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Velvet Goldmine
Velvet Goldmine is the Italian Bowie fanzine. They also have their own web site.

The subscription cost is 35,000 lire for those who live in Italy, and 45,000 lire for those in foreign countries. For more information, you can email Stefano at stnard@tin.it, or write directly to:

FERRARA 44100 

The Voyeur (previously known as Best Of Bowie Now)
Bowie club and magazine since 1982. Officially recognized by Phonogram, BMG/Ariola and EMI.

Now with their own The Voyeur website.

The latest issue is from May 2001. Previous issues include information such as:

Join and get:

To join The Voyeur:

Please write your name and address clearly.

P.O.BOX 14
7050 AA Varsseveld
The Netherlands
E-mail: wopereis@home.nl


Les Inconditionnels de David Bowie
A club for French Bowie fans which has been in existence for over 10 years. Welcomes letters in either French or English from interested fans.
    Les Inconditionnels de David Bowie
    14 Rue des Fauvelles
    92250 La Garenne Colombe


Crankin' Out!

A Bowie fanzine from London. Issue #5 released June 1997. Published irregularly, but usually contains some of the best and rare material on Bowie. For example, Issue #5 was 32 pages (most in full colour) and included pictures of Bowie and the Riot Squad in 67 plus an interview with the Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant talking about Bowie.

Edited by Steve Pafford, whom you can contact at:

    Crankin' Out!
    Steve Pafford
    P.O. Box 3268
    London NW6 4NH

Send a stamped addressed envelope (or international reply coupon outside the UK) for more information. You can also get a recorded InfoLine within the UK at 0906 829 9832.

Thanks to Wendy Smedley, Trinia del Rosario and Helg for the information.


Panic In Detroit
A German fanzine about Bowie. You can get in contact with the magazine at
    Panic In Detroit (PinD)
    c/o Heike Moschel
    Von-Geissel-Str. 25
    67435 Neustadt

They also have a web page, and an email address.


Avant Garde
Lighthearted fanzine issued in 1995. Features include: Bowie's art, what he's been up to, pictures and more. Still some copies left available from:
    Kristi Barnett
    9 Finn Place
    Titahi Bay, Wellington
    New Zealand
You can also get in contact with Kristi at Bodaki@ihug.co.nz.
Rumors and Lies and Stories They Made Up
Note: Currently on hiatus
Published twice? a year by Mike Alford, MAlford139@aol.com. Very comprehensive including all the latest bootleg information, tours, appearances, and contributions from readers such as artwork, short stories etc.

You can get in contact with Mike at

    Mike Alford
    Box 5012
    Tulane University
    New Orleans, LA 70118
    United States of America

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