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Sister Midnight - The Album

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Sister Midnight is an official release of an Iggy Pop concert from Cleveland, OH, March 21, 1977, portions of which were used for the live album TV Eye released in 1978. This release features the full Cleveland concert with David Bowie as a member of the band on keyboards and backing vocals.

Songs (Time)

  1. Raw Power
  2. 1969
  3. Turn Blue
  4. Sister Midnight
  5. I Need Somebody
  6. Search 'N Destroy
  7. TV Eye
  8. Dirt
  9. Funtime
  10. Gimme Danger
  11. No Fun
  12. I Wanna Be Your Dog
Release details
Released by Cleopatra, July 27, 1999
Iggy Pop vocals
David Bowie keyboards


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