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Here's the meat of the site. The Music section aims to catalogue every piece of music which David Bowie has officially released, whether it be on album, single or with another artist. As always, this is a work-in-progress!

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All of Bowie's solo studio albums, live albums, compilation albums, soundtrack albums with Bowie songs; even a pointer to bootlegs can be found on the albums page.


All the singles released by Bowie.

Alphabetical Individual Song List

Want to find one song out of David's immense catalogue? Then visit the alphabetical song list to find over 400 songs which Bowie has either written or performed.


Looking for a complete illustrated discography (with hyper-links to the appropriate albums and singles on Teenage Wildlife). Look no further than Ruud Altenburg's brilliant Illustrated db Discography!


Bowie has collaborated with many famous musicians. Want to see what on earth Bowie performed with Bing Crosby, or Iggy Pop. How about his stint with the band Tin Machine?

Visit the page to find out.

Hunters and Collectors

Rare or hard to find releases of interest to Bowie collectors can be found on the Hunters and Collectors page.


Artists who Bowie has covered, and artists who have covered Bowie.

The Charts

See how you rate Bowie's songs... and also how the "rest of the world" rates them.

Download all the lyrics

Ever wanted to have a plain text file with every one of David Bowie's song lyrics so you could browse through it offline? Then, just download one of the following files (the compressed version is in a compressed ZIP format).

MIDI Files

MIDI files are short instrumental versions of Bowie songs playable with popular free software such as Quicktime or RealPlayer. Check this section for a list of Bowie MIDI files.


We suggest the following sites for Bowie tablature.

Harmony Central
Includes links to OLGA (Online Guitar Archive), but due to threatened lawsuits from many recording companies and artists, the archive is no longer as vibrant as it once was.

David Bolin
Seeing the decline of OLGA, Bowie fan David Bolin (yes, another db!) took it upon himself to tab out as many Bowie songs as he could, and is continuing to add more.

Bowie Tablature
Another site with lots of tabs for Bowie songs.

Another site with lots of tabs for Bowie songs.

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