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News February 1997

Updated February 26, 1997: Addicted To Noise reports today that a Bowie track will appear on the soundtrack for the movie The Saint. Erick Haight tells me that the track will be an edit of Little Wonder, and the soundtrack will be released on March 25 by Virgin USA.

New February 23, 1997: News from an excerpt in a Spin interview with Trent Reznor has him mixing live Bowie tracks. Sent to me by Bonster was the following quote from Reznor...

"When he started on this record, Brian considered a lot of older producers who did more bombastic, over-the-top production. But he came back to me and said, "Would you like to do this with Dave Ogilvie?" (Dave and I had been working on some live David Bowie mixes.) So, we took the project on. "

Updated February 19, 1997: Ruud has updated his discography to include Earthling, along with a number of rare albums.

New February 17, 1997: Microsoft Music Central reports that Bowie, Frank Black and Dave Grohl joined up to write a song for Reeves Gabrel's upcoming album. (Thanks Hel2!)

New February 17, 1997: Music News Of The World reports that Philip Glass is planning to do a symphonic version of Lodger. (Thanks Hel2!)

New Exclusive February 16, 1997: Teenage Wildlife regular Colin McDonald provided this interview which he conducted recently with longtime Bowie guitarist and friend Carlos Alomar.

New February 14, 1997: UK sources tell me that a limited edition 12" vinyl of the Earthling album will be released Monday, February 17. It is apparently difficult to find shops in the UK who are going to stock the vinyl.

Hot February 13, 1997: Erdal Kizilcay (associate and guitarist/percussionist on various Bowie albums, including Outside) has just released a new album, called Fahrünisa. He also has provided his email address for fans who wish to contact him.

New February 13, 1997: Q Magazine has voted Earthling its album of the week, giving it 4 stars (maximum possible).

New February 12, 1997: It appears as though Bowie will swing through Europe starting next week to promote Earthling. Known appearances include Nulle Part Ailleurs in France (Feb 17th), the Italian Song Festival (Feb 20th), and the German TV ZDF show on the 22nd. It is likely he will also appear on other European TV shows.

New February 12, 1997: According to Rolling Stone, David attended Moby's release party in New York last week, and arranged for him to do a remix of the second single (to be Dead Man Walking) from Earthling.

Updated February 12, 1997: The Wall Street Journal has confirmed what The New York Times (from February 8) reported in its business section; namely that Bowie has been signed to a $30 million contract by EMI Records for the right to distribute Bowie's records. Let's hope that these EMI albums are better than the last ones!

Updated February 12, 1997: With little fanfare, Bowie's $55 million security offering has already closed, being an entirely private placement. The Wall Street Journal reports that Prudential Insurance purchased the entire $55 million issue. The 10 year 7.90% coupon security is backed by a catalogue of Bowie songs, compositions and copyrights. They do not cover any current or future Bowie recordings.

Apparently, the bonds were very well received, being deemed worthy of a single-A investment grade rating by an international rating agency. You can read an article in the Times about the sale. (Ed note: So much for MTV's pooh-poohing of the idea :-))

New February 8, 1997: According to the Politically Incorrect Web page, Bowie's appearance is no longer on for this coming week. Instead they're having Hugh Hefner!

Hot February 7, 1997: Hot, hot, hot!
The New York Daily News reports that Bowie

"expects his Earthling album tour to stretch from late May to December, with swings through Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China and Europe, before hitting the United States in the fall"

New February 7, 1997: It appears that at least some of Bowie's acoustic performances at the 1996 Bridge Benefit concert may be released officially on a CD from Neil Young's record company, Reprise Records. Look for it later in the year...

New February 4, 1997: According to the alt.fan.david-bowie newsgroup, the scheduled appearances for February 14 on the Dennis Miller show has been cancelled! Apparently because Bowie wanted to play a song on the show, and Miller's people didn't want to put the whole band up and didn't really want a song either. In any case, we still have the other shows to look forward to!

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