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News June 1997

new June 30: EMI in Holland was scheduled to unveil today a heavy advertising campaign for a repackaging of The Singles Collection. The release will come in three forms:

Also, an advertising campaign with a budget of $75,000 will kick off with TV commercials, other media advertising, Internet activites (at www.emimusic.nl), posters in store and on the street.
Is this EMI trying to cash in on the resurgence of Bowie over the past 2 years?

new June 29: Hot rumour off the press is that the two remaining members of the Spiders from Mars (Trevor Bolder and Mick Woodmansey) will join with members of Def Leppard to perform at Dublin after Bowie's set.

new June 27: Martin from Austria sent me the following information:

After the Vienna concert, David met British theatre-director Robert Wilson and Gerard Mortier, the manager of Austria's largest cultural festival the "Salzburger Festspiele" . They discussed a plan to create a rock opera to be presented in 2000. Contrary to previous reports, this rock opera would not be based on Outside, but would be a new project. The Austrian newspaper "Kurier" reported in the June 26th issue that David will meet Robert Wilson (who has previously collaborated with Tom Waits and Lou Reed years ago) again in February 98 to discuss the project further.

new June 23: In his online interview in Norway, Bowie stated that we should not expect to see a new album "until the spring"... which for the Southern Hemisphere dwellers amongst us, means not until April 1998 or so.

new June 21: As a few people have pointed out to me (and Virgin USA has confirmed in their news section), Bowie recorded a Mandarin version of Seven Years In Tibet. This is apparently doing well on the Hong Kong charts!

updated June 20: A promoter yesterday confirmed that the Phoenix Festival is still on with Bowie scheduled to play both the 19th and 20th as before. Also, contrary to the previous report, the location will still be the same (Long Marston), but no more tickets will be sold. (Info from Dave Priest)

update June 20: The Mick Ronson Memorial concert is set for August 9 in Hull, England. Featured artists include the remaining Spiders From Mars (Woody Woodmansey and Trevor Bolder), Ian Hunter, Glen Matlock and Big Audio Dynamite. There is also a Web page for the concert. It seems like Bowie may be back in England by August, so there's still the possibility that he will show up as well!

new June 20: Jan Erik Michaelson sent me information about the Norweigan newspaper VG, which will be having an online interview with Bowie on Saturday (21st June) at 16:30 CET. It's possible to ask questions (in English) in advance by visiting this page.

new June 18: In addition, the Leidsekade site has a downloadable Bowie screen saver (based on the 1. Outside images) which you can download directly from the following link (hopefully this will stay valid for a while):

Bowie Screensaver (Windows only) 1.3MB

new June 18: Marco sent me an abridged translation of the latest information on the upcoming radio broadcast of songs from the Paradiso concert: If you can read Dutch, you can see the full story.

The Paradiso concert was taped on a 48-track digital multitrack, because David wanted it to be perfect. Probably not only for radio, but also for himself since he did a 90 minute soundcheck.

On Thursday June 12 the mixing started. David picked this day because he had no tour-obligations and could contact the studio at anytime. He also wanted Steve (his own sound engineer) to do the mixing. While tape 1 and 2 were dubbed at Wisseloord, they started mixing Little Wonder. Bowie called and faxed a couple of times about some details in the mix, like voiceprocessing and effects on his voice. After 13 hours of mixing Steve and Andy (tourmanager) left with the tapes and a DAT containing the mixed tracks.

Eventually Bowie gave permission to broadcast 9 songs. The following songs are confirmed:

Quicksand/Seven Years In Tibet/Fashion/Fame/Hallo Spaceboy/Stay/Little Wonder

Under Pressure was not recorded and not one song from the first set will be aired.

new June 17: An Amsterdam concert-goer who waited outside Bowie's hotel sent in this report:

We waited outside Bowie's hotel to try and see him. But instead, Bowie sent a guy from the hotel down with a big plastic bag to collect any presents for him. Those of us waiting felt let down.

new June 15: Information from an industry source is that Bowie is planning to tour the US in September or October. Further information/confirmation as it comes to hand.

new June 12: The concert registration feature for the Earthling Tour appears to be a success. Eric Slim sent me an email to personally thank fellow Teenage Wildlifer Pepijn Oomen for providing a spare ticket for Eric's wife to attend the Paradiso concert in Amsterdam (Pepijn had a spare because someone fell ill). I encourage people attending concerts to register themselves.. You may want to use the comments page to organize meeting other concert-goers before or after the concert as well.

updated June 12: As some of you may known, the license required to stage the Phoenix Festival in England (July 19-20) has been denied by the local council on the grounds that the organization last year was insufficient to cope with the numbers. There is an appeal being lodged, and alternative sites being planned. More information as it comes to hand.
In other news, the ISOLAR listing for the Radio One Dance Stage on Saturday the 19th has been removed, but in its place is a band called Tao Jones Index. :-)

new June 7: CD Universe has added a wider selection of imports to their Bowie catalogue. In particular, they have a lot of the import Outside albums (e.g. Outside version 2 and the Japanese version), as well as RarestOneBowie, overseas versions of the Singles Collection, and various overseas singles releases. Also, CD Universe still stocks the Au20 Gold Disc releases, which are becoming harder to find in general stores. You can jump to the CD Universe site at the following link:

David Bowie @ CD Universe

new June 5: Dave and Shaz Priest of Missing Link want to enlist the support of Bowie fans (especially UK Bowie fans) in appealing to "the powers that be" for the following:

You can read all about it on Dave's Hanover Grand page. I strongly urge you, particularly UK readers, to write or fax (better than a phone call) the addresses listed.

new June 3: Paul Kinder sent me some new information about the Tibet charity album.

The title will be Long Live Tibet, and it will be released by EMI on the 30th of June. The title of Bowie's contribution is not known yet, but it's listed as a "contribution from David Bowie and Gail Ann Dorsey".

Other artists include Blue, Pulp, Radiohead, Supergrass, Kula Shaker, Longpigs, Paul Weller, Bjork, and others.

new June 2: Today's a big day for Bowie. First, he's playing the secret gig in London. But also, June 2 marks the 30th anniversary of Bowie's debut album release, and to celebrate, Polygram in England is today releasing The Deram Anthology.

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