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Coca Cola Surge Promotional Disc

All scans contributed by Markus Michels

In March 1998, Coca Cola distributed aroiund 167,000 copies of a promotional CD to randomly selected US households promoting their newly released soft drink, Surge. Included on the CD was an audio-only copy of Bowie's I'm Afraid Of Americans.

Other artists on the CD (including a couple of video items) included Third Eye Blind, Fat Boy Slim, Supergrass and Moby amongst others.

Songs (Time)

  1. Going Out Of My Head Fatboy Slim
  2. Sun Hits The Sky Supergrass
  3. Absurd Fluke
  4. Narcolepsy Third Eye Blind
  5. Cool As Kim Deal The Dandy Warhols
  6. I'm Afraid Of Americans David Bowie
  7. Ah-Ah Moby
Release Details
Published by EMI-Capitol Music, Special Markets, March 1998
Catalogue number: 72438-19862-2-6
Distributed as part of Coca Cola Surge promotion
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