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News December 1996

Bowie News for December 1996

December 31, 1996: In a hastily arranged Web-wide event, David is planning to release five Internet-only versions of rare of never before heard songs from his career (personally selected by David) on his 50th birthday. The songs will be available in RealAudio 3.0 format, and will only be available for 24 hours on January 8, 1997 (Teenage Wildlife was one of only 50 sites chosen to promote this event)! The five songs will be:

More details on where to find the RealAudio 3.0 files will be made available as they come to hand! Watch this space!

December 29, 1996: MTV/Yahoo! is putting together a Web site designed to be a guide to music on the web. In the meantime, they are holding a vote for the favourite music sites of 1996. One of the categories is fan produced sites. Teenage Wildlife is not currently nominated, but if you go to the voting page, you can write in the address as http://www.etete.com/ in the section for fan produced sites where it says write-in URL: and click on the little button at the end of the line to select it.

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December 21, 1996: Teenage Wildlife has been selected by World Wide Web Associates (WWWA) as a Top Ten winner in its category. According to WWWA, this places Teenage Wildlife in the "top 1/10th of 1%" of all sites in the category (which I presume is Entertainment:Music, although the email sent to me doesn't say so :)). You can click on the following link to find out more information about these awards. To whoever nominated the site, let me say Thanks!.

December 20, 1996: The printed version of the birthday card has arrived at Isolar offices in New York! (Isolar is David's management company). Now all we have to do is wait for David to pick it up from them! In the meantime, you can look at the final copy which was sent to David by downloading Adobe Acrobat and the associated Portable Distribution Format on the birthday card page.

December 16, 1996: Thanks to Ton van der Horst, Teenage Wildlife has an exclusive review of a pre-release tape of David's upcoming Earthling album (due to be released in early February 1997). You can read the review here.

December 15, 1996: MTV News is reporting that Bowie's birthday concert (see below) will be taped and played at a later date on pay-per-view TV! You can see MTV's report (so long as the link doesn't change) with its usual Bowie bash at the end in their news of the day.
Hel2 also sent me info about another article on the concert in Addicted To Noise.

December 13, 1996: The official press release has emerged, confirming that Bowie will perform New York City's Madison Square Garden as part of David's 50th birthday celebration!. Ticket prices are priced at $35.00 to $60.00, with all proceeds going to Save The Children Foundation. Supporting acts will include Frank Black, Foo Fighters, Lou Reed, Robert Smith and Sonic Youth. Tickets go on sale Monday, December 16!

December 8, 1996: Teenage Wildlife is pleased to announce the opening of its online bookstore in association with Amazon.com. Buying books through Teenage Wildlife helps support the cost of upkeep for the site. If you need a book about Bowie, please try using our bookstore. Thanks!

December 8, 1996: A source has sent me information about the "missing" tracks from Earthling. The previously reported Satellite Of Love was misinformation: perhaps a mistake because of the real song called Looking For Satellite. The three other reported songs, Baby Universal, I Can't Read and Bring Me The Disco King were recorded in the studio as out-takes and may appear as the B-sides of singles.

December 5, 1996: The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that David is considering trying to sell a $50 million asset-backed bond issue in the next few months! This is a first for any artist, and would give investors in the bond issue all the royalties from Bowie's upcoming and existing catalogue until the $50 million mark plus interest has passed. Then following royalties would flow back to Bowie. Bowie would thus get $50 million up front to invest however he chooses.
There is some skepticism in the investment community that this will work, but Bowie's business manager (William Zysblat) is apparently confident that this deal will succeed. (Thanks to Paul R. for pointing out this deal to me).

December 4, 1996: According to Stefan Bassman's Bowie page, the following is the track listing for Earthling.

  1. Little Wonder
  2. Looking For Satellites
  3. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
  4. Seven Years In Tibet
  5. Dead Man Walking
  6. Telling Lies (new version)
  7. The Last Thing You Should Do
  8. I'm Afraid Of Americans (new version)
  9. Law (Earthling On Fire)
This begs the question of what happened to the previously rumoured Satellite Of Love, Baby Universal and Bring Me The Disco King. Perhaps they'll appear on another album, or perhaps they were all just a diversion!

December 3, 1996: Chris Hogenson won the free CD lottery at the 400 completed survey mark. You can see a list of winners and what they chose on the free CD information page.

December 2, 1996: There are only nine (9)! more days left to submit your birthday greeting in the printed version of the birthday card to be sent to David for his 50th. Also, I'm on the way to randomizing the online version of the card... you can see the first efforts here. For some reason, Matt, you always end up on top :-)

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