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David Bowie Songbook - The Album

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A collection of Bowie covers from famous groups. Thanks to Eric Slim for this information, Eric Castaing for the album scan, and Tony Paknadel for additional correction.

Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie, except "Heroes" by Bowie/Eno, and China Girl by Bowie/Pop.

  1. "Heroes" by Blondie
  2. Space Oddity by The Flying Pickets
  3. The Man Who Sold The World by Midge Ure
  4. Kooks by Danny Wilson
  5. Ziggy Stardust by Bauhaus
  6. Rock 'N Roll Suicide by Tony Hadley
  7. John I'm Only Dancing by Polecats
  8. All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople
  9. Watch That Man by Lulu
  10. Rebel Rebel by Sigue Sigue Sputnik
  11. Fame by Duran Duran
  12. The Secret Life Of Arabia by Billy MacKenzie
  13. Boys Keep Swinging by Susannah Hoffs
  14. Ashes To Ashes by Tears For Fears
  15. China Girl by Iggy Pop
  16. Silver Treetop School For Boys by BeatStalkers
  17. Over The Wall We Go by Oscar
Release details
Released by Connoisseur Collection
Catalogue number: VSOP-CD-236 (England 1997)


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