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The 1999 'hours...' Promotional Tour

Although rumours of a full scale tour to promote the release of the 'hours...' album did not eventuate, Bowie did go on a promotional tour which included a number of small gigs (along with television shows).


October 1999
October 09CheckCameraSetlistNetAid, Wembley StadiumLondonEngland
October 10CheckCameraSetlistReviewDublin HQDublinIreland
October 14CheckCameraSetlistReviewElysée MontmartreParisFrance
October 17CheckCameraSetlistLibro Music HallViennaAustria
November 1999
November 19CheckCameraSetlistKit Kat KlubNew York, NYUSA
December 1999
December 02CheckCameraSetlistReviewThe AstoriaLondonEngland
December 04CheckCameraSetlistReviewAlcatrazMilanItaly
December 07CheckSetlistVegaCopenhagenDenmark


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