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A Foggy Day In London Town - The Song

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Words and music by George Gershwin.


I was a stranger in the city  
Out of town were the people I knew  
I had that feeling of self-pity  
What to do? What to do? What to do?  
The outlook was decidedly blue  
But as I walked through the foggy streets alone  
It turned out to be the luckiest day I've known

  A foggy day in London Town  
  Had me low and had me down  
  I viewed the morning with alarm  
  The British Museum had lost its charm  
  How long, I wondered, could this thing last?  
  But the age of miracles hadn't passed,  
  For, suddenly, I saw you there 
  And through foggy London Town  
  The sun was shining everywhere. 


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