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News December 1997

new December 29: Online CD vendor, CD-Now, released their list of the Top 100 selling albums of 1997 recently, which includes Earthling at #77.

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new December 26: Art Collector International magazine is offering the Child In Berlin print for sale, along with a number of other paintings by famous artists. You can see the print at this site.

hot new exclusive December 24: Thanks to a source who shall remain anonymous, I obtained a sound clip from the St. Paul, MN show (the last on the US tour), where Bowie publicly thanked Teenage Wildlifers for their support over the tour. You can listen to the sound clip:

updated December 23: After stalling last week at #71 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, I'm Afraid Of Americans moves up 5 spots this week to #66. This seems to be a result of heavy promotional work by Virgin in the US, with a number of stores selling the single at almost fire-sale prices (US$1.99), and the video moving back up into the top 10 on the MTV weekly plays chart.

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hot updated December 18: EMI's first retrospective, The Best of David Bowie 1969-1974, dropped six places to #51 on the UK charts this week, but passes the 100,000 copies sold (in the UK) mark to be officially certified gold. It's Bowie's first gold album since 1993 (when both The Singles Collection and Black Tie White Noise reached that status; Black Tie continued on to go platinum).
In US news, I'm Afraid Of Americans stalls at #71 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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hot new December 16: A new web site launched this past weekend will feature Bowie's artwork and make it available for sale over the Web. The first two works are lithographic prints of a self-portrait and a portrait of cohort Iggy Pop. The press release accompanying the release quotes Bowie as saying

"I want to reach a wider spectrum of people with certain multiples that I make. The gallery shows have been extremely good but the Internet is the way to get the attention of people who may not have access to many gallery shows. If we get a good response to this idea I will be showing work by other artists who may not be getting a fair crack of the whip."
You can visit the web site at


In associated news, Blimey, the first publication by Bowie's 21 Company art publishing house is in its second printing and will be launched in the USA early in 1998. Also, Bowie's exhibition at the Geo Marconi Gallery in Milan is still on for March-June of 1998.

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new December 15: A Bowie song from the 80s will be included in the soundtrack to New Line's forthcoming romantic comedy The Wedding Singer (due Feb 13). Other artists in the movie include The Cure, Culture Club, The Smiths and POTUSA doing a cover of Buggles "Video Killed the Radio Star"... The Boston Globe this past week listed Earthling as one of the top 10 albums of the year by two out of its five critics... Also from the Boston Globe comes a story about when former US House Speaker Tip O'Neill was invited by a Dublin hotel manager to meet Bowie (also staying in the same hotel). "Who the hell is David Bowie?" O'Neill asked his nephew. When informed, O'Neill grabbed his nephew and headed for the exit, saying "Get us to the golf course. David Bowie doesn't want to meet me, and I don't want to meet David Bowie."...Time Life Music has issued a two CD Xmas music set which includes Bowie/Crosby's Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy...

hot new December 12: This past week saw the release of issue #4 of a new comic book series entitled Red Rocket 7, written by Mike Allred (director of the film Astroesque) and published by Dark Horse Comics. Described as an "an epic science fiction features that takes place against the backdrop of forty-five years of rock and roll history", issue #4, titled Put Your Raygun to my Head concerns the main character's friendship with Mick Ronson and David Bowie. It is available from all major comic book stores for $US3.95.

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hot new December 11: To celebrate composer Glass' 60th birthday (Glass wrote the Low Symphony and Heroes Symphony based on Bowie and Eno's albums), New York's Lincoln Center has a Friday (Dec 12th) show that will feature the second movement from Glass' Low Symphony.

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hot new December 10: The exhibition of photographs by Mick Rock (responsible for many of the Ziggy-era photographs and videos, together with other famous artists such as Iggy Pop and Lou Reed) opens today in New York at Soho Triad Gallery, 107 Grand Street, New York City. The showing will run through early January. Lou Reed, Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop are expected to be amongst the attendees at tonight's invitation-only opening (no word on Bowie, but last heard, he was unlikely to attend).
You can find an online store featuring Mick Rock's photographs at superstars.com.

hot December 9: A reader from Italy sent a cautionary note about trading memorabilia/albums/CDs over the net. This person sent £250 to a person in the United Kingdom in advance for a number of Bowie-related items. With no response after a few weeks, a telegram was sent, with still no response. In all, four attempts were made over the span of two months to contact the original seller, and all were unsuccessful.
If you're considering trading items unseen, it would help to ask for references, or else start with a small trade to minimize a possible loss.

updated December 9: An article in the December/January edition of Wax magazine confirms that Bowie sings on one track on the forthcoming Goldie album Saturnz Return, scheduled for release in the UK on January 26. Work on the album apparently took place in Bowie's old Soho studio, and includes other star collaborations from Noel Gallagher, KRS One and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The articles describes the track as

Completely beat-free, this is the haunting Berlin-era Bowie of Low or Station To Station.
"Would you die for me lately? Would you die for me maybe? Because beast is the colour of my mood. Would you die for love, if I could change my ways..."
It's vintage Bowie.

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new December 8: Jonathan Hale mentioned that a new double tribute album titled Ashes To Ashes, consisting of covers by primarily British pop bands is due out next week (see sirencd.com)... Christian has started a Underground Recordings site which includes RealAudio clips of various songs only available on bootlegs... Steve reports that the Daily Mail in England ran an article which suggested that Bowie won't be appearing on the Diana Tribute CD because "he'd sung Always Crashing In The Same Car on the day of Diana's funeral"... Val sent me a note about a German interview where Bowie talks about the Internet , the year 2000 opera and various other topics... Bowie is rumoured as a front-runner in the Hot Press Music Awards 97 for "Best Live Performance" - the awards are held in conjunction with the BBC and will be held in Belfast, Ireland.

new December 4: British filmmaker Michael Apted (previous credits include Nell) has released a documentary titled Inspirations which explores the creative process as applied to seven artists from different disciplines. Included as the representative musician is Bowie; other artists featured are Roy Lichtenstein, Tadao Ando, Dale Chihuly, Louise LeCavalier, Eduoard Locke and Nora Naranjo-Morse. The documentary world-premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, and is now available on video although it may be difficult to find.

updated December 4: In a follow up to the story on the liner notes for the US version of Best of Bowie 69-74, allstarmag.com reports that Mitch Schneider Organization (Bowie's publicists in the US issued this statement)

"Manufacturing was temporarily ceased on the album, Best of David Bowie: 1969-1974, due to the fact that neither David Bowie nor his representatives had ever seen or approved the packaging (artwork, credits, liner notes, etc.) for the U.S. release and both the credits and liner notes were grossly inaccurate. What had been approved was the packaging for the international release with correct credits and liner notes written by Kevin Cann."
So, it looks like the existing CDs in stores won't be pulled, but there will not be any more made with those liner notes...

hot new December 3: The 1997 version of I Can't Read has been officially released in Germany as a single. This is the track which was featured on the Ice Storm soundtrack, and is similar (but not the same) as the version which appeared at the end of the 50th birthday benefit pay-per-view special. The appearance of this single probably means that I'm Afraid Of Americans will not be officially released in Europe.

new December 3: MTV news reports about a recent Q magazine interview, where Oasis' Noel Gallagher admits to stealing the main riff from All The Young Dudes for two songs Don't Look Back In Anger (Ed: hmmm... maybe he stole the title too) and Stand By Me.

new December 2: Nine Inch Nail's new video release, titled Closure is a two hour double set, featuring live footage from various Nine Inch Nail's concerts, together with all of Nine Inch Nail's videos. For Bowie fans, there is a short segment showing Bowie and Reznor discussing performance backstage, as well as a clip from their duet of Hurt on the Outside tour in 1995. The video has just been released, and is running into distribution problems because of its content; however, you can order it online from Weathermen Records.

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