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News May 1997

new May 31: Stefan Westman (of Bassman's Bowie page) reports that the third single from Earthling is likely to be Seven Years In Tibet. Smart readers will notice that Seven Years won the reader poll a few weeks ago narrowly over I'm Afraid Of Americans.

new May 28: The previously rumoured jungle set at the Phoenix Festival on July 19 appears to be correct, as Keith Brown sent me the following email:

Just looking at the Phoenix Festival advert in this week's NME and noticed that playing on the dance stage on Saturday the 19th is a band called "ISOLAR", ring any bells!
For those of you just getting up to speed on Bowie, Isolar happens to be the name of Bowie's management company.

update May 24: Further to the EMI story three days ago (see below), here are pointers to a couple of online news stories about the deal:

May 21: Netherlands Teenage Wildlifer Eric Slim sent me news which ANP reported this morning in the Netherlands.
EMI pays $US28 million for Bowie's early records
EMI has paid David Bowie $US28 million for the worldwide rights to his early albums, including Ziggy Stardust, Young Americans, Diamond Dogs and Aladdin Sane.
The deal includes 25 Bowie albums from the 70s and 80s, as well as a thousand hours of previously unreleased material and live recordings. EMI has bought the rights for a period of 15 years. Bowie is also guaranteed 27.5% of the royalties from wholesale sales in the United States.
The previously unreleased material sounds interesting, n'est-ce pas?

new May 24, 1997: According to sources, the video of the Birthday Bash from Madison Square Garden (which previously appeared on pay per view) will be sold on video officially sometime this summer (Northern Hemisphere).

new May 23, 1997: As was apparently reported in The London Times earlier this week, and in the New York Times yesterday, the following online reference to Bowie's new art-book publishing company (named 21) comes from The Wall Of Sound (the story starts with the EMI record deal).

updated May 22, 1997: In this week's NME news briefs, they mention the London gigs (note they claim to be "exclusive"; I guess they forgot about the rest of us on the Web). NME confirms that the concerts will be held at the Hanover Grand, and will be called Famous Fame and Little Wonderland respectively. Bowie also plans more club gigs in Germany, France and the Czech Republic over the summer, according to the report.

new May 22: In response to my query on Planet Of Dreams, one reader informed me that she thought it was a Zappa cover. I looked around and found Planet Of My Dreams, a song which appeared on the Zappa album Them Or Us. Apparently Bowie's Planet Of Dreams will appear on the Tibetan exiles benefit album called Tibet In Exile, as do the profits from the Tibetan concert.
Once again, if anyone can confirm this for sure, then let me know.

new May 20: The second Tibetan Freedom Concert is to be held June 7th and June 8th in New York City, featuring such bands as Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters, Porno For Pyros, Bjork, Rancid and Beastie Boys. Details are as follows:

Note that Bowie apparently contributed a song called Planet Of Dreams for use. If anyone knows any more about this song (is it an outtake from Earthling?), then please let me know.

new hot May 18, 1997: Hot off the press comes the setlist from the Dublin secret gig (the first public rehearsal for the Earthling World Tour):

Set 1: (drum and bass)
I'm Deranged/ Pallas Athena/ V2-Schneider/ Fame (Instrumental)/ O Superman (Sung by Gail, Laurie Anderson cover version)/ The Last Thing You Should Do/ Telling Lies/ Stay

Set 2:
Battle For Britain (The Letter)/ Hallo Spaceboy/ Fashion/ Under Pressure/ Little Wonder/ The Motel/ Heroes/ Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)/ Outside/ Looking For Satellites/ The Man Who Sold The World/ Strangers When We Meet/ I'm Afraid Of Americans/ Quicksand/ Seven Years In Tibet/ The Jean Genie/ White Light White Heat/ Queen Bitch/ Waiting For The Man/ All The Young Dudes/ Dead Man Walking/ Fame

new May 15, 1997: Helen2 sent me a pointer to a very interesting article from NME on a crackdown on Oasis unofficial fansites.
Note that this could have repercussions for other musician fan sites such as this one, Teenage Wildlife. Let's hope that the musicians/companies see that sites such as these are indeed advertising tools (for example, Teenage Wildlife visitors have bought over $1500 worth of Bowie albums over the past 3 months). On the other hand, I also acknowledge the importance of copyright, and so hereby put forth an open request that if any person/company feels that there is copyright infringing material on this site, then I will be more than happy to resolve such situation, either by obtaining permission or removing the material.

updated May 15, 1997: Straight from Mick Rock's publicist's mouth comes the following:

Due to a very low number of tickets that were sold for the Lust For Life concert, the promoter has decided to cancel the concert scheduled for this Thursday, May 15th at the Manhattan Center in New York City. Those that purchased tickets to the concert can receive refunds by returning the unused tickets to the outlets where they were purchased. For credit card refunds please consult your credit card company for details. A future date is currently being discussed.

new May 15, 1997: One of the Teenage Wildlifers who works at Barnes & Noble sent me mail about a new book about Ziggy Stardust. It will be published by Schirmer Books, is currently titled David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, and is authored by Mark Patriess. It is part of a Classic Rock Album series, due to be released in May 1998. The ISBN number is listed as 0-02-864771-8 and price will be $18.00.

new May 14, 1997: Ludo Wopereis sent me email to inform me that the official Dutch David Bowie fanclub The Voyeur will be having its annual fan meeting:

new May 7, 1997: Two people sent me pointers to a Cybersleaze article from last week which indicated

BAD TECHNO ALERT (PART I): Trendy pop legend DAVID BOWIE has made another bid for the youth vote by remixing his back catalogue. The aging LET'S DANCE rocker has made dance versions of several of his old hits for possible inclusion on a remix album. Meanwhile, the British singer has reworked a recent track, PLANET OF DREAMS, for a charity album LONG LIVE TIBET in aid of the Buddhist region.

new May 2, 1997: Frippertronic sent me email to tell me of Bowie's appearance on Swedish TV yesterday where he apparently said:

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