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Looking for regular updates on Bowie sitting in your email box when you come home from work? Then check out the following email lists which range from bi-weekly updates on Bowie snippets to official Bowie press release information.

Teenage Wildlife Newsletter
If you're a registered user at Teenage Wildlife, then you can sign up for the website's regular newsletter. Compiled and sent around every two to three weeks, it includes capsule stories on the latest Bowie news as compiled at the site. Simply visit the fan registry and edit your profile to put yourself on the "mailing list".
Newsletter for the Lazy & Web-Impaired
A weekly (or more frequently) updated email list with all things Bowie. Aimed at the fan who doesn't have time to cruise the web for references to Bowie each night.
The Bowie News newsletter
Less frequent email list which concentrates on the big issues and news in the Bowie world such as release of new albums, rumours on new recordings.
The BowieFan database newsletter
A source for official press releases from BowieNet, BowieArt.com and Isolar.
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