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News November 1996

Bowie News for November 1996

November 30, 1996: A source in contact with Denovo (the producers of the limited edition cover for Telling Lies) says that Denovo is working on the cover for the next single which they say will be Little Wonder!

November 25, 1996: Teenage Wildlife readers voted that Bowie looks better without a wig than with a wig by margin of 6:1. You can see the full results in the Previous Votes page if you are a registered user.

November 23, 1996: By a wide margin of over 10:1, Teenage Wildlife users decided that David does not wear a wig. You can see the results on the Previous Votes page if you are a registered user.

November 21, 1996: The December 12th (?) issue of Rolling Stone makes mention of a new song, called Bring Me The Disco King to be included on the upcoming album, Earthling. Thanks to Anker and Kris Simon for pointing this out.

November 18, 1996: David's 50th birthday is on January 8, 1997. As part of the celebration, Teenage Wildlife is planning to send a big birthday card to David. If you are a registered user, then you can send a photo and a short greeting to David. Be sure to enter as soon as possible, because time is limited!

November 14, 1996: Reports are filtering in from the Australian press, indicating that the biggest concert promotions company down under (Paul Dainty Corporation) is negotiating a David Bowie tour in early 1997. More news when we can confirm...

November 11, 1996: Registration is now working! Complete the registration and survey to enter yourself in a drawing for a free CD!
Note: Beta-testers need to reenter their information

November 10, 1996: From the grapevine, we hear of new Earthling songs, including The Battle of Bricken (Ed: Is this supposed to be Britain), and Satellite Of Love (a cover of Lou Reed's beautiful song from Transformer).
Also, follow-up to 1. Outside is tentatively titled Contamination.

November 8, 1996: Word comes of release of a new book called Living On The Brink written by George Tremlett and available now in the UK, which promises to tell about Bowie's personal life, in particular his clever marketing, media manipulation and how he's made his fortune from offshore investments.

November 5, 1996: A reliable source tells that Bowie is planning to play a few nights in London before the end of the year assuming that the mixing of Earthling is completed. Supposedly Bowie was scheduled to play at the Brixton Academy October 22/23, but VH-1 plans got in the way of that.

November 2, 1996: First reviews for the new single Telling Lies are coming in from the British press. Dara O'Kearney reports that most are favourable with the exception of the major press, i.e. Melody Maker and New Musical Express. Particular sarcasm came in for the A Guy Called Gerald mix. (Ed: Actually I can believe this. That mix was quickly deleted from my hard drive).

November 2, 1996: Apologies to those who couldn't access the site yesterday. Seems the Halloween gremlins struck at the original site of The David Bowie File, bringing the server down (actually it was a programming error in my automated monthly turnover script :-().
However, it does bring up a good point; namely that people should change their bookmarks to reflect the new location, namely http://www.etete.com/. Currently, all requests to the old site are being redirected here, but this will eventually go away, so you should make the changes now to avoid any problem like yesterday!

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