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News September 1997

new September 30: For the hardcore Bowie collector, a couple of upcoming items may be of interest:

new September 30: As numerous readers have pointed out to me (and I eventually saw a couple of times), Bowie is making an appearance on US television advertisements.

The Bowie publicity machine is obviously at full speed, building up to the GQ Awards and the release of I'm Afraid Of Americans, which looks to be Virgin's last push for Bowie in the US.

new September 28: Rocktropolis.com is now heavily promoting their Boston October 1 cybercast of Bowie's show at the Orpheum. It will be available in multiple formats, including RealAudio, RealVideo, NetShow, VDO, as well as still pictures and an online chat. They're also promoting a competition to win Earthling and I'm Afraid Of Americans together with Bowie t-shirts. The concert cybercast supposedly starts at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time.
You can go directly to the Bowie cybercast registration page at

Rocktropolis Boston cybercast
Note: Some AOL users have mentioned that they have problems accessing rocktropolis pages. This is a problem with AOL.

new September 25: ITV.net appears to be the purveyor of the Boston cybercast on October 1 at 8 p.m. EST. They have a dedicated web page, and you'll probably also need to download the appropriate software in preparation. You can find it all at

ITV.net Bowie cybercast

new September 23: AllStar Magazine online is reporting that the upcoming I'm Afraid Of Americans single release will be a six-track EP with five remixes by Reznor and one by Photek. Reznor also lends backing vocals to one of the remixes and another remix features Ice Cube guest rapping.

new September 22: The BBC is running a promotional campaign called "Perfect Day", based on the song from Lou Reed's Transformer album (which Bowie co-produced). Bowie lends his voice to two of the lines from the song. You can read more about it on the BBC web site at:

BBC Perfect Day

new September 21: Rocktropolis is listing in their previews a cybercast of the Boston show on October 1.

new hot September 18:

Chicago concert Friday, Sept 19!!
It has just been announced that Bowie will be performing Friday night, September 19, at Chicago's Vic Theater. The initial word is that this is a free concert. If it links up with some rumours heard earlier, this is one of the Miller Genuine Draft Blind Date concerts, where people win tickets but don't know who will be performing until the night before. Also rumoured for the same night was The Chemical Brothers.

new September 18: Mick Rock's cancelled benefit is being revived as an online auction of some of his limited edition photographs/prints of famous rock stars, including a large number of Bowie during the Ziggy era. You can find a catalog of items for sale (be sure to check all the pages) at


new September 13: A Teenage Wildlife reader called up Bowie's management company, Isolar, to ask about further New York dates. The official reply from Isolar was that New York would only be getting the one GQ Awards show. However, other New Yorkers have speculated that there would be a second smaller club gig, but it wouldn't be announced until the GQ Awards sold out.

new September 11: In the circular file, we have the following tidbits:

new September 10: Dave and Shaz Priest of The Missing Link are holding a "Bowie Bash" for UK Bowie fans at their home on Saturday 13th September. Dave says

We'll be showing some rare video footage, playing loads of rare material and generally having a good time. There will also be a couple of members from a Bowie tribute band turning up with guitars for a 'sing-a-long' later in the evening
If you're interested, try emailing Dave for directions at david.priest@virgin.net.

new September 9: On Saturday night at Vancouver, Bowie announced before singing I'm Afraid Of Americans:

"Everyone has their single season, and this will be our next single... coming out in about three weeks"
Unclear whether this will be a North American only release, or worldwide, but looks like Trent Reznor's remixes will see the light of day here. MTV News is reporting that Virgin confirmed the Reznor remixes would be available on the market, and noted that it would likely become a collector's cover with a so-far "secretive hand-penned drawing by Bowie himself".

new updated September 9: Forbes Magazine came out with its list of 20 wealthiest entertainers based on total gross income in 1996-1997, and Bowie appeared at #16 with $63 million gross income. Presumably this includes the income from the bond sale Bowie made for $55 million. Topping the list were Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.
In other Bowie financial news, the LA Times is reporting that he is selling his three bedroom condo in Beverly Hills for $895,000 because he and Iman now spend most of their time in either New York or Switzerland.

new updated September 5: It appears as though Bowie is making a habit of appearing on breakfast radio shows in each city he is performing. I apologise for the late notice (I am currently homeless so updates are not happening as fast as they normally would), but he was scheduled to appear on Vancouver's Z95.3FM this morning (Friday). He is also scheduled to appear on Seattle's KNDD The End and KMIT The Mountain on Monday morning September 8, and on San Francisco's Live 105 on Tuesday, September 9.
Most of these stations are giving away tickets to the appearances, and they appear to be similar to the setup for this year's Atlantaand Boston radio appearances, where Bowie performed a short acoustic set accompanied by Reeves Gabrels.
Listeners in other cities on the Earthling tour track should be on the listen to your local Bowie playing station (I guess that leaves out New York and Philadelphia :-)) to see if they announce a Bowie acoustic appearance around the date of the concert.

new September 4: Jam! Showbiz has an interview with Bowie, where Bowie reveals that Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame has completed four remixes of I'm Afraid Of Americans. In addition, Bowie said he expect to have Reznor (and possibly Goldie) help write and record songs for his "next album" (Ed: So what happened to 2. Contamination?). Bowie confirms that he won't be part of the video for Puff Daddy's "Been Around The World". The report also says that the upcoming acoustic track on Neil Young's Bridge Benefit album will be "Heroes".

new September 3: For those of you having a hard time tracking down the Seven Years In Tibet CD single in your local store (or you just can't be bothered going out of the house), Teenage Wildlife's online music store (in association with CD Universe) now has this the limited edition from the UK in stock.
In addition, CD Universe has also recently added to their catalogue The David Bowie Songbook (a collection of Bowie covers by famous artists), the Japanese single version of Dead Man Walking, and a couple of new videos including a listing (although I'm not certain exactly what it is) for The Glass Spider Tour. Note that some of these may be on backorder, and not readily available.

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