Teenage Wildlife

Live And Well


This two CD package is a collection of live tracks from the Earthling tour on the first disc and four rare remixes on the second disc. It was given to all BowieNet subscribers who signed up for the release in 1999. Not available commercially.

Songs (Time)

Disc One

  1. I'm Afraid Of Americans 1
  2. Heart's Filthy Lesson 3
  3. I'm Deranged 2
  4. Hallo Spaceboy 4
  5. Telling Lies 2
  6. The Motel 2
  7. Voyeur Of Utter Destruction 4
  8. Battle For Britain 1
  9. Seven Years In Tibet 1
  10. Little Wonder 1
Disc Two

  1. Fun (Dillinja Mix)
  2. Little Wonder (Danny Saber Dance Mix)
  3. Dead Man Walking (Moby Mix 1)
  4. Telling Lies (Paradox Mix)
Release Details
Released by BowieNet, 2000
Live Track Details
1 GQ Awards, New York City
2 Paradiso, Amsterdam
3 Phoenix Festival, England
4 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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