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Atlanta 99X, a radio station in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) released a CD featuring songs from live appearances on their station. Included was Bowie's rendition of Dead Man Walking from his April 8, 1997 appearance.

Songs (Time)

  1. Sunny Came Home Shawn Colvin
  2. Open Up Your Eyes Tonic
  3. Push Matchbox 20
  4. Sex & Candy Marcy Playground
  5. Song 2 Blur
  6. Not An Addict K's Choice
  7. Try Michael Penn
  8. Shame On You Indigo Girls
  9. Dead Man Walking David Bowie live April 8, 1997 (4:12)
  10. Three Marlenas The Wallflowers
  11. Hell Squirrel Nut Zippers
  12. Frank Sinatra Cake
  13. Criminal Fiona Apple
  14. Long, Long Time Love Spit Love
  15. How's It Going To Be Third Eye Blind
  16. Is It Like Today World Party
  17. Home Sheryl Crow
Release Details
Available only in Blockbuster Music stores in Atlanta area.
Released April 21, 1998

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