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News August 1997

new August 28: This week has been pretty scarce in terms of news.

new August 26: Although not strictly a news item, Jonathan Greatorex spent so much effort on his lyrical interpretation "Just A Mortal With Potential", that I thought it deserved its own announcement. Jonathan is quick to point out that these are only one person's opinions, but he includes a lot of reference material which is great reading.

updated August 21: Further information has come to light with regards to the new EMI release. The release called Best of David Bowie 1969-1974 is expected to be a worldwide limited edition release scheduled for October 27. The "almost-final" tracklisting is:

The Jean Genie / Space Oddity / Starman / Ziggy Stardust / John I'm Only Dancing / Rebel Rebel / Let's Spend The Night Together / Suffragette City / Oh! You Pretty Things / Velvet Goldmine / Drive In Saturday / Diamond Dogs / Changes / Sorrow / Prettiest Star / Life On Mars / Aladdin Sane / The Man Who Sold The World / Rock 'N Roll Suicide / All The Young Dudes
The notable point being the very official release of the studio version of All The Young Dudes.
The album is expected to be fronted by a single release of The Jean Genie (titled The Jean Genie - 25th Anniversary Edition), with B-sides of Holy Holy, Ragazzo Solo Ragazza Sola and London Bye Ta Ta.
Finally EMI Canada is starting to reissue the Rykodisc versions of the original studio albums starting September 2.

new August 20: Concerts known to be going on sale this weekend (Detroit, Boston and Washington on Saturday, and SF+LA on Sunday):

Don't say you weren't warned! :-)

update A call to Bowie's publicists this morning revealed the information that "there is no new information on the New York dates/venues". In addition, the word was "it's unlikely that we'll have any news until late in September". So much for people planning their trips to New York.

new August 19: Mick Rock's first major exhibition of rock and roll photographs, entitled

50 Photographs by Mick Rock

will open Tuesday December 2, and run through January 11 at the SoHo Triad Fine Arts gallery, 107 Grand Street, New York City. The opening on December 2 will be a VIP, by invitation-only reception (Ed note: hmmm, will Bowie be there?). Rock's book A Photographic Record 1969-1980, previously published only in England has just been released in the USA, and Rock is currently collaborating on a Ziggy Stardust book with David Bowie to be published in 1998.

new August 18: The single version of Seven Years In Tibet was officially released today in the UK. In addition, the limited edition Tao Jones Index release of Pallas Athena and V2-Schneider is also available. Dave Priest reports that shops which stock this 12" release include:

new August 17: In contrast to his rather disappointing interview on Virgin Radio (due mainly to a couple of pillocks for interviewers), this morning's interview on BBC Radio 1 featured lots more news from Bowie. In particular:

In addition, both new versions of I Can't Read and Andy Warhol were played during the interview. (Info from baz and Dave).

new updated August 16: EMI is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of its founding by releasing limited edition collections for several artists, including Bowie. Featuring "eight-page liner notes with rarely released photographs, each release will also boast special 100th anniversay commemorative packaging". The first Bowie commemorative released will feature tracks from 1969-1974, and is likely to be accompanied by a single release of The Jean Genie, complete with rare B-sides. Look for these sometime in October.

new August 16: As a few readers have pointed out, Puff Daddy has sampled Bowie's Let's Dance for his latest single Been Around The World, and will also include Bowie in the video to be released late next month. Normally, this wouldn't be very important news, but apparently Puff Daddy is currently #1 on the charts, so perhaps this will raise the profile of Bowie in yet another new audience.

new August 14: More than a few recent UK concertgoers (to both Bowie's and The Spiders From Mars gigs) have noticed a Bowie lookalike, complete with Union Jack coat, colored contacts and a penchant for signing autographs. Apparently, the fellow's name is Les Holstick, a Hull painter/decorator who has a tribute band called David Live.

new August 13: During the intermission break at last night's London gig, Bowie told the audience:

"Ah this is it then. Well we wont see you for some time any more. No we're not retiring I'm not falling for that one again. Well we gonna you know go back in the studio and do some really nice interesting things I hope"

new August 11: Rumour from a Teenage Wildlifer who spoke to some of Bowie's roadcrew after a recent European concert is that the next stops after the end of the US tour are Hong Kong (to follow up the "A Fleeting Moment" release), Singapore and Japan. When asked about Australia, the comment was still maybe. In confirmatory news, when Reeves Gabrels was asked about the release of his second album, he said that he "would be working with Bowie until January", and then would start his second album.

updated August 7: Reports filtering in from the various venues indicate that a large number of the US concert dates will be going on sale this coming weekend (particularly those venues in the first half of the tour). Try calling the venue in your local area to see what updated information they have. The following list represents my best information so far as to what tickets are going on sale this weekend.

Friday, August 8
Denver, CO (@ 10 a.m.)
Montreal, Canada (@ 10 a.m.)
Saturday, August 9
Vancouver, Canada (@ 9 a.m.)
Seattle, WA (@ 9 a.m.)
Detroit, MI (@ 10 a.m.)
Toronto, Canada (@ 10 a.m.)
Philadelphia, PA (@ 10 a.m.)
Sunday, August 10
Los Angeles, CA (@ 10 a.m.)
San Francisco, CA (@ 10 a.m.)
These are all subject to change though, so be sure to call the venue and local ticket agency to see what they have to say! Note that if you try to buy tickets online through TicketMaster, they have a policy of not allowing online sales until 1 hour after the phones and box offices open...

new August 6: George Tremlett's "David Bowie: Living On The Brink", a book about Bowie previously only available in hardcover is now available in paperback. You can read a review of the book from Publisher's Weekly, and then if you think you want to buy, go to the bookstore and buy it online from amazon.com. (Hint: There are also other books available online to buy).

new August 5: I have the press release announcing the US tour (including the dates). Note that in the text, they mention two nights at San Francisco, but in the list, they only have one. Also, the controversy over the New York dates continues, with "to be announced" as the current venue. I have taken off the "official confirmation" of the second night dates on the Earthling tour page, but still left them listed, as I expect these nights to go on sale as soon as the first night sells out.
Also, the press release notes the upcoming soundtrack release of an acoustic version of I Can't Read (supposedly the version shown at the end of the Birthday Bash concert) for the upcoming film Ice Storm.

new August 3: Petra and Marion both sent me news reports from Europe that Bowie will be attending the Salzburg Festival on August 18th to attend Debussy's "Pelléas et Mélisande" which will be produced by Robert Wilson (rumoured to be collaborating with Bowie on his supposed 1999 Outside production). Philip Glass is also expected to be in attendance. This will make a busy travel schedule for Bowie if he is still going to be playing in Wembley on the 16th at the Elvis Presley Tribute show (reported a few months ago), since he is appearing in Budapest on the 14th.

updated August 2: RobotMonster pointed out to me that Pollstar's concert listings show only one date for San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami and Boston, with NY yet to be announced. My guess is that the arrangement will be similar to what occurred for some of the UK dates. That is, one night will be put on sale, and if the tickets for that sell out within a day, then the promoters have carte blanche to add another second night. This is what happened for Dublin and London (and also for Glasgow, except that Glasgow didn't sell out fast enough, so they missed out on a second date). So, when the tickets go on sale, be sure to snap them up!
You can compare Pollstar's info with Virgin's info by going to the Virgin site and selecting David Bowie in the Who menu.

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