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David once said in response to a question about when he would be writing an autobiography "I think there have already been a lot of autobiographies haven't there?", referring to the seemingly endless stream of tell-all books. Take what's said in them with a grain of salt.

Thanks to Sonja Ingeroi and Dave Harris for providing the information on most of these books.

General Books

Alias David Bowie

Peter Gillman and Leni Gillman. Hodder and Stoughton, 1986.


Jerry Hopkins, New York: Macmillian, 1985. ISBN 0-02-553730-X.

Bowie "Changes"

Stuart Hoggard, New York: Putnam, 1980.

Complete Guide To The Music Of: David Bowie, The

by David Buckley, published 1996.
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The Complete David Bowie

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by Nicholas Pegg, published October 5, 2000. Billed as "the most comprehensive Bowie book ever published", The Complete David Bowie covers every facet of Bowie's career, from songs to albums to films to videos to the Internet. Recordings are analyzed from a technical and musical point of view, as well as being placed in the context of Bowie's chameleon career moves and constantly refined creative intentions.

More details and an interview with the author.

David Bowie: An Illustrated Discography

Stuart Hoggard.

David Bowie

Ed Kelleher, New York: Chappell, 1977.

David Bowie

Vivian Claire, New York:Putnam, 1977.

David Bowie Black Book

Barry Miles, New York: Omnibus, 1980. ISBN 0-8256-3236-6.

David Bowie Glass Idol

David Currie. New York: Omnibus, 1987. ISBN 0-7119-1182-7.

David Bowie's Serious Moonlight

Denis O'Regan and Chet Flippo, New York: Doubleday, 1984, ISBN: 0-385-19265-7.

David Bowie: A Chronology

Kevin Cann. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1983.

David Bowie: A Rock and Roll Odyssey

Kate Lynch. New York: Proteus, 1984.

David Bowie: Moonage Daydream

by Dave Thompson, Plexus Publications, September 1, 1994
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David Bowie: Out of the Cool

Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard. Toronto: Musson, 1983.

David Bowie: The Archive

Chris Charlesworth. New York: Omnibus, 1987. ISBN 0-7119-1066-9. First published as David Bowie Profile New York:Proteus, 1981.

David Bowie: The Concert Tapes

ISBN 909001005X. Published 1983? Lists huge number of Bowie bootlegs.

David Bowie: Theatre of Music

Robert Matthew Walker, Kensal Press, 1985.

David Bowie: The Illustrated Record

Roy Carr and Charles Shaar Murray. New York: Avon, 1981. ISBN 0-380-77966-8.
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David Bowie: The Pitt Report

Kenneth Pitt, London: Omnibus, 1983.

The Bowie Companion

Edited by Elizabeth Thomson and David Gutman. MacMillan, 1993 and 1995. Published by Da Capo Press, September 1, 1996.
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David Bowie World 7" Records Discography 1964-1981

Compiled by Marshall Jarman. Published by Marshall Jarman, Cheshire, England, 1994. ISBN 0-9522275-0-9.
Review: This is a pretty good book with a lot of pictures of singles (in colour and black and white) from all over the world.

Carlos Jose Quinteiro

David Robert Jones Bowie, the Discography of a Generalist, 1962-1979

David Jeffery Fletcher.

In Other Words . . . David Bowie

Kerry Juby, editor. New York: Omnibus, 1986. ISBN 0-7119-1038-3.

Living On The Brink

George Tremlett, ISBN 0-3168-7978-9.
Precis: A new book about David as a person, his clever marketing and media manipulation and his vast fortune made from off shore investments. Also how and why he keeps his friends and family out of the public eye. How he can be both ruthless and charming.

Andrew Follon

Loving The Alien

Christopher Stanford
Precis: A basic biography, with a nice cover which is very similar to the Outside tour programme.

Andrew Follon

Stardust: The David Bowie Story

Henry Edwards and Tony Zanetta. New York: Bantam, 1987. McGraw-Hill edition published 1986. ISBN 0-553-26928-3.

Strange Fascination

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by David Buckley, published September 23 1999. Billed as "the definitive biography" this books chronicles Bowie's career agsinst the backdrop of the various decades, from the 60s through the 90s. Contributions from Tony Visconti, Ken Scott, Carlos Alomar, Reeves Gabrels and Nile Rodgers. Also includes many previously unpublished black and white and colour photographs.

More details and a review!

Talking Dirty

Susan Chenery, Hodder Headline Australia Pty Ltd, 1997, ISBN 0 7336 0556 7
Includes a chapter interview with Bowie, titled "Gone Out into the Snow". Bowie talks about the making of the Outside album with Eno, art and popular culture, drugs, family and touring

The David Bowie Story

George Tremlett, New York: Futura Publications, 1974.

The Starzone Interviews

by David Currie, New York: Omnibus, January 1986, ISBN:0711906858

We Can Be Heroes

by Sean Mayes, published August 23 1999. An account of Bowie keyboardist Sean Mayes' time with Bowie on the 1978 Heroes tour, and subsequent recording of the Lodger album.
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Ziggy Stardust (Bowie 1972/1973)

Mick Rock, New York: St. Martin's, 1984.

Song books

[I picked up my first song book, "TheSongsOfDavidBowie" in 1983. I think my piano teacher and my parents got sick of me playing Life On Mars over and over again on the piano - Ed].

The listings here (particularly the comments) are courtesy of CalNM@aol.com.

David Bowie Anthology
Published in 1979 by Warner Bros. Publications, 75 Rockerfeller Plaza, NY, NY 10019. Cover is the same as the album. Packed with glossy photos of Stage tour, Just A Gigolo stills and Lodger photo session.
Songs and page numbers
African Night Flight - p16, Boys Keep Swinging p59, DJ p49, Fantastic Voyage p10, Look Back In Anger p55, Move On p21, Red Money p67, Red Sails p32, Repetition p62, Yassassin p26
Low/Station To Station
Published in 1978 by Warner Bros. Publications, 75 Rockerfeller Plaza, NY, NY 10019. Cover is the same as the Low cover, back is the same as Station To Station cover. Has photos from 76 concert, 2 from Rhona Barret show.
Songs and page numbers
Station To Station p44, Golden Years p64, Word On A Wing p72, TVC-15 p54, Stay p51, Wild Is The Wind p58, Always Crashing In The Same Car p24, Art Decade p37, Be My Wife p27, Breaking Glass p18, A New Career In A New Town p32, Sound And Vision p13, Speed Of Life p16, Subterraneans p42, Warszawa p34, Weeping Wall p38, What In The World p21
Stage Anthology
Published in 1979 by Warner Bros. Publications, 75 Rockerfeller Plaza, NY, NY 10019. Full of photos from Stage tour and a few shots from Station To Station tour (1976).
Songs and page numbers
Art Decade - p57, Beauty And The Beast p88, Black Out p81, Breaking Glass p68, Fame p58, Five Years p20, Hang On To Yourself p9, Heroes p71, Sense Of Doubt p66, Soul Love p27, Speed Of Life p44, Star p32, Station To Station p37, TVC-15 p62, Warszawa p46, What In The World p78, Ziggy Stardust p14
Tin Machine
Published in 1990 by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation. Cover is the same as Tin Machine cover. Has a few well distributed photos and one individual of each band member.
Heaven In Here, Tin Machine, Prisoner Of Love, Crack City, I Can't Read, Under The God, Amazing, Working Class Hero, Bus Stop, Pretty Thing, Video Crimes, Baby Can Dance

Related books

Free Spirit

by Angela Bowie.

Backstage Passes

By ex-wife, Angie Bowie. Don't believe everything you read.
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