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Here you'll find the latest news and rumours about Bowie, brief references in the press, and what's new on Teenage Wildlife. Remember that Teenage Wildlife is an interactive web site; if you have a hot scoop please send it to news@teenagewildlife.com. We'll always credit you appropriately if you so wish.

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News and Rumours

September 15: The initial batch of North American tour dates have been announced. More dates are expected to be announced later today (Monday). There'll be a pre-Christmas run through the East Coast, then what looks like a mid-January run through the midwest and west. Look for more dates to be announced on the Reality Tour page.

December 9Fleet Center, Boston, MA
December 10Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA
December 12Air Canada Center, Toronto, Canada
December 13Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada
December 15Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
(with special guest, Macy Gray)
January 13Rosemont Theater, Chicago, IL
January 21Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, Canada
January 24GM Place Bowl, Vancouver, Canada

Tickets are available at TicketMaster.com for US dates, TicketMaster Canada for Canada (other than Montreal), and Admission.com for Montreal.

For those of you living under a rock, this is all part of the promotion for tomorrow's (US) release of Reality (already out in the UK).

Reality World Tour

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Information from Alys

September 2: All known European dates have been added to the Reality Tour Page. Bowie has committed to making this his most extensive tour since the Sound+Vision of 1990. Most significantly, there will be a down-under portion of the tour!

Read more, including the setlist from Bowie's Poughkeepsie, NY rehearsal last month at the Reality tour page.

Reality World Tour

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September 1: Yes, we do still exist. And in two weeks, you'll be hearing a lot more of Bowie as his new album Reality hits the market throughout Europe and the US. Featuring two covers, a long-rumored track from the past to go with eight other songs, the album is the second in Bowie's current contract with Columbia Records. To promote the album, Bowie will go on his first world tour in over a decade, including a trip down-under.

In the meantime, you can pre-order your dose of Reality at Amazon.com.

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Information from the usual suspects

December 8: Our long-standing music partner CDNow has switched over all online purchasing to Amazon.com. That means you now get all the great recommendations, free Saver shipping on orders over $25 and all the other great stuff for which Amazon has become famous. Check out their books, DVDs, videos as well as their music selection for Bowie. After all, there's only 17 days till Christmas, and what could make a better gift for your grandmother than Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy?

Teenage Wildlife Online store

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September 30: Good news for those who missed Bowie at the big Area 2 concerts in the USA. Bowie will be making a whirlwind run through small venues on the East Coast (all within one day's travelling distance of his home in New York City) later this month. The list of appearances includes:

Tickets go on sale at BowieNet starting October 4.

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Information from Alys

June 13: With the release of Heathen this week, the promotional appearances are in full swing. This weekend marks a special event; the first appearance by Bowie on A & E's Live By Request show. Live By Request is a concept where online readers or viewers can email or call in with a request for Bowie to perform live on the show. Bowie will be performing live from a New York studio, although presumably they'll only take the requests that the band have been rehearsing for the upcoming tour. The original airing will be at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on the A & E network this Saturday evening, June 15. You can get to a page where you'll be able to send in requests by clicking on the following banner:

Live By Request

In addition, Bowie will be making another late night appearance on television next week. This time it will be on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show. Last time Bowie was on, he had quite a long and entertaining interview with Conan (unlike Bowie's appearances on Letterman where he usually gets just a minute or two with the host). This appearance will be on Conan's Tuesday night show after the Jay Leno show on NBC. This is strictly speaking June 19, but for most people, it's easier to remember it as the evening of June 18.

A & E Live By Request

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Information from Guy Polak

June 11: Well, the rumours were true. In spite of the fact that many concertgoers thought that Bowie's reported comments about the first show's setlist were a red herring, Bowie and band did indeed perform two entire albums straight through at tonight's Roseland Ballroom show. Looking very dapper in a black suit, waistcoat and white shirt (and haircut making an overall look very similar to the Station To Station 1976 tour), Bowie performed the entirety of the Low album, followed by a 10 minute break and then the entire Heathen album from start to finish. The 4 song encore comprised Hallo Spaceboy, Ashes To Ashes, Fashion and I'm Afraid Of Americans.

Roseland Ballroom, June 11, 2002

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Bowie Briefs


Fatherly Fear: JamMusic published this interview transcript with Bowie where he discusses some of the inspiration and meaning behinds the lyrics for Heathen. (from Alys).

Manx Man: A private report in from the Isle of Man notes that Bowie was spotted about two weeks ago being driven around the island, possibly to make another film. Much of Everybody Loves Sunshine was shot on location on the Isle. (from Gordon F.).

Bowie to Meltdown: London's Observer reports today that Bowie will curate the Meltdown Festival for 2002. The annual event in London has a reputation of staging some of the most eclectic artists of the day. As quoted in the newspaper, Bowie said "Fans of the event are in for a few surprises." (from BowieWonderWorld).

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What's New?

Here's a list of recent updates and additions to Teenage Wildlife.

September 1
Made some changes to try and prevent spamming on the guestbook. Also made initial fixes to the Search Lyrics engine.

December 8
Restored images to the fan registry from a backup as of November 1. If you tried uploading a photo after that date, please try again now.

June 13
Added links to two New York press reviews of Tuesday night's Roseland Ballroom show.

May 10
Leon sent in the lyrics for Slow Burn.

May 8
Added two new Heathen reviews, one by 96dbFreak and the other one a link to a German review by Olaf Dose.

April 24
Created a Heathen 2002 tour page with lists of concerts confirmed (and rumoured) for Bowie's tour to promote the Heathen album.

April 13
Jenifer sent in the official Bowie-penned lyrics for I Would Be Your Slave, one track from the upcoming album Heathen.

March 29
Added placeholder entries for Heathen and lyrics for I Would Be Your Slave, the song performed live at the Tibet House Benefit Concert.

July 1
Both Stevee and Adler sent in lyrics (in Stevee's case, almost two months ago), for Nature Boy, the Bowie/Massive Attack collaboration off the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

April 23
David Ortega sent in a scan of his ticket from Barcelona, 1990.

April 1
James Pronteau sent in ticket scans from Winnipeg, 1987 and Winnipeg, 1990 for the concert information pages.

March 31
Vicky Stardust sent in a piece of Ziggy Stardust artwork.

March 28
Vicky Stardust sent in a poem dedicated to Ziggy Stardust.

March 27
Ruud has updated his illustrated discography to version 11.6.1, adding some promo 12" picture sleeves.

March 9
Don Masecar sent in three ticket scans from Canadian shows: at Toronto, 1987, Toronto, 1990 and Niagra Falls, 1990.

March 7
Terri Stiffler sent in a professionally taken photo taken during the Earthling tour.

March 4
Terri Stiffler sent in eight pre-show Carnegie Hall photographs snapped outside the venue.

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