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Slaughter On 10th Avenue - The Album

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This collaboration with Mick Ronson includes a couple of Bowie-penned songs, together with the only song Hey Ma Get Papa ever co-penned by Ronson and Bowie.

Songs (Time)

  1. Love Me Tender (4:42) (Presley)
  2. Growing Up And I'm Fine (3:12) (Bowie)
  3. Only After Dark (Ronson/Richardson)
  4. Music Is Lethal (5:12) (Battisti, lyrics by Bowie)
  5. I'm The One (Peacock)
  6. Pleasure Man/Hey Ma Get Papa (8:52) (Ronson/Richardson; Ronson/Bowie)
  7. Slaughter on 10th Avenue (4:40)

    Bonus Tracks

  8. Solo on 10th Avenue solo guitar sections
  9. Leave My Heart Alone (live)
  10. Love Me Tender (live)
  11. Slaughter on 10th Avenue (live)
Release details
Originally released 1974
Rereleased November 18, 1997 by DeadQuick Music
Catalogue number: SMMCD 503 (GAS 0000503 SMM)


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