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News October 1997

new October 28: Business Age magazine in the first survey of its kind has named Bowie Britain's richest rock star with a fortune valued at $917 million, eclipsing Paul McCartney's $868 million, and almost doubling the third place Tom Jones. You can read the full story here for the next few days. (Ed: Personally, I'm always skeptical of such "fortune" assessments, since there are many factors which a magzine/newspaper can only guess at)

new October 26: Teenage Wildlifers on the ground in Brazil are reporting that Bowie has landed in Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by Iman, and is spending the next few days in a beach resort called Buzios.

new October 25: As reported previously, a live version of various acts from past Bridge Benefit concerts will be released by Reprise Records on November 18, and will include a track from Bowie's appearance last year (the track is rumoured to be "Heroes"). The album will be called The Bridge School Concerts - Vol. One., and proceeds will benefit the Bridge School, which specializes in programs for children with speech and physical impairments.

new October 24: MTV is reporting (tentatively) that the video for I'm Afraid Of Americans will air this Sunday on MTV's 120 Minutes. In other news, the single debuted in the Billboard Top 200 at #106, and at #20 in the Top Dance Tracks. Earthling also got a little push from MTV's coverage, jumping 50% in numbers sold from 987 to 1450. Total sales for the album in the USA are 135,418. Thanks Edie.

new October 21: Two sources report that the BBC promotional single of Lou Reed's Perfect Day, which features Bowie singing a couple of lines along with numerous other artists, will be released November 17 by Chrysalis in three different versions. This wil probably be a UK only release.

new October 20: C|Net's new online directory service, Snap! Online has awarded Teenage Wildlife its Best of the Web award in its Entertainment Channel. My thanks to all the contributors who help make Teenage Wildlife what it is!!

new October 17: The November edition of GQ Magazine in the USA comes with a free Bowie CD (called "Earthling In The City"). Even better, it features two previously unreleased live tracks from the 50th birthday bash. The tracks are:

  1. Little Wonder (3:44) live Jan-9-97
  2. Seven Years In Tibet (3:59) edit
  3. Pallas Athena (8:20) live in Amsterdam Jun-6-97
  4. The Hearts Filthy Lesson (5:03) live Jan-9-97
  5. Telling Lies (5:12) Paradox Mix by A Guy Called Gerald
  6. Seven Years In Tibet (3:58) Mandarin version

new October 17: The official site (www.davidbowie.com) is holding a competition to give away 10 signed copies of the I'm Afraid Of Americans single.

updated October 16: New Yorkers tell me that the Tower appearance is definitely not happening, although Tower is telling callers that it may be rescheduled for November.

new October 16: GQ Awards show concert-goers were informed that VH1 US is planning to screen the show on November 1. No word on whether it will include the "full" Bowie show. More information on time etc as it comes to hand.

hot October 13: Hot off the press is news that Bowie will be performing a live 1 hour concert on MTV's new program Tenspot, which airs at 10 p.m. Eastern Time (that's 7 p.m. for those of us on the Left Coast). Bowie is a late replacement for The Stones, who cancelled due to Mick Jagger having the flu. This may be the best chance to get a good video of Bowie performing songs from the Earthling tour (for your own personal use, of course!)!

new October 12: Q Magazine is reporting that Goldie will have Bowie singing one song on Goldie's upcoming album, Saturnz Return.

new October 12: Marco Vlieg wrote to tell me that there will be a "Bowie-revival" night to be held next month (14th November) in "Kadans", Meppel, Holland. There will be 3 bands (Moondust, President Joe and Smoke) covering old and new Bowie material, together with a fanclub stand (for The Voyeur) and probably a huge videoscreen showing Bowie videos. The night begins at 21:30 and will last until after midnight. Admittance is free. Contact Marco at M.Vlieg@KUB.nl for more information.

new October 9: A tip hot off the wires says that Bowie will be appearing at the Tower store on Broadway and 4th Street in New York City on Tuesday, October 14 (day before the GQ show). This is ostensibly the release date of the I'm Afraid Of Americans single, so he'll probably be promoting that. I don't know the time yet, but Tower's number is (212) 505-1500, if you want to call and try to confirm. This is still an unconfirmed appearance at this time!

new October 9: MTV US claims they will be showing a segment on the making of the I'm Afraid Of Americans video on their Week In Rock segment which usually plays Friday and over the weekend.

new October 8: In a couple of recent interviews, Bowie has repeated his story about holding another birthday benefit concert (complete with special guest performers) next year to celebrate his 51st birthday (although he joked that he would just keep calling it his 50th birthday). Bowie mentioned this on MusiquePlus TV in Montreal during his concerts there, and again during the Philadelphia studio recording session at Sigma Sound, where he mentioned that it would be held in Los Angeles this year around. However, we all know what a master he is at Telling Lies, so don't hold your breath too long ;)

new October 7: The video for the upcoming single release (Oct 14) of I'm Afraid Of Americans, which features 5 remixes by Trent Reznor, was shot on location in New York City yesterday. Both Bowie and Reznor will appear in the video. Rocktropolis.com had some on the scene cameras capturing stills from the shoot.

In other Rocktropolis news, the site claims that the Boston cybercast was the most watched cybercast in Web history.

updated October 3: Dave Priest, maintainer of The Missing Link (listed on the Links page has written to inform me that his site is temporarily down, due to a break-in. However, readers should be assured that Dave is working hard and will get the site back within the next two weeks.

new October 1: October will be a busy month for Bowie music collectors. There are a number of new releases scheduled in the US for this month containing Bowie tracks:

Include in that the Late Night with Conan O'Brien album which features the acoustic version of Dead Man Walking and the November release of the Neil Young Bridge Benefit concert (supposed to have an acoustic version of "Heroes" on it), and you can see there's quite a bevy of new Bowie releases.

Note that most of these are or will be available for order online at CD Universe

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