability of advertisers. Most Bowie fans are honest, but there's always an exception. Caveat emptor!

new updated March 9: Rock Out Censorship, a non-profit organization formed to protect First Amendment rights for artists and fans (and the public in general) has an interesting interview from a few years back with Tin Machine around the time of the release of Tin Machine II (and the controversial album cover).
Their site also has a listing of other Bowie sites.

new March 9: Paul Kinder, who runs Little Wonderworld is launching a free Bowie competition this month. Visit the site to see more details.

In addition, Little Wonderworld has a recent press release on the shooting of Goldie's gangster film Everybody Loves Sunshine (including Bowie). In other news from Paul, Edinburgh's City Art Centre is presently showing Bowie's DB Head 97 in its ArtAid '98 exhibition (available for the low, low price of £2,200); and a new English fanzine called Wowie It's Bowie is available now.

Information from Paul

updated March 9: Coca Cola Inc. corrected initially erroneous reports about their enhanced CD Surge which is being sent out to promote their new drink. Contrary to the previous report, there are only 167,000 of the CDs being issued, and there are only two videos on the disc, neither of which is I'm Afraid Of Americans. In other words, this is an audio-only release for Bowie.

Information from Rocktropolis

updated March 7: CD Universe's storewide sale has been so successful that it has been extended until the end of March. Visit the store to see the collection of Bowie albums on sale; or, alternatively, search for an artist of your choice.

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CDU Sale

hot new March 6: The next in the series of EMI's Best of releases will apparently be titled Best of 75-79, following on from the Best of 69-74, and will be released on March 23 in Canada, according to a release sheet distributed by HMV in Montreal.

Also from the same source, the new live album is scheduled for May,and will include guests on 4 previously unreleased tracks. No doubt, this will include performances from the 50th Birthday Show (Ed: probably a good marketing scheme to get fans of the other artists to buy a Bowie disc!).

Finally, in very tentative news, a new Bowie album (currently unnamed) is listed for October.

Information from OVAL

new March 6: Callers to the Galleria Marconi in Milan (where Bowie was scheduled to open his own art exhibit this month) have been told that the Bowie exhibition has been postponed until this coming northern hemisphere autumn.

No explicit reason was given, but perhaps Bowie is too busy working on musical projects (e.g. the live album and others)?

Information from Stefano

new March 5: Coca-Cola is sending one million enhanced CDs to selected US homes starting this week to promote its new citrus-based carbonated beverage, called Surge. Included on the enhanced CD is the video (and music) for I'm Afraid Of Americans and a coupon for a free 20 ounce bottle of Surge. Other artists included on the CD (according to this Rocktropolis report) are Moby, Supergrass, Fluke, Third Eye Blind, The Dandy Warhols and Fatboy Slim.

Information from David Nettles

hot new March 2: As reported earlier, Bowie is reported to be playing a gangster in an upcoming film called Everybody Loves Sunshine which stars recent collaborator Goldie. According to a source in the UK, some of the scenes involving Bowie are to be shot on the Isle of Man starting this week.

Information from Gordon

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