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Pancho - The Song

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Written by W. Albimoor and A. Giroud. Lyrics by Bowie.

Thanks to Helen2 and Dara for the lyrics! working..


Pancho, the world is afraid of
Pancho, and no one speaks to
Pancho, rides his motorbike
Pancho, never shirking
Pancho, always fighting
Pancho, speeding down the highways and the byways
With the police on his tail
No one understands him
But for one girl and that's me

Pancho, I call you chou chou
Pancho, 'cos when he's with me
Pancho is a loving Pancho guy
Pancho, when you kiss me
Pancho, what can this mean
Pancho, is this really you?

Pancho x 3

Eyes cold and determined
Like a knife flash in the dark
Pancho, my wicked Pancho
My darling Pancho, you stole my heart
Pancho, which disguises
Pancho, the loving kiss or
Pancho is it in those eyes?

Pancho, the world is afraid of
Pancho and no one talked to
Pancho, a face lit from inside

Pancho x 3


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