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News March 1997

New Hot March 24, 1997: After the success of the concert goers page for the 50th Birthday Bash, I've reincarnated it for the upcoming Earthling World Tour. In particular, for each confirmed concert, you'll be able to add to a comments page specifically for that concert. You can use this to discuss how to get tickets or how to get to the concert, and then after the concert, use it to give your review of the concert. As David has said in a few interviews, he likes to read comments on the Internet about the concerts because they give him immediate feedback about what does and doesn't work. So don't be shy, David might be reading!
In addition, there is a concert registration feature for each concert, together with a ticket buy/sell/exchange page. Note that you must be a registered user of Teenage Wildlife to be able to use these two features.
In the meantime, if you want to check out the new concert pages, hop on over to

Earthling World Tour 97

New March 20, 1997: Bowie has been linked to two new films. The first, Velvet Goldmine, is reportedly based on the 70's glam-rock era. Various rumours have surfaced ranging from Bowie actually acting in the movie to numerous songs being used on the soundtrack to Bowie refusing to have anything to do with the movie.
The second is an even more tenuous report from German VH-1, suggesting that Sinead O'Connor and Bowie are both currently appearing in a film about Egyptian mummies, being filmed in New York.

New March 18, 1997: Despite Dave Priest's petition, it appears that David will not give permission for the Deram anthology that was to include over 50 songs. It will no just be a single album to be called "The Deram Anthology 1966-68". Current release date is May 5, 1997 in the UK. It seems as though it will now contain nothing in the way of previously unreleased tracks.

Updated March 17, 1997: Various sources indicate that a benefit concert for well-known Bowie (and other artist) photographer Mick Rock will take place in New York in May (currently scheduled for the 12). Reported acts include Iggy Pop, Ian Hunter (from Mott The Hoople), Lou Reed and Debbie Harry. It is even possible that the man himself (i.e. Bowie) may make an appearance, although at this point it seems unlikely.
There is also to be an online auction for Mick in the future, and finally for those in the New York area, Mick Rock will have a gallery showing at the Triad Fine Arts gallery in New York opening tentatively on November 20.

New March 17, 1997: Mike Harvey (of the Ziggy Stardust Companion) tells me that EMI and Virgin are releasing a special vinyl edition of Teenage Wildlife's most popular album, The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. The releases are in their original sleeves complete with authentic liner notes, but features no bonus tracks, nor any new promotional material. The catalogue number is EMI 7243 85566 (15) LPCENT 4A.

Updated March 16, 1997: The Saint soundtrack, which features a Danny Saber remix of Little Wonder has had its release date returned to March 25.

New March 11, 1997: According to a NME news item, Aphex Twin has remixed Philip Glass's Heroes version with the original Bowie vocals for a new single. This is currently released in limited quantities in Japan, and may surface on Point Music during the summer.

Updated March 11, 1997: Toogster tells me that Dead Man Walking will be released March 31 in the UK. The vinyl release of the Earthling album has been pushed back a week, but will be a double album format with a gatefold sleeve including new artwork and the second disc apparently including unreleased remixes of the songs.

Updated March 6, 1997: Erick Haight wrote to say that the track on the upcoming Saint soundtrack will be the Danny Saber remix of Little Wonder. In other news, the soundtrack release date has been moved up by two weeks to March 11.

new March 3, 1997: Finnish Teenage Wildlifer Juuso Pennala is the first to provide a confirmed Bowie concert date for the upcoming Earthling tour. It will be

June 29, Ruisrock Festival, Finland
Soon after, Thomas Eriksen from Denmark emailed me, and then Ole Jensen confirmed (by calling the organizers) that Bowie is slated to play
July 6, Midtfyns Festival, Ringe, Denmark

updated March 1, 1997: Remember! The pay-per-view showing of the Birthday Benefit bash will be a week from today, i.e. March 8th!. Don't forget to call your cable company to inquire about times. If you miss it, it will apparently be reshown the following Saturday (March 15). If you want to see some Quicktime video of the show, go and check it out and the links to the official site at the

Birthday Benefit Page
Also, in the Sunday March 2 Daily News, Bowie said
"We didn't want that chat show look that rock shows often have--the static shots of the stage and so forth...[we gave] out a bunch of cameras to the kids in the front--hi-8 video cameras. We ended up with some great bootleg-looking footage...I'm only going to do videos with younger me's--kids who look like me with makeup and prosthetic--and only show 19-year-old David Bowies. Of course it would be a letdown when people came to see me in concert."

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