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"Heroes" Symphony - The Album

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Another of Phillip Glass' reworkings of Bowie-Eno songs, this time, taking the Heroes album.

Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie except "Heroes" and Neuköln, lyrics by Bowie, music by Bowie-Eno.

  1. "Heroes" (5:53)
  2. Abdulmajid (8:53)
  3. Sense Of Doubt (7:20)
  4. Sons Of The Silent Age (8:18)
  5. Neuköln (6:41)
  6. V-2 Schneider (6:48)
Release details
Released by Point Music, January 20th in France
Kurt Munkacsi and Michael Riesman for Euphorbia Productions Ltd
Executive Producer
Kurt Munkacsi, P. Glass, Rory Johnston
Performed by The American Composers Orchestra
Dennis Russel Davies, principal conductor
Michael Riesman, associate conductor
Looking Glass Studios New York City
Engineered by Rich Costey
Assistant Engineer John Billingsley
Technical Engineer Jamie Mereness
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