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News January 1997

New January 31, 1997: It's been clear for a while that the guestbook is not the ideal vehicle for holding detailed Bowie discussions. In light of this, I've spent the last month or so thinking about a threaded discussion board similar to that on the official site. However, as many people have noticed, the official site's message board is less than perfect (having looked at the code, I can say that it's suprising it doesn't fall over more often!!).

Therefore, I have chosen a different piece of software, based on NCSA's HyperNews which I have modified to suit Teenage Wildlife's need (e.g. registered users, anonymity). After a few late nights, I'm now ready to present (dadah!!!):

Teenage Wildlife Discussion Forums

Please go try it out, and see what you think...

New January 29, 1997: Word has reached me (thanks Hel2!) that Rykodisc will be releasing Gold AU20 versions of Heroes, Station To Station and Young Americans on March 18th. Also, upcoming is a video and laserdisc release of Basquiat on February 22, and the Lost Highway soundtrack on February 13 (which features a remix of I'm Deranged).

January 29, 1997: Hot, hot, hot!
David has been confirmed for four US television appearances in February, starting with Saturday Night Live on February 8, Jay Leno on February 11, Politically Incorrect on February 13 and Dennis Miller on February 14. He is also rumoured to be a guest on the David Letterman show March 28th. Check out the details on the appearances page.

January 25, 1997: An anonymous source has confirmed Dead Man Walking will be the second single to be released from Earthling. If you have RealAudio 3.0, then you can hear an excerpt of the song by visiting the Dead Man Walking page.

January 22, 1997: Teenage Wildlife has partnered with the online music store CD Universe to allow you to buy Bowie music directly from the Teenage Wildlife site. The first such example is the upcoming album:

If you have a VISA or MasterCard, then you can advance order Earthling by visiting the Earthling page and clicking on the Buy It Now icon. CD Universe will ship Earthling the day before its official release if you order it by February 7th.

January 22, 1997: The Teenage Wildlife T-Shirts are now available!. To order your very own shirt, use the T-Shirt Order page. Remember, supplies are limited, so order early! If there are any problems with ordering, then you can email me.

January 21, 1997: While Little Wonder has already been released (January 20th) in most European countries (January 27th in the UK), personally unconfirmed word from Virgin Records is that it won't be released in the US until February 25, namely after the release of Earthling. The version to be released in the US will be a single with 5 different mixes of Little Wonder.

January 21, 1997: Ruud Altenburg, who maintains the amazing cross-linked discography is currently welcoming any information from readers about the new releases (e.g. the different versions of Little Wonder and Earthling). You can reach Ruud by emailing him at:


January 21, 1997: Philip Glass' rendition of "Heroes" will be released by Point Music on February 4th. There is supposed to be a Web site set up for it in late January, but as of today, it was not yet active. You can see Glass' Low symphonic reworking on the Collaborations page.

January 18, 1997: MTV has chosen Earthling as one of their four albums of the month! They are also running a vote based on a sample of Little Wonder. So go ahead and go over to visit the MTV's Sonic Stew section and vote for Earthling! (Click on the What do you think? icon).

January 17, 1997: Teenage Wildlife was chosen as the Commonwealth network's Pick Of The Week for the week January 17-24!

January 14, 1997: Little Wonder, the first single from the upcoming Earthling album was due to be released next Monday, January 20th in most markets. But apparently not in the U.S., where it won't appear until January 28th. The CD version will apparently come in two versions

We shall see...

January 13, 1997: Well, now I can let the secret out! I was contacted on Sunday the 5th by a representative of David's. The email started off as:

"I need to talk to you urgently about a little birthday presentation David wants. Basically, he'd like to display all his birthday greetings as a little multimedia presentation (a slideshow) at the Madison Square Garden show foyer so people can see stuff as they come in. He has seen the messages on Teenage Wildlife and would like other fans to have a chance to see them."
Well, as they say the rest is history. Those of you who actually made it to the concert would have seen two big 50" tv monitors set up at the entrance of the foyer, with the birthday greetings from the Teenage Wildlife birthday card rotating through. Unfortunately, there was a little mixup, and the pictures weren't synchronized with the text, but it was neat to see each other's pictures up there on the big screen and people stopping to read the messages.
I guess this was the "Andy, where's my 15 minutes" extent of our fame ;)

January 8, 1997: The special Birthday Bash Internet release of the birthday songs are now available!!

January 4, 1997: For those of you who can't get to the Birthday Benefit concert, the official site is reporting that the rumoured pay-per-view special will occur on March 8, 1997.

January 3, 1997: It's confirmed!! Bowie will indeed be doing an online chat session on America Online on his birthday, January 8th, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.
It now looks unlikely that this will be accessible by non-AOL users. Moreover, the software which AOL is using for the event is not released yet for Macintosh, so that cuts out another 15% of the AOL population! It's at this point that I direct you all to read the Why America Online Sucks Web page. :-)

January 2, 1997: Are you going to the Birthday Benefit concert at Madison Square Garden next week (January 9th). Are you interested in seeing who else from Teenage Wildlife is going to be there? Then take a look at the new

Teenage Wildlife ConcertGoer page

If you have tickets to sell/buy/exchange, then you can use the:

Madison Square Garden Tickets Page

Note: This code was written in 3 hours starting at 3 a.m. in the morning, so if it falls over, just send me an email :-).

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