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Ulysses (della notte) - The Album


Ulysses (della notte) is Reeves Gabrels second solo album (following up 1995's The Sacred Squall Of Now). Released via the Internet in 1999, it was rereleased on CD by the E-Magine label in 2000. Bowie is guest contributor on vocals for one song.

Songs (Time)

  1. Arrow (4:52)
  2. Lines (4:11)
  3. Thirteen Years (Della Notte) (3:49)
  4. Jewel (5:00)
  5. Accident (5:27)
  6. Trap (3:55)
  7. Yesterday's Gone (5:18)
  8. Standing (4:42)
  9. Party Puppet (7:31)
Release details
Released October 3, 2000 by E-Magine
Catalogue number: EMA-61050-2
Reeves Gabrels: all vocals and instruments except where noted
On Arrow
Dan McCarrol: drums
Amanda Reisman: cello
Mark Plati: bass
Mixed by Mark Plati, assistant engineer Dante Desole
On Jewel
Frank Black: rhythm guitar and vocals
Dave Grohl: drums and vocal
David Bowie: vocals
Mark Plati: bass
Produced by Reeves Gabrels and Mark Plati
Mixed by Mark Plati, assistant engineer Ryoji Hala
on Accident
Mixed by Tom Dube
on Trap
Produced by Reeves Gabrels and John X
Mixed by John X
Mark Plati: bass
Mike Levesque: drums
on Yesterday's Gone
Reeves Gabrels: instruments
Robert Smith: instruments and vocals
Jason Miller: harmony vocal
Mixed by Gary Clayton
On Standing
Mark Plati: bass
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